I feel sooo bad for not updating sooner. School and life have stolen my time and energy, but I've been trying to get back into writing since I'm down to one class right now. I am working on a new chapter of Three Months, I promise! But this idea wouldn't leave me alone so I had to write it. I don't know if I'm going to continue it or leave it as a one shot, but I've got lots more ideas based on the past few episodes. I'm freaking out about the finale! It was amazing and I hate that we have to wait til the fall for more!

Anyway, let me know what you think. Not mine, of course, just borrowing!


Had he not known better, Danny Williams would have sworn that he'd stepped into an alternate reality…or a nightmare. Unfortunately, he knew all too well just how real the scene playing out in front of him was. The shock that crashed over him like a tsunami when he pulled up to see Steve being led out by their very own…Chin Ho Kelly…felt like ice in his veins. The betrayal of having someone who'd become his ohana turn on the Five-0 team in their darkest moment burned with a very real fury. The broken despair in his partner's eyes felt like a dagger to his heart.

As Danny ran up to cut Chin off before he could force Steve into the back of the cruiser, he analyzed the look on the SEAL's face. It was more than just the blow of Chin turning on him…the sting of the Governor's betrayal was playing across his face as well. But yet, that still wasn't it. Concern rippled through Danny when he recognized the third look. Steve was in pain, and it sparked anew every time Chin jostled him.

"Hey! What the hell is this, Chin? What happened?" he demanded, grabbing the taller man's shoulder to stop him.

"The Governor's dead."

Steve turned to his partner, desperation twisting his features. "It was Wo Fat. You understand me? It was Wo Fat, Danny!" Steve couldn't hide the hiss of pain when Chin pushed his shoulder. Danny grabbed Chin's arm, scrutinizing his partner as he turned his head against the pain.

"What happened, Steve?" he pushed Chin out of the way, and manhandled a feebly-protesting Steve until he exposed the cause of his partner's discomfort. He squinted to get a good look, and felt a mixture of rage and hope. "Is that a TASER burn?"

"W-what?" Chin stuttered, turning to see for himself. His eyes darted to his former-boss's face, shocked and guilty.

"Like I said…it was Wo Fat. One minute the Governor was admitting to having Laura killed, the next I was waking up on the ground with my gun in the opposite hand than I'd been holding it in. I didn't even know that Jameson was dead until Duke said it. Chin…I'd rather have seen her stand trial and face the consequences of her actions than dead. You know that, you know me."

Chin sighed heavily. "I'm sorry, Steve…I still have to take you in until we have some kind of evidence that Wo Fat was there."

Danny stared at him incredulously. "Because a stun gun burn isn't enough evidence that someone else was there? You and I both know that wasn't there before he came here, and we sure as hell know it wasn't put there by the Governor, and I really don't think Steve would tase himself."

"We don't have any other suspects right now, Danny. Wo Fat has been pretty good at covering his tracks in everything else we found out about today, what makes you think he'd start to get sloppy now? This won't be easy." With that, he turned and pushed Steve into the car.

"Hey," Danny called gently to Steve, his rage barely contained. "I'm gonna get you out of this, okay? I'm not going to turn my back on you." As he said the last part, he turned his steely gaze to Chin, who couldn't hold his gaze out of guilt. As the newly-reinstated HPD officer shut the door, Danny ducked his head to draw his gaze. "What exactly are you expecting to happen here, huh? You are putting Steve exactly where Wo Fat wants him…in a prison where all of those criminals like Goddamned Victor Hesse are rotting away, spending their time dreaming up ways to pay back the SOB's that put them there. Who better to give them, than the leader? SEAL or no, even Steve can't last forever against all of them, defenseless. After everything he's done for you…after he took you in no questions asked, risked everything to protect you, even after you went behind his back to a bookie? After all of that…you're just going to feed him to the sharks?"

He shook his head, trying to breathe through his emotions, because it would really do no good to have the last of the three remaining Five-0 members locked up for assaulting an officer. Someone needed to get the other two out of the mess that Chin was helping to perpetuate. "Oh, and by the way? They got Kono too. Witness placed her at the scene at the Asset Forfeiture Locker. Don't know if they mentioned that one while you guys were arresting Steve despite the fact that you know he's already been framed for Laura's murder."

Chin's eyes grew wide with horror. "What?" he breathed. Danny gave a humorless chuckle, and shook his head. His hands stuffed themselves into his pockets and he stepped away from the man he'd once called a friend. "Danny…"

"I can't pretend to understand what led you to turn your backs on us…on your ohana, to go back to the ones who turned their backs on you and were the reason you were available to come to us in the first place. You're sending a man you'd once considered a brother to his death…for what? A promotion? To relive the glory days? John McGarrett would be ashamed of his former partner, from what I've heard of the man. Just know that this isn't over, Kelly…and if they get to Steve in prison before I can get him out, it will be on you."

Danny looked past Chin to his partner one more time, touching the glass for a moment as if to reassure Steve that he was not alone and that Danny would never give up on him. He had proof that someone else was involved, strong implication that someone else altogether had killed the governor. Now, it was simply a matter of finding evidence to prove that Wo Fat had been there. As he turned and walked away, Danny pulled out his phone.

"Lieutenant Rollins? Yeah, this is Danny Williams, Steve McGarrett's partner. I really need your help, Steve's in big trouble."