A/N: This story takes place during and after Never Been Kissed, and disregards The Substitute. Also, this chapter is unbetaed. Hopefully the next chapters will be.

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Chapter One

Whatever Kurt was expecting when confronting Karofsky, it wasn't this.

Kurt had just been walking down the hall and reading a text from Blaine when Karofsky had come out of nowhere to knock his phone out of his hands and shove him particularly roughly against the lockers. The bully had given him such a look of disgust before turning away, that Kurt had to follow him.

Right into the empty boys locker room.

They had been yelling at each other; Kurt was actually very afraid that he wouldn't leave that locker room alive. But he just couldn't stop.

"You are nothing but a scared little boy who can't handle how extraordinarily ordinary you really are!" Kurt was just inches away from the other boy.

That's when it happened.

Karofsky had grabbed his face and kissed him.

It didn't last very long; Karofsky had pulled away with a noise that sounded suspiciously like a whimper. Kurt just stared in shock. But when Karofsky leaned in as though to kiss him again, he shoved him back with strength he didn't even know he had and took a few steps back.

Kurt was scared and confused and, at the expression of pure devastation on the other boy's face as he hit the lockers one last time before storming out, feeling slightly guilty. He pressed his fingers to his lips where he could still feel the kiss burning.

That was not how he pictured his first kiss with a boy would be.

Kurt slowly sank to the ground as that realization fully hit him. He just had his first kiss with a boy, and it was with Karofsky of all people. The bully who has been making his life a living hell since he started high school. One of the most homophobic kids in school. He felt like he could cry.

Kurt just didn't know what to do. He was so shocked that he couldn't move, couldn't get up off the dirty floor. He couldn't stop replaying the kiss over and over in his mind. He could still feel the warm pressure of the other boy's lips and the strong hands framing his face. He could still taste the grape slushie he had seen Karofsky drinking earlier.

He could still feel the desire inside of himself to kiss back; that's what scared him the most.

Kurt let out a soft whimper as he let his head fall back against the lockers. He wanted to talk to someone, but he couldn't think of who. Mercedes? She would kill Karofsky, and somehow he didn't think that was such a great idea. His dad? He also would try to kill Karofsky, and Kurt just didn't want to worry him any more than he absolutely had to. Finn? He almost snorted at that thought; Finn would probably freak out and think he had turned Karofsky gay.

Who then?

Kurt smiled slightly as he suddenly thought of the one person who could help. The smile vanished though when he reached in his pocket and realized he had left his phone lying on the ground in the middle of the hallway.

Well that's just great. It was probably crushed by now.

Sighing deeply, Kurt slowly stood and brushed himself off before exiting the locker room. The halls were deserted; apparently he had been sitting on the ground long enough for class to begin. Walking back to the hall he dropped it in, he searched the floor for his phone. It was nowhere to be seen. Not even a piece of it. He started to feel a little panicky; the last thing he needed right now was for his phone to be stolen.

He groaned in frustration and leaned his forehead against the cool lockers. Suddenly, a strong, warm hand landed on his shoulder, causing Kurt to jump away wildly.

"Sorry, man," Sam raised his hands as though he were surrendering. "I didn't mean to scare you. You all right?"

"Yeah, I just . . ." Kurt paused momentarily to take a deep breath. "Karofsky shoved me into the lockers again and now I've lost my phone."

"Oh yeah!" Sam seemed to brighten as he reached into his pocket. "I can help with that last part; that's why I came over when I saw you. Here," he proudly held out Kurt's phone. "Some girl asked me to give it to you, since you know, we're in glee together. She said you dropped it and didn't pick it up before you chased after Karofsky."

"Well, thank you," Kurt smiled slightly as he took his phone back. "Now if you would please excuse me, I have to make a phone call."

"No problem," Sam smiled brightly again and turned to walk away. "See ya!"

Kurt watched until his friend was out of sight before he rushed out to his navigator. Once he was safely inside it with the doors locked, he dialled the number he already memorized.

One ring. Two rings.

Maybe he's in class, he thought hopelessly.

Three rings.


"Blaine?" Kurt breathed in a sigh of relief.

"Hey Kurt," he could practically hear the gorgeous smile in the older boy's voice. "How's it going? Did you confront the neanderthal?"

"Yes," Kurt was ashamed that it came out as a whimper and lightly smacked his head on the steering wheel.

"What's wrong?" Blaine's voice was rapidly filling with worry. "Did he hurt you?"

"Not really. Well, he slammed me into the lockers-"

Blaine cut him off. "Are you okay?"

Kurt had to smile at the worry still seeping into the older boy's voice. "Yeah. I followed him after that to confront him. We were alone in the boys locker room, and I couldn't stop yelling at him even though he kept threatening to hit me. Finally he . . ."

After a few moments of silence, Blaine spoke softly, "What did he do, Kurt?"

"He kissed me," Kurt whispered quietly, trying to keep the fear out of his voice.

"Ah, well, that would explain a lot," Blaine finally said after taking a couple of minutes to process.

"What do you mean?"

"Often the most violently homophobic people are suppressing their own homosexual desires. This boy is probably attracted to you, and has been taking out his anger at himself on you because you're able to be what he is afraid to be."

"Wait," Kurt frowned as he took in what the other boy was saying. "You mean that Karofsky has a crush on me? And he makes my life a living hell because he is scared?"

"Essentially, yes," Blaine laughed softly.

"What do I do then?"

"Offer to help him understand his feelings. He's a very confused boy, and probably doesn't have anyone to talk to."

"I don't think I can do that," Kurt whispered, ashamed to admit it. "He would probably kill me if I even suggested that he might be gay."

"How about this, then," Blaine replied thoughtfully. "I'll come out to McKinley tomorrow, and I'll talk to him with you. He can't possibly kill both of us, right?"

"Don't you have class?"

Blaine just laughed. "I have the afternoon off; some kind of staff meeting. It will be no problem. How about it?"

Kurt smiled shyly, even though he knew the other couldn't see him. "Sounds like a plan, if it's not too much trouble."

"Nothing is too much trouble for you."

Kurt thought he could die with happiness at those words.