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"And first place goes to . . ." The announcer paused for dramatic effect. Both the Warblers and New Directions were waiting to hear the results of the competition. Whoever won first place would be advancing to Regional's; both teams were very anxious.

"Well, in all my years working for the high school choir competition, I have never seen this," the announcer cried out joyfully, waving around the envelope. "Ladies and gentlemen, it's a tie! Both McKinley High's New Directions and the Dalton Academy Warblers will be advancing to the next round!"

The room erupted into applause as both teams stood in shocked silence.

It was a tie.

Both teams were going to Regional's.

One of the Warblers let out a whoop of joy. That seemed to break everyone out of their shock. The teams were cheering and (separately) celebrating on the stage. Kurt felt someone grab his hand and pull him off to the side of the stage.

Once they were obscured by the curtain, Rachel threw her arms around Kurt's neck for a tight hug. Kurt squeezed the tiny brunette back in confusion.

"What's going on?" he asked once she stepped back.

"We're celebrating!" Rachel replied with a giant grin on her face. "We're going to Regional's!"

"I realize that. But is there any specific reason as to why you had to drag me out of sight to celebrate?"

Well, yes." Rachel glanced behind him nervously before taking his hands in her own. "I wanted to apologize for that whole fiasco a few weeks ago."

Kurt sighed dramatically. "Everyone has already apologized multiple times-"

"Just let me finish, please?" Rachel smiled when the boy nodded. "None of us, the people who claim to be your friends, really ever took the time to actually ask you what was going on. We jumped to conclusions, acted rashly, and most likely ended up hurting you even more in the process. For that I am truly sorry." She gave his hands a small squeeze before continuing. "But I have to stress the point that I was trying to look out for you more than the team. After what happened with Jesse and me last year, I . . . I just didn't want to see you get your heart broken. And, for the record, I was against the Puck Seduction Plan."

Kurt searched Rachel's face and, upon finding only sincerity there, gave her another hug. "I can understand why you would be suspicious. But it's all in the past now, so can we please just move on?"

"Of course!" Rachel gave a playful smirk as she pulled away from him. She slid past him and headed back to the stage.

Kurt shook his head at her strange behavior and turned around in time to see the tiny girl engulf a surprised Blaine in a brief hug.

"Congratulations on the tie!" she said cheerfully while she pulled away. "Just to warn you though, we are going to win at Regional's."

Both boys watched her run back on stage in silence.

"Well that was weird," Blaine finally said to break the silence.

"What are you doing back here?" Kurt asked softly, deciding to ignore Rachel's strange behavior.

"Well, I came to congratulate you," Blaine smiled as he sauntered over to the younger boy, "as well as see how you're doing. We've both been so busy this past week – we haven't had any time to talk."

"I'm fine," Kurt replied with a small blush at Blaine's sudden close proximity. "How are you?"

"I'm psyched to be going to Regional's." Blaine ran his fingers gently down Kurt's cheek. "And since it's after Sectionals, I was wondering if you were ready."

Kurt swallowed nervously. "Ready for what?"

"Your first real kiss."

"Actually," Kurt giggled nervously, then mentally cursed himself for it. "I kind of . . . gave it to Puck already."

Blaine jerked back in surprise. "What?"

Kurt shrugged helplessly as he felt color rising in his face. "He's a very convincing kisser."

"When did you kiss Puck?"

"When he tried to seduce me to break us up." Kurt just shrugged again.

"Ah. He's the one with the mohawk, right?" Blaine looked thoughtful.


"How was it?"

Kurt playfully shoved the older boy. "Why does everyone ask me that?"

Blaine just laughed and wrapped his arms around the embarrassed teen's waist. "You're adorable when you blush."

Kurt hesitantly wrapped his arms around Blaine's neck. After a brief pause, he leaned forward to press a brief, chaste kiss to the older boy's lips.

"I'm tired of others being the first to kiss me," he said in explanation as he blushed again. "I wanted to be the one to initiate it, for a change."

"You don't have to explain," Blaine said softly, pulling Kurt in close again. "You can kiss me any time you want."

Kurt smiled brightly before pressing their lips together for a longer kiss. He tangled his fingers in the hair on the back of Blaine's neck, trying to press himself closer to the older boy. He gently pushed his tongue against the other's lips, asking for entry. Blaine smiled into the kiss, and obligingly opened his mouth.

Someone wolf-whistled behind the two teens.

They sprang apart from each other in shock, causing both of their respective teams, who had apparently been watching, to burst out into laughter.

"Finally," Wes said to Blaine once everyone had calmed down. "Now will you stop talking about him constantly?"

Blaine turned even redder, if at all possible.

"So are you finally going to admit you're dating?" Puck asked Kurt, crossing his arms across his chest.

"I . . . we weren't . . ." Kurt spluttered indignantly.

"Yes," Blaine cut in with a worried glance at the younger boy. "That is, if you want to?"

Kurt stared at him in silence.

"Boy, if you don't say yes, I am going to have to cut you," Mercedes threatened playfully.

Kurt rolled his eyes in his best friend's general direction before nodding shyly at Blaine. "Yes."

Blaine smiled brightly before linking his hand with Kurt's.

Mr. Shuester broke through from the back of the large group from where he had been watching. "Congratulations, everyone! Great job! What do you say we all go out for dinner in celebration?" he turned to the Dalton boys. "You guys are welcome to join us if you want; after all, you technically won too."

Everyone returned to their green rooms to collect their things after the Warblers graciously accepted the dinner invitation. Kurt noticed a piece of paper sticking out of his coat pocket. He could have sworn that his pockets had been empty when they had gone on stage to perform. He pulled it out carefully and opened it.