A/N: I haven't written about wrestling in a while but I felt the need to. The timeline is off from what it is or has been in the past with bits and pieces of real life thrown in there. I don't own any of the superstars.

"Come on Jeff," Annie yelled at him. "Would come out?"

"I don't want to," he complained.

"It can't be as bad as you think it is."

"Trust me, it's that bad."

Annie sat on the couch at her house waiting for Jeff to finally come out of the bathroom. He had gotten his hair cut earlier in the day and she was anxious to see her best friend. Jeff had been held up in the bathroom for an hour, not wanting to come out and face her. Although they had been best friends since they were kids he just couldn't make himself come out of the bathroom.

"Really Jeff," she yelled. "I'm getting sick of waiting out here. If you don't come out I'm getting Matt to force you out."

"Fine," he grunted with a little bit of a smile on his face. He looked at himself one more time in the mirror before exiting the bathroom. He opened the door slowly and made his way down the hallway of her house to Annie waiting for him. "Satisfied," he asked blankly.

Annie looked up at him surprised and put her hands over her mouth. Jeff stood and waited for her to respond. She got up and walked over to stand just in front of him. She slowly took her hands off of her mouth and ran her fingers through his hair.

"Well," he stated impatiently.

"It's so short," she gasped. His long hair was gone, the hair that she had gotten so used to. Although he had cut his hair before, this time it was extremely short, just like normal people. He grabbed her wrists and took them away from his hair.

"Is it really that bad," he questioned.

"It's just gonna take some time to get used to," she confessed. It was a big change for him. "How do they feel about it," she asked knowing who she meant.

"They told me that it was okay but people would probably be upset by it. It's not really up to them."

"Very true. They told me that I have a new storyline when I get back."

"Funny, they told me the same thing," he stated, wondering what was going on. Annie was wondering the same thing. "Did they tell you what it would be about?"

"All they told me was that it would huge."

"Great, I guess we are in this together."

"Always have been," she stated lightly putting her head on his shoulder.

"Always will be," he smiled kissing the top of her head.

They had grown up together, came through the ranks together and when they got to the WWE their careers took them in separate directions. Jeff went off with Matt and Amy while Annie made her own marks. She wrestled as a diva for quite a while but refused to be used as a manager. Vince understood why she didn't but that didn't keep him from trying, first with Edge and Christian and then he had a ludacris idea to make her Kane and Undertaker's sister. In reality all she wanted was to have a name of her own and have people remember her as a wrestler not as a valet of sorts.

After 10 years it was only fitting that Vince try to break that mold and she would allow it, but only because it was to help Jeff, who had been having issues. Annie was told it was either start an on screen relationship with him or they both would have been suspended. Jeff had been her best friend for so long there was no way it was going to be easy to be romantic with him. It wasn't that neither of them had the experience but just not with each other.

"So did you want to talk about what we were going to about this storyline," Jeff asked her putting his arm around her shoulders. "I know that it's probably going to be weird."

"It will when it gets more serious but dude, people already think that we are a couple," she joked motioning to his arm. He chuckled a little bit. "So until it comes to kissing you we should be fine."

"What's wrong with my kissing," he stated insulted.

"Eww, Jeff, we've been friends for too long for me to have remotely any attraction to you."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence."

"You're welcome," Annie stated with a laugh as she turned her attentions back towards the movie that was on. Jeff was quiet for a few minutes and she looked at him quickly. She thought that she could get used to the hair but it would just take time. They had all been friends for so long that she was just about ready for anything when it came to their professional and personal lives.

"So what time do I need to pick you up tomorrow," he questioned.

"Early, about 6. We need to be in Boston for an autograph signing, then a photoshoot and then the show."

"Jez, don't you think they would schedule those for different days," he complained. "It's not fair having to get up that early in the morning. I would need to wake up at like 5 to get here on time."

"Why don't you just stay here then," she asked. "You've got your room here and I wouldn't mind the company."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, why don't you go and get your bags?"

"They're in the car," he admitted sheepishly.

"Oh, so you knew how easy I would be," she laughed.

"I know how you easy you'd be babe, we've been friends for a gazillion years," he joked before getting up off the couch and going outside to his car. He grabbed his suitcase out of the trunk and brought it into the house. "So what's for dinner," he asked once he was back from putting his bag in his room.

"I don't know, why don't we just order something in?"

"Chinese," he asked but he knew that's what they were getting before she even answered him. She nodded as he dialed up their favorite Chinese place. They watched the rest of the movie before the food arrived and once it did they downed it like there was no tomorrow.

"So do you want to go to bed," Annie asked him.

"I'd rather stay up a little later and watch a movie if that's okay."

"Not a problem, I'll stay down here with you," she replied.

Jeff loved to spend time with Annie, no matter what they were doing. He didn't care if they were eating, working out, wrestling, riding or just sitting around but he felt this draw to her. It has always been there between the two and that's why they had always been best friends. He knew that she would always be in her life but he could never find a girl that matched up to her. It was hard for Jeff to hold onto a girlfriend for the simple fact that there was always something wrong with her, usually that they didn't hold his interest.

The phone rang suddenly and Annie jumped up. She looked around at first, not knowing where she was, and then looked at Jeff. They must have fallen asleep on the couch.

"Crap," she yelled looking for her phone. Jeff shot up as well.

"What," he asked groggily. "What's going on?"

"We're late," she screamed at him still looking for her phone. Jeff went to hand it to her but she ran upstairs to finish packing before he could. Thankfully she handed unpacked her bags, which handled all of her ring gear, from their last trip so all she had to do was pack normal, clean clothes and grab her title and she was out in no time. Jeff was waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs, suitcase and keys in hand.

"Would you calm down," he stated. "We aren't supposed to leave for another 20 minutes."

"Really then who was calling me," she asked catching her breath.

"Matt was just making sure that we were awake. He saw my car here on his way to get coffee."

"Tell him to get me some."

"He already knows to get you your coffee when we have an early flight."

She just smiled at him and looked at his hair again, which caused the smile to stay on her face.

"What," he asked exasperated.

"Your hair."

"Would you stop making fun of me for it?"

"I'm not making fun of you for it, I think it's kind of cute. No more rainbow hair."

"Just for a little while."

"Come on, we should go and meet Matt."

Jeff grabbed their suitcases and her duffle bag before heading out the door while she carried her title. Jeff opened up his trunk and put everything in their and Annie held her title out for him to take. He laid her Divas championship next to his WWE championship. It still amazed both of them that they were champions at the same time.

It took no time at all until they were at the airport. They put their championships into their bags and headed off into the airport. They noticed Matt instantly in his baseball cap and hoodie. Annie ran over and gave him a hug.

"Have you seen him yet," she asked.

"No. Is it that bad," he questioned.

"It's just weird," she joked.

"Well that's Jeff for ya," he continued joking. Jeff walked up and smiled at his older brother. He stood motionless for a moment until Matt ripped the hat off of his head. He stared awestruck for a moment before Jeff took his hat back and firmly placed it on his head. "Wow Jeff, you look normal."

"I know," he grunted. Jeff had wanted a change and after your hair has been every color of the rainbow, at one point or another or all at once, there wasn't much else that he could do with it. The three of them made their way through security and before they knew it, Annie, who was sitting in the middle of the two brothers, was gripping their hands for dear life. If there was anything in the world that terrified Annie it was flying. Jeff unclasped her grip once they were in the air and the seatbelt sign turned off.

"How many times have you been in a plane," he asked just like every other time they flew together.

"Thousands," she replied.

"Well Annabelle, you really should get over that."

"Jeffery, would you please stop with the full names?"

"You calling me Jeffery really doesn't bother me."

"Well you call me Annabelle bothers me."

"I know it does," he stated smugly. He crossed his arms over his chest and smiled before leaning his head back towards the seat and putting his headphones in his ears. Sometime during the flight Annie fell asleep on Jeff's shoulder and Matt just looked over with a smile on his face. When would they figure it out, he questioned to himself. He took a quick picture of them and then focused on the script that was in his hands.

They were in the ground and in Boston before they knew it and Annie was just as freaked out landing as she had been taking off. They made their way to the hotel and Matt and Jeff headed off to their room while she went into the ajoining room. After the first year of being on the road the three of them had spent so much time in each other's rooms that they decided ajoining rooms were the best idea, so that they could come and go as they please.

Annie started getting ready for the autograph signing and couldn't figure out what to wear. She settled on a pair of dark washed skinny jeans and a black and white printed silk tank top with a pair of black stiletto heels. No matter how many times she had done this in the past it was still hard for her to feel like she was presentable. She straightened her long black hair, that nearly reached her midback, and outlined her bright blue eyes with dark eyeliner. She smiled slightly at herself.

Meanwhile Jeff searched through his bag in the room he shared with Matt.

"So why were you at Annie's this morning," Matt questioned.

"It was getting late and I didn't feel like waking up extremely early to drive and pick her up."

"I'm sure that's all it was."

"It is Matt. I don't get where you get the idea that there is something more between us. There never has been and never will be."

"I wouldn't say that," Matt warned. "I know that you guys are best friends, you say so all the time. But I am her best friend and we have no where near the same relationship that you guys have."

"It's because your more like her brother," Jeff joked. "Should I wear this," he asked holding up a Red Sox jersey.

"Do you own anything but jerseys?"

"Yes but I figured when in Boston," Jeff stated with a laugh. He changed into a clean pair of acid washed jeans and through the jersey on over a wife beater. Out of habit he went into the bathroom to brush out his hair and put it into a ponytail but without any hair left he had nothing to do. He threw on his knit cap and walked back out to see Matt flipping through the channels.

"You don't have a signing," Jeff questioned.

"No, I have the morning off. I've got a signing at 3."

"Wonder why you aren't going with us?"

"It's probably because on screen we want to kill each other," he laughed.

Jeff nodded his head with his lips pouted out and walked towards the door that led him to Annie's room. He knocked quickly before going in. He poked his head in and she was in the bathroom still.

"Stop being such a girl," he complained jumping into her king size bed. "Why do you get a king size and I get a full. It's so not fair."

She poked her head out of the bathroom, mascara in hand. "It's because you have a roommate and I am stuck in here by myself."

"I'm right next door if you need some company." She looked at him thoughtfully, though most nights they kept the door open anyways. It helped her to sleep at night when she knew that somebody was around. She always had problems with sleeping but when she was around people it seemed to ease her into sleep. "Hurry up, we're going to be late."

"And how many times have we been late because of you," she stated as a matter of factly.

Jeff nodded his head again, defeated. He laid on her bed as she finished her make-up. When she was finished they grabbed their titles and then they made their way down to the lobby. Annie handed the keys to the rental car to Jeff and he got in willingly.

When they got to the arena, it seemed like a million people were waiting outside. Jeff and Annie made their way inside and met with the creative director before sitting at the table beside each other. The fans screamed the moment that they saw Annie and Jeff sit down. They waved politely at them. WWE logos were behind them and pictures of themselves were in front of them. Annie looked down at her picture, expecting to see her in a bikini or something like that. Instead she saw a picture of her smiling and posing in a football uniform from last weeks Halloween photo shoot with her name Annie Williams in big letters behind her. She nodded approvingly and noticed that Jeff's picture was him in a mid-air Swanton Bomb.

"Why do you get an action picture and I get this," she questioned raising her picture.

"Because you are a Diva and you're supposed to look gorgeous, which you do."

"Thank you," she blushed looking down at the table. It was the one part of herself that she hated. Anytime anybody made an embarrising comment or compliment she blushed uncontrollably. Once her face cooled down Jeff put a reassuring hand on her thigh as the doors opened and the fans started to pile in.

Fan after fan came up and posed with the two of them. Even though they weren't involved in a storyline together yet everybody knew that they were friends, being billed from the same location in their entrances. They were both fan favorites and if one more person started yelling about how much of jerk Matt was being Annie was going to reach over the table and strangle them. It's not real, she felt like yelling at them but she knew that she couldn't. Little girls gravitated towards Annie because she wasn't like the other divas. Sure she liked to look feminine but she was different. Her attitude, her style, her wrestling was different. It was how she lasted so long with the company. Most divas lasted a good 6 years, at most, if they were good but she had lasted 10. She had seen a lot of people come and go, some friends and some not, but the three of them still remained.

Once the autograph signing was over they were immediately given directions to a studio for a photoshoot in downtown Boston. Going from the TD Garden to the studio they ended up getting lost, even with a GPS and the printed out directions. Once Jeff calmed down after getting lost they finally made it there and Annie was wisked into hair and makeup.

They put in some purple extensions to her black hair and curled it, making a cascade of curls falling down her back and her make-up was heavier. They lined her eyes with black mascara and gave her a severe smoky eye. The creative director Mike sat down with her.

"So this photoshoot is for you guys once this whole storyline starts." She nodded in understanding. "It's going to be a little bit more touchy than previous photoshoots but if you are uncomfortable in anyway just say so."

"Thanks Mike."

Even though Annie was put in an awkward position, it was nice to know that creative knew that it might be weird. She put on a pair of tight black skinny pants with white stitching and dark purple knee high stiletto boots and a very low cut purple shirt. She walked out on set to see Jeff already in action. He was wearing his traditional black pants with his new purple in ring boots and one of the shirts that he had designed.

Jeff smiled as he saw her standing beside the photographer but turned his attention back to the task at hand. Annie was surprised to see him without a hat on and his brown hair looked very good on him, even though it was still a little bit weird for her.

"Okay Jeff, now I need you to pose for your match photo."

He made the guns with his fingers and pointed them up to his mouth, his traditional pose for those things, and did the same pose for a little while before switching it up with his raised left eyebrow.

"What are you, The Rock," Annie yelled. Jeff smirked, obviously trying to keep in the laugh that was trying to escape.

"I think we are good with you, come on Annabelle," the photographer said as she grimaced at her full name.

"Just Annie is fine," she said politely before passing Jeff on set. He smiled at her and smacked her butt lightly. She looked at him shocked as the photographer took a photo.

"Go getum Tiger," Jeff laughed as he stood in the same position that she had been in.

She smiled a big smile, laughing, as the photographer snapped photos. She then started to relax a little bit and ran through her planned poses. Annie had been doing this long enough to know how to pose and what looked good on camera. She smiled for some and grimaced in others, giving a wide variety. Halfway through she ended up tripping on a cable and falling to the ground, saving herself with her hands. She looked up to Jeff and started laughing.

"You're seriously taking pictures," she said sarcastically to the photographers. "That's what everybody wants to see, me landing flat on my face. You would think I would be more graceful."

Jeff laughed at her and the photographer intervened. "Okay you guys, time for the couple shots."

They both kind of grimaced at the word "couple" but Jeff made his way over to her anyways. She smiled as he came into view and it was all acting from then on. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he finally got over to her, tilting her head back smiling in his arms, his strong arms. Annie pushed the thoughts out of her head as Jeff nuzzled his head into his neck.

They had always done things like that off screen so why did it feel so awkward now with the photographer taking pictures of them. They figured that joking around and flinging each other around would turn out great. Jeff pretended to run after her and grab her from behind around the waist and swung her around with a big pronounced smile on both of their faces. She managed to wiggle her way around to turn to him.

"Now I want you guys to slowly move towards each other."

"We know how to kiss," Jeff snapped. He looked down at Annie and she looked up at him. The smile diminished from their faces as they snapped into serious mode. He looked down at her and put his hand underneath her chin pointing it up towards him and left it there as she put her hand on the back of his head, threading her fingers through the rest of the hair that he had left. They inched closer towards each other, close enough to feel the others breath and they had about an eighth of a centimeter left.

"That was great," the director screamed.

They instantly broke their grips on each other and looked awkwardly away from each other. What just happened?