My Pet

Summary- Sam makes a deal to get Dean out of hell and enters into his own private hell. Slave Sam. Wincest. A definite AU after episode, No Rest For The Wicked. Beta work by heatherofthenight.

Dedicated to heatherofthenight, because truthfully I was inspired by her to write this.

Story notes- This story was started not long after No Rest For The Wicked and was inspired by The Trickster character and so the story will show him as a trickster and not an angel though there are hints towards that. I needed to give him a name, so I gave him the name Jeremy. The story is complete but in the beta stage so it might take me a few days between posts to get a new chapter up.

Chapter One

She had been watching him for a little over a week. A shell of a man, but a beautiful man.

His actions were that of a robot, programmed to take down what he deemed the evils of the world. He was a powerful man, who was lost, and in need of guidance before the mortal world devoured him.

Raven had decided that maybe she would be the one to save him or at least take him for herself to have before he was of no use to anyone.

Her brother had told her about this complex young man during a recent visit. Seemed he too had liked the troubled male and had tried to set him on the right path, but the boy's devotion to his brother had ruined her brother's attempts. Raven's brother had lost all patience with the young man after that.

Raven being female could admire the boy's bond to his brother, his only family. It was a weakness but an admirable one.

Sam Winchester was delectable and Raven had vowed to make him her newest pet.


It was the one month anniversary of Dean's death. Not that Sam wanted to keep up with such a macabre event but it wasn't something he could forget.

The last month had passed in a blur. Bobby had helped Sam bury Dean. They hadn't worried about salting and burning the body because without a soul there was no threat of Dean coming back as a vengeful spirit. Sam also hoped against hope that one day Dean would return and need his body.

He had stayed with Bobby briefly trying to work out if there was any hope left. Not finding anyway to bring his brother back, Sam did the only thing he could do. He went back to hunting.

Dean's parting words had been to take care of the car and to remember what Dad and Dean had taught him. So that is what Sam had done, and it had helped him move on. Or at least it had helped him to function.

Tonight had been too much. The anniversary brought too much pain, and so Sam had found himself in Dean's old hunting grounds. A seedy bar full of smoke and loud music. The woman weren't pretty but they all seemed friendly and Sam wondered if he should get laid tonight in his brother's memory.

The night was young and Sam was only on his second shot, which was one of many he had planned to drink in memory of his brother when he spotted something out of place in the run down bar. Well not something, more like someone.

It was a raven haired beauty, and all eyes were on her. Sam wasn't sure if it was the liquor but at that moment he had decided she was the most beautiful female he had ever laid eyes on. Her hair was shiny like one of those silly shampoo commercials and her eyes were so brown and alert that he could distinctly make them out even across the bar.

Dean would have been all over her was Sam's next thought and that's when he looked away. Memories of his brother were so painful and the loss was too fresh. Sam decided that maybe spending his night in a bar was not the best idea.

The bar was reminding him of what he lost and now the refuge of his motel room was calling. He would finish his shot and move on.

Or so he thought until he felt a body pressed closely to his at the bar.

It was the raven haired woman, she was leaning against Sam's bar stool. When he looked up she gestured at the open stool next to Sam's at the bar.

"Mind if I sit?" She asked. Her voice was deep and sensual, it sent an unexpected shiver up Sam's spine.

Sam cleared his throat, and shifted in his seat. "Sure, I was just about to leave."

Sam quickly lowered his gaze back to his drink. The woman next to him made him uncomfortable in so many ways. Of course, most extremely gorgeous woman made Sam feel like an awkward teen again.

As the dark haired beauty sat down, Sam could feel her body next to his. It made him feel warm. Alive.

"Oh please don't go on my account." Her voice pierced Sam's musings.

"I'm just not good company tonight. So thought it would be best if I went home."

Before Sam could continue she interrupted. "Well, I have this sense that you don't need to be alone and just maybe need someone to talk to. My names Raven."

She held her dainty hand out to Sam and he reluctantly took it. "My name's Sam. I'm not really into talking right now."

"I know sweetie. It's hard to lose someone you love or I suppose it is. Being immortal, I haven't had to suffer that kind of loss, though, I think you've tried to take my brother out before." Raven's smile was predatory and it with her words sent chills down Sam's spine.

He quickly sobered up and tried to weigh his options. Being in the middle of a bar with so many innocents made him feel trapped.

"Who are you?" Sam gritted out.

"Baby, I'm your dream come true, your savior. But you would know me as a trickster." She smiled and snapped her finger.

Not again. Was Sam's last thought as everything went dark.


Raven was tickled, things had gone so smoothly. She had been able to take Sam back to her current place with no problem what so ever.

The immediate change of settings had been too much for the liquored up hunter and he had lost consciousness during their journey.

She had wanted to take a quick peek at Sam's assets but resisted that temptation, because now that he was her pet there would be plenty of time to play.

Sam was currently tied down to a comfy chair in her sitting room and was starting to stir.

Now for the fun to begin.

"Sam, sweetie, are you with me?" Raven purred out.

The hunter's eyes popped open.

"Where am I?" He slurred out.

"You're at my residence, your new home." Raven answered patiently as she sat down in a matching chair across from Sam.

"Why would you want me? Is this some sort of revenge for your brother or is he behind this?" Sam started to struggle in his binds.

"Now calm down, Sam. My brother had nothing to do with this or at least isn't directly involved. You see Jeremy and I get together on rare occasions and swap stories. Well his most interesting stories involved you, and I decided I needed to learn more about you. I've been watching you for a week and I decided that I had to have you." Raven gave Sam a big smile.

Sam swallowed hard. "Have me for what?"

"My new pet." Raven watched as the hunter's eyes widened in confusion and fear.

"A pet? What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Sam's tone was angry.

"Temper, temper. Well, you see my brother, he likes to play with mortals, and so do I. But every once and awhile I find one that I want to have as my own, to enjoy and take pleasure with. Jeremy tends to create his partners but I find that boring." Raven could see that Sam was finally coming to an understanding of his situation.

"I don't understand. What would you want me to do?"

Raven sighed. So okay maybe the boy needed her to actually say it. "A sex slave, okay? Someone to give me pleasure. Do you get it now Sam?" Raven huffed out.

"A slave?" Sam's face was a mixture of emotions and it was fun to watch.

"Pet sounds so much nicer, but a slave is a better term for it. I promise that I'll treat you nicely Sam. In fact, I have a little offer for you. It should make this all a little more easy to swallow." Raven gave the confused boy a reassuring smile.

"I don't think there is anything that you could offer that would make slavery sound appealing to me!" Sam spat out.

"Oh don't be so sure. You see, you're mine no matter what. But I have watched you, and to be frank, this doom and gloom version of you is not much fun. I can tell the light has gone out of your eyes and so has the hope. I want to give that back to you." Raven paused to let the words sink back in.

"Well, making me your slave isn't going to do that!" Sam's voice shook with emotions.

"No, but bringing your brother back from Hell might." Raven was excited to see Sam tense with expectation.

"What? Don't toy with me." His voice was rough with emotions.

"I'm not. You know I can do it. My brother has done it before. I can just grab Dean and bring him back. Oh and the best part- I can erase his memories of hell." Raven answered in a sing song voice.

"What's the catch? What would I have to do?" Sam's tone was cautious.

"You would have to agree to be my pet for five years. After five years, I would then let you go. In fact, to sweeten the deal, I would give you a ten minute reunion with Dean, and then send him off to somewhere safe. As long as Dean knows you're alive that should keep him safe for that five years right?"

Sam nodded. "Yeah, but he would try to find me."

"Yes, he would but he won't find you. Though if you were a good pet, I might let you have an email account where you could communicate with him over the next five years." Raven could see that she had the boy.

"So what would you expect from me? Because I'm not going to give up my soul or use my powers for evil or to hurt people. I won't hurt innocents. I promised Dean." Sam's voice was quiet and resolved.

"I would expect that you would entertain me. Maybe my guests. I want your body Sam, and your company, not your soul. Are you willing to give me that for five years? I don't want you to agree and then shut me out or try to escape after I free your brother. Because if you do, I'll just send him back. I've got you now, I just want more than a shell." Raven could see that Sam was almost ready to agree.

"I can't control my emotions. I can't promise to be something I'm not." Sam replied.

"No you can't, but I have a feeling that knowing your brother is free will make you more pleasant to deal with. Oh, and I can sweeten the pot, is there anything you want for Dean?" Raven knew that Sam was on the brink of agreeing.

Sam cleared his throat. "I want you to agree that over the next five years, that as long as I live up to my side of the agreement, Dean will stay safe. You will use your powers to protect him. And I want Dean to remember his last moments here on earth without the memory of the actual pain he felt as the hell hounds tore him up. I don't want him having nightmares about it. And the car, the one I was driving is his. Is there any way you can transport Dean and the car to our friend Bobby's house? He would want his car."

"I don't blame him, that's a classic car. And yes, I can do all of that for you Sam. Is that all you want?"

Sam took a deep breath and answered. "Could I call Bobby before you bring Dean back and let him know to expect Dean? I want him to be there for Dean when he gets there, not trying to figure out if Dean's a demon."

"Sure sweetie. I can do all of that. Is there nothing you want for yourself?" Raven was used to humans being selfless to a point, but her new pet shocked her with his willingness to sacrifice his freedom with no gains for himself.

"As long as Dean is free from hell, I've got everything I need." Sam replied quietly.

"Okay then, let's shake on that then." Raven snapped her fingers and Sam's bonds fell away.


Sam's mind was still trying to grasp the turn of events. He was going to be able to get Dean out of hell. And yes, he now might be facing hell on earth but he would do anything for his brother.

The ropes fell away and Raven approached with her right hand extended. Sam reluctantly took it.

"Good, then we have a deal Sam! So you wanted to call your friend? Please feel free to do that now, and then I'll bring your brother back." Raven's voice was far too perky for Sam's liking.

He still doubted her but felt he needed to play along. Sam would gladly play this creature's games if it got Dean back.

Sam pulled his cell phone out of his back pocket. He quickly hit Bobby's number and hoped that he wouldn't get the older hunter's voice mail.

"Sam, so glad to hear from you boy! I've been worried." Sam's heart leapt. He had missed Bobby and in occurred to him that this would be his last chance to talk to the man for years.

"Um Bobby, something weird has come up. You remember our run ins with the trickster?" Sam could hear the older man huff on the other end of the phone.

"Like I could forget boy, he really did a number on you the last time. Is he bothering you again?" Bobby's voice was full of concern.

"No, but I've now had the pleasure of meeting his sister. And she has made me an offer." Sam looked up and noticed that Raven was staring intently at him.

"An offer? That can't be good Sam."

"Actually it is. She is going to get Dean out of hell. In fact, Dean and the Impala should pop up at your place shortly." Sam waited for the verbal explosion and wasn't disappointed.

"Boy, are you crazy? What does she want in return?"

"She wants me. Actually she already has me, caught me in a bar and now wants me as her newest pet. By agreeing to be her pet, willingly for the next five years- I get to have my brother back. Minus his memories of hell." Sam tried to stay calm. It was hard because as much as this was what he wanted to do it -it still scared him.

"Her pet, what the hell does that mean? Dean is going to be fit to be tied."

"But he will be alive! I've got to do it- I'll gladly give up my freedom for Dean. She is going to let me have ten minutes with him before she sends him your way." Sam knew he sounded desperate but he didn't care.

"Deals never work well for you boys, you know that! Plus how are you supposed to know whether Dean gets here or not?" Bobby barked at him.

Sam's heart jumped. He hadn't thought of that. "I'll have to believe"

Raven spoke up. "Sam, tell your friend to call you when Dean arrives."

Sam let out a relieved breath. "Bobby can you call me when Dean gets there? Leave me a voice mail? Sam wasn't sure that Raven would actually let him speak to Bobby after this call.

"Sure kid. For whatever that's worth. You know that tricksters are called that because they can trick people? She maybe yanking your chain and you would never know it."

"I know, but it's a risk I'm willing to take. Tricksters are powerful enough to save Dean and I'm banking on it. I promised not to go dark side or to sell my soul. I'm keeping my promise to Dean." Sam pleaded his case.

"I know boy. I just hate this. I want to argue with you but I can tell your mind is made up."

"Yes it is. I need to get off the phone so that I can get Dean back. Please take care of him and yourself." Sam felt his eyes begin to sting. It was hard to say goodbye to his good friend.

"I will, you know that. Kid ,watch out for yourself."

"Yeah." Sam reluctantly ended the call.

Raven motioned for Sam to stand. "Are you ready to get the show on the road?"

Sam nodded. "I was wondering could I have a few minutes alone with Dean?"

"Certainly Sam, I'll leave the room while he's here and I'll come back when it's time for Dean to leave." Raven's perky voice continued to grate on Sam's nerves but he gave her a grateful smile.

Raven returned the smile and snapped her fingers.

To Sam's amazement, in a blink of an eye, Raven was gone and in her place stood Dean. Dean, whole and alive without a scratch, but looking very confused.

"What the hell Sammy? Where are we, and how did you save me?" Dean's voice was full of raw emotion.

Sam couldn't respond. He swallowed the lump in his throat and quickly walked up to his brother pulling him into a hug. Tears began to fall. His brother had been gone only a month but it had felt like a life time. It had been so much harder than the six months the Trickster had put Sam through. Sam had some hope over that six months but not this time.

"Sammy, God it's okay big guy." Dean's voice was still full of emotion.

Sam slowly pulled away. "Dean," was all he could manage.

"Sam, I've got a lot of blanks here buddy." Dean grabbed Sam by the biceps and moved him over to a couch in the room and helped him sit down. "What did I miss?"

Sam swallowed hard. He had to get it together, his ten minutes were going to be gone soon and he had so much to say.

Finally catching his breath, Sam spoke. "What do you remember Dean?"

"I remember Ruby actually being Lilith and then she released the hounds of hell and at the same time tried to kill you. That's it. Everything went black after that." Dean's right hand rested on Sam's thigh and it helped to keep Sam grounded.

"Yeah, well Lilith wasn't able to kill me. Somehow my powers shielded me. I then grabbed Ruby's knife and tried to kill her but she left the meat suit before I could. I went to you but.." Sam couldn't say it.

Dean evidently still had the power to read his mind. Shocked, he spoke. "I died?"

"Yeah." Sam rasped out.

"But how? Did I go to hell? Cause I don't remember it."

Sam took a moment to collect himself. "Remember the trickster?"

Dean nodded.

"He has a sister, and she got you out of hell minus your memories of hell."

Dean's expression turned angry. "Why would she do that Sammy?"

"She kidnapped me. She wanted me to be her new pet. I am her new pet. That part was a done deal. But she told me that if I would agree to be a willing pet for the next five years, that she would get you out of hell." Sam looked at his hands unable to look his at his brother.

"Damn it Sam you promised!" Dean's grip tightened on Sam's thigh to the point it hurt.

"I kept my promise Dean! I didn't go dark side, and I didn't sell my soul." Sam looked up giving Dean a pleading look.

"How am I supposed to live knowing that you gave up your freedom for me? God Sam, what will she expect from you?" Dean was furious just as Sam expected.

"She wants me for sex! Companionship. I can live with that."

"Well I can't. I can't let you whore yourself out for me." Dean gritted out.

"Tough, because it's too late. You're going to have to just live with it. I hope you can forgive me." Sam could see the fear in Dean's eyes and knew it probably mirrored his face a year ago when Dean made a deal for him.

"I don't have time for forgiveness. I'm going to get you out of this." Dean stood pulling Sam up with him.

Raven appeared in front of them. "Sam wouldn't expect anything less from his brother. Sam say goodbye to Dean."

Sam pulled Dean in for a last hug, startling his brother. "Love you man."

Dean pulled away. "What the hell..." and with a snap Dean was gone.

Sam slumped back down onto the couch, and Raven sat down beside him.

"Sweetie, we'll wait a minute and let your friend call you."

Sam nodded, not trusting himself to speak.

Raven placed her hand on Sam's thigh, and rather than feeling grounded this time Sam wanted to flee but instead he pulled his phone out staring at it.

It was only a few minutes but it felt like a lifetime before it rang.

Sam quickly answered it. "Bobby?"

"Dean and the car made it here intact, kid. You okay?"

Sam sighed in relief. "I am now." He then clicked the phone off.