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Chapter One

"Hello Ms. Morrow. Having a good day?" I felt my shoulders tense as I stood by the counter at Stumpy's.

"Mr. Hale, I thought you remembered. It's Mrs. Ortiz now." I said cordially and coolly as I turned around and saw Jacob Hale Jr. sitting at a booth with an older gentleman in a six thousand dollar suit and another man who gave me the creeps.

"That's right, you are a newlywed. Here to pick up some food for the Son's?" His baiting was infuriating but I knew how to control my temper.

"I'm simply picking up Mr. Oswald's lunch before I return to work. Surely you have more important business than harassing his personal assistant." I nodded to his companions.

"Oh how rude of me. Ethan Zobelle and AJ Weston, this is Millicent Morrow, my apologies, Ortiz. Her father is the president of our resident Motorcycle Club the Sons of Anarchy." His smile turned feral and I got a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach, when Jacob Hale smiled trouble usually followed for the Sons.

"It is a pleasure Mrs. Ortiz." Mr. Zobelle said my last name like he had something unpleasant under his nose and his companion looked disgusted. When I saw the tattoo on his arm I knew why. This guy was full-on Aryan Brotherhood and to him I was a race traitor.

"Likewise Mr. Zobelle. Interesting accent, I'm guessing Eastern Block." Despite himself he looked impressed and gave a slight smile.

"Good ear Mrs. Ortiz, its Hungary actually. Perhaps we shall see you around town." His response chilled me to the bone. The very last thing I wanted was for him and his guard dog to "see" me.

"Perhaps." Just then Jeannie tapped my shoulder, Elliot's meal was ready. "I must be going, have a lovely day."

"Give Elliot my best." Jacob called out as I practically rushed toward the door. I had to tell my Dad about this. As I got to my car I saw David pull up, he wasn't my Dad but I knew he'd listen to me. I waited until he parked before I went up to him.

"Hi Milla, can I help you with something?" He asked as he got out of his Jeep and walked around to me.

"Hi David, I want you to be on your toes when you go in there." He gave me a confused look and I continued, "Your brother is meeting with these men and I get a really bad vibe from them, especially the one with the tattoo in his arms. Just be yourself ok David, your instincts are as good as mine, you'll be able to sift through the bullshit. Promise me you'll be on your toes."

"You're instincts are telling you they're bad…Milla you're married to Ortiz and Clay Morrow's daughter, I'm not sure I share your definition of "bad"." He wanted to listen to me so I had to explain myself.

"Ok, I know there are some people in my life with highly questionable ethics, but they're basically good people and I can see and feel that kernel of goodness. With these people they're empty husks, nothing good can come from being associated with them. Kind of like the feeling you get from watching videos of Hitler at the youth rallies." I shivered thinking of Weston and David nodded in understanding.

"I promise to be on my toes Milla. Take care of yourself." He kissed my cheek and went into the diner while I got in my Jeep and went to work.

"Milla, I wasn't expecting you back. Don't you have an appointment with your doctor?" Elliot asked as I came through the door.

"Oh god, I forgot. I'm sorry Elliot, all I remembered was your lunch." I brought out the containers and set them on the table and he chuckled.

"Go to your appointment Milla. I'll be able to hold down the fort." He gave me a smile and I knew better than to argue with my boss so I went to my desk and grabbed my stuff, waving goodbye to Julie on the way.

At St. Thomas I sat nervously. I hated doctors, hated them but I'd been so ill lately and the fluctuating weight really had me concerned. As I sat I watched people going in and out of the rooms and the movement made me nauseous so I sat with my head down before they called me in. I followed the nurse who took me directly to get my blood drawn, I hadn't had a check up in two years and my doctor wanted me to get it done so I suffered through all the meaningless stuff before she had me sit down in the room and wait. I was waiting for half an hour and getting frustrated before the last person I expected came through the door.

"Hey Milla." Tara gave me a smile and didn't seem offended by my furrowed brow.

"Not that I'm not glad to see you Tara, you know I love you, but what are you doing here?" She grinned wider.

"I convinced doctor Nior to let me handle your exam. I'm glad you're sitting Milla, your blood test had some very interesting results." She grinned and I didn't know how to respond, my brain stopped working. She wouldn't be happy if the results were bad, but my mind had been stuck on bad ever since I ran into Jacob and his "friends".

"You're pregnant Milla." Her smile widened and I just looked at her before it hit me.

"I'm pregnant? Really?" Tara got up and hugged me before she pulled away and kissed my forehead.

"Yes, now the only thing left to do is do an ultrasound to see how far along you are. Aren't you happy?" She was already getting a hospital gown and robe out of one of the drawers.

"I don't know what I am…pregnant…shit." As soon as I said the last it really hit me. I was pregnant, a little Ortiz was in my stomach and I placed my hand over where I thought it would be. Suddenly a grin stretched my face to match Tara's and she helped me to get out of my clothes and into the gown and robe.

Soon enough she was spreading jelly on my stomach and trying to find the baby. There were a few indistinct blobs on the screen before something popped up that had us looking intently. It was vaguely babyish and Tara moved the wand over a fraction of an inch and there was my baby, I gasped and she glanced at me as I felt tears in my eyes.

"That's your baby Milla. According to size and formation I'd say you're about four months along" She said softly as she began taking pictures of the baby.

"I didn't know you could love a blurry image on a screen so much. I'd kill for that blur Tara and wouldn't have a moment of regret." I sniffled softly as she got the baby from all angles.

"You're going to be as fierce as your Mom." She shook her head as she got some paper towels and cleaned off my stomach.

"You've never given me a greater compliment." As soon as I was clean Tara went out to get the pictures and I got dressed. As I was putting my boots back on I sat up and held a hand to my stomach, she'd said four months, that meant that we'd conceived at around the time Donna died. This news didn't sadden me like I thought it would have, instead it filled me with joy. I'd lost my best friend, my sister and a new life had been formed in her place. I sat back in the chair and felt the tears start again. This baby was a gift and I'd cherish it.

"Ok, you're ready to go. I suggest going to Gemma for your own safety." We shared a laugh and she gave me the pictures with a smile. "I have a prescription here for prenatal vitamins and I recommend taking supplements. Your body is sharing nutrients with your baby and you need to keep up your strength. There are some concerns with your heart defect, but for the most part it has been repaired. I don't see your heart causing any problems with your pregnancy and the baby's development. Come in next week for a follow-up exam and I recommend bringing Juice for support."

"Thank you Tara." I grinned as I gave her one last hug before I went to get my prescription filled and waited as I called Juice.

"Hey baby, what'd the doctor say?" Everyone remembered my appointment except for me. I couldn't keep the smile off my face as I answered.

"There was some news. Are you at the clubhouse?" I asked as I tried to keep the grin out of my voice.

"Yeah, doin some shit for Clay. Want me to pick you up?" He sounded concerned and I placed a hand to my stomach, he was going to be such a great daddy.

"No babe, I'll be leaving as soon as they fill my prescription. I just wanna make sure you're at the clubhouse when I get there. Gonna stick around?" I was hoping to kill two birds with one stone and I knew my mom planned on being in the clubhouse today, we had a party to set up

"Yeah, I'll be here. Gemma would have my ass if I left before we got done getting shit ready. You ok, need me?" He asked as the pharmacist got my attention.

"My prescription's ready. I'll be heading to the clubhouse in a few. I love you." I smiled wider as I pressed my hand tighter to my stomach, it was so surreal.

"I love you baby, I'll see you when you get here." We hung up and I paid for my prescription before I went to the clubhouse.

I had butterflies in my stomach and nervous tingles in my fingers as I walked into the clubhouse and saw Mom feeding Abel on one of the couches and Juice at his laptop at the bar. As soon as Juice saw me he closed his laptop and walked to me pulling me into his arms.

"Hey baby." He held me tight and brought his mouth to mine.

"As soon as you two stop sucking face you should come tell me what happened with your appointment." I pulled reluctantly away and held Juice's hand as I led him to the couches. I sat down on the couch facing Ma and Juice settled in next to me with his hand in mine.

"I have some news…" I took a deep breath and Juice's forehead furrowed in concern while Mom gave me an assessing look. "I'm pregnant, Tara says I'm about four months along. The baby is healthy and so am I."

For the space of a heartbeat they were both silent before Juice gave an excited whoop and pulled me into his arms. He kissed me until I was breathless and Mom put Abel back in his car seat and joined us on the couch, pulling me into her arms.

"Looks like we have another reason to celebrate." Mom kissed the top of my head and Juice got up and went to the pool table. Mom and I stared at him as he got on it.

"I'm going to be a Dad!" He yelled and I couldn't help but laugh at the joy in his face.

"What?" My Dad shouted as he came in the door followed by Tig, Opie and Chibs. Juice turned around and grinned at him.

"I'm going to be a Dad, Milla's having my baby." Juice hopped off the table and came to me again pulling me up and giving me another breathtaking kiss.

"I'll be damned." My Dad said before a grin spread on his face and he took me from Juice's arms and placed a kiss to my temple, "I'm so happy kiddo, so damn happy."

Soon enough the guys were patting Juice on the back and giving me kisses on the cheek. It seemed to be a good start to the evening.

Later that evening I was in Juice's arms against the wall of the Garage. He was kissing me gently and almost growled every time someone came near us. As his hand slipped under my shirt to splay over my stomach a car pulled into the lot and Happy hit his shoulder. Juice reluctantly pulled away and went with Hap while I went to stand by my mother who put her arm around my waist and pulled me closer. I felt the breath leave my lungs as I saw Mr. Zobelle and Weston, he didn't deserve a title, get out of the car along with a man I knew was a Nord. I couldn't hear the conversation but it was obvious Dad was pissed.

"Go stand back with Luann baby." Mom told me as Hap and Tig drew their guns. I nodded, I felt a sudden need to protect my baby and went to Luann who linked her arm with mine and stood with me.

As they went away Weston looked at me with a disgusted sneer before he got too close to my Mom. The bad feeling in the pit of my stomach grew and I felt like throwing up. Eventually Dad handed something to Juice as the hatemongers drove away and Juice took my hand as he passed and brought me into the clubhouse. He took out his laptop and had me sit next to him as he started working on it.

"You aren't going anywhere alone after tonight babe. I mean it; you have one of the guys with you. Going to work, home doesn't matter. Those guys seemed like the type who won't think twice about hurting a woman and the way Weston looked at you made me sick." He took a drag of his cigarette and placed a hand on my knee. "We also have to think about the peanut."

He started working in earnest and I watched him closely. I always loved the way his hands worked on the keys. I like to say that you can tell if a man is good with his hands if he's good on a keyboard. I knew from experience that his hands were as deft on my body as they were on those keys. He looked up from the computer and caught the look in my eyes.

"Go claim one of the dorm rooms baby. I have a feeling we'll be having our own party after Bobby comes back." He gave me his grin and I hopped off the stool. Luckily it was early enough in the night that there were plenty of unchained rooms. We had a system, if someone wanted a room, they chained it and everyone respected the chains. You did not go into a room that you yourself did not chain. The room that used to be Juice's stood out like a beacon in all its unchained glory and I hooked the chain from the jamb to the expanse of the door. It was ours for the night.

I walked out into the main room and sat by Juice again. He made a frustrated noise and slammed his laptop shut before he got off the stool and pulled me into his arms.

"You never leave a brother's sight. You hear me?" He asked as he pressed our foreheads together.

"Yeah baby, what did you find out?" I asked as he ran a hand over my stomach.

"Weston, aggravated assault, attempted murder, suspicion of felony manslaughter; he was even attached to the bombing of a fucking day care. You aren't safe baby not after the way he looked at you." He hugged me tight again before he took my hand and led me outside, eager to get the party vibe back. He went over to Dad and told him what he knew and Dad looked over at me and nodded.

Chibs waved me over and I joined the group while Dad sent Juice off to take care of something. Bobby would be here any minute and the real party would begin. When I got to the group Chibs grabbed me around the shoulders and pulled me into his arms.

"I'm so happy for ya girly. Can't wait until the little sprog makes its appearance." The others nodded in agreement and Dad chuckled.

"God, I hope the kid has your brains and your looks. Maybe his technical skills but the kid better be mostly you." Dad smiled again and Juice came out with Bobby's cut and I smiled.

"Are you the official keeper of the cut now?" I asked and sipped my water while Juice grinned at me.

Suddenly a dark sedan pulled up and I went with Juice as he went up to Bobby and gave him his cut. He hugged Juice before he grabbed me and swung me around. I hugged him tightly and he released me before he went to the brothers. Juice and I decided to wait before we said our congratulations to Bobby and stood in a corner of the main room. His hand never left my abdomen as he resumed the kisses we had been forced to abandon when the Aryan assholes had shown up.

"Hey you two, congrats on the wedding. Couldn't wait until I got out?" Bobby slurred a little as he threw an arm around Juice and Juice steadied him.

"I couldn't wait another minute." Juice grinned and Bobbygave him a noogie.

"Good, good. The club needed something good. How are you baby doll?" He asked as he let go of Juice and crushed me in another hug.

"Better than I've ever been. You're gonna be a great uncle bobby." Hi drunk eyes cleared a bit and he gave me an incredulous look.

"No shit? We hell yeah!" He hugged me again before he gave Juice another hug. "This is a reason to celebrate. Juice have a drink with me. You get some water."

We followed and had a few toasts before Bobby found two croweaters who met his standards and proceeded to enjoy them on the pool table while Juice held me on his lap on the couch. I saw my brother come in and go directly to Bobby. I had no idea why he was late but I was just happy he was there. He looked worried and I hated seeing him so hurt and indecisive, if he was going to be Pres some day he needed to clear his head and get shit done. He came up to us and I decided I could share the news with him the next day. He seemed to have enough on his mind as it was.