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Chapter Eleven

"I'm going with you." I said as I finished tying my shoes and straightened my shirt.

"The fuck if you are." Juice stood in front of the door and I glared at him.

"I wanna see this bastard, watch him take that walk before Jax gets him. I believe I deserve that much. She's my mother, I deserve to be part of this." He sighed before he rubbed a hand over his face.

"You're almost six months pregnant baby, if things go wrong I don't' want you in the crossfire. I know you wanna be part of this but there's too much of a risk." He sat down on the bed next to me and took my hand.

"I feel so useless, so fucking worthless." I looked at the floor and felt his fingertips brush my chin as he brought my eyes to his.

"You are anything but useless baby and you're worth the world to me. We need you here to help with the kids, make sure everyone's ok. You're Gemma Jr. it's time to show why you're fit to be the queen when your mom steps down." I chuckled at that but he looked serious.

"Tara's the next queen, she's Jax's Old Lady, you know the hierarchy." He shook his head.

"Fuck the hierarchy, this is your world, has been since the second you were born and Tara may be the VP's Old Lady but she doesn't understand like you do and I need you to understand now. Stay here and I promise I'll keep you informed, do this for me?" He asked and I was stuck.

"Fine, I'll stay but if there's even a whisper of something going down you tell me." He nodded before he leaned in and kissed me, it started gentle but I didn't want gentle. I grabbed the collar of his cut and pulled him in. I wanted more.

"It's time to go Juicyboy." Chibs knocked on the door and I growled.

"Fuck, I've gotta go baby. Stay here and I promise everything will be ok." He kissed me again and moved before I could grab him. Once he was out the door I sat on the bed and tried to shake off the feeling of dread that had seeped to my very bones. I was unsuccessful.

Later that morning I was sitting at a table by the bar with Mom, Tara and Lyla holding Abel in my lap. Kip was being our errand boy, getting anything we needed. Watching him walk around with a slight limp was heartbreaking, he just wanted to be whole again and his body rejected it. As I was thinking Abel started fussing so I got his bottle from the diaper bag and started feeding him.

"Have any thought what you're gonna do with Esperanza?" Mom asked as she watched me feed Abel with soft eyes. She liked my name choice and gave her blessing.

"Breast feeding, I'm not a fan of the whole formula thing. Juice supports me a hundred percent but I can't help but think that that's partially because his chance of seeing boob increases a hundred fold." Mom snorted while Tara and Lyla chuckled. We chatted for a while longer before a small group of the guys came sauntering in. Tara grabbed Abel from me and I walked up to Dad.

"Where's Juice?" I knew it was rude but the idiot hadn't called me and I was a bit hormonal.

"We have him monitoring Main Street with the Nomads. Jax is taking care of the other situation." I nodded, I didn't need to be told what that situation was. Mom came over and kissed Dad on the cheek while Tig came to my side and threw an arm across my shoulders. He was slowly becoming my Uncle Tig again and I appreciated his gesture of comfort.

"How's everything going here?" Dad asked and Mom and I nodded.

"Everything's fine, we're running low on bottled water and snack foods but that's easily remedied. I set up a movie room in the back so some of the kids are occupied and I have a soccer game set up for anyone who wants to play later." Dad nodded and leaned down to kiss my forehead while Tig pulled his arm tighter around me.

"You're doing good angel. I have to talk to your Mom for a bit." I nodded and moved away from Tig, getting dismissed was something I was all too familiar with and I went with Lyla to the back to see if everything was ok. Everything was ok with the kids, with me not so much. I ran down the hallway and barely made it to the bathroom before I was unloading my stomach. Lyla came in behind me and got me a glass of water from the sink.

"Are you ok?" She asked as she took a paper towel and wet it down with cold water and put it on the back of my neck. It felt a million times better.

"I've been like this for the last couple of weeks. I thought morning sickness was supposed to be early in the pregnancy." My stomach rolled again and Lyla ran her fingers through my hair.

"I didn't have any at all with Hunter and my sister was sick her whole pregnancy it affects us all differently. Didn't you read the pregnancy books?" She asked and my stomach finally started to settle.

"Cover to cover, my pregnancy has been anything but typical." She giggled and got me a glass of water before we moved out to check on the kids. I decided to sit and watch Howl's Moving Castle with the kids, it was my favorite Miyazaki film and I needed a good fantasy with a happy outcome so Lyla went back to hang out and let me enjoy the time with the kids. Ellie sat at my side and put her hand on my stomach. I'd told her she could be Auntie Ellie and she took the duties seriously, calling me every night to check on me and Espy and making sure I took my vitamins. I loved that kid with everything in my heart. I loved Kenny too, don't get me wrong but the bond I had with Ellie was epic. It's because of my relationship with her that I didn't doubt I could be a mother, the quality was in question but I could do it.

The movie was just about to finish up, Sophie had just discovered Howl's heart with the Witch of the Waste when Mom poked her head in and smiled when she saw me with Ellie. She understood our bond and didn't question it.

"When the movie's done wanna come shopping with Tara and I we're getting supplies and some stuff for the kids?" She looked around the room and I shook my head.

"I'm still feeling a little weak from earlier and I promised to play a game of Old Maid with Ellie and Shayla. If you need me to come I can." Ellie gave me a look and I knew she'd understand if I had to break a promise, all these kids got were broken promises. Mom saw the look too and shook her head.

"That's fine baby, I'll get some saltines and ginger ale for you. Maybe a new pack of cards." Ellie turned and smiled at her and I felt a desire to hug my Mom so I got up and did. She hugged me tight and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips, "I love you baby."

"I love you too." I whispered and squeezed her again. Then she was out the door and I went back to the movie with Ellie.

I had put in Aladdin and was getting ready to go out and monitor the soccer game when Jax poked his head in the door. With one look in his eyes I knew it was done. I crossed the room and enveloped my brother in a hug he returned. He kissed the top of my head and didn't comment on the tears in my eyes.

"I love you Millipede."He kissed the top of my head again and walked with me into the bar area. I'd get one of the other moms to watch the game, I needed to be by my brother for a bit and he instinctively knew.

"Good move Kenny! No, you do not kick the goal keeper Evan. Angie, ok Angie just sit out for a while." I called out and the little girl came over and cried as I held her in a loose one armed hug. The guys wanted to discuss business and Juice had called to tell me he was alright so I spent my time with the kids taking care of them, just doing what I could to alleviate the dread.

As the game devolved to randomly kicking the ball around I managed to get Angie back in the game. I began to feel a dread so deep, so intense that when my phone rang I shrieked. I assured the kids I was ok and picked up.

"Baby." I breathed a sigh of relief as Juice spoke. "We have Zoebelle trapped, I wanted you to know that."

"Thank you baby, I just needed to hear your voice." It did next to nothing to stop the churning in my stomach but knowing he was ok was something I needed to know.

"I love you, take care of Espy." He hung up and I moved to lean against the side of the garage, something was happening, something bad and I felt like Cassandra, doomed to predict tragedy but helpless to prevent it. I heard the sound of bikes and saw Piney, Happy and Koz pull into the lot. Once they parked I went up to Piney and gave him a hug.

"You ok Mills?" He asked and I felt tears in my eyes again.

"Something bad's happening Piney, I can feel it." He wrapped me in a fatherly hug and held me while I cried before he passed me off to Koz who put an arm across my shoulders and led me into the clubhouse. One of the moms would have to take care of the kids for now.

I sat at a table in the clubhouse nursing a cup of herbal tea. It was supposed to calm me down but was doing jack shit. There was something big going down and the looks Piney, Koz and Happy were sending my way weren't helping me at all. Just when I was about to throw my tea cup at the wall from sheer frustration Juice came through the front door followed by Bobby and Tig. His eyes darted around the room and stopped on me. He threaded through the crowd and pulled me out of my seat holding me in his arms.

"What happened?" I asked and felt him tense.

"You don't know? You guys didn't tell her?" He was pissed and I'd never heard him use a tone like that with one of the senior brothers.

"We thought it would be better if you told her, in private, without breakables." Koz was trying to lighten the mood and failing.

"Tell her here, she's with family." Piney said and Juice nodded before he led me back to my seat. He pulled the other chair with him and sat taking my hands in his.

"Baby, what I'm about to tell you just know that there's nothing you could have done to prevent it and being there could have hurt you or Espy." I was suddenly terrified and so sick I could taste the bile in the back of my throat, "Gemma's on the run, she killed Polly Zoebelle and Stahl found her over the body. You know she'll be ok, she's a tough bitch."

"There's more?" I asked when there was a huge pasue.

"Yeah, Half Sack is dead baby, he died protecting Tara and Abel but Abel was kidnapped, by Cameron Hayes." My blood was cold and my heart was pounding in my chest.

"Kidnapped? Hayes? What? We saved that prick's life and, how did this happen baby?" I asked as the tears tracked down my face. My mind seemed unable to grasp the fact that Kip was dead and fixated on my kidnapped nephew.

"Hayes thinks Gemma killed his son, he took Abel in retaliation. We'll find him baby, you know we will." Of that I had no doubt and my brain was suddenly able to process Kip's death.

"Kip, dead…He didn't even get his top rocker." This made me sob and Juice held me in his arms and let me cry and cry I did. I cried for Kip, cried for my nephew, cried for my Mother and cried for my brother who lost his son.

"We've survived so much baby, we'll survive this." Juice kissed the top of my head as I clung to him. I tried so hard to believe him and in that moment and almost did.

Author's Note: There you are, the end of Changes. I will be starting a new story beginning in season 3. This new story will be done slightly differently I will be utilizing the POV of other characters other than Milla, characters who have just been bit players before. Since most of the next season takes place in Belfast , this needs to be done to keep the story going. Thank you all so much for reading and reviewing my work.