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The Third Wife

Chapter 10

Edward's POV

Our flashlight beams bounced off the walls as Jasper and I charged toward Tanya and James. Their heavy breaths ricocheted off the ancient walls. By the time we could see the daylight shining in through the opening, gunshots were already ringing in our ears. Ducking down, we covered each other in the hopes to protect one another. I lost count after the seventh shot. There really was no way to explain the fear that raced through my body. Neither of us dared to move a muscle until the chaos stopped. A few seconds felt like an eternity.

"I think it's over," Jasper whispered in my ear.

"There's only one way to find out." I pulled away from his grasp.

Creeping up to the escape hatch in the abandoned cottage, I came face-to-face with Charlie's revolver. "Damn it, Edward! I almost shot you!"

Releasing the breath lodged in my throat, I shook my head. "Don't think your grandchild would have appreciated that."

The priceless expression of shock on his face would be lodged in my memory forever. "Bella's pregnant?"

"Yeah, ya old coot, now get the gun out of my face." I pushed it aside.

"So . . . where are they?" I needed to know this was over, they were over.

"Tanya is over behind the cruiser. James got away by using her as a human shield. We might have hit him once considering the blood trail." He walked away as if I were going to follow him.

I was long done with Tanya. My first wife was the cause of the current mess we struggled with. Rage raced through me as I thought about Bella being so far away from my protection. At the time, I thought sending her to Jacob's would be the safest alternative. Now I feared James would find her first.

"Where's my dad? How's everyone back at the house?" I stopped Charlie in his tracks.

"There were a few injures." Tilting his head, he drew my attention to a group of officers hovering over Carlisle.

Jasper and I both rushed over, shoving one officer away to reveal Carlisle on the ground bleeding from a gunshot wound to his head. My heart lurched at the thick, crimson, blood trickling down his forehead. Reaching out unseeingly, he searched for someone's hand to hold. His body quaked with spasms against the foliage covered earth. My anger at the man would have to wait. Jasper and I both grasped his hands in ours and anxiously waited for the ambulance to arrive.

"Who's that?" he sputtered, blood trickling from his lips.

"We've got you, Dad." I squeezed his hand tighter.

Lolling his head, he whimpered, "Edward? I can't see anything."

"Yeah, it's me and Jasper. Jasper's going to go to the hospital with you while I go and bring the family up to meet you there."

"Edward, there was a struggle back at the house. Some of them are already in route to the hospital." Charlie scrubbed his neck looking away.

Dropping my head, I sighed, "Who?"

"Carmen, Emmett, and Jessica were hit in the flurry. I didn't see how badly before I ripped into the tunnels to kill the scum who has tortured us," Jasper whispered, his guilt for not succeeding flashing in his eyes.

"We'll get him together," I vowed, holding Carlisle down.

He'd begun shaking uncontrollably. Tears were freely flowing from our eyes. We could hear the sirens echoing through the windy roads leading up to the back of the property. The officers had already covered up Tanya when the ambulance came to a screeching halt. We had to release Carlisle so they could prepare him for transport. Men or not, we held onto each other until it was time for Jasper to climb in behind them. They offered no words of encouragement to us. With one look back, Jasper nodded through the window.

"Come on, Edward; let's go see the damage at the house." Charlie clapped my on the back.

Looking out the window, all I could think about was Bella and the baby and Maxine. I loved everyone in my family, but my wives and child would always come first.

The scene as we pulled up was utter chaos. The officers were running from one family member to the next. Carmen, Emmett, and Jessica were nowhere to be seen. Esme had gauze covering her forehead. Alice and Rose looked unscathed clinging onto each other for dear life. With the exception of their frazzled expressions, they all look unharmed. Maxine grinned and slowly made her way in my direction.

Esme wobbled up when I jumped from the cruiser. "Edward, Carlisle? Jasper?" she choked, wrapping herself around me.

"Mom, Dad was shot in the shootout. Jasper is riding with him to the hospital. I think everyone should go there. I need to go get Bella back from Jacob's. I'll have them come too."

"Forgive him. He's still a good man under all that crazy stuff. The fathers forced him to do it. That's the only explanation," she sobbed into my shirt.

I hugged her tightly placing a kiss on her head. "I'm trying. Go now, they need you there."

Maxine slipped into my arms once Esme stepped away. "Where's Bella?" The tears from her eyes slipped down her cheeks.

"I sent her to Vicky and Jacob's. Shall we go bring her home?" Grinning, she nodded.

Helping her limp to the car, I watched as Charlie guided Esme away to his cruiser. All the remaining wives' climbed into whatever cruisers were available. The downfall to not allowing women to drive meant they had to be driven everywhere.

Hopping into the Volvo, I took out my cell phone to dial Jacob. No one answered the phone causing my stomach to churn. I floored the gas petal, peeling out and whipping through the tree lined roads. We had to get to her, there was no other choice.

Bella's POV

Long after we pulled away leaving Edward standing in the road behind us, I cried and begged for Jacob to take us back. Of course, he refused. No matter what happened last week, as hurt as I was, I still loved Edward, always would. Not to mention, Maxine had turned herself over to the murdering lunatics to help us escape.

Jacob drove like a madman, constantly looking out the back window. No doubt, he was checking for Tanya or James. By the time we pulled into La Push and up to his house, I couldn't stop my body from shaking. The fear had reached the very core of my heart. What if Edward and Maxine didn't come back to us?

With trembling fingers, I stroked my flat stomach. Would he be there to see his first child? Would she be there to hold my hand while I delivered? I prayed they would be. And, what about everyone else? Did they make it?

So many thoughts were racing through my mind that I barely remember Victoria helping me from the truck and leading me to the spare bedroom. Jacob, unlike Edward always had his wives sleep in his bed. When his first two wives were killed and his father left paralyzed in the car accident, he fell apart. Who could blame him really?

"It'll be okay, Bella. Let's get you to bed. The stress isn't good for the baby," she cooed.

"How long before we hear anything?" I pleaded.

"I don't know. Edward will call as soon as there is a chance."

Flopping onto the bed, I cried myself into a fitful sleep. I was wrenched awake when screams and crashing sounds of breaking glass filled the air. The living room sounded like it was exploding. Victoria flew into the room grabbing me by the arm and out of the bed.

"Hurry, Bella. It's James. Get out, he's looking for you." Pushing the window up, she grimaced.

"What about you, Samuel and Jacob?" rushed out as I started crawling through the window.

"We'll slow him down and I'll hide Samuel. Save the baby," were her parting words while shutting the window behind me.

I didn't look back, instead I raced off further into the woods and away from everyone I knew and loved. The uneven terrain had my feet slipping and tripping. The last time I'd been in these woods, I'd been punished for leaving home.

My mind registered the snapping of the twigs before my feet could hurry along faster. Someone was coming up behind me. I refused to stop or look over my shoulder to see who it was. Risking everything, I ran faster, pumping my legs harder. Even with the blood pumping in my ears, the sounds of my pursuer could still heard. To help distract me from the sounds of my pursuer, I focused on Edward's last words to me, save yourself and our baby.

Jacob's POV

Once Vicky had helped Bella into my dad's old room, I pulled her into my embrace. Even though we still hadn't officially become one, I loved her. Only time would heal the wounds James had inflicted on her, and not just the physical blemishes. When I asked the council to make her my third and final wife, I knew it would take time before she'd be well enough for me to claim her body. I was willing to wait forever how long it took.

"Jacob, when this is over . . ." she gulped. "will you make me your wife?"

I stroked her cheek. "If you're sure you are ready. To me you're already my wife, but I'd like to make it official."

Squealing tires throwing debris into the air drew my attention out the window. "Get Bella out of here, hide yourself and Samuel," I growled, pushing her away.

I was thankful that my dad wasn't here. He was in a recovery center after having another surgery. He had to have several over the years in the hopes it would give him back more mobility which they did. It wasn't much, but enough where he could get himself around the house and dressed.

I grabbed my double barrel shotgun from the corner of the couch just in time for James to kick the front door down. "Where is that bitch! Bella! It's time to end this!"

He moved quicker than I could I aim, charging me. The adrenalin in my veins pumped wildly, letting me throw him over the half wall so he crashed onto the kitchen table.

Flailing in surprise, he screamed and rushed me again. "Screw you, you son of a bitch!"

"You're not my type!" I sneered, tossing him back against the wall.

I was just about to grab the rifle that had fallen from my hands when Vicky shrieked, "Get out!"

"Not without what I came for," James hissed at his once wife.

Just thinking about what he'd done to her had the bile rising in my throat. "Vicky, get out of here!" This time, I rushed him.

The two of us flew out the front window. Glass shards sliced at our skin as we toppled and rolled over the debris. I didn't care, I just wanted him dead. I almost had him, too. Hearing Edward flying down the dirt road caused me to lose focus and he slipped from my grasp, giving him a second head start into the woods. I took off after him. Edward was only few seconds behind me. The sounds of his footsteps followed mine as we tried to catch up to James. Being the fastest, Edward passed me within minutes.

I couldn't believe my eyes. As we chased James, he chased Bella. With his arm outreached his fingers wiggled trying to get a grip on her. Then everything changed in a split second. She slammed to a stop screaming which allowed him to run straight past her. Cursing, he kept running with me hot on his heels. Edward stopped to protect his wife. I couldn't blame him; I'd do the same for Victoria.

Quil caught my eye ahead. We were almost to his house, but seeing him hiding in his hunting tree stand; I figured someone warned him we were headed in this direction. His shot rang out and James dropped howling. Too bad it was only a fleshy leg wound; he didn't deserve to live after what he'd done.

Striding up, I snarled, "Now who's the son of a bitch?" Yeah, I kicked him while he was down, right in the head, knocking him out cold.

Calling Edward after Charlie, I filled him in on the capture. He promised to watch over our wives while Quil tied him up. It took four hours to wrap everything up with Charlie and his deputies. If Edward hadn't been at my house watching my family, I'd have lost my mind.

Vicky flew into my arms, kissing anywhere she could reach. "You scared me," she panted in my ear causing a ruckus in my jeans.

"Woman, you're killing me. I want you so bad it hurts." I tugged on her fiery mane, exposing her neck for me to nip and nuzzle.

"Just keep that jockey in your pants. My mom called. Carlisle is going to make it. He has a long recovery ahead of him. They are hoping the blindness will correct itself as he heals, but there is no guarantee. Everyone else is going to be just fine, too," he chuckled. "Would you mind if we crash here for a few days? I need to decide what we are going to do about living at the house," he spoke to me, but gazed at his wives softly.

"No, it's cool. Use the spare room as long as you need it." I mumbled, attacking his sister again.

Edward's POV

"Let's go, ladies. We need to reconnect on a more primitive level." I led them by the hands to the bedroom.

"But?" I could see Maxine's fears pouring off her battered form.

Pulling her into my arms, I soothed her, "Just because I can't make love to you, yet, doesn't mean we can't show you how much we love you."

I knew her body still pained from the gunshot and hysterectomy. However, she needed to feel like she belonged to us, she did after all.

Shutting the door, I turned to see my wives already kissing. That sight alone made me hard as steel. "Lay some of that on me."

Giggling, they pulled apart, stepping closer. My eyes fluttered shut when they started ghosting their hands over me, removing my clothes. I'd missed those moments of intimacy with them. A heady moan rushed out when I felt one of them wrap their fingers around my throbbing shaft. Snapping my eyes open, I found it was Maxine stroking me as Bella removed her dress. I reached around, lowering her zipper. Bella handled slipping it the rest of the way off.

Lord help me, they were beautiful naked, but fondling each other was even better. "On the bed, my pretties. Maxine, Bella can make love to you with her mouth while I make love to her from behind."

Maxine sighed, crawling onto the bed. Bella looked anxious about what I had ordered. Maybe she feared it would be like the last time? Tensely she made her way up the bed; nestling between Maxine's spread thighs. She had nothing to fear from me.

"I promise to make you feel good, love." I reached between her legs, finding her nub swollen. "See, you do want us. You're already wet for us." Her hips swayed against my fingers.

"Oh, Bella," Maxine moaned when Bella hummed at my ministrations.

Digging her hands into Bella's chocolate tresses, she guided her to where it felt best. Bella was careful not to penetrate Maxine with her fingers. Instead she used them to toy with her folds.

Witnessing their display of affection, my patience deserted me. Lining up my tip, I readied to enter her. Bella bucked her hips, impaling herself on my member. Moving slowly, I stretched her. After being together for months, her intimate walls were still a snug fit. Like Bella, I was careful, keeping my thrust light and gentle.

Maxine screamed into a pillow when her climax rushed over her. Bella's groans and pants became louder. She was nearing the precipice, too. A now satisfied Maxine reached down and caressed where we were connected. Bella fell apart a second before I did. Between Maxine's fingers and Bella's trashing I was doomed. Shuddering, I released deep into her well.

I knew no matter what happened tomorrow, we'd get through it together.

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