Keep Me in Mind

Blake Cross was upset. No, scratch that, he was pissed. Cody Runnels [Rhodes] had really done it this time, with rigging a balloon filled with paint in Blake's locker. He'd made friends with most of the superstars when he'd come to the WWE about seven months ago. The fans hated him, which made Vince love him even more.

Blake calmly wiped the green paint from his face and strode toward the door. He took a deep breath, one thing about the wrestling business if you could never be mad or show your anger after you've been pranked, cause that would only lead to you getting pranked more.

As soon as he stepped outside, he laid eyes on the current WWE Champion, Randy Orton who was reading through his script. Blake and Randy were great friends off screen, despite feuding on camera.

"Hey man." Blake said sitting down across from The Viper.

"Blake, why do you have green shit all over you?"

"Some ass put a balloon full of paint in my locker, and it exploded when I opened it."

"I thought Cody out grew that phase, a year after he debuted." Randy knew exactly who Blake was talking about.

"Guess not." Blake said taking a sip of his water.

"I don't have a match tonight cause they want me to be injured till next week, so I'm doing a segment, then I'm off till next RAW." Randy told.

"Damn, you have 3 house shows off. What's the special occasion?"

"It's my anniversary." Orton said with a small smile, despite everything the WWE portrayed him to be, he was the biggest family man. He loved his wife, and his daughter.

"I'm happy for you man. I have to go, I probably won't see you till next week. Have a safe flight." Blake said, giving his friend a pat on the back. Blake made his way by the gorilla position, where superstars would go minutes before they had a match.

"Blake!" a french accent yelled.

"Yes, Maryse?" he could recognize her voice from any where.

"I have a match right now, I need you to go give this to Barbie." she said holding out a curling iron as she pointed to the door down the hallway.

Blake mentally groaned at the sign on the door:


Oh, shit was Blake's initial reaction. He shook off any hesitations he might've had and strode toward the door.

"Let's hope no one freaks." he muttered to himself, as he gently opened the door. His plan was maybe to drop it off on a nearby table.

Blake was halfway across the room when there was a brief shriek of surprise, followed by a "What are you doing in here?"

His jaw nearly hit the floor.

Before him was Barbie Blank. Known to many as Kelly Kelly, one of the hottest Divas in World Wrestling Entertainment. In nothing but a towel. A very short towel.

"Oops! Sorry, Barbie ...just came to give you this, I was just gonna put it on a table." the young man said stammering over his words.

"Well thank you, and I'm sure Maryse had other intentions for you." she said, knowing that her friend has been on a mission to get her and Blake together, even though she knows Barbie is in a relationship.

He averted his eyes to the door.

"Your welcome, and sorry, Barbie ...won't happen again, promise! In fact, I'll forget it ever occurred!"

The blonde diva actually laughed, letting Blake know she wasn't upset. They were pretty close friends, they traveled together a few times, and even worked a small storyline.

"Oh, I believe that!"

Blake reached the door and turned back. He grinned guiltily at her.

"Yeah, you're probably right. I'm a gentleman, which to me means I shouldn't comment, but..."

"But what?" Humor sparkled in Barbie 's eyes.

"You're gorgeous, tell Paul to never let you go." Having said this, Blake ducked out the door without a second look. Once outside and running again, he let his mind drift back to the living fantasy he'd just encountered. If only she'd been single and we'd been alone...who knows what might've happened! he thought, then mentally smacked himself for even thinking that way. Barbie was dating Paul Lloyd, Justin Gabriel to the WWE Universe, and perfectly happy; off the market meant off limits, so there was no use dwelling on might-have-beens.

He was scheduled to win his match, against John Cena, but Blake being a heel he had to do it by cheating. He stood behind the curtains and waited for his theme song to play. The moment it did, he walked through the curtain to a heavy level amount of boos. Blake and John worked the match for 13 minutes, before Blake won my using the ropes to get the 3 count. Blake held his smirk until he made it backstage, out of the sight of the fans.

"We gotta check on that cut." an EMT said referring to the cut above Blake's eye.

"It's nothing, man. I'm gonna ice it and I'll be all good."

The paramedic on site didn't choose to argue, but gave Blake a stern nod, and went to check if John felt alright. Blake walked over to the nearby catering area, and sat down with his water bottle. His thoughts were soon interrupted by a blonde he saw a little bit ago in just a towel.

"It's good to see you with clothes on." he greeted her with a small smirk.

"That's why you normally don't sneak into the women's locker room." she joked back. The reason why they were such great friends were that they were both quick on their feet in responses and playfully flirt with each other with knowing it.

"So is their a reason for you to interrupt me from my post match thoughts?"

"Yes, I was wondering if I can get a ride back to the hotel. Paul is going out with the guys, and all the girls have date night tonight."

"The guys? You mean the kids from 'nexus'?" Blake said putting air quotes on the faction.

"Yes, I wish you would be nicer to them. They are really nice guys."

"Too bad, they wrestle like they just graduated from an academy. The only decent one is that Stu fella." The handsome superstar, said referring to Wade Barrett.

"Alright, can I have a ride or not?"

"Of course, I'm in the black range rover. Just meet me there around the time the main event starts."

"Why didn't you work the main event tonight?"

"Cena had to fly to Los Angeles to promote his movie. I'm gonna go wash up." Blake said standing up, and scratching his bare chest. Blake never noticed much when it came to women. He couldnt even tell he was being checked out by Barbie. He walked to the locker room, to clean up. The second he finished his thought were once again interupted. This time by Barbie's boyfriend.

"Cross, we are working each other next taping. Your going over." the Nexus member said without even having eye contact. Blake didn't reply to him, as he was annoyed with Paul's attitude.

"Hey, did you hear me?" he said raising his voice a little, tossing an empty bottle of water at Blake.

"Don't throw shit at me."

"You need to show some fucking respect." Paul said getting up from his chair.

"To who? Some green lightweight who botches everytime he goes on the turnbuckle." Blake said taking a step torward Paul's face. The highflyer made a fist and got right back into Blake's face.

"I dare you to swing, but I know you won't so fuck off." Blake said turning around and putting his clothes on. He grabbed his suitcase and walked out the door leaving a fuming Paul. As he walked out to the parking lot, he could spot a small figure standing by his car.

"How long have you've been standing here?" Blake said grabbing Barbie's luggage and putting it in the back of the car.

"Just a few minutes."

"Your probably gonna hear about this later on but your boyfriend and I just got into a argument." Blake said, he wanted her to know the truth. "I just want to know the truth." he added with a small smile, as he pulled onto the freeway.

"I came out of the shower, and he wasn't even looking at me. He just told me we had a match next taping. Something was in his tone, which made me not wanna answer him. He then throws a empty bottle of me, and asked me did I hear him, and told me to respect him. So we got into each other faces, exchanged a few words and I dared him to punch me."

"Blake. I'm gonna be honest, don't tell him this but if you and him ever fought you would probably beat him to a pulp. So do me a favor and don't fight him?"

"Okay, I'll try my best to keep this promise." without realizing it Blake always had a soft spot for the blonde.