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When Roxanne entered the room, she only paused for a moment to take in the additional furniture- a plush leather chair, a coffee table placed on a throw rug, and a TV stand parallel from the couch- before her eyes were drawn to the sleeping form of her boyfriend.

She casually tossed her bag onto the leather chair, and slowly shrugged off her jacket- behind her, Sparky deposited the rest of the bags and hovered curiously- as she made her way silently to Megamind's side.

His face seemed calm enough, but the way he was laying- stretched out on the couch, back straight, with the blanket pulled up passed his chest- told her that he had most likely been tucked in by Minion. The light blue pillow behind his head was a rather nice addition though, she thought.

She took a seat on the edge of the couch just as she had before, touching the wash cloth that rested against his forehead. It was slightly warm, so she removed it, placing the rag beside the bowl of water on the table.

When she turned back toward him she paused, admiring his peaceful visage and the strong handsome features of his face. She'd always found him strangely attractive- even as her kidnapper- but she'd never had the chance to admire his face so openly before.

Slowly, almost reverently, she brushed the back of her hand across his forehead- feeling the warmth of the fever against her own skin- then turned her hand over and trailed her fingertips down the side of his face. When he didn't stir at her touch, she placed her palm fully against his cheek and brought her thumb down to gently stroke his goatee. A smile tugged at the corner of her mouth when the rough texture tickled her skin.

Roxanne couldn't help but think back to their earliest kidnappings, when Megamind's face was bare- when her own hair stopped just passed her shoulders- and how he had pouted angrily at her claim that he simply didn't look intimidating enough to be a villain.

"Spikes and leather?" she had quipped. "Is that it? Can't you be a little more creative?"

He'd been taken back by her words, insulted and even awed by her boldness. Still, she had no idea at the time that he would take her words as a challenge. Until the next kidnapping, that is. Once the bag was removed, he had sauntered up to her, grinning devilishly.

"Notice anything, Miss Ritchi?" He'd preened, jutting his chin out.

Of course the neatly trimmed goatee was obvious- although still unoriginal- but she shrugged her shoulders and answered with an innocent, "Notice what?"

He'd looked incredibly disappointed by her clueless response, and she had felt a small pang of regret. Then he had frowned in that exaggeratedly annoyed fashion that never failed to amuse her, and her momentary guilt was gone. He'd scoffed, wondering aloud if all humans possessed such poor observation skills, before tapping the goatee pointedly with one gloved finger, and arching one eyebrow expectantly.

"Oh, that," Roxanne had replied, eyebrows raised in feigned realization, and Megamind had thrown his hands up in another exaggerated display.

"Yes, that! An amazing- not to mention villainous- addition to my already incredibly handsome face!" he leaned toward her, grinning with all the eagerness of a child on Christmas. "Wouldn't you agree?"

That had been the first time he'd ever gotten so close to her- always having chosen to keep his taunting and threatening at a distance- and Roxanne couldn't help but marvel at how impossibly green his eyes were.

Megamind had smirked- mistaking her silence and stunned expression for fear. He'd leaned his head even closer toward her, and had lowered his voice to a near whisper.

"Are you intimidated now, Miss Ritchi?"

She hadn't expected the sudden jolt that went through her- not fear, but something else- that made her heart skip a beat. Roxanne had been too taken back to form a response, and had been extremely relieved when Metro Man chose to make his dramatic entrance- effectively ruining any moment her and Megamind may, or may not, have been having.

Looking at the past, now with new eyes, Roxanne wondered if Megamind had set up the entire kidnapping just to show off his new look. After all, his plan for destroying Metro Man that day wasn't nearly as impressive, and he seemed more put off by being interrupted than he did for actually being sent to prison. Roxanne smiled at the thought, touched to think that Megamind may have grown his goatee, not just to look more villainous, but as a way to impress her. She supposed she'd also gotten her hair cut for a similar reason- after all, it had been his idea- but that was another story entirely.

Brushing the memories aside, Roxanne's eyes shifted from his goatee to his mouth, and her thumb moved up to gently brush against his blue lips. That night at the restaurant seemed like ages ago, and the memory of his lips against hers was faint- tainted by the fact that she had believed him to be someone else at the time. It wouldn't be fair to kiss him now though- while he was sick, and asleep- but the curiosity and desire lingered.

When Megamind finally moved- tilting his head up to expose his slender neck- she nearly jumped. His lips parted slightly, and his breath was warm against her thumb when he exhaled, causing her to shiver in delight. Unable to completely suppress the desire, Roxanne leaned down to press her lips against his neck, just below his jaw.

His skin was hot and moist; he smelt of leather and sand wood -and something else that was just pure Megamind- and she loved it. He let out a low moan- not one of pain, but pleasure- and she could feel it vibrate in his throat, and hum behind the thumb still against his lips. The sound set her heart on fire and made her momentarily lightheaded, but when he began to shift under the blanket, she pulled back abruptly. She removed her hand from his face, heart pounding as though she were about to get caught doing something wrong- which was foolish, she told herself, because this was her boyfriend.

When Megamind moved his head again though, frowning and mumbling, she noticed the shimmer of sweat against his brow and instantly felt terrible at having forgotten- even for a moment- that he was sick. She reached for the rag on the table, dipping it in the bowl, and carefully wringing out any excess water. She ran the rag over his forehead, then his face and neck, wiping away the sweat.

Megamind relaxed back into the couch after a moment, face smooth and calm, but Roxanne still felt angry and embarrassed by her previous actions.

'He's sick. Has a fever.' she scolded herself, folding the rag across her boyfriend's forehead. 'He needs you right now, and all you can think about is what you want. Taking advantage of him like this? What's wrong with you?'

"I'm such a selfish person," she sighed.

"No you're not, Miss Ritchi."

Minion's voice caught her off guard, and she whipped her head around to see him standing across the table with an old television set in his arms.

"Minion!" She stood up suddenly, her leg hitting the side of the table in her rush, and she sucked in a sharp breath and tried not to curse. "Ow!"

"Miss Ritchi!" Minion quickly set the television set down on its stand, turning towards her. "Are you alright?"

She rubbed her leg, the pain dulling to a minor ache that would most likely become a bruise.

"Yes, I'm fine." She offered a pained, embarrassed smile. "Sorry, Minion. I guess I need to start paying more attention; that's the second time today you've caught me off guard."

Guilt flooded his features.

"I'm really sorry, Miss Ritchi. I just now walked in, and-"

"It's fine. Really." She waved off his apology, smiling in genuine relief that he hadn't witnessed her kissing Megamind's neck; even thinking about it made her face feel warm. "I can see that you've been busy." She gestured around the room, hoping to change the topic. "It's really starting to look homey in here."

Minion grinned, almost embarrassed by the compliment.

"Thank you. I actually had some of the Brainbots help me," he confessed. "I didn't want to leave Sir alone for too long, but I also wanted you to be comfortable in case you spent the night- which I hope you do."

Roxanne was touched by his thoughtfulness.

"I am actually; planning to stay the night, that is," she clarified. "It wouldn't feel right leaving Megamind still sick like this, and it's not exactly friendly weather out there either."

At the mention of the weather, Minion's eyes widened.

"Oh, Miss Ritchi!" He suddenly looked distraught. "You didn't get caught in the storm, did you?" He looked her over as if to discover signs of injury or illness. "I was worried when I heard the thunder. I'd hate for you to get sick too. Are you cold? Would you like me to make you some hot chocolate?"

Minion's worried expression and protective behavior caused a sudden swell of emotion inside Roxanne's chest. She was no stranger to being treated nicely, but Minion's concern was that of a parent who was fretting over their child, and it had been a long time since anyone had cared about her in that way. Too long.

"I-..um, No. No, that's fine." She tried to smile. "I don't need anything, but thank you anyway, Minion."

The fish's expression twisted in confusion, "Are you certain you're okay, Miss Ritchi?"

"Yes. Positive," she answered, regaining her composure. "And what's with all this 'Miss Ritchi' business, hmm?"

She grinned as she raised an eyebrow at him quizzically, wanting to change the subject once again.

"Oh! Right! Sorry Miss- err, I mean, Roxanne." He was clearly uncomfortable with the change, bringing a hand up to touch the back of his dome in an embarrassed gesture. "I think that's going to take some getting used to."

"If you're more comfortable calling me Miss Ritchi, I understand, Minion," she assured him, feeling guilty over the fish's obvious unease. "Old habits are hard to break, after all."

Despite her intentions, Minion looked all the more distressed.

"But I don't want you to think that I don't like you, Miss Ritchi, because I do," he rushed to explain, his expression pleading. "It means a lot to me that you want to be friends, and I really don't want to offend you by-"

"Minion, please." She held her hands up as if to signal him to calm down, her smile a tad exasperated. "I'm not offended in the least."

"You...you're sure?" he asked, hesitant.

"I'm positive, Minion." She gave him a genuine smile. "Just because you call me Miss Ritchi, doesn't mean we aren't still friends. After all, you call Megamind 'Sir' all the time, and I know how close the two of you are."

Minion nodded, his relief so obvious that Roxanne could no longer hold back her chuckle.

"You worry too much," she stated.

Minion's grin was sheepish.

"It's kind of my job."

'Just like any good parent,' she thought, but didn't say.

"Did you get everything you needed at the store, Miss Ritchi?"

Roxanne wondered if Minion could somehow sense that they were about to broach a rather sore topic for her and had purposely changed topics. She wasn't about to question it though.

"Um, yes, I think so!"

With a surge of relief, she brushed past Minion to grab one of the bags from beside the chair.

"I got some medicine, a thermometer, and some cans of soup, too." She rummaged through the bag and pulled out a can. "I hope that's okay. I wasn't sure if you had any, but Megamind really needs to eat something, and soup's the best thing when you're not feeling well."

Minion took the offered can, looking it over.

"I don't think Sir's ever had this before," he admitted. "But if it will help him get better, then I can go and fix it now."

"You don't think we should let him sleep a little more?" she asked. "I'd hate to wake him up again."

Minion opened his mouth to reply, but a groggy voice from the couch beat him to it.

"Too late."

Roxanne turned, blinking in mild surprise to see Megamind propped up on his elbows, his eyes still half masked with sleep, and a tired smile on his face.

"Sir! You're awake!"

Minion grinned in relief and quickly made his way over to his friend's side, helping him into an upright position. Megamind rolled his eyes in fond exasperation when Minion began re-positioning his pillow, and fussing with his blanket.

An annoyed little 'Bowg' brought Roxanne's attention to Megamind's lap, where Sparky had apparently been resting. She'd assumed that the little bot had left after he was no longer needed, but that clearly wasn't the case. Right now the bot was emitting an irritated hum at being disturbed by Megamind's shifting. Minion went to shoo the Brainbot away, but Megamind weakly held up at hand to stop him.

"He's fine for now, Minion."

Sparky let out a smug little 'Bowg-owg' to Minion, who rolled his eyes. Megamind reached down to pat the bot affectionately on its dome, his smile tolerant as he murmured to the Brainbot, "Be nice to Minion."

Roxanne watched the scene thoughtfully, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. Despite the fact that Megamind was clearly still sick- his face lacking it usual healthy blue glow, his voice low and just the tiniest bit raspy, and his eyes still clouded with exhaustion- he looked strangely...content. Peaceful.

When Megamind met her gaze from across the table, smiling all the more fondly at her presence, Roxanne thought her heart might melt.

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