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Chapter one: Classic mistake

There were times in life when Draco Malfoy hated Gryffindors and today was one of them, the ice prince of the Slytherin house had been late to potions class because professor McGonagal had stopped him in the corridor to lecture the Slytherin about a prank that had been pulled on some Gryffindor first years a prank that he had nothing to do with.

So now here he was in potions paired with of all people Neville Longbottom, his day could not possibly get any worse could it? Oh yes fate had decided his day was going to get worse a whole lot worse.

They were half way through making a vile of temporary invisibility when sure enough as potions always do around Neville there was a noisy hiss and a huge bang. The next thing the blond knew, he was covered in blue gunk and being supported from behind by none other than the Gryffindor golden boy himself, quickly professor Snape descended on the scene. "What happened?" The head of Slytherin demanded.

With a quiet sigh Harry spoke. "Neville messed up the potion I think he must have put the bat wing in too early."

The potions master blinked for a moment in wonder because the green eyed man was actually right; slowly the golden boy looked up at the professor and bit his lip. "I seem to remember from reading up before class yesterday that's not a particularly good thing sir."

"No Mr Potter it's not a good thing, I'm afraid since you're the one he made contact with Draco is going to turn invisible and be stuck following you around."

"Really how long will he be following me around for?" The dark haired young man asked watching the blond who was staring up at him dumbfounded.

"That depends on how many bat wings Mr Longbottom put in the potion."

"Nine sir." The young man stuttered.

"Nine months then. Oh and Draco, you won't be able to move very far away from Mr Potter, you won't be able to touch anything, no one except Mr Potter will be able to hear you, but you yourself will see and hear everything and fortunately you won't need to eat or drink but you will need to sleep."

"Lovely." The Slytherin muttered as he started to vanish from sight the blond glared at the two Gryffindors just before he completely faded from view.

Severus sighed before turning to Harry. "I'll talk to the head master and tell him family."

"Yes sir."

"Considering summer holidays are coming up I expect you to take good care of Draco and Mr Malfoy I expect you to behave, remember anything that affects Harry will affect you."

'Oh deep joy, just what I needed.' The blonds' voice said from behind Harry some were.

"He understands sir." Harry said trying not to chuckle.

Slowly Harry made his way back to his seat; though the seat next to him looked empty the green eyed man could feel the Slytherin's icy presence next to him throughout the rest of the class, when class ended Harry rose from his chair he grabbed both his things and Draco's. "Hermione I'll be late to Charms, would you tell the teacher there was an incident in potions and I'm seeing to it."

"Sure Harry."

"Thanks." The dark haired man carried both his things and the blonds from the class room and up to the Gryffindor tower, Draco's voice muttered the whole way up the stairs and Harry halted in front of the portrait, he leant in and whispered the password.

The green eyed man smiled at Draco's intake of breath as the portrait swung open, the golden boy went through the hole he walked through the common room, then climbed up to the boys bedrooms, opened the door to his room settled the two bags on the bed then sat down on the edge of the bed. "Okay, you don't like this and neither do I Malfoy, but I'm afraid we don't have much choice and at least you didn't end up stuck with Neville. I'm going to put your bag in my cupboard; I won't unpack it unless you tell me I can." The Gryffindor rose he deposited the blonds' bag carefully in his cupboard then sat back down on the bed. "There."

'Why are you being so nice to me Potter?' Asked the blonds' disembodied voice from next to Harry on the bed.

The Gryffindor turned in that direction and smiled at the invisible man. "Because this wasn't deliberate it was an accident."

'This was not how I planned to spend my summer you know?'

"Believe me when I say likewise. Look why don't we call a truce for now, fighting when we are in a situation like this is stupid."

There was a deep sigh from next to Harry. 'I hate to say this but you right, fine a truce and Potter thank you.'

"Your welcome and would you call me Harry please."

'Isn't that going a bit far Potter we called a truce we aren't buddies or anything.'

The green eyed man could almost see the blond with his arms crossed sneering at him. "Fine, fine don't use my name. Well I've missed charms, so we might as way make our way to the great hall for dinner I'm sure by now the news of our situation is half way round the school by now."

'Oh lord.' The Slytherin's voice said from next to Harry a forlorn note to the voice.

"Don't worry Malfoy it will be fine."

'How can you say that so easily, my family is going to have a fit and my house will mock me about this forever.'

Harry walked along the hall way quietly for a moment. "You know you should just do what you always do, fold your arms and glare at them, because the only person brave enough or maybe it's stupid enough to go up against you when you're in that kind of mood is me."

Harry smiled when this comment drew a small begrudging laugh from Draco, the dark haired man wandered over to the Gryffindor table, he wasn't surprised when the headmaster announced to the school what had happened to Draco, when there had been a few snickers from the Slytherin table, Harry had looked over, caught their eye and glared in a way that even made the blond flinch slightly.

Ginny sat down next to Harry she stared at the air around the wizard. "So where is he then?"

"You mean Malfoy?"

"Yes of cause that's who I mean."

Harry thought for a few moments then much to the Slytherins surprise turned to his left were the blond was standing. "Malfoy is right there." Harry said placing a hand out palm up a few centimetres from were Draco actually was.

The youngest Weasely raised both brows at the green eyed man before her. "How can you be so sure Harry?"

"I don't know it's like I can sense his presence somehow."

Ginny frowned at him. "You're probably wrong you know."

"Malfoy please where are you?" Harry asked softly.

'Right here were you said I was.' The blonds voice answered from the exact point were the Gryffindors hand was.

"How can you possibly be able to sense Malfoy Harry?" The youngest Weasely questioned her eyes as wide as saucers.

"I don't know..."

"Doesn't it bother you Harry, isn't Malfoy just being a huge inconvenience to you?" Ginny asked Harry in an overly sweat voice leaning into the young wizard and running her fingers over his chest suggestively.

"Ginny please stop that, we talked about this, I don't like you like that and Malfoy is not being an inconvenience..."

"Harry are you telling me you'd rather hang out with an invisible Malfoy than me?"

"Yes I'd much rather do that then deal with you right now."

With a disgruntled snort Ginny stormed off, Harry rolled his eyes and sighed deeply. "Sorry about that Malfoy."

'It's alright but I thought you two were...?'

"A couple... yeah don't go there."

Harry could feel the raise of those golden eyebrows. 'Are you telling me that's just a rumour?'

"No, we did date for a short while but it didn't feel right, she can't seem to see that I see her as a sister."

Before Draco could answer Hermione and Ron came over to the golden boy, the witch smiled at him. "Ginny came complaining to me and Ron about what you said."

The dark haired man let out an even deeper sigh. "I'm so sorry she caused you trouble."

"No mate. I'm sorry, Ginny is being an idiot." Ron said with a smile for his friend.

"Thanks you two, look I'm going to go and get some air."

With a wave for his two friends Harry left the great hall he went out of the castle and went for a quiet walk around the grounds of the school. Quietly Draco followed the other man along, for some reason the blond couldn't help but feel he should be saying something to the other man the problem was that the Slytherin didn't know exactly what to say to Harry.

The two men sat in silence beside the lake, the dark haired man stared into the lake lost in thought and the blond watched him feeling strangely sympathetic to the Gryffindor, not able to understand this feeling the Slytherin kept quiet and let the other wizard think.

With a little experimentation the ice prince found out that if Harry was sitting on the bed in his dorms he could stand half way across the room but no further, it was rather aggravating, if Draco went any further then that he was snapped back to Harry's side like an over extended elastic band which was to say the least painfully aggravating.