Chapter twelve: Visible again.

The Slytherin ice prince was nervously sitting next to Harry in the great hall, today was when he was going to become visible again, the golden boy had been especially granted the day off by the headmaster. As the two men sat at breakfast Blaise and Pansy walked over to where the Gryffindor golden boy was sitting, slowly the dark haired man looked up at them his brows rose with curiosity. "Yes?" Harry asked them.

"We were wondering if Draco was going to be moving back into the dungeons after he becomes visible again." Blaise said to the Gryffindor.

Slowly Harry looked at the space beside him that contained the person in question. 'No bloody chance.'

The dark haired man laughed slightly before looking back to the two Slytherins. "No way apparently."

They both smiled down at Harry for a moment then looked to the space beside him. "Well the power of love I guess, in that case we'll do our best to make sure that as Draco's love you receive as little grief from the rest of our house as possible." Pansy told the green eyed man in question.

The blond Slytherin blinked at his two house mates and friends with a moments surprise before a slow smile broke out of his face, one that was mirrored on the face of his lover. "Thank you." Harry replied, he stood holding out a hand to Blaise, who with a smile of his own took it they shook hands before the Gryffindor turned to Pansy and settled on a lose hug.

The great hall subsided into a momentary silence stunned by the actions of the two parties, then urgent whispering began, eventually exculpating back into normal levels of noise for the great hall on a Saturday morning.

Harry sat back down as did the two Slytherins, as he did so the Valentine's Day post arrived for both himself and Draco, the green eyed man grimaced at the pile of gifts before him and then looked to his left where his blond lover was sitting. "What do you want to do with all of this?"

Draco himself was inspecting the pile of offerings with distain, turned his silver gaze onto the man next to him. 'Burn them if I had my way, but knowing you you'll say something typically Gryffindor like we can't hurt their feelings like that and insist we try to find some nice way to dispose of all this.'

The dark haired man couldn't help but laugh at the man next to him. 'Oh come on the whole school knows we are a couple after the scene with Ginny a few months back why do we have to be nice about a lot of gifts we don't want and that are probably laced with love potions.'

Harry started laughed again before looking back at the pile of gifts, and looking round them at Hermione. "Hey Hermione since Draco and I don't want our gifts why don't you send them to your charity for the house elves I'm sure they could action them off or something."

The young witch looked up at Harry and smiled at him widely. "Thanks Harry." With a quick spell the young woman had vanished the pile of unwanted gifts and the Gryffindor looked at his companion. "Before you ask yes that is what I do with them every year, it's a win, win situation I get rid of stuff I don't want and Hermione raises money to help her house elf charity."

'That's actually rather cleaver.'

"Why thank you love, now shall we head back to our room?"

'Yes please.'

"I and Draco are going to head back to our room now, don't be surprised if you don't see us until Monday." Harry told his two best friends with a huge smile plastered over his face.

Hermione and Ron shared a knowing smile the two friends then waved Harry good bye as he left the great hall, the golden boy made his way to his and Draco's room he spoke the password quietly before going inside and placing a locking charm on the door.

The two men sat in silence on the bed for a moment before the Gryffindor turned to his companion. "Do you want to lie down together and talk why we wait?"

'That would be nice.'

The two men moved on the bed lying alongside each other, Harry reached out his hand found Draco he felt his way round the invisible man and then pulled him close both hands pressed into his back. "What is the first thing you want to do once your visible again Draco?"

'Kiss you then I think I want to take a nice long shower with you and actually eat something.' The Slytherin told Harry smiling as he spoke.

The Gryffindor grinned at the other man. "Ahh so you have it all planned out good, good!" The green eyed man closed his eyes and snuggled in close to the Ice prince.

With a happy sigh Draco put his arms round Harry, before he too closed his eyes, when the Slytherin next opened his grey eyes it was because his lover was frantically shaking him awake, the blond blinked up at him. "What is it?" The ice prince asked Harry curiously.

The green eyed man simply smiled at him, then carefully took one of the blonds' hands in his before drawing him over to the mirror as they stood before the full length mirror Draco blinked for a moment and then slowly smiled, he could see himself that meant... quickly he turned to Harry. "I'm visible again?"

"Yes love." The other wizard assured him still smiling.

The Slytherin walked over to where the green eyed man stood watching him, then threw both arms round Harry and hugged him hard. The slightly shorter wizard returned the embrace and then looked up at his blond lover, slowly Draco drew back his grey eyes meeting with the brilliant green of the other wizards. "I believe you said there were something's you wanted to do once you were visible again."

"Ahh yes there were... so I best start at the top." Draco leant in kissing the man in his arms softly to start with then harder as Harry leant into the kiss, slowly the blond drew back, he released the other man only to go over to where the wooden box was, carefully he drew it out and took out the ring that was kept inside, the Slytherin pocketed it before walking back to Harry who was watching him confused, the ice prince took both of the dark haired wizard's hands in his. "I love you Harry, I've been wanting to tell you that for months now but I wanted wait until you could see the truth in my eyes as I could see it in yours."

The messy haired man smiled up at his lover. "Yes I can see you mean it, now how about we get you that shower?"

"No not yet love, there is something else, Harry we've been together nine months some would say that's not long enough others would say it is, for the first time in my live I had to depend on someone and it made me realise so many things, but mostly that I loved you and it I feel it's right to ask you this. Would you become my betrothed?"

Harry's green eyes widened as Draco held the ring from the box out to him, with a smile the Gryffindor spoke. "Yes of cause."

Quickly the blond took the hand of the other wizard and carefully slipped the white gold band onto his finger, then raised the hand to his lips kissing where the ring sat, before with silver eyes that shone with promises of what was to come the Slytherin pulled his lover towards the bathroom, starting to strip him as they went.

(There all done...I don't think there is any more to say or do.)