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Chapter 1 – Legs


Edward POV

"Heads up," Emmett noted, nodding towards the cash register of the campus cafe. "Freshmeat."

I glanced up at Emmett and Jasper uninterestedly before turning to follow Em's glance. It was the first day of our senior year at college, also known as Fuck with a Freshman Day; a right of passage to any freshman attending Stanford. It wasn't so much about sex. It was more about purely messing with the new freshman class on the lead up to Full Moon on the Quad on Friday night, where we, as seniors, exchanged kisses with a freshman of our choice. It was a stupid tradition, but at least a good make out with a hot freshman girl was ensured. The week leading up to this was basically trial and error. So far, it had been more of an error.

I looked towards the cash register not expecting much. It was already one o'clock in the afternoon, and I hadn't spotted a freshman that caught my eye yet. Little did I know though, that this was about to change.

I noticed three freshman girls standing at the counter. Two were already paying for their food, one being a little spiky haired brunette with a sandwich, and the other a tall, blonde girl with a body like one of those models on Sports Illustrated; gorgeous, but traditional. Both were pretty in their own ways, but neither caught my eye like the girl to their right still pondering over her choices. The first thing I noticed about her was her legs; long, lean, tanned and dressed in cut-off shorts. They were the most perfect set I had ever seen – and I had seen a lot. Her long dark brown hair hung half way down her back and she finished off her outfit with a simple dark blue t-shirt. Beautiful, carefree and simple. Good legs. Nice ass. I wanted to know her.

"Damn," I muttered as I watched the new girl decide what to eat. Jasper's chuckle beside me showed he found my appreciation very entertaining.

"Hot, huh?" he nodded.

"Damn straight," I agreed simply, not taking my eyes off those legs.

"I like the little brunette," Jasper noted simply. "She looks perky."

Em laughed at that. So did I. Jasper certainly had a type.

"The blonde is mine," Em informed us. Both were adding the girls to their lists, which were basically their pick of girls they might kiss on Friday." Her and that red head from the quad are tied in my book." He had had an earlier run in with a little red head during that morning. She had eaten out of the palm of his hand, as usual. No doubt by the end of the week he'd have at least ten girls lined up to choose from. Adding another to the list was no big deal.

Apparently though, I wasn't calling fast enough, and Jasper decided to nudge me. I watched as Legs ran a hand through her long hair. It only made me imagine what she looked like doing that naked.

"Edward, man, come on. Is she going on your list?" he demanded.

"No list," I answered quickly, standing up from the table. I couldn't help the temptation. It took them both by surprise. "She's the one."

"Where the hell are you going?" Em asked in surprise.

I simply smirked, not bothering to look at them as I answered.

"To inform her of my choices." I threw the comment over my shoulder as I walked over to Legs.

Chuckles from Jasper and Emmett followed me as I approached Legs and walked right up behind her, practically breathing down her neck. It almost made me laugh when I saw that the food she was pondering over was the fried stuff; French fries, pizza, sausages and more. Of course. She clearly didn't stress over counting calories like three quarters of the female population. I liked that.

But that didn't mean I wouldn't give her shit for it though.

"You better calm down there and move to the salad bar, babe. We don't want you losing that fine figure of yours prematurely," I whispered right by her ear, barely half an inch away from touching her.

Legs didn't flinch. She didn't even stiffen. I had to stop myself from laughing. "And we wouldn't want you to lose your balls prematurely either, so how about you remove your dick from my ass and back off."

I chuckled quietly. Witty. Not intimidated. Strong. Not nervous. I loved that. I decided to play dumb to see what else I could get out of her.

"What do you mean, babe? I thought we were having quite a nice chat."

What she did next shocked me. Within a second she spun around, not stepping back even an inch, so close to me that her face was nearly touching my chest. Big brown eyes glared up at me. It was impressive.

"Leave me alone or you'll lose that dick you prize so much," she spat. "That's what I mean."

I smirked. "Feisty, huh? I like feisty. Angry sex rocks."

Legs raised a slender eyebrow, and in a flash her expression turned from angry to seductive. Slowly, she leaned in closer to me. I could feel her hot breath trailing down my neck, sweet and addictive. A mere slight movement would have meant my lips would crash to hers. The temptation was unbearable. In the next moment, she spoke, her voice husky and her full lips teasing.

"You want to fuck me?" she drawled, her voice sultry and addictive. Her big brown eyes looked up to me, hooded. I could have melted in it. But then, all of a sudden, she snapped back to angry. In the next second I felt a cold wetness soaking through my t-shirt and running down my arms. I looked down, wide eyed, to see the strawberry milkshake she had been holding splashed all over me. A moment later, she shoved the empty cup into my hands. "That's the closest you are ever going to get to fucking me," she smirked before turning around on the balls of her feet and heading towards her friends, who were now sitting on a table outside and giggling behind their hands.



"Damn, Ed, that girl so owns you," Emmett laughed as he poked at the red crap on my white t-shirt. I felt like smacking his head in. Legs didn't give me a second glance as she walked over to her table. It wasn't right. It was wrong. I never got rejected. Any girl would pay to be the object of my attention. But not her.

I glanced at Emmett then, and remembering his huge form that had broken my nose twice in the fifteen years we had known each other and which could crush me in a fight, I decided against hitting him. Instead, I knocked his hand away.

"Fuck off," I growled. Emmett just laughed. I then turned towards Jasper. He was wearing his classic t-shirt and unbuttoned flannel shirt. He never did abandon his Texan upbringing. His southern charm and mischievous grin were like drugs to any girl he came across. "Jazz, give me your shirt."

"What, this one?" he checked, pulling at the flannel.

"Yes," I answered gruffly, yanking my t-shirt over my head and dumping it in a messy pile on the cafe floor. Fuck it. Jasper handed me his shirt and I slipped it on, doing up the buttons as well as I could under the anger of it all.

"Damn, Ed, remember to breathe," Jasper coaxed. "You look like you are about to explode."

"Shut up," I muttered gruffly.

"You are so not getting to fuck her," Emmett laughed. "It's a bit of a shame, really. She's hot, in that kind of girl next door way. I bet she's a minx in the bedroom too."

"You know who's probably a minx in the bedroom?" Jasper laughed, leaning his elbows on the table. Both were ignoring my pissed off mood. "That little spiky haired one." He glanced over to her in appreciation. "Damn, she's probably like a pixie on speed."

"Well, unlike Milkshake Boy, you still have a chance with Pixie. Eddy here isn't getting into the other one's pants any time soon," Emmett laughed, landing one of his bear paws in a smack on my back. Gee, thanks. Asshole. Emmett always found the humour in life; especially in my misfortune.

Jasper grinned triumphantly. Damn fucker was always smiling in a way that made you wonder what he was up to. I felt my anger boiling. It was all Emmett's fault.

Legs wasn't off limits to me. I could get into any girl's pants that I wanted. None could resist me. That had been proven many times. Emmett saying so pissed me off to no end, and he knew that. I could never reject a challenge. He knew that, too. Legs would be mine, like half of the girls at that school. Jasper, Emmett and I were large competitors in the v-card market. Legs wouldn't be any different.

Wait, scratch that. Yes she would. She would be fucking different, for two reasons. One: fucking her would have a monetary pay off, and two: having that fine pair of legs wrapped around me surely would be a treat.

"You want to bet on that?" I called to Emmett in the middle of their conversation. Emmett glanced at me in confusion. I peeled my eyes off Legs to look at him.

"What do you mean?" he asked in confusion.

"Legs. I'll bet you five hundred bucks I can get into her pants by the end of the year."

"Year?" Emmett laughed. "What do you take me for: an idiot? Of course you can do it in a year. No, man, if we are betting, we need higher stakes."

"What sort of stakes are you talking about?" I questioned. Emmett grinned at me like he knew a secret we didn't.

"I'm talking big money," Emmett grinned. He then paused for dramatic effect. Just before I growled at him to spit it out, he spoke. "I'm willing to lay down seven grand that says you can't get her to fuck you by the end of the semester."

I couldn't help the grin that spread as I heard the numbers ring out. I reality, seven grand meant shit to Emmett and I. Money was no barrier. Our fathers made sure of that. What made me smile, however, was the unabashed gloating rights that would come with my conquest.

"Seven grand?" I checked. "Are you sure?"

Emmett nodded solemnly before glancing to Jasper. "Jasper, are you in?"

Immediately Jasper nodded keenly. The fucker's father was a big head in the army. Although his Dad was bastard reincarnated, money was no object to him either.

"Of course."

"Alright then," Emmett grinned. "You're on, Edward. If you get in her pants by the end of the first semester, – that's midnight on the last day – Jazz and I will give you seven grand each. If you don't, you're coughing up seven grand to the each of us. We good?"

I simply smirked at the great men I called the best friends. "Hell yeah."

Emmett smiled in an early victory. One second later Jasper nudged my elbow. "Hey, look at that."

He nodded towards Legs' table. I followed. What I saw made me laugh out loud. A flash of strawberry blonde hair told me Tanya was there. A flash of brunette told me Legs wasn't taking her shit. In the next moment, I heard Tanya's shrill voice over all else.

"How dare you pour your fucking drink all over my man, you little slut of a freshman? Who the hell do you think you are?"

"Oh man," I chuckled under my breath, smiling in some sort of sadistic amusement. Emmett was stopping himself from dissolving into hysterics. Legs' friends were frowning in confusion. The blonde one was already getting to her feet. Legs was staring at Tanya like she was some alien creature. I couldn't agree more. She was.

Tanya had been my fuck toy for the past year at college; her freshman year. We had not been anything else. I most certainly wasn't her man. I was nobody's man. Ever. And I made that very clear. But, as the clingy bitch she was, she wouldn't listen. Although, I had to admit, seeing a cat fight over me on the first day did please me a little. I still had game in that college.

I couldn't help it then. I had to stand up. I had to go and add fuel to the fire.

"Ed, you're not going to..." Emmett's sentence trailed off as he watched me, wide eyed. He and Jasper both knew very well what I was going to do. I only had to smirk at them both.

"It's about time I go and enjoy Fuck with a Freshman Day."


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