Fuki's New Life

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New Name, Life, and a Mate!

It had been almost a week since the Wave mission and Naruto had been feeling hot and horny all week. Now the heat was not due to his libido, but he didn't know that yet. He got up at 9 AM and got dressed in his "kill me now" neon orange jumpsuit before heading to his "team" meeting. Naruto was not stupid as many believed. He wore the jumpsuit in remembrance of the first sale to him at a normal price (even if it was because it wouldn't sell otherwise) not mention it did wonders for his stealth. His intelligence laid more in physical and practical applications of the ninja arts. The books had always put him to sleep.

He sighed as he thought over his team. 'Sakura was a stuid choice for a crush! She's book smart but she sucks in everything else. Sasuke is so absorbed in his Sharingan that he refuses to acknowledge me anymore. Finally, Kakashi-teme has taught me one thing in the past 4 months! I mean really, what has Sasuke learned?' He thought slightly down as he arrived at the training grounds. He winced as he felt a heat wave pass through his body, strangly originating from between his legs.

Unfortunatly, He was late by about 5 minutes, although he was still 2 hours earlier than his "sensei" and Sakura didn't take too kindly to that. "Naruto no Baka where have you been? Your late!" She screeched.

Naruto sighed and glared at her slightly, "Shut Up Sakura! I'm not later than Kakashi-sensei and he won't be here for another 2 hours. I still don't see why we have to be here if he isn't!" Naruto retored.

Sakura opened her mouth before closing it and going into a thinking pose. "Hmmmmm Actually, thats a pretty good observation." She turned to Sasuke, who had stood up. "What do you think Sasuke-kun?" She asked cheerily.

Sasuke Hn'd before replying, "Dobe has some sense. I'm gonna go train before Kakashi-sensei gets here." He promptly walked off and Sakura followed him pestering him with words of praise.

Naruto heeved a sigh of relief before that heat hit his body once again and he winced. It didn't hurt, it was more like an uncomfortable blood rush all over his body. He decided to lay down and relax untilhis team returned. He hadn't been sleeping much lately because of the heat flashes. They vaguely reminded him of a time when he had been stuck in his "Sexy Jutsu" and had to spend nearly three months as a 16 year old girl before his chakra ran out and the technique dispelled. He shuddered slightly remembering the kind old lady who had "helped" him to understand the complex workings of a growing girl's body.

Nonetheless, Naruto laid down in the grass and closed his eyes. Before long, He was dreaming peacefully. Sadly, Two red eyes opened and its mouth transformed into a grin. 'It's time.'


Naruto opened his eyes to find himself in a sewer like place with multiple pipes with both blue and red liquid running through them. Although they seemed to be merging into a purple liquid right before his eyes. He looked around until he felt a pull from a corridor to his left. He turned and walked down the hallway. Slowly but surely, he noticed a red light becoming prominent in the dimly lit place and he walked faster. Eventually he came to an wade cavern filled with golden bars held together with a piece of paper with the kanji for "Seal" on it.

He looked up to see two bright red eyes and a mouth full of teeth smiling at him. "So, the infamous Kyuubi no Kitsune I presume?" He asked with little emotion in his voice.

The Kyuubi chuckled before responding, "Indeed kit. I must say, you are quite entertaining. Most would blame their problems on me or fear me and yet you do neither." It said.

Naruto frowned slightly, "I figure that something must have made you attack and blaming you would make me the same as those villagers. Would you let me know why you attacked?" He asked respectfully.

The Kyuubi smiled and nodded, "Since this seal keeps us bound, and you have surprised me, Madara Uchiha used his blasted Sharingan to trap me and send me into a killing frenzy with the sight of my dead kits. Before you ask, No I don't have kits but every mother fears the death of their children." She said.

Naruto nodded, "I see. You ARE female then?" He asked.

Kyuubi snarled at the boy, "There's no problem with that IS THERE?" She said forcefully.

Naruto chuckled nervously, "Not at all, Tsunade Senju is proclaimed one of the most powerful women in the world, why would I say such a HORRIBLE and SEXIST thing?" Naruto said half to appease Kyuubi and half because he really felt that way.

Kyuubi chuckled, "Good answer because, soon, you will probably be counted among the female populace." Kyuubi said trying to break the ice on this issue.

Naruto froze, then chuckled again, "Ummmmm, did you just say that I'm going to be turned into a girl?" He asked nervously.

Kyuubi looked sheepish, well as much as a 500 foot tall fox can, "Ya, about that. When you accessed my chakra fully, it started to flood your chakra network making your body start forming female organs and such. Since then, you've slowly been changing. Seeing as my chakra is female it sorta overrode your male chakra and, with the side affects of Youkai, made your body change. It'll probably finish tonight and, trust me, you might want someone around to (clears her throught) satisfy your urges." Kyuubi said.

Naruto looked a little pale but asked, "So, I'm becoming female and tonight I'm going to be even hornier than I am now?" Kyuubi nodded, "Ummmm, WHY am I horny?" He asked.

Kyuubi sighed, "Thats my fault as well. Since our chakra has merged a bit, I'm in heat. Therefore our chakra has YOU in heat and is one of the reasons for you being so horny. Although there is ONE little detail I forgot to mention." Kyuubi said. After getting a glare from Naruto, She continued, "Your still going to have your dick. It seems that my Youkai can only add, not take away. You'll also age about 4 years and gain some rather impressive 'assests' if I am correct in my assumptions." She said.

Naruto hung his head. "So basically, I'm going to be a 17 year old girl with a dick and a massive libido? Is there anything else you'd like to tell me?" He asked a little angry.

Kyuubi glowed for a moment before the fox disappeared. Standing in its place, was a beautiful 5' 7" red-headed goddess with deep saphire blue eyes. She had DD size cup breasts with a slim but toned waist and plump rear that flowed into shapely legs. She had two blood red fox ears atop her head with white tips and 9 matching tails swishing behind her. She blushed and looked at the transforming Futanari. "I'd be happy to be your companion for the night. My heat is still strong but I can only manifest myself once every week so you will have to find other women, or men if thats your preference, to fulfill your desire after tonight. By the way, your becoming a Futanari just for your information." The Kyuubi said slightly shy and becoming informative at the end.

Naruto stared at the goddess and drooled slightly earning a giggle from the demoness. "I suppose that would be best Kyuubi-chan. But, NO GUYS!" (Naruto Shivers) "It's bad enough having the female body, at least I have some idea of what to do. I refuse to let a guy into my bed." He said loudly.

Kyuubi chuckled, "I thought you might say that. Be careful though, other Futanari's love to fuck their own kind because of their high libido's and mutual pleasure to both parts of their anatomy. Tonight, I will help you put up a barrier so no one feels the excess energy your going to put off as you finish your change." Naruto nodded in agreement. "Good, now wake up, Your so called 'team' is here. By the way, My name is Akane." Kyuubi said. Naruto nodded and faded out of his mindscape. 'Hehehehehehe, I can't wait to show you just how GOOD it feels to fuck Naruto!'

Training Ground 7

Naruto sighed as he sat up and looked to see his teammates walk into the clearing just as their sensei popped into existence. He sighed as he felt another heat wave hit his body and he stood up to see what exercise they would be performing today. He walked over and joined them.

Kakashi eye smiled and looked at his team. "Okay Sakura, go do tree climbing until you can't anymore, It'll build up your reserves. Naruto same thing but add leaves, it'll increase your control instead. Sasuke, your with me so you can control your Sharingan better." He said before grabbing Sasuke and Shunshinning away.

Naruto simply growled, stuck his hands in his pockets and walked away. "Naruto no baka where are you going?" Sakura asked loudly.

Naruto turned and snapped at Sakura, "To find someone to REALLY train me instead of fucking the Uchiha's ass! Kakashi does the same thing everyday and I've already mastered that exercise! If you want to continue to be a sub-par Kunoichi then follow his instructions, otherwise go find Hinata and ask her for her sensei's help. She is the only female Jounin I know of!" Naruto said before stalking off. Little did he know that Sakura had been rude to him because he had far outshined her in the Wave mission and She wanted to improve. 'Maybe I should follow his adivce?' She thought as she headed off to find Hinata or that teacher of hers.

Streets of Konoha

Naruto stalked down the streets pissed off. 'Who the hell does he think he is! He just trains Sasuke everyday and doesn't even check on our progress!' Since he wasn't watching where he was going, He bumped right into a purple haired lady with a piece of Dango in her hand. She stumbled and dropped the Dango causing her eyes to go wide whilest Naruto rubbed his head.

'That little BRAT! He made me drop my special order Dango!' The crazy Snake lady thought. Everyone in the crowd shyed away from them save for a few braver folks who wanted to see the "demon" get hurt by the "snake bitch." "Oi! You made me drop my Dango Gaki. Your going to pay for that." She said with a slightly insane gleam in her eyes.

Naruto, normally, would have just ran or been scared or something. But this Naruto saw the look in her eyes and got excited. He knew this was going to be fun. Hey, he was still a trickster at heart, so he popped up and pointed at the woman, "Only if you can catch me!" He said before dashing across the roofs at top speeds, which was surprisingly Jounin level. (What you don't think he got away from ANBU on stealth alone huh?)

"Ooooo Your in for it now GAKI!" Anko yelled as she started to chase Naruto through town. Naruto chuckled loudly as he dodged around everything and led the lady on a crazy goos... I mean fox hunt. He smiled seeing the woman actually enjoying the chase instead of being annoyed like she was in the begining. Not to mention she had started to add weapons and caused him to evade or die. Good motivation.

Anko was actually cackling on the inside. 'This Gaki can outrun me for almost 4 hours now! Whose his teacher and what has he been doing?' She thought before she decided to end it and she launched a few snakes at him effectivly catching him off gaurd in the woods outside of town. "Damn Gaki! Your good. Whose been teaching you?" she asked ernestly.

Naruto's eyes darkened, "No one. Kakashi-teme taught me tree walking three months after our graduation and during our first C rank and yet he trains the Uchiha every second he can." He responded.

Anko frowned, "You ain't lying to me are ya kid?" She asked seriously. Kakashi was no friend but he had a good reputation so she couldn't quite talk everything at face value.

Naruto nodded, "I promise I am telling the truth, and if its one thing Uzumaki Naruto doesn't do, its break a promise." He said with all the seriousness in the world.

Anko took a closer look before letting him go, "Your the 'Special' Gaki. Every Jounin and above knows your serious about promises. I'll believe you for now. If your telling the truth, then you need to get away from him. He's wasting your talent!" Anko said.

Naruto brightened, "Maybe you could teach me?" He asked.

Anko thought for a second. "I don't know. My style is more for a female. In any case, tomorrow morning I want you in the Hokage's office. You are going to tell him what you told me." She said before turning. Naruto nodded reluctantly before Anko spoke again. "Look me up in a few years cutie and maybe bring one of your lady friends, I always like to spice it up!" She said sexily causing Naruto to go into a full body flush. She laughed before disappearing via Shunshin.

Naruto's Apartment: That Night

Naruto had eaten Ichiraku's for lunch before heading home and setting up all the seals needed for this barrier. The heat flashes had been getting closer and he could feel the almost constant heat around his loins and his chest. He activated the barrier around his apartment at about 7 PM, right after his dinner and went into his room.

He laid on his bed and waited as he felt the heat flash become constant over his, now changing, body. He almost blacked out from the pain that acosted him as his body changed into that of a female's. Almsot, twenty minutes later, Naruto breathed a sigh of relief as her body stopped aching and she felt the changes stop. She could feel the weight on her chest and the new sensations from the lips between her legs. She stood up and stripped, taking slight notice of her new body, before she headed into the bathroom where there was a full length mirror.

Naruto's hair had grown and now flowed around her face like a silky wave of gold, while her face become more angular and feminine and her eyes shone bright like two bright stars reflecting off the ocean's surface. Her trademark whiskers still adorned her face. Her breast size was large, upper C to low D, matching Anko's easily. Her stomach was thin and soft as she ran her hands across her body. Slightly above where it used to be, was a rather large penis with a very obvious vagina sitting below that. Her legs were much like Akane's, shapely but still attractive.

She sighed but heard chuckling in her mind. 'My My My! Naru-chan! You make one HELL of a Futanari." came the voice of Naruto's resident demoness.

'Akane-chan, You can speak to me now?' She asked mentally.

'Yes, that transformation weakened the seal slightly. Hurry back to your room. I'm holding back your lust right now but we need to take care of it before you run out and do something you will regret.' Akane replied. Naruto simply nodded and went back into her room. 'Good now do these handseals and let me do the rest.' She continued. Naruto swiftly complied and red chakra flowed from her body to form a solid construct of Akane outside of Naruto's body.

Akane smirked at seeing Naruto staring at her snatch. "See something you like Honey?" She asked teasingly. Naruto blushed a bright red and Akane giggled. "Look all you want Naruto, Your going to be doing MUCH more by the end of the night if I have anything to say about it." She said lustfully.

Naruto frowned. "Don't call me Naruto. Since I changed, I wanna be called Fuki. Fuki Uzumaki." She said.

Lemon Start: Hope you Horndogs enough it!

Akane smiled as she sauntered over to her soon-to-be lover. "You got it" She said before bringing her mouth next to Fuki's ear and breathing hotly as she spoke "FUKi." Fuki shivered before Akane gently brought her lips to Fuki's and gave her a kiss. Fuki moaned softly and relaxed into the kiss as her body became hot with lust. Akane licked Fuki's lips for permission to enter and Fuki happily complied. Fuki's hands were not idle and were already massaging her partners body moving from her hips to the sides of her breasts and even squezing her tight ass every once and awhile.

Akane was a little more direct, one of her hands was threaded in Fuki's hair behind her head while her other was gently stroking the raging piece of meat stuck between the two horny females. Akane pulled back and smirked as she watched the less experianced Fuki gulp down breaths. Her hand never stopped and she looked down before gasping slightly. Fuki's cock was a good 9 inches and large enough to not allow Akane's hand tofully wrap around it. She smirked becaused the small makeout session and the slight foreplay, combined with her heat, had already readied her body for the main course.

"Fuki-chan." Akane said letting go of Fuki's cock, earning a groan of disapproval from said Futa, "I want you to take that thick cock and make me..." She leaned in close and breathed hotly on Fuki's ear again, "CUM... again... and again... and again. Can you do that for me Fuki-chan?" Akane asked sexually. Fuki nodded furiously and Akane smirked. She grabbed Fuki's cock and gently tugged on it pulling Fuki with it as she laid on the bed. Fuki fell on top of Akane and smirked before capturing the demoness in a passionate kiss.

Akane led Fuki's cock to her entrance and smiled as she felt the head penetrate her folds. Finally she would get the release she craved! Imagine her surprise when Fuki stopped there and started to rub their breasts together. "I can see you want it Akane, but I don't want this to be a one time thing." She pushed slightly on her hips causing her cock to penetrate only slightly further. "Promise me that we will do this anytime we can and want to and I will give you what you want." She said.

Akane looked at Fuki trying to see what she really wanted before she smiled softly and reared her fangs before biting on Fuki's collarbone. The sudden feeling of being bitten caused Fuki's will to crumble and she thrust upto her hilt into the fiery haired demoness. Fuki gasped and tryed not to move while she glared at Akane. "I have marked you as my mate Fuki-chan, From this day forth, my body will not be satisfied unless you provide the stimulation during my heats. Is that enough of a promise for you?" Akane asked, hoping her new lover would be happy with this. Fuki nodded in agreement and she felt Akane's tails gently brushing across both of their breasts and nipples.

"Thats fine Akane-chan, Now let me take care of this little pussy of yours!" Fuki said with a smile before she started to thrust her hips into Akane's. The demoness had many lovers before Fuki but few could match her in size or girth and none could match the way she made love to Akane. Her thrusts were soft at first and quickly picked up. Fuki never let her eyes move from Akane's face trying to read how much she liked it. Akane, on the other hand, was tired of the slow thrusts and wanted the fire in her belly to be sated. "Faster Fuki-chan Harder! Push that giant cock in my pussy!" She yelled loudly and Fuki was all too happy to oblige.

Fuki was trying to take it slow for Akane's sake. She knew she was hung like a horse and she didn't want to hurt her lover. However, when Akane yelled for her to go harder, well, all bets were off. Fuki swiftly started to pound into her lover's pussy, she didn't have long before her own virgin climax was rising but the heat-frenzied Akane was right there with her. "Akane-chan I'm going to CUM!" She said as her thrusts became more erratic.

Akane smirked feeling her own climax coming. "CUM FUKI-CHAN! I WANT TO FEEL YOU POUR IT INTO MY WOMB!" she yelled to the new Futanari. That phrase sent Fuki over the edge and she thrust deep inside her lover hitting her cervix before pumping her thick cum into Akane's womb. Fuki was amazed at how tight Akane had gotten, not that she was complaing, and could feel each glob of cum that travelled from the base of her cock to Akane's womb. She smirked as she felt Akane's stomach pressing against her and seeing Akane's smile of contentment.

Akane screamed in ecstasy as Fuki hit her cervix and felt her pussy clamp down on the giant member inside her before pushing its own juices out. She felt her pussy massage Fuki's cock and loved the way she could feel Fuki's cock pressed against her cervix. The hot cum that poured into her womb sent a warm feeling throughout her body and she looked down to see the two of them joined between their legs. She sighed as she felt her stomach expand slightly to make room for the rather large amount of cum her lover poured into her.

Fuki came down from her orgasm and gently pulled out of Akane with a slight 'pop' before she looked down and paled slightly. "Uhhhhh Akane-chan What is THAT?" She asked slightly scared of the answer.

Akane looked down her body to see her own 10 inch cock that was softer and thinner than Fuki's, She smiled and looked at Fuki, "Why I thought I told you Fuki-chan. Futanari's LOVE to fuck their own kind. I plan on giving your pussy the same service you gave mine." She said before flipping their positions and smiling at the nervous looking Fuki. "Don't be so scared Fuki-chan. It'll feel great." She continued.

Fuki looked at Akane with pleading eyes, "Uhhhh look I'm not sure I'm ready for this." She said. She had only just changed into a female body and wanted time to adjust.

Akane ignored it and gently inserted two fingers into her lover's pussy. "Your body is more than ready and my cock is the best to break your cherry on. It may be a bit longer than most, 10 inch full mast, but it's a bit thinner and very soft. Don't worry so much, I promise to make you orgasm." She said trying to get Fuki to agree. She gently removed her fingers and started to run her cock up and down the length of her pussy's lips.

Fuki looked at Akane again, "Please I really don't think..." She didn't get to finish because it turned into a moan of pleasure as Akane pushed her cock into Fuki upto her barrier.

"Looks like you like having me in you Fuki. All you need to do is agree and you'll feel MUCH better honey." Akane said, although she was using all her willpower to not fuck Fuki senseless. Fuki moaned in pleasure as Akane stroked her cock. She looked at Akane before making her decision and nodding her head. Akane smiled and pulled back slightly before fully impaling Fuki on her cock.

Fuki let out a strangled cry and Akane quickly started to suck on her left nipple while playing with her right one. Fuki's cry changed into a moan of ecstasy and Akane smirked and she let go of the nipple and let her tails replace that stimulus. "Looks Like demonic healing makes for a good pain reliever. I'm going to move now Fuki-chan." She said gaining a nod from the blonde haired woman. Akane started gently thrusting in and out of the tight virgin hole that Fuki had. Akane was in heaven, she prefered being on the receiving end but Fuki's pussy felt amazing around her cock.

Fuki, on the other hand, was on cloud nine. Akane's cock could reach her cervix with just a little help and she always hit the most tender spots. Add that to the tails stimulating her breasts and she was feeling very good. Her eyes were rolling in her head and droll dripped from her mouth. She wanted more and decided to express that to her lover. She reached up and grabbed Akane's head before she pulled her down into a passionate kiss. "Fuck me Harder or I swear your not coming out next week!" Fuki said slightly feral. Akane smirked and nodded before bringing her pace upto a blistering speed.

This time, Fuki's eyes really did roll into the back of her head as her hips thrust forward and she screamed in ecstasy as she came. Akane smiled and waited till Fuki came down from her orgasm and was reaching another before leaning in. "There's a payoff for being a demon and having my dick so soft. I can cum bucketful's if I want. Since you seemed to like your orgasm so much I'm going to fill your womb to the brim. Enjoy the feeling for me ok?" She said saucily into Fuki's ear causing her eyes to widen.

Akane neared her end and looked right into Fuki's eyes as Fuki reached her third orgasm of the night. Akane thrust herself straight into Fuki's cervix and started to cum. She smirked as she felt her cock throb and start shooting globs of semen into her lover. She loved the way Fuki's pussy clamped down on her cock and didn't let go. She could feel the juices sliding between her cock and Fuki's walls just as she could feel the subtle stroke from the walls trying to get all of her cum out. She smirked and decided to let as much as possible without hurting her new mate.

Fuki came down from her third orgasm to realize that Akane wasn't lieing, that and she LOVED the feeling of Akane's cock throbbing and spouting out cum into her womb. "O MY KAMI! YEEESSSSS!" She screamed at Akane, letting her lover know of her approval. Fuki could feel each swell of Akane's cock as it carried the cum into her womb and she could feel her womb expand to accomadate the massive amount of cum that poured in there. her eyes widened when she saw that she actually looked pregnant! But felt Akane taper off.

Akane smiled and pulled back to Fuki's entrance before letting the last bits coat Fuki's pussy walls. She kissed Fuki and smirked, "If you liked it that much, I'll do it everytime I come out." Fuki, too tired to respond, simply nodded and cuddled upto her demoness before falling asleep with a womb full of cum. Akane chuckled and snapped her fingers causing the liquids to evaporate before she wrapped her lover and herself with her tails. "Goodnight my mate." She said before kissing her on the forhead and falling asleep.

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