Fuki's New Life

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Moon eyed princess's joy!

Fuki smiled as she woke to a bed of Anko's breasts. It had been a week since her transformation and she already had two dedicated women, and a demonic futanari, to satisfy her unnatural sex drive, not that the women minded. She looked over Anko's breasts to see Hana snoring happily as she cuddled up to the purple haired woman. She sighed as she thought of what the girls had told her, Anko especially. Hinata seemed to be taking "Naruto's" death hard. They had both told her that Hinata would be happy to learn that Fuki was Naruto. She hadn't really liked the idea but she understood what they were saying. With her recent... activities, she now knew that Hinata was, at the very least, attracted to Naruto and could even be in love with him.

She sighed as she snuggled closer to her purple haired whore. That was another thing she had found cute. Both of the girls had happily taken to their monikers of "Bitch" and "Whore" respectivly. They called her by her name but, when alone, they almost ALWAYS stressed the Fuk part of her name, making it sound like fuck. Akane had taken to doing the same, although they also seemed to enjoy calling her "sweetie", and Fuki had decided to simply call her "Vixen" the next time they fucked, which would hopefully be soon. Her cock loved the attention her woman gave it but her pussy was aching to be filled with that long cock of Akane's.

Akane chuckled in Fuki's mindscape. "I'll be happy to fill your tight little cunt later tonight sweetie." she said mentally. Fuki chuckled quietly, 'I can't wait, my Vixen.' she mentally sighed and said, 'What do you think of Hinata?' Akane was quiet for a minute before responding, "I think she really does love you Fuki. You should give her a chance." she said.

Fuki mentally went over some pros and cons of telling Hinata and finally decided that perhaps telling the girl wouldn't be so bad. "Besides, you know she's hiding SOMETHING good under that jacket, what I wouldn't give to find out..." Akane continued mentally causing Fuki to sweatdrop. By now, however, Hana and Anko had both begun to stir. Hana's eyes fluttered open and she smiled at her two lovers. Anko doing much the same as she awoke. They all shared some morning kisses before Fuki stepped out of bed.

She quickly started getting dressed, surprising her lovers. "Whats the hurry Fuki-chan?" Hana asked.

Fuki sighed, "Well, I thought about what you two said and I decided to give Hinata-chan a chance. She doesn't have to join our little group right away but both myself and Akane-chan believe she should know the truth. Plus, its 11 AM and we have to meet the girls in an hour." she said finishing with a smirk as her two friends jumped from the bed and began to get dressed as well.

Anko was dressed first, as she wore the least, and she turned to Fuki. "So how'd you plan on getting the girl to believe you?" she asked.

Fuki silently thought as she got dressed before sighing, "That's a good question. I guess I'll just tell her and then ask her to make me do something that only Naruto would ever do." she responded.

Hana smiled at Fuki as she finished getting dressed, "I know she'll be overjoyed to hear your still alive. Perhaps she can use her Byakugan to see Akane's chakra?" she suggested.

Fuki nodded, "That might work. I think I'll take her shopping with me. I need some recreational clothes anyway, I've only got what you bought me and that dress I went to the club in." she said. The girls nodded, shopping was always classified as "girl bonding" right up there next to hot springs. The group locked up Fuki's apartment, which was NOT Naruto's old one, and headed to the Dango bar to meet with their friends.

Dango Bar: Noon

Anko, Fuki, and Hana walked into the bar and smiled seeing yet another addition to their growing group. Tenten Higurashi was a second year Genin and trained under Maito Gai. She was about as tall as Hinata and had her brown hair done up in to two panda buns. She wore a pink shirt with dark blue pants and normal shinobi sandals. She had mid-C cup breasts and long shapely legs. She smiled brightly as the other girls joined the group. She was quickly introduced by Yuugao as a weapon's master and her eyes seemed to linger on Fuki's body slightly longer than the others.

The girls spent a good hour chatting friendly, although Hinata seemed to be sad no matter what they discussed, while Tenten and Kurenai were trying to cheer her up alot. As one rolled around, many of the girls had appointments and they all headed off. Kurenai had a date with Asuma to prepare for, Tenten had a mission to prepare for, same for Anko and Yuugao. Hinata was getting up to head home with Fuki stopped her.

"Hinata-chan, would you join me to do some shopping? I need another girls opinion." she said smiling.

Hinata pushed her fingers together, "Are You sure you want m-my help, Fuki-san?" she asked meekly.

Fuki quickly wrapped Hinata in a hug, "OF COURSE! Come On, I'll even buy you a few things and pay for dinner whadya say?" she half asked as she smiled brightly at the shy Kunoichi.

Hinata blushed but said, "A-Alright. I just need to inform my father that I will be with you."

Fuki, still smiling, said, "No prob, Kage Bunshin!" A clone of Fuki stood there awaiting orders, "Go tell Hiashi-san that Hinata-chan will be staying with us tonight. I wanna get to know more about this Naruto fella she's all worked up about." she said, causing a soft "eep" to be heard from Hinata.

The clone nodded and quickly took off to inform Hiashi of Hinata's absence. Hinata was blushing, "You- you want to know about N-Naruto-kun?" she asked.

Fuki nodded furiously, "Ya tell me all about him!" she said as she led the shy girl into a nearby shop. Hinata was blushing and she stuttered as she said Naruto's name as she told her newest friend about the man she loved. She told Fuki all about how Naruto' pranks were hilarious, and a great way at payback. She told Fuki all about Naruto's incredible drive to never give up. She told Fuki all about Naruto's completly selfless personality and, as the got in to Fuki's house, she broke down crying at the fact she never got to tell Naruto about her love for the blonde haired, blue eyed, sunshine.

Throughout the day, Fuki had been steadily amazed that she had missed Hinata's obvious attraction to the male Naruto. The way she made an effort to learn of everything she could about the boy, and even comment on things she would change should she ever get close to him, made her realize that this girl really was in love with Naruto. She felt bad when Hinata started to cry and silently consoled her. As she did so, however, she came to a decision. Fuki would do everything in her power to add Hinata to her group and she would make sure that Hinata had "her Naruto" as often as she could.

Akane was sitting in Fuki mindscape hapily watching Fuki and Hinata's interaction. Fuki had stayed close to Hinata all day and Hinata had not once complained. She believed she would soon have another harem sister. 'I hope Hinata accepts what Fuki will tell her tonight. It's such a shame that Fuki didn't know about this earlier because it would have improved Naruto's life dramatically.' she looked at the screen that held Fuki's vision and smiled as she saw Hinata wiping her eyes free of tears, 'Then again, things may work out just fine after all.' she thought happily.

Fuki smiled as she saw Hinata finally compose herself. "I'm s-sorry Fuki-chan. I d-didn't mean to do that." she said softly. Sometime during the day, it had gone from Fuki-san to Fuki-chan, not that Fuki was complaining.

Fuki shook her head, "No problem Hinata-chan. I'm glad you got that off your chest. How do you feel?" she asked kindly.

Hinata smiled softly at her friend, "Better, thank you Fuki-chan. I think... I think I may b-be able to let him go." she said softly.

Fuki chuckled softly, "I'll tell you a secret if you promise not to tell." she said smiling.

Hinata looked at Fuki and said, "W-What do you mean?"

Fuki smiled, "Uh Uh. Dinner first, and your word as a Kunoichi, and I'll be happy to tell you something about naruto that even you don't know." she said, playing a little game with the girl.

Hinata's eyes immediatly glowed with a fierce determination, and suspicion. "What could you know that I don't?" she asked.

Fuki grew serious, "You noticed the red chakra in his system right?" she asked, getting a nod from the girl she continued, "That chakra was from the Nine Taile Fox, Kyuubi." Before Hinata could comment, Fuki puta finger on her lips, "The Fourth is said to have DEFEATED the fox, never is it said he killed it. He sealed it into a newborn babe, Naruto. That is why the villagers always hated him and why he had such a harsh life and his bright personality." she explained to the wide eyed Hyuuga.

Hinata's mind went in to overdrive and she agreed with what Fuki said. It made sense and she could tell Fuki wasn't lieing. "Then, why don't we know about it?" she asked.

Fuki sighed, "The Sandaime wanted Naruto to have a normal life, so he made the fact that Naruto was a Jinchuuriki, a human who has a Biju sealed inside them, an S rank secret." She motioned Hinata to a chair and took one herself whilest she grabbed the phone. "Before you ask, I can speak of it because of what I know about Naruto." she explained as she dialed a number.

Hinata sat silently as she took in what Fuki said. Why would Fuki tell Hinata of Naruto's burden? Why would she give up any information on the dead blonde? This was getting confusing and Hinata was begining to get annoyed. She just wanted to know what Fuki knew, and damn the consequences. She looked to Fuki as she set the delivery, from Ichiraku ramen of all places, and said, "You have my word that I won't tell anyone else." she said seriously.

Fuki smiled, "I'm glad to hear you say that. Now, one last question before I tell you." Fuki looked Hinata in the eye, "If you had a chance to be with Naruto now, would you take it and profess your love to him?" she asked seriously.

Hinata's eyes showed a determination that Fuki had only ever seen in her own eyes as she replied, "In a heart beat."

Fuki smiled again, "Good. But first, Itadakimasu!" she said as she dug into the 18 bowls of ramen, and two for Hinata. Hinata stared open mouthed before shaking her head and grabbing the ramen, 'That was so much like Naruto-kun, it's freaky.' she thought as she quickly finished off her two bowls. She turned to Fuki just in time to see her lean back and pat her stomach in contentment. "That was good, as always!" she said brightly.

Hinata scowled, actually scowled!, "What is this information?" she asked annoyed.

Fuki frowned but said, "Alright alright I'll tell you but you better brace yourself because your not going to believe me."

Hinata sighed and her face softened, "just tell me... please." she said softly.

Fuki smiled softly, "As you wish," she sighed and composed herself, "Naruto Uzumaki did not die. He was transformed, by using Kyuubi's chakra, in to a Futanari woman." she stated.

Hinata stared at the woman for a good minute before saying, "Huh?" rather stupidly.

Fuki sighed, "Naruto is no longer Naruto. She changed her name, Hinata. She didn't want to continue living that cursed life of hers anymore." she said.

Hinata sat quietly before glaring at Fuki, "You saying that YOU are Naruto?" she asked coldly.

Fuki sighed again and nodded, "If you don't believe me, check my chakra system Hinata-chan. I promise I'm telling the truth." she said sadly. Hinata kept glaring but activated her Byakugan. As Fuki saw it activate, she thought, 'Now Akane-chan.' and Akane pushed enough chakra into her system to cause it to be visible.

Hinata gaped and turned off her doujutsu. She was silent again before a smile spread across her face. Fuki looked at her curiously until she found herself being crushed in a sobbing Hinata's grip. "Yo-Your St-st-still ALIVE!" she said happily and she buried her face into Fuki's breasts, causing a massive blush to creep up Fuki's face.

"Hi-Hinata-chan, please." Fuki said, causing the distraught girl to look up and notice the massive blush adorning Fuki's face.

She immediatly jumped back and bowed, "Sorry, Sorry!" she said.

Fuki shook her head and tried to control her blush, "Its fine. I just wasn't expecting you to throw yourself at me like that." she said. Hinata's face went crimson and she stuttered until Fuki finally understood that she got the wrong idea. "O Hinata-chan, thats not what I meant!" she said blushing. "I'm sorry." Hinata shook her head signifying that it was no problem and Fuki looked around before taking a big breath. "Look, I know this is probably alot to take in. Your welcome to stay the night, or go back to your home, whatever you decide is fine. i just thought I should let you know about this ok?" she said with a soft smile.

Hinata stared for a moment before gulping and grabbing Fuki's head and pulling her in to a kiss, surprising the Futanari. Fuki quickly responded and started to make out with the pale eyed girl. They were able to kiss for a good 8 minutes before they broke panting for breath. Hinata's face was crimson once again but she spoke up, "I-I said I'd profess my love for Naruto-kun, and I will..." she looked shyly away, "I-if you will let me, Fuki-chan." she said softly.

Fuki smiled and pulled Hinata's face to look at her and kissed her chastely, "If your sure, then I'd be happy to." Hinata's smile threatened to split her face andf she slipped her hand in to Fuki's. "There's just one thing you should know." Fuki said gaining Hinata's attention. "My libido is very high, even for a man, and I already have three other lovers. I'd happily let you join us but I had to let you know before you got in to this." she said slightly sad about breaking the news to Hinata.

Hinata silently stared at Fuki before saying, "Who are they?" in a neutral tone.

Fuki winced slightly and said, "Akane is Kyuubi, she was tricked so don't blame her please. Anko Mitarashi the ex-student of Orochimaru and an outcast much like myself, and Hana Inuzuka. Anko and Hana have been helping me throughout this week and they seem to like me alot, although not as much as you." Fuki said with a smile at Hinata towards the end.

Hinata hung her head for a few moments before smiling at Fuki, "Promise you won't favor one more than the others?" she asked.

Fuki smiled, "Promise of a lifetime Hinata-chan." she said confidently.

Hinata quickly made out with Fuki again, pulling away, and leaving a trail of saliva, Hinata smirked, "Then I'm Okay with it." she said.

Fuki smiled, "Then shall we take this somewhere better?" she asked. Hinata smiled and nodded, before being dragged in to Fuki's room.

Hinata pushed Fuki on to the bed, causing Fuki to look at Hinata confused. "Just stay there for now OK? I wanna show you something." she said blushing. Fuki simply nodded and watched. Hinata started getting undressed, surprising Fuki but she kept quiet with a look from her soon to be lover. When Hinata was undressed, she covered herself modestly but was still blushing before she formed a ram sign and muttered a soft "Kai!"

Now Fuki was impressed by Hinata before, but that had nothing on the shock she recieved as she saw seals spread their way across Hinata's body and then disappear. Hinata's above average low D cup suddenly expanded and became mid- F size breasts (a size larger than DD), her legs became more shapely and womanly, her bottom rounded out and became fuller, her slim stomach stayed mostly the same and her face seemed to age a few years. All in all, she looked magnificent and about the same age as Fuki.

Hinata blushed as she saw some drool coming out of Fuki's mouth and the bulge in her shorts. "H-Hyuuga women are taught from age 10 how to please a man. They age us and use our chakra control to... en-enhance several of our... as-aspects. I-I hope you like it!" she said nervously.

Fuki's jaw dropped and Akane was drooling in her mind. 'I want a piece of that!' Akane said, snapping Fuki from her stupor. She smiled softly, "I'd have been happy just to be with you, regardless of your looks Hinata-chan. Although,... it does help." she said with a smirk. Hinata smiled with a blush on her face and walked over to Fuki. She quickly helped Fuki remove the clothes and stared hungrily at the monster between Fuki's legs. Fuki looked at Hinata with concern. "If you don't think..." she never got to finish as Hinata started sucking on Fuki's cock like a lollipop.

Hinata smirked at Fuki and let her cock out of her mouth, only to continue stroking it with her hand, and said, "I want to do this and I was trained to take just about any size. They taught us how to stretch, or compact, our... downstairs so we could pleasure a man if we were married off. I'll be fine." she said with a smile before she resumed trying to suck the cream from her lollipop.

Fuki happily let her head go back as Hinata layed her affection on Fuki's cock. She would take Fuki's cock as deep as possible in to her mouth while stroking the exposed part with her hand. Her other hand was not idle as she gently stimulated herself so she could accomadate her lover later on. Fuki was ready to start drooling as she felt her cock becoming rigid and ready to blow. She reached down and started to massage Hinata's breasts, hoping to further things along.

Hinata smirked as she felt Fuki's hands massage her globes and stopped sucking on Fuki's cock, earning a moan of disappointment from the Futa. She quickly licked Fuki's cock, slathering it in her saliva before grabbing her breasts and rubbing them up and down Fuki's cock as she sucked hard on the Futa's cock head. She smiled around Fuki's cock as she felt it become rigid.

Fuki was really on cloud nine now. She loved the blowjob, but adding the soft pillows of flesh known as Hinata's tits into the mix, and she couldn't last much longer. She moaned aloud as she felt her climax hit and happily supplied her cum in to Hinata's willing mouth. She could feel Hinata's hands pressing her breasts harder against her cock and heard the woman happily slurping up every ounce of cum she had. She sighed in relief as she felt her climax taper off and breathed in gulps of air. That was a new experiance.

Hinata was very happy, why you ask? Simple, her lover, the Naruto turned futa, had cum a good bucketload and it tasted like cinamon bun icing! She loved cinamon buns! It was, quite literally, the icing on the cake. She could feel Fuki's cock as it went rigid in her mouth and between her breasts, so she pressed her breasts harder against it and happily started gobbling down the cum that was being expelled into her mouth, even as she felt it travel from the base to the head. She smiled as it tapered off and let the cock slip out of her mouth with a slight "pop" and stared at the content Futa on the bed.

She giggled lightly as she laid down next to Fuki and started to twirle Fuki's golden hair in her fingers. Fuki came back to reality just as Hinata said, "You must have really enjoyed that. I may actually have to thank my teacher!" she said with a smile.

Fuki smirked and suddenly Hinata found herself under a VERY horny Futa. She rubbed her hardening erection into Hinata's lips and smirked seeing Hinata bight her lip to hold back a moan. "I enjoy that very much Hinata-chan, but I wonder if you will enjoy what I will do to you?" she asked saucily.

Hinata smirked and moved her hips slightly, "Only one way to find out." she replied, having gained some courage when she gave Fuki an orgasm. Fuki just smiled at her loved and gently pulled back before thrusting slowly into Hinata's hot sheath.

Hinata moaned loudly as Fuki's cock spread her pussy to its limits. She could feel the slow pressure building as her juices coated Fuki's cock and let it slip deeper inside her body. She sighed in contentment as Fuki's cock stopped barely short of her cervix and Fuki's body press flush against her own. Fuki grunted quietly as she kept slipping into the tight wet hole of her newest lover. Hinata was far wetter than any of her previous lovers and she honestly was enjoying the ease with which she could slip into the tight snatch. She too sighed in pleasure as she bottomed out inside of Hinata.

They stayed still for a few moments before Hinata rubbed her hips against Fuki's and Fuki smiled before slowly thrusting into the pale eyed Kunoichi's wet hole. Fuki decided to keep the pace slow and have a more explosive orgasm later, rather than rush it. She smiled as she saw Hinata's hands move and begin to massage Fuki's own breasts causing a moan to escape the futa's mouth.

Hinata loved the way that Fuki was loving her. She may be taking it a bit slow but she was always looking into her eyes, and that made Hinata feel special. She smiled at her lover and grabbed her, forcing her as deep inside as she could get, bumping her cervix, and earning moan from both girls before they started making out. Hinata smiled as they broke and activated her Byakugan. Fuki noticed this and blushed as she realized what it meant. She barely noticed the shock on Hinata's face before she let out a very LOUD moan as her pussy was filled with a satisfying cock.

Akane smirked as she finished bottoming out in Fuki's pussy and looked over Fuki's shoulder to see Hinata with her Byakugan active. She leaned close to Fuki and said, "I told you I'd fuck your tight little cunt, tonight, and I'm going to do just that." she said huskily before she grabbed Fuki's hips and started to force Fuki to alternate between having her cock impaled in Hinata's pussy and her pussy stuffed with Akane's cock. She smiled at Hinata as Fuki was trying to hold out on her orgasm. "Name's A-Akane. Pleasure to me-eehhhhhh-et you." Akane said as she continued her minestrations.

Hinata recognized the name and smiled before adding her own stimulation to Fuki's breasts and smirking sexily as she saw Fuki's mouth start producing drool. Her own orgasm was fast approaching even as she used her Byakugan to watch her pussy get filled with Fuki's cock and watching Fuki's pussy get filled with Akane's cock.

Akane smirked at the girls and decided to push them over the edge, watching all week had made her horny and she was already ready to blow. She dropped her voice to a husky tone and said, "My My, we ha-ahhhhhh-ve quit the pervert here, FUKi-chan. She's got that Byakugan on full blast." she dropped it to a near whisper although they could both hear her, "I bet its exh-illll-erating to watch Fuki's cock make its way in to your p-uhhhhhh-ssy isn't it Hinata-cha-AH-n?" If they weren't blushing before they were now, "Still, I'm approa-ahhhh-ching my climax, so-oooooo I'm going to-ohhhhhhh fill you womb a-ahhhh-gain FUKi-chan!" She said as Hinata screamed her orgasm and She forced Fuki deep in to her lover even as Akane forced her cock into Fuki's willing womb.

Hinata was on cloud nine. The dirty talk, combined with actually watching her pussy get ravished and then filled, caused one of the best orgasms of her life. Akane had forced Fuki's cock to unload her cum directly in to Hinata's womb, warming her whole body in the progress. She could feel her muscles trying to milk the futa's cock for more of the delicious cream that was being poured in to her womb, and she loved every second of it.

Akane was sighing in contentment as she pumped her cum into her mate. She made well on her promise and Fuki looked like she was pregnant once again from the amount of cum she had forced into Fuki's willing pussy. She smiled as she felt Fuki's pussy trying to coax even more of the liquid from her cock and pulled back to the entrance to coat Fuki's pussy in white and sighed as she finished only to watch as the cum was pushed out as Fuki's pussy contracted after sex. She simply smirked as she watched it run down Fuki's cock to mix with the other girl's juices.

Fuki swore she died and went to sex heaven. Her pussy and cock were on fire! She was drooling from the pleasure Her cock was happily pumping its seed deep in to her newest lover and Fuki could feel the cum accumulate in her body before moving to be deposited inside her lovers wet hole. Her pussy was pracitcally sucking on Akane's cock, even as she felt her womb be stretched to its limits, and she loved every second of feeling Akane's cum work its way through her lover's cock to be deposited in her most holy place. She sighed as she felt Akane coat her walls in cum and smiled softly as she collapsed to the side of Hinata.

Akane smirked as she looked at her mate and Fuki's newest lover. "That was great, as always Fuki-chan. But that can't be the end." she said with a smirk as the two girls came back to reality.

Fuki looked at Akane and smiled, "That was underhanded Akane-chan, but damn if it didn't feel good!" she said brightly.

Hinata smirked at Fuki and said, "Agreed there Fuki-chan!" she looked to Akane and then back to Fuki, "Your with me tonight so get over here and then you can join her." she said as she spread her legs again and let her dripping cunt be exposed to the two futa's.

Akane frowned but Fuki shrugged and grabbed Hinata before plunging into the pale eyed girl's pussy once again. "I'll fu-uuhhh-ck you later Ak-ahhh-ne-chan." she said as she proceeded to pick up Hinata and bounce her up and down on her cock.

Akane's fown deepened until she spotted the cum leaking from Fuki's pussy and the open hole. She smirked devilishly before walking over to Fuki and thrusting into her hole a few times, earning a loud moan of approval from the futa and covering her cock in slick cum, before she withdrew and grabbed Hinata. She forced Hinata to stop bouncing, only to slowly penetrate Hinata's ass, causing Hinata's eyes to widen and for Hinata to let out a scream of pain and pleasure as Akane's cock finished entering her rump. She pulled Hinata close against her body and whispered in to her ear, "if I can't have Fuki-chan, then I'll settle for your ass." she said with a smirk before Fuki started bobbing the pale eyed woman on their cocks.

Hinata had the "fucked stupid" look on her face as she drooled from having her ass and pussy fucked simultaneously. Fuki and Akane were happily thrusting their cocks in to their respective holes and, despite their earlier orgasms, their last one was apporaching fast. They could feel their cocks as they rubbed against Hinata's insides and Hinata was on cloud nine as they pressed parts of her that she didn't even know could CAUSE pleasure, not that she was complaining.

As Fuki felt her orgasm approaching, she looked to Akane and said, "I'm go-oohh-nna cum!" Akane smirked and her tails came around to brush against the futa's pussy's, sending them crashing in to orgasms and for Hinata to scream in ecstasy as she activated her Byakugan in time to see her ass and pussy filled with hot sticky cum.

Akane smiled as Fuki shoved Hinata deep on to their dicks and she happily supplied the cum that was being pumped into the pale eyed Kunoichi's ass. She lessened the load from what she had given Fuki, down to about as much as Fuki's normal and smiled seeing Fuki's pleased face. She could feel the warm cum being pumped into Hinata's pussy even as she finished her own orgasm. She was slightly surprised but found she liked the feeling, she may have to do this again.

Hinata smiled as she felt her two lovers pump their baby batter in to her body. She had originally been a little mad at Akane's little intrusion of her ass, but had quickly grown to enjoy the sensation and happily let the act continue even as she felt her orgasm approaching. She could honestly say she loved Fuki's orgasms as much as she loved her own because Fuki's cock twitched as she ejaculated, causing Hinata's orgasm to continue for a good minute. She sighed as they fell on the bed and her lovers removed their cocks from her holes. She would be sore in the morning, but she didn't care.

Fuki was moaning loudly as her cock pumped its cum deep inside her newest lover. She too could feel Akane's cum as it was pumped in to Hinata's ass, and rather enjoyed the feeling as it prolonged her orgasm. She could feel her cock twitch with every ejaculation and couldn't help but be pleased as she saw the smile on Hinata's "fucked stupid" face. She sighed in contentment as her orgasm taperred off and collapsed onto the bed, dragging her lovers with her.

Fuki and Hinata were soon asleep, although Akane was awake. She sighed as she looked at them. 'O well, I'll just have to make sure we are alone next time. Still, Hinata's ass felt great! I'm definitly gonna do that again!' she thought before she decided to join her lovers in sleep.

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