"I can't believe you." Benjamin stalked into the large, rather blockish house, pulling of the light gray designer jacket he wore. His creator, Amun, looked up from the couch, where he was carving something out of dry wood. He went back to it after raising his eyebrows at Benjamin tiredly.

"You can't, hmm?" His tone was dismissive, but Benjamin was not backing down.

"He's your friend. He was your friend, at least. How could you just walk out on him like that?" Tia came in behind him, putting a hand on his shoulder. He wasn't sure wether she was supporting him, or trying to hold him back. He didn't care, stalking right up to Amun. "Answer me." He hissed furiously. Amun looked up at him again, putting the paper down.

"... You're getting snow on the carpet. I thought Kebi asked you to keep it clean?" Benjamin let out a loud snarl, causing Kebi to come in from the kitchen to see what was going on. Amun glanced at her, then back at Benjamin. "Alright, Benjamin. I'll explain: In everyone's life, there are priorities. You have to keep them in order."

"What could possibly be more important then your friend's life?" Amun sighed, looking at the roof.

"Sometimes, you have to make a hard choice. It turned out fine, didn't it? Do you think I would have left if I had thought it wouldn't?"


"Well, then you do me an injustice." Amun stood, brushing off his fading jeans, which Benjamin was fairly certain he had not been wearing the last time the saw each other. Nor had the elder vampire been wearing the brick red collared shirt he now wore, with the sleeves rolled up. He had also never seen the scruffy black boots he had on now before. Also, Amun's ponytail, which kept his long, pin-straight black hair from falling in his face, was tighter the usual. Tia noticed as well.

"Did you change?" She murmured. Amun looked at her.

"What? Oh, yes, I suppose." He muttered, turning away.

"Amun." Benjamin said sharply. "You still haven't explained yourself." Amun turned back, raising a black eyebrow. Kebi moved forward, leaning her hands on the back of the couch, her lips moving, and though Benjamin couldn't hear what she was saying, she seemed to be trying to calm Amun down.

"I've explained all I need to explain." Benjamin gritted his teeth.

"He saved your life. Eleazar told me. He saved you. Is betrayal any way to repay him!" Just watching Amun freeze and tense, Benjamin didn't need the look on his elder's face when he turned to realize he had gone way too far. Amun's jaw was tight, and his red eyes were burning.

"What was that?" His voice was icy and very soft. "What was that?" Benjamin took a step back. He had never seen Amun so angry before, not in his entire life.

"I-I just-" But Amun wasn't going to hear it.

"No." He hissed sharply. "Never mind." Amun seemed to grow taller, or maybe he was just standing straighter then he usually did. Whatever it was, he towered above Benjamin. "Try looking at this from my perspective, will you? Someone who's been your friend for years, you both owe each other lives many times over, and when you and your other friends parted, you made an agreement to always come help each other if needed." Benjamin started to say something, but Amun held up a hand. "And then, when you do get called one, it clashes with your other priorities, like trying to keep your family alive. It's not to say you don't care about your friend, but you're torn over other things." Amun's hands were shaking. Kebi moved closer to him, but he jerked away from her. "No! The boy needs to learn!"

"You don't have to shout at him, beloved!" She whispered, her voice deep and urgent. "Please!" But Amun was not finished.

"Silence, will you?" He snarled, then turned back to Benjamin. "What you think of as loyalty and betrayal is only a shadow of what lies between myself and the others. I want to make this clear, child. You. Will. Not. Call. Me. A. Traitor. Again. Do you understand?!" Benjamin nodded, unable to do anything else in front of his seething creator. Amun made a disapproving noise, then turned and stalked out of the room. Kebi came over to them.


"It's not my fault! He's the one who-"

"Son, if you touch your father's coat in the hall, you'll find it's still cold and wet." Kebi said softly. "Carlisle was never alone out there."