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Tezuka shook as he desperately curled his body into a fetal position and covered his head with his arms to prevent blows to any internal organs. His body was aching all over as bruises formed and wounds bled continuously. So far he had been spared his life but he wasn't sure how much longer his luck would hold out. Tezuka began to feel lightheaded, the pain almost making him lose consciousness. His instinct to fight for his own life preservation rose every now and then but he knew he must not fight. To fight back meant asking for death and despite having lost everything he held dear, Tezuka didn't want to give up on his life though he couldn't tell how long the will to live will last.

A particularly hard blow to his stomach made him cough up blood. The people above him laughed at his weakness, mocking him. Tezuka barely heard them, his ears had rung since the first hit on his head. Now his vision began to blur until he saw nothing but shadows of his attackers. His body shook with the strain of protecting himself. Another kick landed, then another, then another, until he lost count of them. Tezuka knew he was fast approaching his limit. Soon he'd lose consciousness. He didn't know whether he's going to wake up again or not.

Was this how he's going to die? Should he fight back or should he surrender? Was there any point in fighting back? Was there any point in surrender? These thoughts fleeted across Tezuka's mind as pain began to numb his consciousness. There was no time to think of the answers. His time was quickly running out. Another kick landed on his stomach, more blood left his body, his broken bones threaten to puncture important organs. He was going to die.

"What's going on?"

All of a sudden the attacks stopped. The attackers moved to the side quietly, revealing Tezuka's abused body on the ground. Someone pulled him up roughly when he failed to move a limb. Tezuka knelt on the pool of his own blood, struggling to remain conscious. He didn't know what was happening –the shadow in the wood and his injury prevented him from seeing the newcomer. He could tell from the sudden silence that this was a respected or even feared person. It occurred to him that this was their leader, the person whose decisions could determine Tezuka's fate. What did he have to say about Tezuka's life? Would he be killed or would he be saved?

"We found him trespassing into our territory, Sir." Someone explained, fear lacing his gruff voice.

"Does he belong to any pack?" The owner of the soft voice came closer to Tezuka until he could see his leather shoes a few feet away from him. Tezuka's previous attackers shifted uncomfortably, as if unable to decide whether to stay or to run for their lives. He couldn't tell why, his mind and body were too numb to feel anything but pain and yearning for oblivion.

"No, Sir." Another person answered.

"A stray, huh?" As the leader approached him Tezuka's heightened olfactory caught the fresh, calming scent of the wood combined with the scent of thick, fresh blood of his prey, telling Tezuka that this person was indeed dangerous. He kept his posture submissive, not wanting to raise anger from the man he knew could kill him without exerting any effort.

Tezuka bowed his head low, not daring to look past the man's feet. This position caused him to almost fall over. His body was hurting everywhere; the bleeding hadn't stopped and broken bones tore his body from the inside. He knew that he couldn't stay like this for much longer even if he tried.

A soft hand grasped his chin and gently urged him to look at the dangerous werewolf leader. Through his impaired vision, he could make out a smiling face and curious sky-blue eyes. Snow-white skin glowed under moonlight that was filtered by the tall trees. Tezuka gasped at the sight of the angel of death. Instead of fear, he felt longing and desire. He found that he didn't mind dying by this person's hands. That would be an honor, that would be the height of his aimless journey, that would be the end of his life.

Tezuka opened his mouth to beg for his life or perhaps his death. But before he cold utter a word, darkness enveloped his mind. And he fell into waiting arms.

The first thing Tezuka was aware of was the warmth. It made him sleepy as he hadn't experienced such comfort for a while. The sheet beneath him was silky to his touch. The blanket on his body trapped the heat for him perfectly. He grunted softly in satisfaction, ready to sleep a little more.

It wasn't until his ears registered the soft noises of pages being turned and the aroma of an unidentified person infiltrated his senses that Tezuka sat up in alert, his ribs protesting at the sudden movement. He blinked his eyes as he tried to adjust to the sudden brightness in the room. There were three doors in the room (presumably at least one of them would lead him out of the room) all of them closed. Next to the four-poster bed he was in were many windows which were left open to let fresh air in. He could smell the scent of fresh vegetation from outside, his hearing caught the distant footsteps of other inhabitants of the house. The open windows tempted him to leave but he couldn't. Not with someone keeping watch on him like this.

The young man was sitting on a chair next to a window. He was reading a book, seemingly unconcerned by Tezuka's wake. If he hadn't memorized the face already, the confidence and grace would tell him who the young man was. The pack leader looked like he was in his early twenties, just around Tezuka's own age. The soft breeze played with his soft brown hair, caressed his pale skin as he read. His eyes were focused on the pages of the thick book he was holding and a small smile was splayed on his lips as he lost himself in the wordy maze. Sunlight made his figure glowed with a warm, friendly light. Yet the scent of human blood drifting from the stranger alerted him of the danger of crossing the young man's path. The strange contradiction seemed to only increase the appeal of the young man, drawing Tezuka in, trapping him in a web of desire.

"How are you feeling?"

The question roused Tezuka out of his thoughts. He reached to the nightstand instinctively but couldn't find his glasses. He didn't need it either as his vision had improved into perfection since a few days ago. It was only by force of habit that he reached for his glasses during moments of nervousness. He sat up tensely, trying not to clutch at the silk sheets in apprehension.

"I'm well, thank you." He wondered if he should call him 'Sir' as his attackers had. He decided not to do so since he wasn't a member of the young man's pack, though he did shift his gaze down from the smiling face to show respect.

"You must forgive my men. They were easily agitated by the littlest sign of infiltration. There have been a lot of invasions to our territory lately."

"I understand." No, he didn't. He only had mild grasp of how a pack of werewolves worked and it didn't explain why a leader, an alpha would apologize for the natural behaviors of his betas and omegas. It did explain, however, the origin of the blood Tezuka had smelt all over him. He lowered his eyes even further as to not be thought offensive.

The tapping noises made when the young man approached wracked Tezuka's nerves though he refused to let it show. A soft hand caressed his dressed wounds softly, making Tezuka aware of his bandaged state. His torso and arms were bandaged tightly, the mild scent of flesh mixing with medication told him that he wasn't fully healed. But first of all, why would the leader care enough to call medics for him?

"The doctor said you will recover fully soon."

"Thank you."

The young man made a humming noise in answer before pulling his hand away. Tezuka felt strangely bereft, his skin tingled where had been brushed by the gentle hand. He didn't have the right to ask for more, though. He didn't even have the right to beg for his life. So he stayed very still, wishing for the best outcome.

"My people said you were trespassing into our territory." The young leader began conversationally though Tezuka could sense seriousness behind the inquiry. He wondered why he wasn't subjected to painful interrogation instead. A person of this position and power surely didn't need to bother with a stray such as him. He could've sent someone to question him or torture him for answer but instead Tezuka was given medical treatment and taken to a nice room where no one but the leader was present to make sure he didn't escape. Why did the leader treat him so well?

"Yes." Tezuka confirmed. "I didn't realize it until it was too late and they caught me."

"It's understandable. You're only newly changed. You wouldn't be able to sense our markings." The touch returned to his arm where a bite wound was healing. It throbbed under the leader's touch and Tezuka swallowed thickly as the memory of the night he was turned into a monster returned. "How did it happen?"

"My family was attacked by a small pack of wolves. My father and grandfather… told me to run with my mother. Neither of them made it."

Tezuka was allowed a moment of silence to regain control over his emotion. He had wanted to stay with his father and grandfather to ward of the wolves but he couldn't leave his mother alone either. Either way, he was losing. The wolves were too strong, too quick. They chased him and his mother and caught her as she was slower and weaker. It was only by luck that Tezuka managed to escape with several non-lethal wounds.

But was he really lucky? He had nowhere to go, no one would take him in now that he was one of the monsters that had killed his parents. He had wandered aimlessly for days before he was captured and beaten. That's why he had simply resigned himself to his captors; he didn't know what to do with himself anymore. Should he just die and follow his family? What was the point of living as a monster? He had no answer to these questions. There was no one to guide him, teach him. For the first time in his life, Tezuka was truly alone and he was quickly lost in the road of life.

"Death is an escape but not a solution." The young man said as if able to read Tezuka's thought. Perhaps he could, alpha leaders were legendary for their psychic abilities. "I can't tell you whether a life as human is better than a life as a werewolf but I can tell you this: your family had given their lives in order to safe yours. Don't let their sacrifices go to waste." He said softly but with power and wisdom not befitting his age. He let Tezuka absorbed his words for a while before tilting Tezuka's head to look at his bruised face.

Tezuka gasped when he saw the blue eyes that easily penetrated his soul. He was exposed, bared under the gaze. His secrets, his thoughts, his feelings revealed though no word escaped his mouth. The bottomless blue sucked him in, friendly yet dangerous at the same time. He was terrified but at the same time he didn't want the feeling disappeared. Tezuka trembled under the onslaught of conflicting sensations, lost in the perfect dissolution in those eyes.

"What's your name?" The alpha asked softly as to not break the spell Tezuka was under.

"Tezuka Kunimitsu." Tezuka managed gasped out, feeling his mental walls of defense collapse.

The beautiful smile widened, making Tezuka's breath catch all over again. The sunlight coming from the windows behind the young leader made the ethereal beauty glow. The fear Tezuka previously felt dissipated, turning into worship.

"Would you be mine?"

"Please." Tezuka begged, not out of fear but out of desire. He felt that it was the right thing to do, that everything would be better if he belonged to this person. He would be free of the burdens of life when chained to this man. He felt that he had finally found what had been missing in his life and he couldn't let the opportunity pass. "Please."

"Then say my name." The fair-skinned young man urged gently.

A moment of blankness overcame Tezuka before a name appeared in his mind. It was an unfamiliar name and he knew it's a name he'd cherish for as long as he lived. It's the name of the person he'd love and respect for the rest of his life. "Fuji Syuusuke, my master."


A/N: I'm not really familiar with werewolf myths so I had to google for it and wolves' behavior. Btw alpha leaders do not exist in wolf packs in the wild, it only exist in captivity but it worked with the fic. Uh… I hope I do not disappoint. Fantasy is so hard to write T_T