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It was Christmas eve the sun just setting behind the buildings, Snow Begining to lightly cover the ground.

Rhea stood in front of the dingy doorway of number 12 Grimauld place

she hesitated at the door step

wondering whether to knock or if it made a difference to just walk in.

In any case she was sure she would be greeted all the same,

suspicious questions maybe even a few spells cast her direction

But she wouldn't expect anything less, given the state of things the order where more prepared then ever.

Rhea Reached a hand out to open the door, but stopped when a terrifying thought crossed her mind

a thought she had tried very hard to repress for a long time now

almost five years now.

Five years ago Rhea had set out on her journey

only thirteen years old

and now she found her self eighteen years old an adult

only five years had seemed so much longer.

She was here now finally here

Rhea felt as if her whole life had come down to this moment

standing cold and alone in front of this little door.

contemplating whether to walk in,

questioning if all those years alone searching where worth the strife and struggle,

wondering what would become of her life after she stepped through this door.

But the one Question that continued to probe Rhea's mind relentlessly for years was

What if he didn't recognise her, after all she hadn't seen her brother since she was all but six years old.

She definitely had changed a lot since then

not only was she much older but all of the years of living on her own surviving on nothing but scrapes of what little food she could find and shelter whenever it was available.

But in times like these people where rarely shown kindness

you could see the struggle on her face.

her electric blue eyes empty looking

Her her long black curly hair was limp lifeless and wild

She was once very beautiful

but now her heart shaped face shown nothing but grief.

Rhea reached out and knocked on the door and prayed her big brother would recognize her beneath her mask of hardship and sorrow

The door opened a small crack...