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A/N This is the first chapter of what it to be a ongoing story. To summarise. Humans that can manipulate magic exist, and Tsukune happens to be one them. After breezing through the first challenges the Academy throws at him, the difficulty level ramps up. It's only fair after all.

Diplomatic Relations

First Meeting

It was the office of a man who's work was his life. The walls were bare, except for overhanging lamps. The floor was carpeted and fastidiously tidy, no wrappers or loose papers to be found. There was a cup of tea, but in defiance of the laws of narrative causality, which insist that that the seriousness of a man's life be directly proportional to the stupidity of his teacup, the mug was plain, grey china.

The only grudging concession made to the fact that the man who lived in this office actually had a life outside of work was a small picture frame on the desk. In it, A small, dark-haired child lies across the laps of two people who are presumably his parents. The woman wears a radiant smile, the sun behind her head creating a nimbus of light around her. The man wears a pained grimace that suggests he has either recently been sucker punched off camera, or, is attempting to force something that vaguely resembles a smile.

That man is currently sitting behind the desk is not looking at the picture frame. He is in fact, looking at a paper that suggests, in the kindest words possible, that he should kill himself as soon as convenient so that someone more competent could take his job. Someone like the writer of the letter for instance.

Koji Aono sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose in frustration. The letter was the fifth of it's kind that he had received today and frankly, he was getting sick of them. It wasn't that he was unaware that his decision would be controversial, it was just that he'd underestimated the sheer spite some of the members of his organisation were capable of producing.

There is a knock on the door before it opens and a young man enters. Koji looked up.

"Further communications from the Alsbran family, sir" the man said, proffering the papers in his hand.

"Truly?" Koji shook his head in exasperation. "No doubt they realised they could only fit so much venom onto a single page and rushed to correct their mistake."

He gave the new sheet a glance. It was enough.

"Ah yes, more thinly veiled threats and slights, interspersed with outlandish demands. What wonderful reading material I have to look forward to." He turned over the page. "Thank you, Thomas. Is there anything else?"

The man hesitated, before standing a little straighter. "I do have a question, sir."

Koji put the paper down, leaning back in his chair.

"You, and seemingly everyone else in the League," Koji replied. "But since you are here, you may ask yours."

Thomas hesitated again, then spoke.

"Do you really intend to enter diplomatic relations with the Youkai?" The question came out all at once.

Koji nodded.

"Why?" Thomas said, incredulity staining his voice "Leaving the Hunter's Association was one thing, but active diplomacy? A treaty? Sending one of our own to their… school?"

"There are a thousand years of conflict between Youkai and the Mage's League, Thomas." Koji replied while standing up from his chair. He turned, looking out of the window at the urban sprawl below. "I merely wish to ensure that we do not have a further thousand on top of that."

"But… to send your own son…" He cut her reply off in mid-sentence.

It was difficult to tell, but the outline of his shoulders in the light coming through the window looked a little tenser.

"Tsukune agreed to do this," He responded. "I would not have forced him. He recognised the need for it to be shown that I was putting a personal stake in this matter. He is my son, my heir and a brilliant wizard in his own right. For him to join Youkai academy is a gesture of reconciliation that few will be able to ignore."

He returned to his seat, once again taking up the pile of papers. "The old families may complain and threaten, but they do that no matter what I do. This way, at least, I am doing something that may have a positive effect."

He spared him one last glance. "Is there anything else?"

Thomas shook his head and exited the room. Koji Aono, he decided as he returned to his office, was far too intimidating. His presence, his reputation, his stony manner. It all added up to create an imposing picture. He was respected, if not liked, by most of the League. Even the sorcerers, the old guard that he'd thrown from their positions of ancestral power had a grudging respect for him, even as they spat at the sound of his name.

But still, to extend a hand of friendship to Youkai was proving hard to sell to the League as a whole. Almost all of them had lost a relative to a Youkai at some point, and persuading a Mage to put a grudge to rest was like squeezing blood from the proverbial stone. When he had informed the council that they were sending a young mage to Youkai academy as 'proof that coexistence is possible', the League had very nearly split. The fact that it was his own son had mitigated their reaction somewhat, but had caused others to raise a new litany of complaints.

His thoughts turned to Tsukune Aono. He was young, barely sixteen years of age. Unlike his father, the younger Aono was relaxed and affable, as likely to be chatting amiably with his friends as studying a spell book in a quiet corner.

He was more like his mother, in fact. Kasumi Aono was by far the more gentle of the two, not that this would have been hard. She wondered how she had reacted to the news that her son was being sent to a boarding school for monsters.

The appearance of the woman herself drew Thomas from his reverie.

"Ah, Thomas. Is Koji still in his office?" Kasumi inquired.

"He is, Lady Aono, but he is rather busy at the moment," Thomas responded. The appearance of Kasumi Aono at the office was not an unknown one, but it was unusual. Her familiar was perched on her shoulder, and the hen sparrow gave him a long, measured look as he continued. "We have received several missives from some of the council that need to be addressed."

"Oh dear," Kasumi laid her face in her palm. "How bad were they?"

Thomas hesitated. It was not is place to talk about messages sent directly to the Chairman, but this was a request from said chairman's wife. Eventually, he decided on honesty.

"They could have been better, Lady Aono." He replied.

Kasumi sighed.

"I'd best go and cheer him up." She walked past his desk, passing through the doors he had just come through.

She walked along the bare passages until she reached the single door. Koji looked up as she entered.

"Kasumi?" he asked, confused. "Why are you here?"

She smiled, raising an eyebrow playfully. "You don't want your wife to say hello?"

"That's not what I meant. I'm just wondering if there was a particular reason for your being here." he replied.

Kasumi walked behind the desk and took a gentle hold of his shoulders. "I came to cheer you up. You've had a long day."

"The messages are as expected. I deal with it every day." Koji responded, shaking his head.

"Not what I meant," She responded, stroking his hair softly. She almost wanted to give a rap on the head. Koji was always an idiot when it came to displaying emotions and feelings beyond stony impassiveness. "It's okay to be worried about him."

There was no reply, which was more telling than anything he could have said.

"But remember, Tsukune's our son," she continued. "He'll be fine. He's can deal with school of Youkai. Knowing his father, It wouldn't surprise me if he's running the place before three years are over." She teased, poking his cheek playfully.

Koji gave a genuine smile as he visible relaxed. "I suppose you're right."

"I'm always right. It's part of being a wife." Kasumi responded, rubbing Koji's shoulders in a display of affection that would have horribly embarrassed their son had he seen it.

It was a pleasant place by most standards. A small glade surrounded by forest, the sun shining down from blue skies, a pleasant breeze that refreshed rather than chilled. In the centre, lying on the grass, a young man sleeps.

Tsukune Aono, is to all appearances, a normal human. Dark hair, dark eyes and light skin. He is dressed in the school uniform, supplied to him before the bus journey. Next to him is a small rucksack.

A slight wind nudged a strand of hair, causing it fall across his eyes. He stirred, reaching up a hand to absentmindedly brush the offending hair away. His eyes opened, blinking at the bright sunshine.

Tsukune Aono sat up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he took in the scene surrounding him. This, he decided, had been worth it. The bus journey had taken a good four hours, and frankly, some fresh air and a nap had been a welcome change. Slowly, he pulled himself to his feet and stretched, wincing at the stiffness in his muscles. Judging by the pins and needles in his left arm, he'd been sleeping on it.

A low hiss distracted him from his thoughts and drew his attention the second inhabitant of the glade.

"Move. You're in my sunlight."

Tsukune grinned, and looked down at the source. The small, winged lizard was resting on flat rock next to him, it's scales glinting dully in the light.

"Much as I'd like to leave you to bask," He looked at his watch, confirming a growing suspicion "I think we're going to miss the homeroom if we hang around for any longer."

The familiar raised it's head, giving him a flat stare.

"Very well." He sighed, with the air of a long suffering but devoted friend. A short hop and a flap of his wings later, the small lizard was perched on his shoulder. Tsukune gave it a look.

"You can't even be bothered to fly? Really?" He asked, picking up his bag and beginning to walk towards the forests edge at a fair pace. "That's pretty lazy, even for you, Torian."

"I am merely conserving my energy for later, when you will no doubt find some way to drag us into yet another absurd situation," Torian raised an eyebrow, a feat made remarkable by the fact he was a reptile and thus lacking those "Like Russia? Remember that?"

"Oh come on. That wasn't my fault! They attacked me!" Tsukune said, in the voice of one who had defended this point a dozen times over.

"Yes, they did. But was dropping a car on them really an appropriate response?"

"They refused to meet with me! I had to get their attention somehow."

"A Volkswagen Beetle probably wasn't the best way to do so, however." The bickering between them was friendly, a relaxed background noise as he walked towards the academy.

He was halfway to the gates when he felt Torian tense on his shoulder.

"Something wrong?" He asked, turning his head slightly to get his familiar in view.

Torian craned his neck, cocking his head slightly. "I'm… not sure. Do you hear that?"

Tsukune stopped. The only obvious sound was the wind rustling through the trees. The area seemed tranquil enough. A long path leading up to the gates of the academy, flanked on either side by cliffs.

"I can't hear anything odd…" he replied. In response, the lizard stretched his neck further, as if that would bring the sound into clearer focus.

"It… sounds like-"


Tsukune head whipped to the side as a bicycle came careening over the side of the cliff. Directly towards him. A girl was perched atop it, eyes closed as she flew towards him, shouting all the while.

Ok, his mind asked him calmly. What do we do in this situation?

Well, he replied, the most logical step would be to cast a feather fall spell, step neatly aside and then accept the fawning compliments of the lady I just saved.

An excellent suggestion, his mind responded, but with two flaws. Number one; At this distance a feather fall spell would not take affect quickly enough to prevent a bike to the face and number two; Even if it

did, you didn't prepare feather fall today. Instead you opted for a spell of self-flight, citing increased versatility and rule of cool as making a feather fall spell redundant. Taking this into account, the best possible course of action is?

Cast a stoneskin spell, thus shielding myself from harm? He suggested.

An option but regrettably, one that suffers from similar flaws to the first. That is, before you could actually cast the spell you would have made painful contact with a bicycle. Was it just his imagination, or was the anthropomorphic representation of his thoughts taking a certain pleasure in this?

Throw myself aside, thus averting any damage to myself and hopefully allowing her to retain control of the bike?

Not enough time at this point. The response from his mind was short, immediate and to the point.

Tsukune gave a long, long mental sigh. He'd suspected it would come to this from the moment he'd began this mental conversation, but he'd desperately tried to find another course of action.

At least you had time to think it over, his mind consoled, we've had quite a good chat in such a short period of time. Most people would not even have been able to come up with one idea before being hit. You were able to rapidly develop three seemingly viable ones! And then rationalise why they wouldn't work!

That's… not really that comforting, he responded, steeling himself. I suppose then, given the circumstances, that my final course of action is to simply prepare myself and to attempt to cover my most fragile and vulnerable areas, hoping like fuck this doesn't hurt too much.

His mind gave him a mental thumbs up, moments before the bike rammed into him.

Tsukune groaned as he dragged himself up from the ground.

"You okay?" Torian asked while drifting to the ground.

Tsukune gave himself a once over. The bicycle had hit his right shoulder, but he could still move him arm with only a modicum of pain, so it probably wasn't dislocated. He pulled back his shirt to exam it. There was a laceration, there but the blood was already beginning to clot. The blood had already discoloured the shirt though. He scowled and adjusted his coat to cover the stain. There was a line of pain stretching from shoulder to hip, so he'd have a lovely bruise stretching across his torso, but again, nothing seemed too bad.

"Yeah, seems I got off lucky. Or, you know, as lucky as I can be after being hit by a bike. You manage to jump off in time?" He inquired, turning to inspect the bike's driver.

Torian gave a nod that Tsukune didn't see, given that his attention was absorbed with the fallen girl.

He reached out, giving her a light pat on the head.

"Are you alright?" He asked, beginning to feel some concern. The girl gave a slight groan in response, her eyes fluttering open. She blinked a few times, then her eyes shot wide open as the girl shot up.

"I am so sorry!" She bowed in apology. "I… I lost control of the bike and, and then I was heading towards a cliff… and…" She bowed again "I'm very sorry!"

Tsukune suppressed a smile. She was pretty cute when she was flustered. In fact, now that he could actually look ate her, she was quite beautiful. Long pink hair, green eyes, and a slender, toned body. He realised where his thoughts had been heading and rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment.

"Don't worry about it. I'm fine," He replied. "What about you? You took a bit of a fall."

The girl shook her head at his concern.

"I'm fine. I only fell off the bike once it hit you… I mean, it's not your fault though! It's my fault! I'm… really sorry!"

"It's really not a problem. You didn't do it on purpose, so I won't hold it against you," He was really feeling embarrassed now. To distract himself he stuck out a hand. "Tsukune Aono, pleasure to meet you."

She smiled and took his hand.

"Moka Akashiya. It's a pleasure to meet you too." Their eyes met, and Moka blushed.

"Much as I hate to break up the moment, we still have a homeroom to get to, do we not?" Torian's voice was dry as he spoke up.

"Ah. Yeah, you're right," Tsukune admitted, releasing Moka's hand. "You're flying now though. I've only got one undamaged shoulder left and I'm rather fond of it."

Torian rolled his eyes. "Very well. I'll consider it effort well spent if we actually arrive on time."

Tsukune turned back to Moka, only to see her giving him a strange look.

"…Who are you talking to?" Moka inquired.

Tsukune frowned. Why was she asking that? He was just answering- Oh. Right. Awkward.

"Ah, I should introduce you. This is Torian" He gestured towards the lizard, who nodded his head in greeting.

Moka looked down, finally noticing the small creature. She smiled as she bent down.

"Awww! He's adorable!" She reached out a hand towards him. " Who's a good boy? Hmmm? Who's a good lizard?"

Torian froze. A low hiss escaped through clenched teeth.

"Tsukune, please explain to her why baby-talking me is a bad idea."

"Aaah… Moka?" Tsukune called out. "Torian… really doesn't like being treated like that." The mental link he shared with Torian granted several abilities, one of which allowed them to understand each other perfectly. Speech, laughter, even body language was translated into an understandable form. Others, however, didn't share this benefit. This could lead to uncomfortable situations when in the company of those unaware of the bond between familiar and wizard. An uncomfortable situation much like the one occurring now, actually.

"Oh," Moka said abashedly, straightening up. "He doesn't like being touched?"

"He doesn't really mind it," Tsukune responded. "He just hates being treated like he's some kind of idiot."

Moka looked at him. "You talk like he told you this" She smiled, making it clear she wasn't serious.

"He did. He's my familiar, so he made his likes and dislikes plain to me from day one." Tsukune replied. Best, he thought, to tell her straight. He wasn't exactly hiding the fact that he was a mage, but he wasn't trying to flaunt it either. The relationship between Youkai and human magic users was… rocky. Which was still an improvement on the last few centuries, where it had been outright hostile.

"Familiar?" She repeated. He could see her eyes open in recognition. "That means… you're a mage?" It was phrased as a question, as if she couldn't quite believe what she'd heard. Not an incredibly positive response, but better than hate or just outright attacking him.

"Yeah." He replied. Keep it short and clean, he told himself. Let her think about this herself. No point trying to justify his presence here if she was just going to storm off.

"Then you're a human, right? What are you doing here?" Her face showed nothing but curiosity. She paused, and then shook her head. "Actually, you don't have to tell me. It's probably none of my business, right?"

"Well, yeah. I'm human but there's no big secret or anything. I'm just here to study." He said, rubbing the back of his head ruefully.

"I see," Moka said. She nodded, breaking into a smile. "In that case, let me be the first to welcome you to Youkai Academy."

She extended her hand for the second time today. A simple gesture, but meaningful.

Tsukune blinked, before a grin crossed his face and he shook her hand.

"I'm looking forward to studying with you." She said.

"Same here. Should be an interesting few years." he responded, his gaze flicking to the academy that loomed in the distance, it's very presence promising more than just interesting.

"You know, I get the oddest feeling of déjà vu. Like I've had to break up this exact same moment before," Torian sighed as he floated next to them, supported by the gentle flapping of his wings. "Might I remind you about homeroom? You know, that class which you both seem to making a determined effort to avoid?"

Moka turned at the sound of the lizards hiss.

"Ah. I almost forgot to apologise to you as well," Moka said. "I'm sorry that I treated you as I did. I didn't know that you were a familiar."

Torian gave a nod.

"Tell her that her apology is accepted. Also, I feel that this bears repeating: You're going to be late to your first class at this rate."

Tsukune translated to Moka who started, as if given an electric shock.

"I completely forgot about homeroom!" She turned, picking up her fallen bag and moving towards her bike, Tsukune following behind her.

As she picked it up, he immediately saw the broken chain dangling from the vehicle. Moka picked it up morosely.

"Guess I'm walking the rest of the way then," She said, leaning the bike against the cliff. "I'll come back for it later."

"You sure about leaving it?" Tsukune asked, looking dubiously at the bike. "It could rain later. Or someone could steal it."

Moka shrugged her shoulders in resignation. She "I can't get to the academy on time dragging a bike alongside me. There's not much choice."

Tsukune inspected the bike. It was a fairly old model but well cared for, if a little battered from it's collision. He swung his back pack of his shoulder.

"If you'd like, I could keep it with me for now and give it back to you later." Tsukune said, opening the top of his bag.

Moka looked at him curiously. "How… ah," Realisation crossed her face. "If you could, that's be great."

"Alright then." Tsukune rubbed his hand together in anticipation. He opened the bag as far as possible, and looked into it. A jumble of items lay within, a few dozen books, a collection of miscellaneous enchanted items, a staff, three plastic boxes containing some food, a few bottles of water, a laptop, some computer games, a pile of clothing, some posters, a painting of a tranquil grassland scene, a Glock 17, a GPS navigation system, a censer that would, on command, summon a air elemental and a bag of crisps. Still plenty of room left for a bike.

He reached over to the bike, picking it up and placing it over the bag. Moka watched him curiously. He wasn't actually going to try fitting the bike into the bag was he?

"Now you see it…"

She blinked as he dropped the bike and the bag swallowed it up without a sound.

"Now you don't."

Tsukune grinned as he spun back to her.

"Do you really have to turn your Bag of Holding into a party trick?" Torian groaned. "I mean, it's just so childish."

"Bag of Holding, never leave home without one." Tsukune said, utterly ignoring Torian and swinging the bag back onto his shoulder.

"I can see how that would be handy," Moka replied dryly. "Will it be okay in there?"

"No reason why it shouldn't be. The magic keeps everything in there from breaking everything else."

"Thank you, Tsukune." she smiled. He scratched his cheek embarrassedly.

"It's fine. More importantly…" He checked his watch. "Yeah, we're gonna be cutting it a little fine to class at this rate."

"We'd best get moving then." Moka began walking down the path only to stop when Tsukune called out to her.

"Ah, Moka? I've got a slightly quicker way, if you're interested." Moka turned back towards him. She had to confess she was interested. She'd heard of human mages before, but she'd never actually met one. Even her experiences with the arts of manipulating Youki was limited. Magic was a new and fascinating experience for her.

She nodded, moving back towards him.

"Alright, take my hand." Tsukune said

She looked at him, and he could feel a slight sense of apprehension from her as she reached out and took his hand once more. Torian hopped down onto his good shoulder and he turned to look at him.

"What did I say about my shoulder? I'm a wounded man, Torian."

The lizard shot him a withering look.

"So you want me to fly to the academy while your new girlfriend gets a lift? I wonder, if I bat my eyelids at you, will I suddenly be treated like royalty? Or do I require breasts to actually get you to shift your attention? Or perhaps-" Torian asked, once again raising his non-existent eyebrow.

"Alright, I get it," Tsukune replied, shuddering slightly. "And please never talk about you and breasts or eye-batting in the same sentence again. Ever. It's really kinda creepy."

"You think so? Back in the desert, I was rather popular among my peers. The females would practically flaunt their chests at me and bat their eyes furiously to gain my attentions. Unfortunately for them, I was too much lizard for any one female to-"

"Oh come on! That is utter bullshit on many levels! Pseudodragon females don't have breasts, they don't flaunt their chests or bat their eye's in any kind of mating ritual and you," Tsukune grinned viciously ."You're what? The pseudodragon equivalent to fourteen? Fifteen, tops. There's no way you were attracting any females of any description."

"I merely have self-control. unlike others I could mention," Torian said, a malicious expression crossing it's face. " You've been here for less than a day and you already have a young lady hanging off your arm." The lizard shook it's head in mock disappointment. "I had hoped you would show more restraint, but I suppose you never change."

Tsukune opened his mouth to reply with a scathing remark when he was cut off.

"Ummm. Tsukune?" Moka spoke quietly, as if not wanting to interrupt their heated 'discussion'.

"Ah." Tsukune looked over at Moka and saw her blushing furiously. He realized that he'd been holding her hand while talking to Torian. The blush on her face gained a mirror on his own. Physical contact was a big thing in Japan, wasn't it? Torian snickered next to his head and he fought the urge to give the familiar a rap on the head.

"Right then. Here we go." He took a breath. The energy coiled around him, waiting for the order. Just saying the words wouldn't do anything without concentration however. He focused on the desired spell. Teleportation was always tricky, demanding that the caster focus both on actualising the spell itself and the intended destination. It helped that he could actually see where he was teleporting to.

He spoke the incantation.

It was instant. There was no rush of air, no feeling of pain or disorientation. One moment they were on a rough path surrounded by cliffs, the next they were right outside the gates of the academy. Moka had closed her eyes the moment he'd spoken up and he forced himself to suppress a wry smile.

"You can open your eyes now." He said, releasing her hand and stepping back.

She opened her eyes and looked around, shock evident on her face.

"Surprisingly painless, isn't it?" he asked dryly.

"I have to admit, I was expecting… something a little flashier." She replied, still seeming to have some disbelief in the surrounding environment. "What was that?"

"Teleportation. One of the more complex of the arts, but equally, one of the most useful." Tsukune responded. He checked his watch. "And as of now, we're on time."

"Thank you for the lift." Moka said.

"Anytime." Tsukune replied, waving away the thanks.

Mokas eyed widened suddenly.

"Tsukune! Your shoulder!" she exclaimed, pointing at said extremity.

He looked down . The blood flow had stopped, but not before apparently soaking a little further. Just far enough, he noted sourly, that it was impossible to completely cover it with his coat. He should really consider preparing some more basic utility spells, he thought dryly. Like cleaning, or repair.

"Ah, don't worry about it, it's just a graze." He said, attention absorbed by the refusal of his coat to shift just slightly further to the left. When no reply was forthcoming he looked up.

Moka was breathing heavily, an unfocused look in her eyes as she stared at the patch of red on his shirt. Her gaze slowly crawled from his chest to his neck and stayed there. She drew in a deep breath and leapt forward.

Tsukune barely had time to react before she bowled him to the ground, her teeth already seeking his neck.

Alright, an attractive young lady has just forced you to the ground, he thought. Regrettably, this is probably not for sexy reasons. What do you do?

First order of the day, try to understand what the fuck was happening. What was the relevant data? Moka was a Youkai, she'd reacted to the sight of his blood and she was currently attempting to feed on said blood. Those were two corroborating facts. What Youkai had an intrinsic connection to blood? There were several were-creatures that fed on blood, but they were few and far between. Blood was a terrible source of nutrition after all. The most obvious was the vampire, who could draw energy from blood and use it to enhance their already considerable powers.

So the working hypothesis is that Moka is a vampire? Wonderful. Now, he thought as her teeth began to break through the skin of his neck, what can I actually do with that information? Given that my arms are pinned and… wow, her hair smells nice. Is that apple? No, focus on getting out of this before you become a tasty snack!

He prepared to whisper out an incantation that would teleport him out from under her, when the need to do so vanished.

"Off of my master, you blood-sucking bitch!"

Torian rammed into Moka's sidesending her rolling across the ground. She spun, landing on her back. Torian twisted in mid-air, landing in a defensive posture between Tsukune and the dazed vampire.

"Are you alright, Master?" The pseudodragon stood ramrod stiff as Moka pulled herself to her feet.

"I'm fine. You can relax, Torian." he replied, trying to step past the lizard, which shifted to block him.

"You can't be serious. She just tried to drain you!" Torian's eyes were crimson slits as he switched his gaze from the now standing vampire to his master.

"I… I wouldn't have taken enough to hurt you," Both of them looked at her. "I'm sorry. I just lost control. You smelt really good, and I've been drinking from blood packs for so long and…" She fell silent, looking down.

Tsukune rubbed the back of his head. Moka apologised far too much, it made it hard to actually gather any anger at her.

"Tell you what." He replied "Help me explore this place later and we'll call it even. Sound like a plan?"

Moka looked up. "Is that really ok?"

"Yeah, This place would be kinda dull to look around all by myself, so we'll just put this behind us." He responded. "In the meantime, let's get to class."

Torian gave Moka one last careful look before returning to his perch on Tsukune's shoulder.

Moka walked next to Tsukune as he moved to the doors of Youkai Academy. He pushed them open and entered. They made their way through the corridors, following the maps interspersed throughout the school until they came to Room 163.

Tsukune opened the door and stepped through. The class's attention focused on him for a moment, a few students breaking off from their conversations momentarily to look at the new arrival. Then Moka stepped into the room.

Conversation stopped, several boys actually dropping whatever they were holding. Moka seemed almost oblivious to the stares of the class as she walked over to the nearest empty seat. She turned and gestured at the seat next to it.

"Tsukune, aren't you going to sit down?"

Instantly, he could feel the glares on his skin. He sighed. Today, he could tell as he moved to take the seat, was only going to get more… interesting.

Well, he thought as Moka gave him a beaming smile as he sat down next to her, at least I made a friend.

He settled down and waited for the teacher.

-End Prologue-

To be continued.

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