Okay if u bought the Sly Collection 4 the ps3 then u probaly have already seen that teaser 4 sly 4. If not...GET TO YOUTUBE DUDE!

I think it will be something like this. Bently and Penelope make that time machine, something goes wrong and they get sucked into the past where they find Slys frst ancestor. You then play through the game getting time machine parts or something, and playing as all of Slys ancestors. And at the end we go to the future and see what Sly and Carmalitas babies will look like.

Well enough about that lets get to this oneshot

Sly was in the waiting room of the hospital, nervius as ever. Why? He was about to be a daddy. Who's the momma? Take a wild guess.

Behind the doors he could hear Carmelita Fox (Now Carmelita Cooper) screaming in pain as she was in labor.

A short while later Sly then heard the crying of newborn life, and a few moments later, another cry.

"Twins!" Sly said suprised. "We had twins!"

Sly began to dance around happily.

Some time later, while Carmalita was resting. Sly was able to see his children

(This is what they'll probably do)

One was a girl racoon with her mothers blue hair, the other was a boy fox that had a little design on his face that looked like he was wearing a mask.

(In reality if they mated, they'd make some strange looking kids)

A smile made its way onto Sly's face, the Cooper family would continue, with not only another racoon, but a fox.

The end

Ya short and simple, mabey when 4 finally comes out I can go more in depth with this.

What do you all think their babies will look like by the way?

Review and tell. TY