Author's Note: Well, I'm surprised how many reviews I got, so I decided to use the second half of the song with a scene quite overdone…yep, a little bit of rain.

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Hell: Part 2

Now you'll never see
What you've done to me,
You can take back you memories,
They're no good to me,

She was glaring at him with such hurt, such hatred, and he couldn't offer any excuse. There was no excuse. He had fallen in love, and he acted stupidly and—

Roxanne laughing over a book with him. Riding bikes together—the first time he had ever ridden a bike, or really had fun outside. Showing her the art gallery. Meeting her for coffee, for dinner, even raiding his own lair with her. The hug. The dinner, her excitement, the way her eyes lit up…

Kissing her…

It had been the best two weeks in his life, but it had been a lie. It wasn't him. It was time for him to shove the memories to the back of his head and go back to what he was good at: being bad.

And here's all your lies,
You can look me in the eyes,
With that sad, sad look
That you wear so well…

"You didn't really think we would be together, did you?"

He looked down. "No."

No explanations, no rationalizing, no confidence or witty comeback, just the bare truth that had been hiding behind the mask—he and fallen in love with her—and if she was going to be truthful, she had fallen right in love back. He had been lying to her this whole time, and now all he could do was stare at her with those large emerald eyes.

Suddenly, her anger drained away, and all she felt was very, very tired and very, very sad. She turned around and walked away, still shivering in the cold, because it was too hard to stand there, to hard to look at him and love him and hate him and hate herself for falling in love with him. It was too hard to question everything she had known to be the truth. She liked her universe right-side up, not upside-down, not inside-out.

She couldn't stop looking back, though, and feeling like she had just made a very, very bug mistake.

When you see my face,
Hope it gives you hell,
Hope it gives you hell,
When you walk my way,
Hope it gives you hell,
Hope it gives you hell.

He turned up at her doorstep one day later. She wasn't sure what annoyed her more—him being back so soon, begging for her help, or the irrepressible happiness that rose inside of her.

They were back to their old banter in minutes, joking, teasing, laughing even. She felt better—no, better than better. Her world was back to normal, except happy, because he was back.

When you hear this song
And sing along,
And you never tell,
Then you're a fool,
I'm just as well,
Hope it gives you hell.

They danced together in front of the new Megamind Museum, they danced at the party, they danced at the afterparty, then they danced the night away in his lair. It made a very good environment for celebrating, what with its disco balls (once you got rid of the alligators) and the built-in stereo-system.

By the time morning came, they were both singing off-key to all the songs, mixing up the lyrics, stumbling around.

Finally, just as the sun came up, they staggered over to the couch, and plopped down together, exhausted. They grinned foolishly as they both fell asleep, Megamind's head resting on Roxanne's shoulder.