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Prologue: A Glimpse of the Future


Dull thumps echoed throughout the impenetrable superstructure. Only sound permeated the luminescent green tank that housed Academy City's most important Director.

Aleister Crowley was not pleased.

Approximately six minutes ago, he had received no less than four top priority messages from the Anti-Skill headquarters in Districts 7, 10, 18, and 22. All had reported the appearance of a "very large disturbance", but had failed to mention exactly what the disturbance was. He would not normally be concerned by something like this; the Anti-Skills were trained to respond to troublesome situations, after all. However, this time was quite different from most other previous irregularities.

He had not planned this, and even more alarmingly, had he no prior knowledge that such a disturbance would occur. Furthermore, the disturbance seemed to be most concentrated in District 7.

District 7 was where the windowless building resided.

Crowley shifted restlessly as he flipped through the thousands of cameras located around his technological fortress. Anti-Skill was a military organization in nature. They had been trained to always report their activities to their superiors, and to do so in detail. A tedious system, perhaps, but the constant updates ensured that he would always have the newest information available, and could therefore act accordingly to almost any situation that occurred. The deviance in protocol suggested that this "large disturbance" was quite substantial of a threat, if they could not spare even one moment to explain the details. Adding this to the hundreds of aircraft launch reports he was receiving from the Academy City outside airbases, it was apparent that this was a premeditated attack.

'But who is behind it?' he pondered internally. Judging off of the range of the effected sections and the number of units mobilized, it could be assumed that the attack came in the form of many, not just one powerful individual. However, most religious sects did not work together well enough to form a substantial joint-offensive. So then, it was likely a single, large faction. Only two groups would fit the criteria: the Roman Catholics a few of the predominant sects of the Islamic religion. He personally hoped it was the former… the latter would prove to be troublesome.

Static danced across his eyes. Almost every single camera within the immediate vicinity had been rendered inoperable. Crowley's frown deepened; this was obviously meant to keep him from interfering. [Kazakiri Hyouka] was currently inoperable due to the event two weeks ago, and his adversary had effectively blinded him from most of District 7. He had to admit, whoever was behind this attack was exceptionally well versed in the art of war.

However, he had foreseen this possibility. He had discreetly recalled the MISAKA Network immediately after the malfunction of [Kazakiri Hyouka], keeping them confined to the various underground bases surrounding Academy City. Now that the opposing party had committed themselves, he would be able to mobilize the entirety of the network and crush them from behind. A classic pincer technique.

Yes, everything was proceeding accordingly.

Crowley opened a distribution map of the Sister's locations with a slight twitch of the eye. He would have to rely on the visual data feed from the Sisters in order to properly coordinate the counterattack.

However, the map did not display orderly clusters surrounding the outskirts of Academy City.

Thousands of dots, each representing an individual Sister, swarmed the technological metropolis at high speeds, congregating at the northern part of District 7.

"They dispatched without orders?" Crowley muttered, his eyes widening slightly.

Several more thumps resounded throughout the building.


[Access granted]

[Command initialized]

[Commencing synchronization of MISAKA Serial Number 11096 to {Aleister Crowley}]


[Visual and audio reception synchronization completed]

"'This does not seem to be fairing well.' Misaka observes bluntly."

Misaka 11096 stood upright in the HsAFH-11 military helicopter, holding on to the side railings for support. Three Sisters stood beside her while a fourth piloted the aircraft from the cockpit.

"'While Misaka agrees with your assessment, Misaka must emphasize the importance of retrieving Serial Number 20001 unharmed. Misaka believes this is the best-'"

The Sister next to 11096 was cut off midsentence as the HsAFH-11 suddenly lurched to the left. A massive tentacle raced past, barely missing the small aircraft.

The chopper below them was not so lucky.

The vine-like mass clipped the tail, sending it spinning out of control towards the windowless building. Seven Misakas jumped out of the wrecked helicopter in quick succession, deploying their parachutes almost immediately afterwards. They watched wordlessly as the ill-fated aircraft slammed into the unknown force that surrounded the strange structure, breaking apart and dispersing harmlessly into the air.

A message relayed to every Sister in the network as they drifted slowly to the ground;

["'This is Echo-Six Leader; Misaka's unit has been disabled. Misaka will rendezvous with Bravo and Zulu ground forces and attempt to provide support against the target. Keep fighting.' Misaka says as she attempts to cheer on her comrades."]

Misaka 11096 turned her attention away from the descending Echo-Six and towards the gigantic humanoid organism that continued to stumble blindly around the city. The network administrator was located somewhere near the top of the creature's head. Unfortunately, its head also appeared to be the source of the tentacles. There would be no hope of rescuing Serial Number 20001 unless they were dealt with.

"'Hang on!' Misaka warns!"

They shot upwards at dizzying speeds. Another tendril slashed through the air they had occupied no less than three seconds ago, missing them by a scant 10 meters. Air pressure from the narrow miss assailed the craft, and the chopper rocked chaotically as the clone pilot desperately fought to maintain control.

The thunderous roar of Gatling gun fire filled the turbulent air as the Sisters, undeterred by the violent shaking, rained hell upon their organic adversary from above. High caliber rounds tore through the entangled layers of fleshy mass, shredding it to ribbons. Chunks of the wounded limb fell to the ground as it rapidly retracted back to the creature's head.

A decisive victory.

Or at least it would have been in a normal situation. The tentacles almost seemed like a replica of the mythical hydra; every time the Sisters would destroy one, ten more would take its place. They were also starting to react quicker, move faster. The Sisters had deduced that this [parameter increase] had something to do with the eight large tentacles that were currently "anchoring" the main body to the ground, and had committed three separate battalions dedicated to destroying them.

However, despite their best efforts, the eight "anchor points" had remained largely unfazed.

"'If anything, they've just grown bigger.' Misaka grumbles in frustration…"

Another message entered her mind and abruptly put an end to her complaints;

["'This is Echo-Six Leader, Misaka's unit has successfully landed, but has been ambushed. Misaka's unit is down three Misaka's, and are being overrun!' Misaka yells while she fends off numerous attacks!" "'To all Misakas who are forced to make an emergency ejection, avoid the rooftops AT ALL COSTS. Repeat, avoid the rooftops AT ALL COSTS. Misaka will try to- wait, no! Get off! Misaka does not enjoy this!' Misaka screams while she struggles furiously! 'No, no, NO. MISAKA DOES NOT WISH TO LOSE HER VIRGINITY IN THIS MANNER-']

The connection to the unfortunate Echo-Six Leader was suddenly severed; she most likely cut it herself to spare them from hearing her ordeal. Misaka 11096 looked away. No words were exchanged… there was no need. They could do nothing for them. While she truly wanted to rush off to rescue her fallen comrades, she, along with the other Sisters silently standing around her, knew perfectly well that they would just be dragged down with them at this point. The bigger tentacles were, after all, simply a congregation of thousands of smaller ones. Faster and more agile, they were even more of a threat then its larger counterpart, as they could attack from literally every direction. Echo-Six was not the first to be captured by them, nor would they be the last. The only option was to continue on and make sure that their sacrifice would not be in vain. They still had a mission, after all.

However, despite their heroic efforts, it simply wasn't enough. Misaka 11096 slightly clenched her fists in frustration. The Sisters had been able to hold off the beast between a combination of superior technology, good coordination, and sheer numbers. However Misaka 11096, and by association the rest of the MISAKA Network, were quickly beginning to realize that they would eventually be overwhelmed if they didn't do something different, and fast.

Misaka 16702, the pilot, suddenly spoke up,

"'Radar is picking up an unidentified object coming in at four o'clock… signature does not fit any known aircraft design… it appears to be flying straight for the target… it's matching, no, overtaking our velocity?' Misaka reports while deeply confused."

The four Sisters turned as one towards the oncoming anomaly. Misaka 11096 scanned the area, magnifying her view ten-fold with the special military goggles assigned to her.

There, in the distance,

A single bright red couch, propelled through unknown means, rocketed towards the beast at an unbelievable speed. Duct taped to each side were what appeared to be four jumbo-sized bottle rockets, which she assumed to be the "missiles". Atop this strange aircraft were four people, all sitting comfortably despite the ridiculous velocity they were traveling at.

All except for a fifth person who, instead of sitting, was being dragged along by a rope that was attached to the back of the bizarre furniture.

Misaka 11096 left out a short gasp as her eyesight focused on this fifth person. Even at this distance, there was no mistaking the spiky black hair of that misfortunate boy.

["'This is Misaka 11096 of Knife-Two, the Savior and his minor character friends have appeared at the southeast front of the battlefield. Misaka requests that all remaining aircraft move to escort the Savior to his destination,' Misaka says as she enjoys a large burst of confidence."]


Tied against his will to back of the affectionately named "Kouch," Kamijou Touma once again found himself in yet another misfortunate predicament.

"Nya, you really should relax Kami-yan, you might loosen the rope too much." Tsuchimikado advised from the luxury of the couch.

"Yea, it would be really bad if you fell from this height, Kami-yan." Pierce chimed in.


"Well we wouldn't be able to fly if you were negating the vectors-"

"So then use a helicopter instead!"

"We don't have a helicopter, Kami-yan…"

"So what! You stole one from Anti-Skill last time, didn't you?!"

"That was different."


"Tch, aren't you supposed to be the big damn hero that saves everybody? Quit your bitching and play your fuckin' role!" Accelerator yelled, joining the conversation for the first time.

"Yea Kami-yan, don't be that way! We need you to help us! Think of all the flags we could raise by rescuing Accelerator's loli! We'll be swimming in girls!"

"Pierce is right, the hero route is the best route, nya!"

"I really hate you people. I really do."

No sooner had this exchange ended, the couch began to decelerate.

"Why are we slowing down, Accelerator? It's because of Kami-yan, isn't it?"

"How could I possibly do anything from back here? Stop blaming me for everything!"

"Look." Accelerator grunted, jerking his head towards their left.

Three Anti-Skill helicopters approached their position, flying in loose formation.

"Why are they flying towards us?"

"…There's even more coming to our right. What the fuck do they want?"

"Hey, you don't think they're still pissed at us for totaling that prototype thing a couple of weeks ago, do you?"

"Who's flying towards us? What's going on? Damn it, I can't see anything back here!"


The five nervously watched the approaching aircrafts. The one leading the formation began to fly parallel with them, revealing the inner contents of the open main body.

Four Misaka Sisters blankly stared at them.

"Misaka Imouto?" Touma blurted out in confusion.

The second one to left spoke, "'Yes.' Misaka confirms as she acknowledges the common identification."

The one farthest to the right spoke up, "'Misaka and her comrades are here to escort the Savior and his friends.' Misaka explains quickly."

"Ahh, Misaka Imouto is so moe when she speaks in relay~"

"You have some pretty messed up fetishes, Pierce."

"About that, Misaka Imouto… er Imoutos…? What the hell is going on?" Touma asked.

The Sister furthest to the left answered as more of the clone-piloted choppers moved to cover them, "'The beast appeared in the school district at approximately 1400 hours' Misaka begins. 'Misaka and her comrades became aware of the situation when Serial Number 20001 sent an emergency distress beacon from on top of the creatures head. Misaka has been fighting to retrieve Serial Number 20001 ever since.' Misaka concludes with a short version of the events."

The Sister next to her spoke up again, "'Misaka has had trouble dealing with the creature's tentacles… many Misaka have been captured in the process. Misaka fears that they have met a fate worst then death.' Misaka says somberly.

"Captured by tentacles? We might need some more information so that we can, uh, save them."

"God damn it Pierce, now is not the time-"

"'Misaka suspects that they are in the process of molestation.' Misaka complies in the request for more detailed information."

Touma choked at the revelation, "And you just left them there?!"

"Misaka and her comrades determined that Misaka would simply be dragged down with them. Misaka would like to point out that Misaka's comrades have probably not been… completely violated yet, and thus still have time to be saved if Misaka manages to take out the source.' Misaka replies defensively."

"How do you mean?" Tsuchimikado questioned.

"'…Misaka has noticed that the tentacles seem to greatly enjoy foreplay… namely spanking. Misaka hypothesizes that nothing will happen outside of this as long as Misaka and her comrades keep the other tentacles distracted.' Misaka responds with mild embarrassment."

It sounded like a bad B-movie. Touma blushed as his imagination got the better of him. A quick glance told him that he was not the only one; Pierce was practically drooling.

Accelerator broke the silence, "So all we have to do is take out these fuckin' things, and you shitheads will be saved, right?"

"'Yes, that would be the case. However, they seem to have rapid regenerative properties, so it is difficult for Misaka to approach the base…' Misaka explains as she states the dilemma."

Tsuchimikado flashed a cat-like grin, "No problem! We'll take out that monster for you. Our team is meant for this kind of thing, nya!"

"'About that, Misaka was under the impression that your group consisted only of males. Did you accidently gender swap the newest addition?' Misaka inquires as she points at the new female."

Touma craned his neck to look at the black haired girl sitting in between Pierce and Accelerator. She had been abnormally quiet during the entire exchange, not saying a word since she had burst in on their breakfast and informed them of the current situation.

"Who, Gunha? Nah, we couldn't get a hold of him; he went on a mission earlier to save a cat or something." Tsuchimikado replied. He jutted his thumb towards the girl, "She's our client. And she knows stuff about the target, so we decided to let her come with us."

"'…A giant tentacle monster is roaming the streets… and he went to save a cat?' Misaka asks incredulously."

The blonde shrugged, "Yea, he's pretty dedicated."

The sound of heavy gunfire suddenly filled the air, completely drowning out the clone's response. Looking up, Kamijou saw three massive tendrils swiping at the assembled Misaka formation around them.

Or at least it used to be three. The mass split into thousands of narrower tentacles, avoiding the majority of the high caliber slugs completely. The viney hoard raced towards the fleet; it was too many to count, let alone defend against.


Hundreds of released missiles streaked past the tangled mass and slammed into the sections right above the point of divergence. Explosions bombarded their inner core, utterly destroying the root of the slimy amassments.

Chunks of the decimated limbs fell to the ground, taking nine choppers with them. Fifty white parachutes deployed in near unison and joined the falling debris on its decent to the ground.

"'It it appears that all Misaka's managed to make it out in time,' Misaka says while breathing a sigh of relief." She paused for a moment, then continued, "'The enemy attacks are becoming more troublesome to deal with. Misaka believes that the Savior and his friends are crucial to retrieving the system administrator, and will help to cover for the Savior as best as Misaka can. However, Misaka suggests that we formulate a battle strategy before we attempt the rescue.' Misaka concludes as she shares her opinion."

Tsuchimikado furrowed his brow, "Yea, that's the problem. We can't hurt the target; it's just being used by the tentacle thing growing out of its head. Even if we could, it might hurt Last Order in the process. The only thing we can attack is the tentacles itself."

"We also need to find a way to shrink her back to normal size." Pierce added.

"I think Kami-yan will be able to handle that; the growth is most likely caused by some sort of rune-based magic. We would just need to find the origin point and let him give it a good whack. ...Come to think of it, that's probably the source of the tentacles, so I'm guessing the rune location is somewhere near the top of the head along with Last Order." Tsuchimiakdo analyzed before shaking his head, "The problem is reaching it with all this crap in the way. We gotta find some way to distract them long enough to actually get there…"

"Whatever we do, it needs to be fast. I only have about six minutes until my battery runs out." Accelerator grunted.

"…I know how to distract it." said the black haired girl, speaking for the first time.

Everybody looked in her direction.

"She's been my friend for as long as I can remember. That hair band has always been a part of her… but now it got turned into that… thing."

The girl continued on, "But even though it's going against her will now, it still seems to be acting to protect her. So, if something were to "attack" her… let's say by doing something to her that she would find 'embarrassing', it would probably do everything it its power to prevent it, right?"

"I suppose that's true… yes, that should work… " Tsuchimikado answered slowly.

"And what exactly would she find embarrassing, Satan-san?" Pierce asked, smiling lecherously in anticipation.

The girl looked up at the towering figure in the distance. A wicked smile played across her face as she gripped her aluminum bat with both hands.

"We need to flip her skirt."