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Chapter 2: First Impressions


The Teacher's Lounge

Accelerator stared at the boy standing in the door way.

The hero. The one who had defeated him was once again before him.


"What in the fuck are you doing here?" Accelerator demanded.

The boy stared for a moment before slowly responding, "I'm supposed to be escorting a transfer student around campus… and it looks like you're him."

"You… what in the fuck are you trying to play at?" he snarled. "Like I would ever need your fucking help for anything!"

He lifted his hand halfway towards his neck… then stopped. The boy had mimicked him, placing his hand in front of him like a shield. Time slowed to a crawl as his own outstretched limb twitched in indecision.

Why was he hesitating?

As if on cue, a tiny, angelic looking Last Order appeared on his right shoulder, sporting a pair of miniature wings and a taped-on halo. The manifested consciousness turned its virtuous gaze towards him and spoke,

"'He helped to end our suffering. Harming him would only reopen old wounds.' Misaka says as Misaka attempts to sooth your anger."

Accelerator lowered his hand by a fraction before a sudden burst of flame caught his attention. Another shitty brat was sitting on his left shoulder, only this one had horns and a devil's tail.

The new addition grinned menacingly and whispered into his ear, "'You are Accelerator, the demon of Academy City. You crush all who oppose you without mercy. Feast upon this fool's flesh and regain your rightful place as the strongest!' Misaka demands as Misaka attempts to sway you from the righteous path!"

Frowning, the angelic Last Order clasped her hands together as if in prayer, "'Accelerator is better than that. He is a changed man.' Misaka claims as Misaka puts her faith in her guardian's good nature."


The two apparitions continued to bicker with each other. Accelerator chose to ignore them in order to preserve what little sanity he had left.

His hand still hung in the air. He and the hero stared at each other in tense silence.

After what felt like eternity, the hated one finally spoke;

"Look, it's not like I volunteered to do this. I'm just as surprised as you are. But regardless, I have to show you around school today."

The boy began lowering his hand, still looking him right in the eye as he spoke, "Instead of making this a bigger deal then what it actually is, why don't we just both try to get this done as fast as possible so that we won't have to see each other again, ok?"

Accelerator gnashed his teeth, racked with indecision. One side of him was truly taking what the boy had said to heart… the other side of him was determining if he could turn on esper mode and get in a kill shot before the boy had time to react.

Why would the hero not immediately try to stop him anyways? Wasn't it that guy's duty to try to stop villains such as himself, and for him to do the same? Wasn't that how their respective roles were supposed to play out? What was with this guy, messing up the natural order of things?

Did he have some sort of rule that he only fought if he was attacked first? But that couldn't be it, otherwise he wouldn't have tried to stop the experiment in the first place. So then why did he not try to stop the demonic top esper again?

Why was that guy so accepting of such a ridiculous situation?

He should kill him. That was his assigned role, to play as the villain. It wasn't his fault that the hero half assed his own role.

He should…

Yomikawa's voice suddenly echoed through his ears;

'…try to behave…'

…Fuckin' old bat. Since when did he start giving a damn what other's wanted? He was Accelerator, he did whatever he damn well pleased!

Despite that, he let his hand drop back down onto the couch, then grabbed his cane with it. He hoisted himself up, and walked slowly towards the hero. "This better be fast, or else I'm going to give you a new fuckin' mouth to preach with."

The hero slumped slightly out of what he could only guess was relief. He still maintained his guard however, even as he motioned to follow him. As expected of his nemesis.

Just because Accelerator had decided not to kill the hero right there, didn't mean he wasn't going to later.

Komoe's Classroom

"Today we'll continue with our lesson on the laws of thermodynamics." Komoe stated as she got on top of her usual chair. "I trust that you all read the first part of chapter eleven, right?"

"Ahhh I must have forgot~!" Pierce called in a sing-song manner. He was easily the loudest response.

"Pierce-chan, how can you forget so often? What am I going to do with you…"

"Ah~ I'm really sorry sensei~!" Pierce yelled with joy. It was quite obvious that he was enjoying the scolding.

"Mmm just try harder next time." Komoe sighed. Then her head perked up as she noticed that the seat next to Pierce was empty, "Where's Kamijou-chan?"

"Nya, that's weird, I was pretty sure I saw Kami-yan in one of those abandoned classrooms with a girl this morning…" Tsuchimikado spoke up.

"Yea, Kami-yan was here really early this morning. Maybe he got lucky…?" Pierce followed up.

Komoe nearly fell off the seat she was standing on, "W-w-w-w-what? W-what was he doing with a girl so early in the morning?"

The classroom was thrown into pandemonium.

"Damn it, another one?"

"To go that far in a school setting…"

"No, they're making it up. Tsuchimikado tricked-"

"Kamijou, you bastard!"

"You're just upset because he didn't pick you."

"Sh-Shut up!"

"No, I'm telling you that he got tricked into-"

"Kamijou really did this time, neh?

"That guy is a monster! A plague on mankind!"

"Why won't you people listen to me…"

"Q-quiet down everyone! I-I'm sure there's a good reason for all this!" Komoe yelled over the uproar. The class grudgingly quieted down, and Komoe turned to the two sources of the outburst, "Pierce-chan, Tsuchimikado-chan, you saw him right? Bring him back at once!"

"Nya, will do!"

"Anything for you, Sensei!"

The two boys promptly left the room. Himegami face palmed.

Once outside, the devious duo glanced at each other with barely contained laughter.

"Kami-yan. Lucky."

"Good one!"

The two laughed uproariously as they strolled down the hall.

In a Certain Parking Lot

Something was eating at Yoshikawa. The boy she had run into earlier seemed far too familiar to her, considering how rarely she interacted with people of his age group. So why did he give her such a sense of foreboding?

She made her way uneasily to Yomikawa's car and climbed inside. But instead of starting the vehicle, she reached for her laptop.

The blue-haired scientist flipped open the device and stared lost in thought at the start up screen. She tried to recall the boys' features. Standard school uniform, average height, looked like he was in relatively good shape… nothing that really stood out. The only notable feature was his spiky black hair…


Alarm bells went off in her head. Yoshikawa began rapidly tapping in commands on her laptop, undoing the locks she had placed around her most sensitive files. A few seconds later, she was browsing an array of gruesome videos labeled only "Level 6 Shift." Finding the last video, she hit the play button, praying that she was wrong.

The industrial zone of Academy City popped up onto the screen. She began to fast forward, skipping past the arrival of Accelerator and the Misaka clone and the beginning of the fight. She slowed it down as she got to the part were Accelerator stood victorious over the clone's body, about to deal the final blow.

'Get away from her!' an all too similar voice yelled out. A boy with spiky black hair emerged, confronting Accelerator. No mistaking it; it was the same person she had bumped into earlier.

…hadn't he said that he had to help out a transfer student today?

Oh hell.

Yoshikawa jumped out of the car, running back to the school as fast as her legs could carry her. Which in all honesty wasn't very fast. She was a researcher, not a marathon runner.

Her analytic mind raced even as she cursed her lack of athletic ability. There was no way that she would be able to stop Accelerator if he decided to go on a rampage. Not even that boy could stop the collateral damage that Accelerator could inflict. She would have to get to Last Order and force her to turn off the Network. But if she was with Accelerator, wouldn't she turn him off anyways if she saw that things were going to turn out? Yes… maybe Last Order had already taken care of things. She certainly hoped so…

Then Yoshikawa beheld something that dashed that hope completely. Last Order was standing right outside of the building chatting with another Misaka clone.

She wasn't with Accelerator.

In the Hallways (Touma and Accelerator)

Accelerator angrily marched next to said spiky haired boy, lost in thought. He was focused on nothing else other then the return of the hero. The fact that Last Order was not with him didn't even register.

He couldn't stand being near the guy. He so dearly wanted to crush him…

"'Yes, make him beg for mercy Accelerator! Make him squeal like the filthy pig that he is!' Misaka whispers as Misaka urges you to take action!"

…but another part of him couldn't go through with it. Deep down, so deep that even he didn't realize it, he was actually happy. Was payback really necessary? Why couldn't he just move on?

"'Accelerator is kind deep down. You are above such things as payback.' Misaka says quietly as Misaka reaffirms her guardian's good nature."

It was accurate to say that Accelerator at this point was like a wobbly metal plate balanced on top of a fence. Even the slightest push would send him over the edge, for good or for worse. Last Order would have been all the push he needed to stay dormant, had she been there. But on the flip side, there had not been anything to push him in the other direction either.

And so he remained in this chaotic state of indecisiveness, his inner mind a stalemate.

"Uhhh… you okay? You look kind of zoned out…" the hero suddenly interjected.

"Shut the fuck up and mind your own business!" Accelerator blurted out of reflex.

The boy looked at him nervously, then shook his head, "Never mind then… anyways, this is-"

But Accelerator wasn't listening. The war taking place inside of him demanded his attention, and thus the delicate balance remained intact.

For now…

In the Hallways (Pierce and Tsuchimikado)

"…but seriously man, good call." Pierce finally managed after they had calmed down a bit.

"Nya, I told you."

"So what do we do now?"

"Well we need to find Kami-yan first. Don't want him running into Komoe-sensei."

"Yea, I hear you. Hold on, I'll give him a call."

Pierce flipped open his phone and dialed Touma's number. A few seconds later he made an annoyed face and flipped it shut again. "He's not answering. I think he turned his phone off. What do we do now?"

Tsuchimikado frowned. "Looks like we'll have to look for him for real. He's probably at the front office anyway. Let's go."

They descended the staircase and began making their way to the front of the school in silence.

Suddenly, Tsuchimikado spoke up, "What color panties do you prefer?"

"Well… a true man loves all kinds of panties… but I'd have to go with striped."

"'Striped' isn't a color, Pierce."

"Blue and white stripes."

"Pfft, just like those 'magical panties' this morning, right?"

"Shut up! What's your favorite then, granny panties?"

"Mine is lacy red." Tsuchimikado announced proudly.

"Ha, should've known you would pick something so boring."

"They are not boring! And they're a lot better than your generic striped panties! You just can't comprehend its classical appeal!"

"It's you that can't comprehend! They aren't generic, they're iconic! But it's not like you could ever understand, striped panties are only loved by mature people with refinedtastes!"

"Iconic? Refined? Are you joking? Stripes are for man-children! Red is clearly the way to go!"

"You take that back you son of a bitch!"

The two stopped and began rolling up their sleeves in preparation for an all out brawl. It was then that they heard a muffled, yet very familiar voice coming from the P.E locker room.

Forgetting their earlier argument, the two snuck over and pressed their ears against the door.

"….new set of clothes…"

"…you're fault I ended up this way…"

Touma was in there, and he obviously wasn't alone. Judging from the higher pitch, the other voice had to belong to…

"Dude, I think he really is with a girl!"

"That bastard, no wonder his phone was turned off!"

The two irate idiots looked at each other, communicating wordlessly. Nodding in unison, they barged into the locker room to witness the spectacle firsthand.

Pierce led the charge, "Damn it Kami-yan, you seduced another girl already? And in the locker room too?"

The accusation died in his throat as he and Tsuchimikado beheld the scene before them.

Just Outside of A Certain High School

Last Order stood in front the Misaka clone who had reported the suspect behavior of a fellow Sister.

"'Misaka wishes to inquire as to why the administrator would force a physical rendezvous when a more efficient method is available.' Misaka asks while calmly reminding the administrator of the network capabilities."

Last order puffed out her cheeks, "'Misaka feels that physical interaction is important!' Misaka responds while Misaka expresses annoyance at her underling's questioning!"

"'Misaka suspects that the administrator wanted to flaunt her importance to this Misaka.' Misaka accuses as she eggs the administrator on for her amusement."

"'M-Misaka would never do something like that!' Misaka denies as Misaka tries to conceal her vanity!"

The clone gave the barest hints of a smirk before continuing her sharp-tongued commentary, "'Misaka finds it sad that the administrator displays such childish traits.' Misaka says while she secretly laughs at the administrator's insecurities."

Last Order began stamping her feet into the ground, "'M-Misaka is tired of your baseless accusations!' Misaka yells in irritation as Misaka takes offense to being called childish!"

"'If Misaka's accusations were baseless, then why is the administrator becoming so worked up about it?' Misaka inquires as she thoroughly enjoys herself."

"'Hauuu! Enough of this! Misaka wants to hear the report firsthand!' Misaka demands as Misaka attempts to bring the conversation back to its original topic."

"'Misaka insists that the administrator watches the video feed so that Misaka can avoid recounting the same story for a third time.' Misaka puts forth as she stands her ground."

Last Order finally relented after a brief stare off, and began uploading the data.

[Memory Synchronization of MISAKA Serial Number 12951 to SysAdmin MISAKA Serial Number 20001 Initializing]

Misaka 12951 was on her first patrol since rehabilitation. The frog faced doctor had admitted the Sisters (except for Misaka 10032, who required further medical treatment) from the hospital two days prior, with the order to return twice a week for check up.

12951 looked around as she slowly made her way through the somewhat busy streets of Section 7. Technically, Section 7 was not under her assigned patrol, but seeing as 10032 was still in the hospital, 12951 had taken it upon herself to cover 10032's duties until her release.

Not that she minded. 12951 found that rehabilitation had left her with a much greater understanding of her own emotions than before, and realized that she rather enjoyed taking walks through the technological metropolis. It was… nice was not an adequate word. She quickly surfed through her vocabulary banks, picking out the descriptions that best fit her feelings toward patrol duty.

Fun, exciting, surprising, entertaining, enjoyable, peaceful, soothing, refreshing, rejuvenating, pleasing, lovely, thrilling, and beautiful. Yes, walking through Academy City was all of those, simultaneously. She was amazed at how much she had missed it.

Of course, 12951 had an ulterior motive for taking on 10032's duties. It just so happened that Section 7 was where a certain unfortunate individual resided. Looking to take advantage of this, she secretly hoped that she would be able to meet with the Savior personally during her rounds. If all went well, she might be able to gain a head start on the battle for the boy's heart.

A small smile formed on her face and her heartbeat became slightly elevated. Such was the effect that Kamijou Touma had on the Misaka imoutos.

Partaking in a brief mental exercise called "daydreaming" Misaka 12951 began imagining the various possible conversations that she could have with her object of affection. To the average person, this was nothing special. But to the Sisters, a game of imagination that was not focused entirely on combat situations was something both new and wonderful. It was a testament to how their life had changed since his intervention.

She made her way along one of the high schools of Section 7. Still caught in her fantasizing, it wasn't until she was within shouting range that she became alerted to a very familiar electronic signature to her left. Misaka 12951 looked over to see another Misaka imouto standing in front of the school building.

Why would another Sister be in her patrol area? Had she wandered off by accident?

Then another idea came to 12951; was this Sister maneuvering to sabotage her superior patrol position by trying to find the Savior first? It made sense, staking out schools. The Savior was a high school student after all, and learning which school he attended would be extremely advantageous…

Unacceptable. She could not allow herself to be outmaneuvered like this.

12951 quickly sent a mental message through the Misaka Network, demanding that the interloper return to her route at once… only to get an error message. The Sister had apparently disconnected herself from the Network. Most likely to hide her activities.

Undaunted, 12951 quickly made her way towards the rouge clone. As she came within speaking distance, she noticed for the first time that the Sister was speaking. 12951 stopped short and watched curiously as her target stared off in a daze, muttering the words "indirect kiss" repeatedly.

After about a minute of this, 12951 decided to make her move.

"'Misaka would like to inquire as to what you are-'"

Whirling on the spot, the wayward Misaka imouto stared in alarm at 12951. Her face was surprisingly animated for a clone. "'Misaka has been spotted! Misaka will now make her exit at once!' Misaka crys as she makes a tactical retreat!"

Without hesitating a second, the panicking clone sprinted towards the track field. 12951 tried to run after her, but was amazed to find that she was easily out stripped by her Sister. The mysterious clone vaulted over the bordering fence with ease, disappearing over the edge.

12951 immediately opened broadcasts to the entire Network, demanding a roll call. To her astonishment, all checked out. Every Sister in the Network was accounted for. None of them were anywhere close to her location.

But then, who had just run from her?

[End of Memory Feed]

Last Order came back to her own world as 12951's world slowly faded out. She frowned in thought. "'If all Misaka's were accounted for, then it couldn't have been a Sister.' Misaka says as Misaka deduces the obvious."

"'Misaka agrees with your assumption… however Misaka is unable to think of any suspects that would fit the parameters.' Misaka states as she presents the dilemma."

Last Order adopted a thinking pose, "'Could it have been Onee-sama?' Misaka asks as Misaka thinks of a solution."

12951 shook her head, "'Onee-sama was spotted earlier, abusing her powers on a girl with pigtails.' Misaka replies as she shoots down the explanation."

"'A shape shifter then?' Misaka presents as Misaka tries a new line of thought."

The clone shook her head again, "'AIM signature was identical to our own. Even if another electromaster was somehow capable of disguising themselves as a Sister, their AIM field would still differ from our own.' Misaka continues as she shoots down the other popular solution."

Last Order scratched her head in frustration, "'This is very strange… oh, oh! Misaka has figured it out!' Misaka proclaims as Misaka suddenly makes sense of everything!"

12951 widened her eyes slightly and signaled her to continue.

"'Thanks to Misaka's adventures in the world of gaming, Misaka has come to the conclusion that the culprit is obvious… a Ditto!' Misaka concludes as Misaka puffs out her chest in pride!"

"'…A what?' Misaka asks as she doesn't understand."

"'A Ditto! Misaka had the opportunity of playing pokemon during Misaka's stay at the hospital, and Misaka clearly remembers the ditto pokedex entry! It is said that it can copy the DNA from any living organism and copy it completely, even down to their abilities! So in that regard, Misaka deduces that it would have an identical AIM field as Misaka if it copied her! Too think Academy City is secretly breeding these… it is truly a marvel of science!' Misaka yells excitedly as Misaka shares her vast knowledge with her underlings!"

12951 didn't seem too impressed with her analysis, "'…To think this idiot is the head of the Network… how embarrassing…' Misaka says as she hangs her head in shame."

Before Last Order could respond, a familiar voice rang out,

"Last Order!"

The two clones turned and regarded the person running towards them.

It was Yoshikawa, but not the normal Yoshikawa that Last Order knew. Something was off. The normally calm female scientist had a look of urgency on her face, and was trying to yell something to her between breaths.

But before she could ask the disheveled woman what was wrong, both Misaka's were thrown to the ground as a small explosion came from behind. Disorientated, Last Order looked back over her shoulder.

The school entrance was completely blocked off with debris.

In the Hallways

Touma nervously walked along side of the world's most powerful esper, showing him the various need-to-know locations of his high school. He had been careful to make sure that the psychopath was always to his right, so that he would be able to quickly react to any of Accelerator's sudden murderous impulses. He was amazed to find that he had yet to utilize such a defensive measure yet.

All things considered, he supposed that things could be going much, much worst, given the situation. The sheer fact that Accelerator hadn't immediately started attacking him was a miracle in itself.

Still, it was painfully obvious that Accelerator not on good turns with him.

"I know that the locker room is here, it's fucking obvious! What else would be next to the gym you fucking retard! Do you think this is funny or something?"

"…Accelerator, I don't like this either. I would give just about anything to be somewhere else right now. But I can't. I have to show you everything. Trust me when I say that I'm going as fast as I can. But if you keep slowing us down-"

Accelerator whirled around, shooting him a look that could kill, "You got a problem with my pace, fuckhead? You want me to show you just how fast I can go?"

Touma winced on the inside. Accelerator must have thought he was making fun of his slower walking pace or something. "I'm talking about your attitude. If you would just say 'okay' to the stuff I tell you, we could move on and get done. Instead, you keep taking offense to every damn thing I say, and I have to spend time explaining myself. I'm not trying to make fun of you, so let's just get this done and go."

"Don't give that patronizing tone you ass licker, you think I'm just going to let you walk all over me? Just say 'okay' to whatever you tell me? Go fuck yourself. I've never taken shit from anybody, and I ain't about to start taking it from you."

Touma repressed the urge to punch his face in. He couldn't, not in this environment. Too many people could get hurt if Accelerator decided to go ballistic. Plus, he wasn't very sure of his chances of winning a second time against him, especially so in a confined place like this.

Summoning all his patients, he attempted to reason with the deranged man yet again, "Look, we're almost done. All I have to do is show you the locker room and your class. Ignore me, I don't care, would you just please cooperate so that we can get done?"

Accelerator just made an agitated noise and started hobbling towards the locker room door. Touma ignored the part of him that screamed not to follow, and went in after him.

It was just a regular boys locker room. Touma took the initiative once again, "This is the locker room-"

"I know it's the fucking locker room, I just fucking said that!"

"…this is where you get changed into your PE clothes. You should have your own assigned locker… oh you've got to be kidding me."

Accelerator's locker was right next to his. So much for his plan to avoid him from now on.

"Fukou da… your locker is right there, next to mine…" he mumbled in resignation.

"You mean I have to spend my fucking-"

"Yes Accelerator," he cut in, "It means we'll have to see each other every day from now on. If you want to be moved, take it up with the teachers. I know I will. Anyways, you should have your own PE clothes and spare uniform in your locker. Make sure that they're the right size."

Turning towards the outside exit, Touma continued on with his short tour, "When you get dressed, you go out that door. It leads outside. We usually run laps or-"

"What the fuck is this?"

Halting mid-explanation, Touma turned to see Accelerator holding his P.E. and extra school uniform in his left hand. Unfortunately for him, and by proxy Touma, there had apparently been a mistake in the ordering of his dress attire, as both of the uniforms that he held were clearly meant for a girl.

A mistake that a certain androgynous albino did not take kindly to.

"You! You motherfucker! What the fuck do you think you're trying to pull?" the irate esper screamed, hurling the feminine clothing at the pitiful boy, "It's not enough that you beat me before, now you're trying to parade me around like a fuckin' trophy? YOU THINK YOU CAN HUMILIATE ME, YOU SON OF A BITCH?"

"J-Just calm down! I didn't know, I swear! We'll get you a new set of clothes, just don't do anything stupid!" the misfortunate boy sputtered in an effort to pacify the raging Level 5. However, he couldn't convey this properly as most of his message was rendered incoherent by the skirt Accelerator had flung at him, which was now hopelessly entangled in his hair and face. As such, Accelerator only caught a portion of what he said, and in his rage managed to misinterpret its contents severely.


"What? No! I just don't want you to do anything rashly!" Touma desperately tried to explain, waving his arms up and down and stumbling about half blind as he tried to express his intentions.

But to Accelerator, this looked like he was mocking him for having to use a cane to move around.


"What are you talking about? Stop misunderstanding everything I say!"

It was at that point, just he managed to remove the stubborn clothing from covering his mouth, that Touma's chronic bad luck met its daily peak.

In the middle of the (one-sided) screaming match, neither of the two boys had heard the door of the locker room open, nor the two pairs of footsteps that accompanied it. As such, both were equally caught off guard when a familiar, annoyed voice rang out.

"Damn it Kami-yan, you seduced another girl already? And in the locker room too?" Pierce demanded as he and Tsuchimikado barged in. The duo stopped abruptly as they beheld the scene before them; Touma, with a girl's skirt still covering half his face, stood three meters away from an extremely pale, extremely angry-looking white haired boy who was waving around a cane. A look of confusion, surprise, and in Tsuchimikado's case, familiarity played across their normally grinning faces.

Time seemed to stand still as a brief silence washed over the four boys. The sudden intrusion halted the escalading argument in its tracks; an unknown tension seemingly removing their ability to speak. Looking curiously towards Touma, the two interlopers wordlessly asked for an explanation, which was in turn met with a bewildered, frantic expression.

The silence was broken by Accelerator, who slowly began to laugh. Pierce began to chuckle slowly in return, under the impression that the ominous feeling of oppression had been broken. Tsuchimikado stomped on his foot, quelling his blue haired friend instantly as he subtly signaled to move closer towards the door.

Unabashed, Accelerator continued to laugh, his body stooped over his cane and his face lowered so that his hair hid its features. Ten seconds later he lifted his head again, his laughter not reaching his cold, slightly erratic eyes.

"So, I'm a girl, huh?"

It was a rhetorical question. One that expected no response.

So of course, being the idiot that he was, Pierce decided to respond.

"Well, your hair is kinda long…."

It could be that he wasn't aware of the ominous aura coming from Accelerator.

It was possible that he didn't think a frail-looking, crippled albino could do him any harm.

Maybe his brain had been horribly addled by the numerous eroges that he played.

Or perhaps he was simply an imbecile of truly epic proportions. Why Aogami Pierce would say this in such an obviously dangerous situation is a truly a mystery.

Whatever the reason, this comment seemed to be the straw that broke the camel's back.

Accelerator's face contorted in murderous rage as he threw aside his cane and reached for the choker that clung to his neck. Flipping the switch that would temporarily grant him his former power, he thrust his free hand at the fool who had dared to mock him. A loud bang resounded as air was violently compressed and redirected, racing from his finger tips towards the blue haired boy.

But Touma was faster. Leaping between his two fellow idiots and the monstrous Level 5, he brought his right hand before him and intercepted the invisible attack with his Imagine Breaker. The familiar sound of deflation met his ears as his mysterious power unraveled the supernatural assault.

His mind raced as he desperately searched for a way out of the bizarre situation. His first thought was to try and take out Accelerator right then and there… an idea that was almost immediately discarded. While he wasn't exactly a scholar, he was by no means stupid. Trying to fight Accelerator in a cramped area with little to no room to maneuver was suicide (well, more suicide then normal anyways). One good hit from the many large, heavy objects that littered the locker room could mean the end for him. It wasn't like his hand could dispel momentum after all. And even if he could successfully dodge the various potential projectiles, they could easily end up hitting his two friends instead.

Fighting in the locker room simply wasn't an option. Which left him with only one viable course of action: Tactical Retreat.

In other words, getting the hell out of the locker room.

"RUN!" he yelled, turning toward the entrance and praying that the other two would react in enough time to follow him.

As it turned out, both Pierce and Tsuchimikado had plenty of time, as they were, in fact, way ahead of him. Touma only just caught a glimpse of blue and yellow darting out of the still open entrance.


Touma dove out of the still-open doorway, a chunk of warped metal grazing the tips of his spiky hair as it imbedded itself into the wall. Landing in the hallway, he rolled forward, launching from the ground and immediately cutting to his left. He planned to run to the school entrance and lure Accelerator, who was almost certain to pursue him, outside of the campus. This way, the rest of the school wouldn't get involved with their inevitable fight.

Unfortunately for Pierce and Tsuchimikado, they had also made the choice of escaping down the left side rather than right.

"Nya, go away Kami-yan!" Tsuchimikado yelled as the three of them sprinted down the hall.

"Yea, we don't want caught up in your lover's quarrel!"

"You go away! I'm trying to get him out of the school before he kills somebody! And he's a guy, you idiot!" Touma yelled back as they made another turn to the left.

"W-Why would you be recruiting a trap? Are you trying to add a homosexual route to your harem this early in the game? Even for you, that's a bit too ambitious Kami-yan! You need to fill out your base set before moving on to that kind of advanced play, or else you're going to get a bad end!"

"What in the living hell are you talking about?"

The entrance was straight ahead now, only fifteen meters to go. Touma quickly glanced behind him. There was nothing there, only an empty hall.

Why wasn't Accelerator following them?

His question was immediately answered as the left wall ahead of them suddenly exploded. The force of the shockwave knocked the three of them to the ground, their bodies mercilessly pelted with bits of wall plaster and brick. Recovering quickly as his survival instinct took over, Touma sprang to his feet even as he continued to shield his body from the raining debris. He frantically scanned the area, trying to shake the crippling sense of disorientation from their minds.

Accelerator stood in front of them, a psychotic grin spreading across his face.

"And where do you think you're going?"

There goes the school exit plan…

"Look Accelerator," Touma began, trying to buy his two friends enough time to escape, "You can't hold it against Aogami, he's not right in the head! If…if you really want to fight somebody, fight me instead! Let's do it outside away from oth-!"

"Thanks Kami-yan, we owe you!"

"Way to take one for the team!"

Touma stumbled and fell as two sets of hands pushed him forward. He whipped his head around to see the retreating backs of Tsuchimikado and Pierce.


"…heh. Looks like it's only the two of us now, hero."

Touma looked back at the crazed esper pleadingly, "Like I said, why don't we take this somewhere-?"

Accelerator ignored him, instead gathering the debris that littered the ground and firing it directly at his still kneeling position. Touma pushed backwards with all the strength he could muster, just barely dodging the rain of death. He landed in a sitting position, and quickly sprang to his feet .

Accelerator laughed, shooting another torrent of floor fragments at him. He was toying with him.

Touma twisted and jumped to his right. Chunks of concrete and brick grazed against his side, ripping his uniform apart and tearing against his skin. He stumbled, but managed to stay on his feet as he landed.

Touma didn't waste time looking at his side. Even with the skirt (which was still wrapped around his head) continuing to hamper his peripheral vision, he knew it wasn't serious. He could barely feel anything at all, due to the adrenaline pumping through him. What was important was luring Accelerator away from the school.

This was as much of a survival measure as it was a selfless one. Because it was obvious that he wasn't going to be able to win like this. They both knew it. Accelerator had too much of an advantage in confined spaces. The only way he would even have a shot against Accelerator was if he was in a more wide open area, able to move around freely to dodge if necessary.

So that was why as immediately turned and sprinted back down the hall once he had made his landing. He relied on pure memory to guide him as he craned his neck to keep his eye on Accelerator. Losing sight of him would be fatal.

He hoped to run back to the locker room and out the door to the school's athletic field. It wasn't the greatest area for something like this, but he wasn't feeling too picky at the moment.

Accelerator seemed to have anticipated this though. Trying to round the corner to get to the locker room, Touma was forced to dodge out of way as Accelerator shot the remaining amount of the scattered debris to his right. His momentum carried him past the now wrecked hallway entrance, and he was forced to keep running that direction as Accelerator began taking off after him.

Accelerator threw out his hand, shooting another compressed "bullet" of air at him. As if on instinct, he twisted his body, swatted the blast out of the air, and continued running in one fluid motion. Under a different circumstance, he would be questioning how such a feat felt so natural to him.

Multiple loud bangs resounded, and he dodged and blocked as he went. The dodged shots tore the classroom walls to shreds, revealing the horrified faces of the students and teachers inside.

Accelerator began shouting at him.

"Is this all you've got, hero?" he taunted, shooting more air bullets as he maintained his distance, "Aren't you supposed to stop a villain like me? Or was all that just a fluke?"

He ignored him and continued to weave in and out randomly, trying to throw off Accelerator's aim even as he frantically thought of a way out of this. There were stairs to his left, but that would just trap him upstairs. But if he kept running, he would hit a dead end…

It had to be the stairs. Both ways seemed hopeless, but if he kept going up he would eventually get to the roof top, which was at least wide open.

Acting like he was hesitating, Touma slowed down slightly when he reached the intersection of the two paths. He turned his head towards the eventual dead-end hallway straight in front of him, making it appear to Accelerator that he was going that direction.

He waited a heartbeat, then jumped abruptly to the left and into the stairwell.

Just as he had hoped, Accelerator tried to capitalize on the feigned opening, rocketing right into and past the area he had occupied… were those freaking tornadoes on his back?

He barreled up the stairway three steps at a time, rounding the corner as he took the second set up to the second floor. Hopefully Accelerator's overshooting of the entrance would buy him a few extra- HOLY FUCKING SHIT!

Accelerator emerged just behind him in the middle of the stairway, shattering the wooden structure into a million pieces. Touma dove for the second floor hallway before the stairs gave out from under him, just barely making it. He rolled to the right and took off, hearing wood splinter behind him.

He spotted Tsuchimikado and Pierce ahead of him, who once again had the great misfortune of choosing the same path as he did to flee to. They were both looking back at him as they ran, or probably more accurately, were looking at his pursuer making another destructive entrance into the second floor.

"K-Kami-yan, why aren't you keeping him busy?" Pierce yelled back at him.

Touma didn't even bother responding.

'Something's off.' He thought as he caught up with his traitorous friends and looked back at Accelerator. 'He could've got me back there. Why did he keep his distance?'

Was Accelerator afraid of direct combat with him? It made sense… but somehow, Touma got the feeling that he was pulling his punches even with his ranged attacks.

'But why?' He thought as he blocked a few more air attacks. 'Why would he hold back?'

As he continued to block the rampaging esper's relentless assault, a familiar, frightened yelp caught his attention. Despite himself, he turned his eyes away from Accelerator and looked in front of him.

Standing frozen in the hallway, Komoe-sensei was giving him a deer-caught-in-the-headlights sort of look that made him instantly recognize that she would not be able to get out of the way in time. Even if she could, Accelerator would probably plow right through her…

He instinctively reached out and grabbed her before they collided into each other. Cradling her against his chest with only his left arm, he twisted back around and blocked another blast that was aimed for his head.

"WHA- WHA- WHA- WHA- WHAT IS GOING ON?" she squeaked, clinging on to him in confusion.

Touma could only grunt back as he continued to shield them from the supernatural barrage. Komoe was extremely light, but carrying her while running and defending against the Level 5 was pushing him to his limit.

"Unbelievable! Even in this super bad end, you're still raising flags?" Pierce yelled out in between breaths. "This kind of dedication is just-!"

"As expected of the high level Kami-yan!" Tsuchimikado huffed.


And so the three of them continued to run towards the roof. With a skirt firmly wrapped around his head and a ten year old looking teacher in his arm, he and his two idiot friends were being pursued by a crazed raging albino with tornado wings. He supposed that it would have been kind of funny if he wasn't in the middle of it all.

Just Outside of A Certain High School

Last Order continued to stare at the wrecked entrance. Multiple explosions could be heard inside the school building.

"'W-what's going on?' Misaka asks as Misaka-"

"Last Order!" Yoshikawa cut in.

Last Order tore her eyes from the mess and stared up at the panting Yoshikawa. She was quite clearly trying to tell her something, but was having a hard time catching her breathe.

"You… you need to… turn off Accelerator's access… to the Network…" She finally spat out.

"'Eh? But why?' Misaka-"

Yoshikawa couched down and grabbed her by the shoulders, "There's no time to explain! Just do it!"

Several more detonations occurred as Last Order stared at Yoshikawa. Hesitating for a moment, she finally relented and closed her eyes.

[Forced Network disconnection of {Accelerator} commencing…]

On the Rooftop of A Certain High School

Touma had finally made it to the rooftop. Quickly putting down Komoe, he turned around to face the cause of this madness.

Accelerator slowly walked out of the rooftop exit, a smile across his face that didn't quite meet his eyes. The two of them locked eyes and stared. This was going to be their second showdown. It demanded some formality at least.

Finally breaking the silence, Accelerator spoke in an excited manner, "This is interesting."

"Not really, I find it all pretty stupid." Touma responded back, "Look Accelerator, you wanna fight? That's fine. But let these guys go. They have nothing to do with us."

Accelerator's grin grew wider, "Yes, that's it. Now you're playing your proper role."

To Touma's immense surprise, Accelerator motioned for the others to go, "You pieces of trash over there have ten seconds to leave. I don't have time to waste on nobodies."

…no response. The three uninvolved people didn't move at all. Why weren't they leaving?

Accelerator was beginning to lose his patients, "What the fuck is this? You have a death wish or something? Get the fuck out of here already!"

Komoe spoke up in a quivering voice, "B-but, Y-You shouldn't fight… it won't solve anything…"

"Tch, did I ask for your opinion you shitty brat?" Accelerator snarled back.

"…Get out of here already you guys." Touma half asked, half demanded.

"Kami-yan…" Pierce whispered, his voice strangely serious.

"I'm fine on my own. Against a guy like this, you'd just get in the way. Go already."


Accelerator began walking towards them with a scowl on his face, "This is your last fucking warning. I'll rip you to shreds if you get- hgd dasgah…."

Without warning, Accelerator made an awkward gurgling noise and crumpled. Landing face first on the cold, hard concrete, he made no further movements to get up.

The sudden turn of events left them speechless, not quite believing what had just happened.

"Wha… What the hell?" Touma finally managed after a long period of silence.

"Holy shit Kami-yan… what the hell did you do to him?" Pierce asked, staring wide eyed at the non-moving Accelerator.

"I- I didn't do anything! He just fell over on his own!"

Letting out a long sigh of relief, Tsuchimikado shook his head, "Wow. That was just about the most anti-climactic thing ever."

For some reason he sounded a little disappointed…

"Is…is he alright?" Komoe asked, staring at Accelerator's limp figure from behind the safety of Pierce's leg.

The door was suddenly kicked open. A busty woman in a green jersey stood in the doorframe, pointing a pistol at the four of them.

"Hand's in the air!" she barked.

The four of them immediately complied.

"Kami-yan's the one that killed him!" Pierce shouted.

"I did not!"

"Shut up. You're all coming with me." she growled, sparing a brief glance at Accelerator's non moving body.

As if on cue, ten fully armed Anti-Skills stormed out of the doorway.

"Fukou da…"

A Certain High School, Several Hours Later

"Community service?" Touma repeated, hardly believing his ears.

"Extensive community service until you pay off the damages. And you'll all be on house arrest until you're done." The aging man corrected, glowering at the four of them, "And that's getting off light. You're lucky I didn't just get Anti-Skill to cart you all off to a correctional facility. Be grateful that you had somebody to vouch for you."

Touma let out a long breath that he had unconsciously been holding. They weren't going to jail. Despite everything that happened, he wasn't going to have a criminal record to contend with. His relief was indescribable.

"T-thank you so much!" he blurted out, inclining his head to the principal, then to Komoe and the jersey-wearing teacher. Tsuchimikado and Pierce followed suit.

Komoe gave them a tired smile, "Just be sure to never do that again…"

Jersey-woman just nodded, still looking at Accelerator in disappointment. The white haired boy continued staring at the wall, looking relatively bored despite being held at near-gunpoint by a dozen Anti-Skill.

The principal cleared his throat and spoke again,

"Yes, you are all very lucky that nobody was seriously injured. That would've been an even bigger nightmare…" he trailed off, his voice high strung and tense. He looked over at the massive amount of paper work on his desk, groaned, and continued, "You will be escorted back each day by Anti-Skill until all expenses are accounted for. Once we contact your parents, you are free to go for the day."

Suddenly, Pierce's hand shot up.

"…Yes?" he asked wearily.

"Can't we just have a bunch of after school classes with Komoe-sensei to make up for it?"

"No, Pierce. That wouldn't help anything, and the school has to be rebuilt anyways."

Pierce sunk back into his seat with a frown.

The brunette administrator tiredly brought out a book that listed the entire student body's contact information. He looked first at Accelerator, "Your guardian is already present and aware of the situation, so you are free to leave."

Accelerator grunted his acknowledgement, then grabbed his cane and stood up. Shooting Touma one last look of hatred, he hobbled out of the (amazing still intact) principal's office. He was accompanied by five Anti-Skill and the jersey-wearing teacher, who had what looked to be a death grip on his left shoulder.

The principal relaxed slightly, "You're up first, Tsuchimikado."

"Er… I wouldn't bother calling the number listed…" Tsuchimikado said with a half smile.

The principal stopped mid dial and looked at him suspiciously, "And why would that be?"

"Uhhh… how should I put this… my foster family is kinda laying low at the moment, so they switch addresses a lot. They've probably changed number ten times since then…"

"Wonderful." he remarked dryly, "Do you happen to know their actual number then?"

"Nya, wouldn't that kinda defeat the purpose? The only number I have that's family related is my step sister-"

"That will have to do." he said tersely. The principal punched in the number and waited. After a few seconds, he began speaking again.

"Hello, is this Maika speaking? Yes, this is the principal of A Certain High School. I'm calling because of an incident concerning your brother and his friends- No, they're alright. Well, why don't I just let him explain it to you?"

She hit the speaker option and motioned for Tsuchimikado to speak.

"Hey Maika…" he said in an uncharacteristically soft manner.

"Onii-chan? What's going on?" Maika's voice echoed across the room.

"Uh, well… me and the others… sorta accidently destroyed half of the school…"

"W-what? Why would you-?"

"We didn't mean to… it's kinda a long story, so I'll explain everything later ok?"

"…Ok. So long as nobody was hurt…"

Tsuchimikado grinned, "You'd think I'd let that happen?"

Maika giggled on the other line, "I guess not. I'll make some food, so we'll discuss it over dinner. Any requests?"

Pierce made a choking noise in the back ground, clearly mouthing the words 'lucky son of a bitch.' Tsuchimikado kept going as if nothing happened.

"Nya, how about curry?"

"Ok then. I'll see you later onii-chan!"

"See you!"

The blond triple agent beamed as his step sister hung up. "So that means I can go now, right?"

"Yes…" the balding man consented, pinching the bridge of his nose.

Tsuchimikado quickly got up and left with his Anti-Skill escort.

The principal glanced at Pierce and let out a loud groan. He dialed what Touma could only assume was Pierce's parents, then got out of the chair and went for a locked cupboard.

The phone was still apparently on speaker, since as a female's voice hurriedly greeted the room.

"Uhhh hey… is this important? I'm kinda in the middle of slaying some demons so-"

The principle cut her off midsentence, "I'm afraid that this is far more important than playing video games ma'am." He undid the lock and opened the cupboard to reveal various exotic liquors. He got out a shot glass and began to pour an amber liquid in it.

"Ohhhh you're that principal guy I talked to last time! What's up?"

The balding man kicked back a shot expertly before answering, "Well to put it bluntly ma'am, your son and his colleagues managed to destroy half the school today, and will now have to participate in extensive community service to pay off the damages."

There was a long pause in the woman's response.


"BADASS!" the woman yelled excitedly, "How'd they do it?"

The man looked doubtfully at the meager shot glass and pulled out a regular one instead.

"We were chased by some crazy super powered albino guy Mom!"

"Oh hi Aogami, I didn't know you were there. What do you mean crazy albino guy?"

"He was shooting wind spells and stuff at us! I think he was pissed at Kami-yan for making him dress like a trap or something… anyways, we were chased all through the school and it was kinda scary, but it was really awesome!"

"That's crazy! Man, I'll have to come down one day and- Oh shit…"

The voice of the carefree woman was suddenly cut off and replaced with a more serious one.

"What's this about destroying a school?"

"And who might you be?" The principal asked, slightly rosy around the cheeks.

"I'm Aogami's mother!"

"But I thought the woman from before was his mother?" he asked in confusion.

"They both are actually. I don't have a dad." Pierce explained.

The voice carefree woman broke in, "Come on honey, they weren't hurting anybody-"

"Don't you 'honey' me you damn otaku! And you Aogami! You better not make any more trouble for those nice people, or else I'll come down there and punish you myself!"


"See, he said he was sorry! Jeez, you're acting all tsun tsun with no dere dere…"

"W-Who are you calling a tsundere?"

"Awww, you're blushing!"

"S-Shut up!"

Scuffling sounds could be heard from the other line and the call ended abruptly. Touma suddenly had a very good understanding as to why Pierce acted the way he did.

Pierce smiled at the now rather drunk principal and quickly excused himself. Only Touma remained.

"…Um, so…?"

"Just go." the principal said.



"Yes sir!"

Touma ran out of the room, leaving the pitiful man to his own devices.

Pierce's Apartment

Pierce let out a long sigh as he slid down the inside wall of his apartment. The Anti-Skills had just dropped him off.

He looked down at the tracking bracelet they had just attached to his right ankle. He and the others had been put on house arrest after today's incident. They were told it was going to stay that way until they had paid off all expenses owed to the school.

No ogling at girls. No lingerie store prowling. No more scolding from Komoe-sensei either, not until they fix the school anyways. So many of his hobbies so cruelly taken from him…

"This sucks!" the defeated pervert yelled. The outburst echoed across the lonely apartment.

Pierce sighed again and began to slowly sulk his way over to his lone computer, intent on drowning out his sorrow by marathoning various eroges. But before he had the chance to start, something caught his eye. Draped on the computer monitor was…

"The panties?" Pierce yelped. The blue and white stripped negligee had returned to his apartment just like the note said it would! But how?

He carefully plucked the mysterious undergarments off of his computer screen. Just like last night, they were cold to the touch. After staring at them for a good five minutes, he hesitantly placed them next to his mouse pad and sat down.

He started up the computer, still looking at the panties from the corner of his eyes. How could it still be cold if it had laid here all day? He didn't think that a pair of underwear was capable of creating an endothermic reaction…

Or, if it couldn't be explained scientifically then…

Pierce shook his head and focused back on the screen. He should be concentrating on the task at hand. Katawa Forever demanded his full attention. He started up the game and began loading his save file.

But before he could begin playing, he had to make preparations. Pierce was a gigantic pervert. Playing an eroge would cause certain… events… to occur. Events that would lead to a bad end, as it would impede his ability to think properly when making crucial decisions. If he were to fully appreciate the story, he would need to resist his raging hormones.

But to his very core, Aogami Pierce was a man of fetishes. Subduing the extreme urges of his body through will power alone was definitely impossible without some sort of greater assistance.

Which is why he would turn to magic.

Yes, magic. That unexplainable power that would allow him to accomplish his goals. Aogami Pierce was a magician living in a city of espers.

He stretched a bit and adjusted his breathing. It was important for him to empty his mind before handling such a phenomenon. Before he began, he thought back to why he decided to follow the path of a mage in the first place…


"Aogami! Get over here! I'm gonna teach you the ancient secrets of the Japanese man!" his normally easygoing grandfather yelled.

The young Aogami quickly clambered up onto the chair facing in front of his grandpa, who smelled heavily of saki.

"Aogami," his grandpa began, "Do you know why Japanese men get a nosebleed when they are aroused?"

Pierce shook his head.

The older man nodded and began his drunken tirade, "It all began back in the day of the ninja. You see Aogami, there wasn't any TV or computers back then. It really sucked ass to live back then. The only way for a man to satisfy his natural manly desires was to peak on the beautiful kunoichis while they bathed."

The man paused to collect his thoughts, then continued, "But this was a dangerous path to take, Aogami. The kunoichis quickly caught on to such things, and would chase the noble ninjas to the death. Now, this normally wouldn't have been a problem for the average ninja. They were just as skilled at escape as the kunochis. But this was different situation. Can you guess why they couldn't escape as easily?"

Again, Pierce shook his head. His grandfather let loose a long, mournful sigh before he spoke again.

"You can't run too well with a raging hard on, Aogami. The ninja would pop a boner, get spotted, and be chased down since he couldn't go his usual speed. It was dark times, Aogami. Many a man were castrated in those days for harmless voyeurism."

He stopped to take another gracious swig of saki. When he finished, his was smiling bleary eyed at Aogami.

"But then a break through happened. The ninjas thought of a special method to keep mentally aroused, yet not by hindered by it physically. You see Aogami, when you pop a boner, all the blood rushes to your money-maker, right? So then it only stands to reason that if you divert the blood elsewhere, you won't get hard. So the ninjas trained themselves to shoot the blood out of their nostrils instead, which also acted as a distraction method if you managed to nail your pursuers in the eyes with it. They could continue their manly pursuits and get away with it, free from the claws of those vindictive harpies. Over time, this became so common place that we natural evolved into doing this, and is thus why we all get nosebleeds when we do something perverted."

"Wow…" Pierce whispered in awe. His grandfather nodded sagely, but then spoke up again.

"However! There is a slight flaw in this technique. It still leaves you with less blood to the brain, and you can't think as clearly. Plus, it's still obvious to girls that you're turned on when you're spouting blood out of your nose. And for men like us, who are more sensitive to such things, this is a huge obstacle. You'll never be able to score like that. Which is why it is time to usher in a new age of perversion! Aogami, you and I shall find a way to perfect this method, to complete a technique that completely conceals just how perverted you truly are!"

"B-but how? And why me?" Pierce stuttered.

His adoptive grandfather clenched his fist in fiery determination, "Through magic! Aogami, you definitely have the potential to use magic! You're young, a goofball, and by just showing up on our door step in the middle of the night, you have a perfect set-up for mysterious past! According to like every manga ever written, that means you got to have some sort of super awesome powers! Under my supervision, you will go far!"

"Y-you mean you can use magic?" Pierce asked in amazement.

"What? No. I didn't have all that mysterious past stuff going for me as a kid, and I'm past the age for a shonen protagonist. But I've watched enough magic related anime to get the gist of how it all works, so that shouldn't be a problem. Hell, you'll probably be able to all kinds of stuff once you learn how to control mana. So from today on, I'm going to train you in the ways of magic! You ready to rock, kid?"

Pierce looked at his drunken grandfather and smiled.

"Hell yea I am."

"That's my boy! Now, let's get started…"

That had been years ago, before he had come to Academy City. Shortly after that time, his grandfather suddenly vanished without a trace. For awhile, he had been overcome with despair.

But slowly, he continued on in his grandfather's name. For him, he continued to carry out his daily routine of using magic. It was what his grandfather would have wanted him to do.

Shaking his head, Pierce wrenched himself away from his reminiscing. He needed to concentrate. With a final collection of his thoughts, he began his training.

"Hard. On." he muttered as he activated his latent power. Mana slowly trickled into his body, and he began using it to alter himself. He started playing the eroge as soon as he had stabilized the process, expertly avoiding various bad ends while navigating his way to the girl's heart.

Magic was not a naturally accessible power. To use magic was to convert and utilize your own life force. To do this, one had to change their body to become a conduit, so that they could freely channel their life force, or mana, and use it to its desired effect.

To achieve this change, an incantation is needed. This incantation would serve as a focus point, to forcibly change oneself to become a magic user. Thus, a magic user's incantation was similar to a password for a computer. Every person's incantation was unique because what one wanted to "change" to was different. It was a personal activation key that held meaning to only the user.

His own incantation was a reflection of his goals. To tame his manhood and make it his own. Hard on.

This was as far as he had gotten before his grandfather's disappearance. But even without his guidance, Pierce had been able to devise the method of 'perversion control' and apply it perfectly on his own. The concept was simple: regulate the blood flow back to the brain instead of out of the nose. He had done it now so many times that he no longer had to concentrate, performing it out of reflex in public.

It was natural to him… and it was also his only magic. As it turned out, he had no real talent for magic. He could not perform fantastic spells, he could not activate devastating curses. He only had his one original technique, and nothing else.

But that would not stop him. According to his grandfather, every person has at least one form of magic they are fit for. Pierce didn't know the details behind it. All he gleaned from it was that even he had some magic he could use, and if he trained it, he could become stronger. Surely, he would be able to produce something more if he kept at it.

And that was the true reason for current concentration. He had discovered that the way he executed this magical technique produced a certain byproduct that could be useful in the long run.

Magic was essentially symbolic in nature. What you wanted to achieve with it could be much easier obtained by having the right symbolic construct or visualization to aid you. Since he ultimately wanted to conceal his physical reaction to perverse things from the general public, he had chosen to visualize the ice cold showers that all men had to take to quickly get rid of their morning wood.

The byproduct power stemmed from this symbol. He had discovered that if he concentrated enough, we could produce a small amount of ice in front of his hands. It wasn't much, but it was a lot better than just being able to resist popping a boner to every beautiful girl that walked by. And if he kept training it, he might be able to do more. It couldn't hurt, that was for sure.

Pausing the game momentarily, he brought he hands together to form a cup. He strained with all his might to coax the small amount of excess mana in his body to focus on his hands. Using the symbol of his magic to give it shape, he slowly began construction of a small chunk of ice, this time pushing himself to produce more then he had ever done before.

So preoccupied with this ritual, Pierce failed to notice just how close his hand was to the mysterious discarded undergarment that still lay on his desk. His fingertips accidently brushed against the panties.


A sudden unknown force shot through his body, robbing him of his breath. Static clouded his senses. His mind reeled as he fought to maintain his consciousness.



4- 3!pj tn9ap ym# fo 8&

Yh=# *"V eye24wl ren;o0(_8tits2

"HNNNNNNNG?" he choked out as he strained against the invisible constricting force.

Unintelligible jargon hammered his ears. Pierce desperately tried to cling to the desk to steady himself, but his body wouldn't respond the way he wanted it to. Bone chilling cold swept through him as he experienced near-complete paralysis.

Djh0 89electronic /r5brain8w7s yus86crystal _3&t[pancake? a\s5elderly6v

56r fn ot4kun{;? T% for*ever a!one 6gnine]


Pain assailed him. Energy coursed through him. He couldn't think. It was so cold. It was so damn cold…

He felt himself slip off the desk and fall…

12kjs 7his is^ my_ f3tish. huy665

He hit the ground with a thud… and like that everything went back to normal. His vision became clear again; he was no longer assaulted by gibberish. The only thing that remained was a dull ache that spanned his entire body. And the fact that he was completely out of breath, drenched in cold sweat, and was shaking uncontrollably. What the hell had just happened?

Pierce stared up at the panties as he laid sprawled out on the floor. They were almost exactly how they were before. Innocently spread out on his desk.

His body suddenly felt extremely heavy. Magical exhaustion? Physical fatigue? He didn't know. But before unconsciousness could claim him, one last thought flitted through his tired mind.

Why did he have the feeling that somebody had been calling out to him?

Author's Notes: THE THICK PLOTTENS. I told you guys the panties are important.

Hopefully I didn't weird too many people out with the ending. It couldn't be helped. And I realize that Pierce's magic is a bit different from Raildex magic. That's intentional. I assure you, Pierce's powers will remain incredibly stupid.

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