Okay, this pairing has been driving me NUTS since I saw 'Adolescence' I was like, "OMG, OMG, OMG! Len is sooooo sexy!" *fangirl squeal*

Oh yeah, and I couldn't stop humming the tune to Len's version of 'Spice.' *Sighs*


But anyway, I decided to write this obsession out. ROLL STORY!



With bursting tanginess. Juicy and sweet.

The bright, round sphere shaded in the healthiest color of orange which could immediately engulf his sister into an addicting obsession for them…

Rin liked oranges.

Len hated them.

"Len-Len? Why are you glaring at my orange?"


That's right, as pathetic as it seemed, Len Kagamine was jealous of a fruit.

But not just any fruit…

An orange.

His sworn enemy.

"Len?" A hand waved in front of his face, Rin's face coming into view. A slight pout formed her pink lips.

"You okay?"

The two were currently sitting on the couch, supposedly to enjoy watching television.

Alas, the cursed fruit just hadto be brought. In her hand, he could've sworn it was mocking him.

"Oranges are stupid." The boy muttered, shaking his head. A slight look of surprise crossed Rin's features.

"Huh?" Then, she looked indignant, "Why's that?"

"Because you're spending more time with them than me! I hate them!" Came his blurted reply, he immediately covered his mouth, blushing. Rin stared at him.

A moment of silence passed.

Then, she grinned. "Aw… Len-kun's jealous?" Her blue eyes glinted mischievously. At this, his face turned a darker shade of red.

"Sh-shut up! I'm not!" Her grin widened, "Really?"

Crap, his kawaii-desu twin was obviously toying with him. "Maybe I can change your mind." She started to lean in close, her breath tickling his nose.

"R-Rin.." He backed away nervously, though to his dismay, his back bumped up against the armrest. Rin took this advantage to sit on his lap, chuckling.

Her petite fingers started walking up his chest, causing him to fluster even more. "Wha-what are you..?"

Rin smirked, then aggressively grabbed his shoulders. "E-Eh?" The blonde's eyes widened, his heart practically beating out of his chest.

For a moment, their eyes locked on. Staring into those blue orbs of hers, Len felt as if he were being hypnotized.

"Len.." Rin whispered, leaning in.

Their lips touched. His eyes bulged with shock, a gasp escaping his throat. Then, a sweet flavor exploded in his mouth. It tasted fresh and biting, Len just couldn't get enough of it. He soon found himself indulging in the kiss.

Tongues clashed, and the heat between them grew.

A giggle sounded, causing Len to open his eyes.

The kiss had ended, much to his great disappointment.

Rin licked the juice of her lips in satisfaction. It hit him, Len turned a deadly shade of red, realizing he had just experienced the flavor of oranges...

By kissing Rin.

Rin Kagamine, his twin sister.

"Oranges are good..." Rin said, taking in pleasure upon his reaction, "But I like Len-kun's flavor a lot better!"

Len could've sworn he was seeing red. He opened his mouth to say something.

"Ri- Mmmpf!" But to no avail. Rin had already cut him off, hungrily kissing him again for his 'flavor.'


Overly sweet, biting, and explosive.

Perhaps he liked them after all.

Yes! Done!

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