Nightmare… I Think?

I was sleeping in my warm cozy bed when I felt someone looming over me. Immediately I thought of all the things I could do to ward off my home invader. Plan A get the new bat from under my bed or Plan B lay perfectly still, and continue to pretend I was asleep. I choose Plan B; now I'm not a coward or anything, but what if the invader had a gun?

So I continued to foreign sleep; when the invader carefully began to remove the covers from on top of me. I started to feel the blood rush to my face and my body started to react in ways I hadn't expected; the reason for all of this… I sleep in the nude. When the covers gone I heard a throaty moan from my invader, and a warm hand traveling from my knee slowly up my thigh to my oddly fear induced arousal. By now my eyes feel like they are cemented shut in fear.

All of sudden the hand started to pump my erection; my invader must have been pleasuring themselves as well, because they were moaning and the bed was shaking too much for the amount of movement they were causing. Whoever they are this had to be one of the best god damned hand-jobs that I had ever received; the slight flick or the wrist and the swipe of the thumb over my sensitized head to gather my pre-cum for lubrication was driving me mad. I was almost off when I heard my invader harshly whisper, "Mike, you look good enough to eat."

At this I started to cum and my eyes snapped open to the sight of Edward-Freaking-Cullen orgasming… it was oddly erotic. I leaned up to kiss him when… my alarm clock went off and I find myself in sticky sheets.

"WHAT THE HELL!"I scream in my head, "I did not just have a wet dream about Edward-Steal All the Girls Attention-Cullen. Bella yes, Jessica in a pinch, but Cullen just shoot me…but it had felt good I think?

Four Days Later

Mike had thought over what had happened over the week carefully. He decided that he shouldn't masturbate over Bella Swan right before bed, because Karma was one mean bitch, and obviously she didn't like those who jacked off to other guy's girlfriends.

So I went back to school, and for some reason anytime I went anywhere near Edward Cullen he started to snicker… there was no way in Hell that he could possibly know about my dream, God I'm getting paranoid.