Author's Note:

Yes, it's one of those cute little AU things. This is actually a small series, with ficlets ranging from humor to angst. The inspiration for this is actually thanks to Pompey's ficlet "41. Hero Worship" in her More Things That Never Happened to Sherlock Holmes. Please review!

==A Study in Stardom==

1. Completely Elementary

The doctor glanced surreptitiously over the top of his copy of the script (well-annotated) to watch the director enter into another battle royale with his star.

"Mr. Holmes, really…"

"I know how to deliver the words that I spoke, and I know how to deliver them correctly!" said star snapped.

The doctor sighed wearily and set his script down. "Better listen to him, sir. He'll do it his way no matter how many takes you do."

"Thank you, Watson!" The star turned back to the director with a triumphant smile, and the director couldn't help but wonder who was the boss around here.

"Mr. Holmes!" came a shout from off-set. "Telephone!"

The star bounded over the settee and out of the set almost quicker than the director could protest. He cast a pleading glance at the doctor, who shrugged helplessly. In less than half a minute, the star materialized in the doorway long enough to say, "Come, Watson, the game's afoot!" before disappearing again.

"Wait!" the director cried desperately.

"Sorry, sir!" The doctor hurried after him, passing two actors and calling over his shoulder at them, "Jeremy, David—you're on!"

Somewhere, a door slammed a few moments later.

The two actors shared a look. Reluctantly, the shorter of the pair pulled out his wallet. "Not fair," he grumbled, "to bet with me on Sherlock Holmes when you're the one who studies him obsessively."

"Oh, come on, David," the taller admonished, grinning. "Which is he going to prefer: a shoot or a case? It's completely elementary."