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Wow, imagine that—I actually managed to update this poor thing again! I think it was because I was sick and tired of not being productive in any way, shape, or form (especially Sherlockian), and I recalled A Study in Stardom. So here is something cute regarding Holmes and Jeremy!

And if anybody who reviewed the last update (that was almost a year ago) manages to pick this back up (come to think of it, I've barely heard from my formerly major reviewers in a long time *hint, hint*), here are my…

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SabrinaPhynn: Heh, I think that, just recently, I ended up getting so busy that I crashed. =) So glad you liked it! Hee-hee, definitely, you'd want to give as good as you got with Holmes, if you could. I don't think I'd be strong enough to tease Jeremy, though—those doggone puppy eyes, you know. ;-) Anyway, thank you!

Moonspun Dragon: Ha-ha, thanks! *hugs back* You're welcome for the plugs, and… aww, my blushes, Watson! It was fun writing Jeremy teasing Holmes. Thank you, and I'm so sorry I haven't updated 'til now!

Spockologist: Mm, I'm afraid I haven't seen Eligible Bachelor, yet, although I do know about his dream sequence. (For which, apparently, Jeremy got flak from Dame Jean, if I remember correctly. Would it even have been his fault that they did that? Seems a bit unfair to me.)

Umino Akiko: Thank you very much! *blushes*

==30. Allowances==

Holmes was right-handed. The left-handed Jeremy tried to use his right hand as much as possible, especially when writing. Holmes was touched by the effort, though he would never admit it to anyone but Watson. He was fondly amused to find that Jeremy's natural inclination still bled through when he posed or gesticulated with his left hand… when right-handed people used their right.

Jeremy had a speech impediment. The problem itself was surgically corrected when he was seventeen, but he never could quite pronounce his r's normally. Before they ever started filming the series, Holmes would close his eyes while listening to Jeremy conversing with Watson or their producers. When he stood in the camera lights, he would pronounce his r's the same way Jeremy did.

Jeremy never did tell Holmes, but he was touched by that little detail.

Sometimes, the flamboyant energy of one man would wear the other out. They still put up with each other, though, warts and all.

And, sometimes, they almost admitted that they were friends.


Author's Note:

See? Cuteness! Btw, if you really pay attention to Jeremy in the series, he really does use his left hand a lot more than right-handed people do, though he does write right-handed for the camera.

For the record, I've posted up sort of a short Alternate History story called "The Road Not Taken". The premise? Jeremy never accepted Granada's offer. Please check it out, do!

Whenever I post again (and it might well be almost another year—I just don't know), I think it'll be something for SIXN. Just keep an eye out, 'cause you never know~!

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