Jacob is still healing from the battle that just happened a week ago. What happens when he comes across an unexpected invite from someone he despises more then anything?

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It had already been a week since Bella came to see how I was doing.

Who in the hell shows up, knowing that you just got hurt trying to save their life and that you are madly, deeply in love with them, to ask how are you doing?

Did she seriously think I would tell her that I felt fucking fantastic?

How could she not see that I was hurting so much more on the inside then I was on the outside?

My wounds will eventually heal up but my heart never will.

I couldn't believe the fact that I put her heart back together, after Edward left, didn't even phase her.

It was like I was just there for her to waste her time while she waited for Cullen to eventually come back.

How can you have so much anger towards someone but yet love them so fucking much?

Every second that I was laying here I could feel my heart falling apart piece by piece.

I wanted to yell at Bella and tell her how stupid she was being for picking Edward over me but I didn't have the strength to do it.

Bella had emotionally drained me.

I just couldn't take this pain anymore.

The sad part was, even if I wanted to take something to ease the pain it wouldn't stay in my system long enough because I would burn through it and I would be back to hurting the way I am now.

I was finally able to turn on my side so that I could look out the window and for some reason I couldn't stop thinking about that kiss.

The kiss that Bella and I shared on the mountain right before I went to fight in the battle.

I couldn't believe Cullen didn't come after me as I was screaming my thoughts out to him while I was kissing Bella with everything that was in me.

We only kissed for a few minutes but in those few minutes I tried to force all of my feelings and love with my lips while they where on hers.

I never thought a kiss could feel that good.

Now that I think about it, there really are no words to describe how it felt to have the woman I love kiss me in that way.

I knew Bella was a little hesitant at first because she was only using that kiss as leverage so that I wouldn't get myself killed.

It was only a few seconds into our kiss that something snapped in her right after I forced her mouth open so that I could kiss her more passionately.

Bella had her hands to her side but as I began to kiss her she moved them onto my neck so that she could intertwine her fingers in my hair and force our mouths even closer.

My mind had started to drift off and I found myself thinking about a life with Bella.

A life where she would choose me and not Edward.

A life that her love for me was enough to want to spend the rest of her life with me.

She would become my wife and we would have kids that Charlie and Billy could spoil rotten.

I wanted it all.

So did she.

Bella told me that she envisioned a future with me and she saw everything that I did except everything faded as our lips parted away from one another.

Bella told me she did love me but it wasn't in the same way she loved Edward.

I laid there in so much pain emotionally and physically but I couldn't tell which pain was worse.

I don't know why Bella had even bothered to tell me those things because it hurt worse knowing she thought about the possibility of us.

Bella telling me those things just made me want her more.

I was all bandaged up and I couldn't even try to pull her into a hug or attempt to force my lips on hers once again so that maybe she would have thought even harder about her decision to marry Cullen.

Hearing Edward calling her Mrs. Cullen was like a knife being jabbed into my heart.

Even after kissing her I would have thought that maybe, just maybe I confused her enough that she would have gone back to Edward and said she needed more time to think about things.

That maybe she was rushing into things without thinking about her other options.

Me being one of them.

I knew I had to get out of bed but I just didn't have it in me to do it.

I lied to everyone, including my dad, when I said that I was still in pain from my injuries so I needed time to heal.

Well maybe I lied just a little because I was still in pain from my injuries but it was my heart that was really hurt.

I have never been in love before but I knew that I never wanted to love anyone else again.

Bella broke me.

She did more damage to me then that newborn vampire did crushing my bones.

I don't have anyone to fix me the way I fixed her.

I began to close my eyes when I heard a knock at the door and it was my dad.

He said that I got something in the mail and he handed it to me then he quickly left the room.

It looked like some kind of card.

Maybe it was from one of my sister's wishing me a speedy recovery.

It didn't have a return address but the writing was some kind of fancy print.

I was more then sure this didn't come from one of my sister's.

I ripped the card open and I quickly sat up because I couldn't believe what I was looking at.

I rubbed my eyes because I thought that I was seeing things.

I had only seen the first line that was printed in the same fancy writing that was on the envelope but I didn't have to read the rest of it to know exactly what I was holding in my hands.

What the fuck?

How could she be this fucking cold?

Why would she go as far as to send me an invite to our own god damn wedding?

Hasn't she hurt me enough?

I threw the wedding invitation clear across my room and I quickly felt myself get so angry that I thought I was going to phase.

I started pacing around my room because I was trying to calm myself down.

Did Bella honestly think that I would drop everything to watch her walk down the aisle to marry Edward?

Why would I want to see her walking right into the biggest mistake of her life?

The worse part was Charlie knew he would be losing a daughter but he had no clue that he would be gaining a vampire for a daughter as soon as Cullen changed her.

I guess I never realized how selfish Bella was until just now.

The perfect vision I always had of her was right out the door.

How could I be in love with someone who only thinks of herself and her vampire fiancé?

Bella worked so hard to have a relationship with Charlie now she was willing to give that all up to spend an eternity being a vampire.

I told her she didn't have to give anything up to be with me because it would be natural.

Just like breathing.

Instead she pretends to give a shit about me and our friendship but behind my back she knew all along she was going to abandoned me.

Bella wasn't lying when she said she wanted it all.

I was stupid enough to almost give into Bella and want to try to be friends with her once she changed even though I knew it went against everything I knew.

I was actually willing to risk being kicked out of La Push and disowned by my family and friends all for her.

The sad part is she would have been happy because she would have me in her life and I would be left with nothing just to give her everything she needed.

I went to pick up the invitation because I needed to burn it.

I wanted to pretend like it never existed just like her.

I noticed there was a piece of paper lying on the floor that must have come with the invitation.

I bent down to pick it up and I could feel the anger rushing through my veins.

It was a letter from Edward.

Are you fucking kidding me?

So now he wants to rub it in my face that he won?

As much as I didn't want to read it I decided "What the hell! It's impossible to feel worse then I do right now" so I opened the note just to see what he had to say.


I'm breaking the rules by sending you this. She was afraid of hurting you, and she didn't want to make you feel obligated in any way. But I know that, if things had gone the other way, I would have wanted the choice.

I promise I will take care of her, Jacob. Thank you-for her-for everything.


I took the letter and ripped it to shreds.

It's fucking easy to say "If things had gone the other way, I would have wanted the choice" when you are about to walk down the aisle with the woman of your dreams.

The woman who is the love of your life.

The woman who chose you over the person who she really should be with.

He knew damn well, without even reading her mind that she was in love with me too, but he pulled out all the stops to win her over.

I couldn't promise her an eternity where she would remain young and always look the same.

I could promise her a full life with me giving her everything she ever wanted and needed.

But it just wasn't enough.

I put her back together when he turned her world upside down.

Of course he was thanking me because I kept her alive just so that he could have her in his arms and get to make love to the most beautiful creature that ever existed.

He got to keep my Bells.

She almost died because of him and his family so why does he get to have her and not me?

I was done with this.

I was done with her.

Edward can have her for an eternity and I would let him.

I went to grab my duffle bag and find some clothes because I can't be here right now.

I needed to get away and quick.

I took my money that I have been saving up for the last two years and shoved it in my pockets.

I took one look around my room because I wasn't sure when I would be back.

I walked into the kitchen and I saw the look on my dad's face when he saw that I had my bag on my shoulder.

He didn't even have to ask because he knew.

I walked over to him so that I could say "Dad I wish things could be different but I tried. I tried so damn hard to get her to love me and she said her love for me just wasn't enough. I promise I will be back eventually. I just don't know when."

My dad hugged me and said "Son, you just take as much time as you need. I will be waiting for you when you decide to come back. Promise me you will check in every once in awhile to let me know you are okay."

I looked at my dad and said "I promise."

I walked out the door and made my way to the Rabbit.

I wasn't sure how far my car would take me but it would be far enough to escape Isabella Swan and the disaster she is about to walk in to.

I'm just glad I won't be her shoulder to cry on anymore.

When everything falls apart in her life and it doesn't turn out they way she had planned she will have no one to turn to.

No one will be there for her so that she can be pieced back together again.

She was on her own now.

I wanted to do another story all from Jacob's POV because I like his mind better. I hope you will continue to read this story because it's Bella's turn to do a little bit of suffering and work for the love of her werewolf and I plan on really making her suffer. By the way I am doing an evil laugh.