It has been 2 years since the Volturi have been destroyed and everyone's life has changed.

Jake reflects over the events that took place these past few years and realizes this is how everything was truly meant to be.

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I was trying to control my temper while I was beginning to lose my patience as I was trying to resurrect the Rabbit just one more time. Bella was standing behind me trying to explain how I had to accept the fact that this car has seen its last days so I should just look at finding other means of transportation. I ran my hands threw my hair out of frustration because I knew she was right yet it wasn't in me to give up. There was so much sentimental meaning behind this car and I far from ready to scrap it.

Bella came over to hug me then kiss my lips because she knew it would make me feel some what better about this whole situation. A part of me wanted to listen to her but another part told me to just keep trying because I have worked wonders with these hands before. I owed it to myself and this car to try one more time to fix it since we have been threw so much these past few years. This car was like family and I won't get rid of it just because it won't run anymore.

After a few minutes of my ranting and raving Bella told me that she was going to go test drive a few cars so maybe I should come along with her to help decide what our new vehicle would be. I explained to her that I wasn't ready to look at other cars but she should go because it was time to get a more reliable vehicle since her truck was on its last leg too. She kissed me again then made her way out of the garage as I continued to keep working on the Rabbit.

There were so many things running through my mind as I started to take the engine and motor out of the car. I wasn't lying about the fact that this car had so much sentimental value to it or how it was just like family. So many things happened during its life span and I wanted to do whatever it takes to keep it running even though the chances of that seemed to dwindle each time something else would go wrong with it.

I was taking the engine a part and begin to remember the day when Bella first got to ride in this car...

It was when Edward and I had decided she was safer hanging out with me when he couldn't be around her which worked to my favor a lot of times. Having Bella with me in the passenger seat was something I had always looked forward to and it killed me every time I had to drop her off at the treaty line so that she could go back to that blood sucker. Each time I dropped her off I kept hoping Bella would dread leaving me because I always made sure we had so much fun that she couldn't help but think of me when she was with him.

The night that we fought the Volturi then destroyed them was when Bella was sitting next to me in this car on our way back to my place as she kept repeating about how we were really finally going to be together. Bella reached over to grab my hand as I pulled into the driveway of my house then smiled because she couldn't believe I had actually imprinted on her. Bella admitted she was worried about the fact that I would one day imprint on someone else but knowing that wasn't a possibility anymore her fears finally subsided.

It was a few days later when Sam had finally explained why the imprint between me and Bella happened the way it did. It was the fact that I hadn't accepted what I had become since I wanted nothing to do with being a wolf once I first phased. My life was already how I wanted it to be because I had just gone out on a date with Bella, even though that Newton boy came along, then all the sudden I had to stop being friends with her because she couldn't know the truth about our existence. My hatred towards what I had become forced my human side to fight against the wolf inside of me so imprinting wasn't possible until I had fully accepted who I really was.

Sam had known through wolf telepathy that I had imprinted on Bella the moment she showed up to my house and I forced her away. Seeing Bella for the first time since I phased was the hardest thing I had to do because she's yelling at me and I just wanted to hold her. I held back my tears because it was killing me to see her hurt that way and I hated who I had become. Once I ran off from her I knew I had to see her again and it didn't matter if getting caught meant facing the wrath of Sam.

The moment I climbed threw Bella's window I knew I had to make things right with her because Cullen almost destroyed her when he left so I couldn't betray our friendship since we both needed each other. It upset me when she couldn't remember our legends but then her mind was still stuck on that leech so I begged her to think about our talk on the beach.

To my surprise Bella did recall our talk then when she showed up at my house to tell me about it Paul almost killed her by phasing the way he did which made keeping anything from her impossible. All of these things that happened between us brought us closer but the moment Edward came back I felt my heart rip out of my chest knowing she had chosen him. Sam said that the reason I felt all of that pain was because the wolf in me felt the connection I had with Bella sever its ties so taking off the way I did was the only way I knew how to deal with that pain.

The wolf in me felt the rejection of not being able to be with my imprint and the human side of me was just as hurt. Finding solitude in another town with another girl helped the human side of me but not the inner wolf so I wasn't completely happy in the way I thought I was. It was like I took a band aid then made a quick fix but my heart would never heal until my imprint returned my love.

All the conflicting feelings I felt towards Bella when I finally returned back home was my wolf and human side fighting against one another for domination over what my heart really wanted. The human part feared Bella because of how she hurt me and wanted no part of her because it didn't want to be hurt repeatedly. However my wolf side knew she was his imprint and the need for her grew even more as I was fighting to stay away from her.

It wasn't until things were starting to fall in place for us I had known it was time to accept my true destiny which was being a werewolf. There was no point in fighting off who I was so accepting this side of me meant I would feel whole again. When I made love to Bella in the shower is when my thoughts and feelings for her changed because she had finally felt the same way for me. In that moment I was able to imprint on her and knew she would feel the pull we shared towards one another.

Life became clearer from that point on because Bella and I shared love like no other.

After my graduation from high school we decided to take some time to do a little traveling so I had to make sure the Rabbit was in tip top shape to make it clear across to Florida to visit Bella's mom then circle back around to visit my sister's and our final stop would be in California for Kelly's wedding.

The day before we left for our road trip was the day I would never forget because it was when I surprised Bella with something that she wasn't expecting.

I was working on changing the oil in the Rabbit when Bella showed up after taking her finals and she was so excited we were going to be spending time together on the open road. She was sitting next to me on a crate handing me things just like old times when I told her I needed something out of the glove box. Bella started to make her way inside the car so I stopped what I was doing to follow her over by the where she was getting ready to open up the compartment.

As soon as she looked inside her eyes began to tear up while I stood there nervous about what was going to happen next. Bella reached into the glove box and pulled out the ring I had placed in there for her to purposely find. She sat there in the passenger seat speechless while holding the ring and that is when I got down on one knee then reached up for her hand to say the words I have wanted to say to her since the moment we fell in love with one another.

I cleared my throat to say "Bells you are my best friend and the only girl I have ever loved so I know you are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. My life finally has meaning because of you and I couldn't imagine not having you by my side to share in all the special moments with me."

I choked back the tears as I was able to ask "Bells will you marry me?"

Her tears spilled out as she jumped out of the seat then pulled me up to stand in front of her to answer "Yes Jake! Of course I will marry you!"

Once I had put the ring on her finger I knew that this time we were about to spend together would bring us even closer together. Knowing that the only thing that was ahead of us was more love and happiness made me feel like the luckiest guys ever. I couldn't wait to visit everyone and share the news of our engagement with all of them.

Charlie and my dad had already known that I had planned on asking Bella to marry me but what they or even what we didn't know was that things would turn out to be a little more adventurous than expected. Nothing could have prepared me for what was about to happen while Bella and I were on this road trip of ours but I would never change anything since it brought me one step closer to achieving the one thing that mattered the most.

It was between our visit with Renee in Florida and spending time with my sister Rachel in Texas that Bella became so spontaneous I wasn't sure if I could take her seriously when she suggested us eloping once we got to Las Vegas to see Rebecca. There was no doubt in my mind that I had wanted to marry Bella but I wasn't sure if this was a decision she would later regret considering maybe Charlie wanted to be the one to give her away or having our friends and family to share in our joyous day.

Bella was very persistent about not having a wedding because she wasn't into all of that girly stuff since Alice tried to make her have something that you would see in a bridal magazine. All she wanted was to marry me and start our life together so how could I deny her that one request? I made a promise to give my Bells everything she could ever want so it was time to follow through with it.

As soon as we got to Las Vegas the very first drive thru chapel had been the place to say our "I do's" so got married in the Rabbit right on the strip. I felt like I was floating on air once the minister pronounced us husband and wife because this was one of the happiest days of my life. Bella never looked so happy and she couldn't stop from smiling because of the fact her name was officially Isabella Black. I don't think either one of us got any sleep that night as we checked into the nearest hotel then rushed into our room so we could make love for the first time as a married couple.

When we showed up to Rebecca's she knew something was up because of how Bella and I were acting so we shared our wonderful news with her. I think I was deaf for at least a week from her screaming from excitement but to see the look on Bella's face when my sister told her welcome to our family was like everything had fallen into place the way it should have always been. We decided to call everyone back home to share in the news and they were just as thrilled as Rebecca then said once we got back to Forks there would be a small reception waiting for us.

We said our goodbyes to my sister then headed over to Kelly's for her wedding to Mike because he had wanted to marry her since finding out he was going to be a father. I knew this is what Kelly had wanted because she really did love Mike so I supported her because that is what a good friend would do. Bella had taken a liking to Kelly since they bonded over knowing there were things out there that no one else knew about but them. Somehow the two of them became friends and it was Bella's idea to go to Kelly's wedding so we made it a point to show up.

Kelly looked so happy and Mark walking her down the aisle to Mike and their son actually made Bella tear up. The funny thing was Bella had never been the emotional type so I put my arm around her to hold her close to me. Even though our wedding wasn't anything extravagant it was still just as special as this one and I knew Bella was thinking the same thing.

We had decided to stay for part of the reception because our own was waiting for us back home. Bella was starring at Kelly with her son Taylor and that is when I saw a new side to her that I wasn't sure had existed until just now. It was like she was fixated on the fact that Kelly had it all with a new baby and husband. I would be lying if I said the thought never crossed my mind about having a baby with Bella because I would want nothing more but this wasn't the right time.

Mark walked over to me because he had something of the serious matter to discuss with me. After talking with Mark for an hour I realized he just handed me an opportunity of a lifetime and now it was up to me to decide what I wanted to do about it. I told him that Bella and I just got married so a major decision like this would require me talking with her about it first before I could give him a defiant answer. He said to think it over for a few months then let him know because he really wanted to do something about his current situation.

Bella and I took off after saying our goodbyes then we made our way back to Washington. On the long drive back home I told Bella about what Mark had offered me and she was shocked with his gesture just as much as I had been. The fact that Mark wanted to retire and hand over his garage to me was something I would have never expected to happen yet he told me how leaving it in my hands was the right decision since I had been the reason for the whole town coming to him for auto repairs.

He said there was never anyone else that came remotely close to doing the work I could do on all of the vehicles that came into his garage. My skillful hands was something that he wished he had around all the time but now he was ready to move on to bigger and better things so it would be a shame to close down the doors to his successful business. The only thing he ever wanted was to hand down his business to someone who he trusted and he said I was that person.

Mark said all I had to do was purchase the building from him when I was able to come up with the money and everything else would be included without any strings attached. I told Bella I wasn't sure I could accept such a generous offer or leave La Push since I was already obligated to the wolf pack to share in protecting our land. Bella and I talked about what this meant for us because we were married now so any decision that needed to be made had to be decided between the two of us.

Bella told me that she would support my choice because this was something she knew I wanted. To be able to work on vehicles then own my own business was in my grasp but I also had to make sure I could work out something with the pack about patrols so that I could leave La Push and begin a new life with Bella.

Once we got back home everyone was there to celebrate us getting married while we were on the road. At first I thought maybe Charlie would rough me up a bit since I married his only daughter without him present but he was actually okay with everything. I promised Charlie that I would take care of Bella and be the husband she deserves so he told me I better or he knows of a few places I could go missing that no one would be able to ever find me.

Things settled down after a few months and Bella went to say her final goodbyes to the remaining Cullen's since they were all moving to Italy. Apparently Carlisle, Edward, Emmett and Rosalie had left while we were on our little adventure because he wanted to make sure things were going to change so that the other vampires knew the consequences of biting any more humans. They threatened them with an unknown creature that destroyed the Volturi and if anyone would go against hunting and killing animals for blood then they too would suffer the same fate.

Alice, Jasper and Esme were getting ready to leave to Italy when they wanted to see Bella one last time so she went over to visit with them. I knew what the Cullen's meant to her so she needed to see them off in order to have some closure. My biggest threat had already taken off and I knew in the back on my mind Bella would always hold a place for him in her heart because he was her first love.

I just happen to be her one true love.

The wolf pack was okay with me agreeing to come back a few times a month to help patrol because they knew this would give me time to spend with my dad and Bella could see Charlie. Since there were no more vampires to worry about there was no reason other than my dad to stick around La Push. He was the one who pushed me to take Mark up on his offer and I just couldn't pass on this oppurtunity to run the garage then eventually own it so that I would be mine. Well Bella's and mine because I would need her to help with keeping the books not to mention all of the paperwork that is involved with running a business.

After Bella and I moved to the little town I had grown to love when I lived there for a few months, we found a nice little house that became our new place to call home. I encouraged Bella to take some classes at the nearby community college and I told her that I would sign up for night classes so that we could both continue our education.

I would have to say things took a turn in a direction I wasn't expecting when my sister Rachel came to visit us with my nephew for a week. Bella was instantly drawn to my nephew and spent the whole time holding or playing with him. This was a side to her I had never seen before and my sister just laughed then said maybe it was time we thought about starting our own family.

When Rachel left Bella looked a little sad to see my nephew go but I saw her mood change when we crawled into bed that night. It was like something inside of her, maybe her biological clock, sent a message that it was time to think about a family. She told me that maybe it was time to go off the pill to see if maybe we could get pregnant. With me working all of those hours then Bella and I going to school this might not have been the perfect time to start thinking of a family but how could I say no to those beautiful chocolate brown eyes full of hope starring right at me. I am not sure if the look of my face was a surprised one but I was actually thrilled at the idea of having our own child.

That was the first night we started trying for a baby...

As I was putting the engine then motor back into the Rabbit I realized that it was time to see if I was able to make a miracle happen. I got inside the car and turned the key and that is when I suddenly realized there wasn't going to be a miracle after all. This car had seen its last trip and I wish I had known it so I was better prepared for this moment as I stood there feeling defeated because I couldn't fix the one thing that gave me so much happiness.

I was getting ready to take the Rabbit off the lift when I saw someone pull into the garage with a black SUV that was so huge I wasn't sure if it would make it past the entrance. As I began to walk over to the vehicle I noticed it was Bella and she had a smile on her face as she jumped out of the driver's seat to tell me that this was the one.

She knew this was our next vehicle and all I could do was wonder why on earth did we need something so big if it was just going to be the two of us?

I wanted to join in her excitement but I was just too upset about the Rabbit and not being able to fix it. Bella asked me to take a look at our possible new vehicle and I just couldn't do it because I felt like I was cheating on the one car that had been there for me through the good times and the bad. Bella had been very demanding when she reached out to take my hand then lead me over by the SUV so I could take a look.

After a few minutes I just had to ask her why we would need something so monstrous because it would just be me and her traveling around in this vehicle.

I saw Bella's face light up when she answered back "Well I figured that we would have more space to carry a lot more things around if we got his vehicle. Besides I already put some things in the back seat just to make sure there would be plenty of room for all of us."

Maybe it was confusion that had me wondering if she had lost her mind but it wasn't until I opened the back door that I realized exactly what she had meant.

My heart began to beat fast as I felt butterflies fill my stomach when I saw two car seats placed in the back seat. I quickly looked over at Bella to see her eyes fill with tears and in that moment I knew that all of our months of trying there was going to be a miracle after all.

I walked over to Bella and reached for both of her hands then said "Bells are we..."

I couldn't even finish my sentence because I was choking back on my tears of joy that were overcoming me with the realization of all of this.

Bella smiled even bigger then yelled out "YES we are 2 months pregnant and it's twins!"

I pulled Bella into a hug and we stood there sobbing like two fools but it didn't matter because I was finally going to be dad. I looked over at what was about to be our new vehicle then told Bella that I had to lock up and we could sign the papers so we would be proud owners of this SUV.

Before I could lock up the garage Bella walked over to me then said "You know maybe you are right about trying to fix the Rabbit because it does have many wonderful memories including the night we conceive these babies in the back seat right after Charlie and Sue's wedding."

I kissed Bella on her forehead and told her that I would keep trying to fix it because I wasn't ready to give up quite yet. I turned off the lights and locked up the doors so we could head down to the dealership to sign the papers. We were going to put some miles on our new vehicle this weekend because there would be a last minute trip to La Push and Forks since he had to tell our dad's the good news about them finally having grandchildren they could spoil rotten.

I don't regret the journey Bella and I had to take in order to get to his point because all was right in my world.

A world where I got the girl and she finally said her love was enough to want to spend the rest of her life with me.