I don't own Ghost Hunt. This is the sequel to Bloody Slippers (Bloody Slippers was the sequel to Lost) Hope you like it.

Chapter 1

2 years from the last story.

Naru was pacing the floor. Soon he was going to be a husband. He felt his heart going a million miles. He wasn't nervous about spending the rest of his life with Mai. He wanted that very much.

His pacing was more from excitement and maybe a few nerves about the wedding. He didn't know why this should bother him. he could face a murderous ghost without breaking a sweat. Why should a wedding make him nervous?

Maybe because this wasn't just any kind of wedding, this was the event of the year. Mai being an heiress and Naru's parents being who they were made it necessary for them to have a big wedding.

Mai wanted something small and intimate, but had been pushed into this grand scale one instead. Naru had told her as long as they say I do, nothing else mattered. So Mai left everything up to Ayako and Luella and the event planners. All she and Naru had to do were pick which samples they like and show up on time.

Naru was not a fan of public events. He had always been a private person. So this whole thing should be annoying him right now, which is what made him nervous.

He didn't want to disappoint Mai. She had kept asking him if he was alright with everything. She told him it was his wedding too and that he shouldn't be happy with the plans too.

Naru's biggest fear was loosing his cool and ruining the most important day of their lives. He could deal with the hugging and shaking hands with the random strangers. He could deal with the flashing of cameras and the constant posing for pictures.

He could even deal with the occasional woman coming on to him.

That was what he kept telling himself.

Lin came in just then and shouted back. "I found him." Naru had snuck away to clear his head. His mother must have been frantically looking for him. She probably was afraid he was going to back out at the last minute.

The simple fact was that he was going nowhere without his bride. They should be more worried about Mai than him. Mai had a way of getting herself into uncomfortable positions. That was another thing that worried him. Mai.

Would she make it to the church in time? Would she be calm and not panic and run off at the last minute?

Naru realized how stupid he sounded, but he couldn't help that he was crazy. Crazy in love and crazy for her.

He was now back to the present. His mother came rushing towards him to straighten his tux and wipe the no existent dirt from his face for the hundredth time.

"Mother- Mo—Mother!" Naru yelled at Luella. He heard the snickers of the SPR male members. Yasuhara and Monk were enjoying Luella's antics. Naru shot them a death glare.

"Luella dear, I don' think you need to keep doing that." Martin decided to intervene. "Why don't you go check on the flowers?" he suggested.

"I already did that. Besides the planners have that covered. I could go see how Mai is doing now…." she said. The men exchanged looks of panic.

"Er- Luella, I lost my cuff links!' Yasuhara exclaimed. He quickly removed them from his sleeve and stuck them in his pocket. They didn't need Luella pestering Mai as well. She had Ayako who was loving the power that came with the title "mother of the bride," even though everyone had called her the substitute because Mai was technically an orphan.

"You lost you cufflinks? Oh no! quickly everyone we have to find them. He can't go in without them!" Everyone walked around pretending to look for Yasuhara's cufflinks.

The wedding was taking place in England. They had picked a large old stone church in the countryside. It had a large estate close by that was being used for the reception and housing them.

They were currently in the courtyard because that was where Naru had gone to be alone.

"Alright everyone, its time for us to get into our positions." One of the planners told them. Peter handed off the video camera to another assistant. He had decided to record them getting ready.

"But the cufflinks!" Luella cried. Yasuhara pulled them from his pocket and pretended to pick them up off the floor.

"I found them!" he yelled. He put them back on as they were rushed back inside. John stood nearby. He would have been performing the ceremony except he was a catholic priest and this was a protestant church.

He would do a reading though. Mai had insisted that he be able to read during the service.

The bridal party was a bit different. Since everyone knew that Naru would have wanted Gene to be his best man, they decided not to assign a best man or maid of honor. The candles would be lit before hand. Peter, Yasu, and John would be groomsmen. Lin would be sitting with Madoka.

Mai would be walking down the isle alone. They had decided that this would show her independence, but Monk and Ayako would be seated as the parents of the bride. Masako and two of Mai's friends were bridesmaids.

The music began to play. Naru took his place in the front of the church. The flower girls went down the isle and then Masako escorted by Yasuhara. Then came John and the other bridesmaid and Peter and the last bridesmaid.

The music changed. Mai appeared holding her bouquet. Her dress was strapless with a crystal belt around her waist. Her skirt was a princess style. The veil covered her face.

She began to walk down the isle. Naru felt as if everyone else disappear as he focused only on her. She was his world. She reached the end and took Naru's out stretched hand. He could see her smile at him.

The ceremony was beautiful. John did a reading. Mai and Naru said their vows.

"You may kiss the bride."

Naru lifted Mai's veil and kissed her. They continued to kiss until the minister coughed loudly signaling for them to stop. This earned a few chuckles.

Naru and Mai exited the church where rice was thrown on them. The got into their car and drove off to get pictures taken and then they would go to the reception.

The Reception

"I have the honor to introduce to you, Dr. and Mrs. Oliver Davis." The room cheered.

Mai and Naru walked to the dance floor for their first dance. (English lyrics and then the Japanese)

Tomorrow never knows but now

I don't have any hesitations

like the wings

that gets lost in the sunny sky

Good bye... thank you...

because you were here

I can start walking

on the path leading to the future

I believe that

my dreams come true...

look into my eyes overcoming the

tears of sadness

I found kindness

on the hill of hope and then the

sun will shine

I become myself

in the passing time

my wish come true

I'll go and see you so

here there everywhere

I feel...

Tomorrow never knows dakedo ima

mayoi wa nai sa

hare wataru sora ni mayou

tsubasa no youni

sayounara... arigatou...

kimi ga ita kara

mirai eto tsuzuku michi

aruki daseru kanarazu

my dreams come true


look into my eyes kanashimi no

namida wo koete

yasashisa wo mitsuketa yo

kibou no ka ni soshite

sun will shine

boku wa boku ni natte yuku

meguru toki no naka de

my wish come true

kimi ni ai ni yuku kara

here there everywhere

i feel...

(Michishirube byMiyamoto Shunichi love that song!)

The night went on. Everyone was enjoying themselves. Naru and Mai went to cut the cake. Naru put a dab of icing on Mai's face and kissed her. The crowd loved it.

Background Information and the Beginning of Our Story

After Mai's performance in the Red Shoes, she was offered the chance to study at several prestigious schools. But she honestly wanted to stay in Japan. That was where her life was and that was where she wanted to be.

She was still in school when Naru proposed to her. They did not want to wait to get married so six months later they had the large wedding in England.

The honeymoon was nice. They went all over Europe. Mai loved every minute of it. They finally returned to Japan to begin life as a married couple. They got an large penthouse apartment, where they and the cats and dog lived comfortably. Mai continued her career.

She was pretty well known at this point. She hardly ever went on investigations, but that was not a problem. She and Naru spent lots of time together. They had a good marriage.

Mai now 22 and Naru 23 had been married for about two years. Mai burst through SPR's office door. She was practically bouncing up and down with joy. Everyone was there.

"I have the biggest news!" Mai cried out.

"Oh my god. Your pregnant! Finally!" Monk exclaimed and hugged Mai tightly. She gave him an annoyed look and pushed him off of her.

"No! I'm not pregnant." She explained. "I'm going to be in a Cooper Nielson ballet!" she screamed.

"Who's that?" Yasuhara asked turning to the others who shrugged.

"Oh come one. You guys have never heard of Cooper Nielson?" Mai put her hands on her hips.

"We have now. So who is he?" Yasuhara asked.

"He's about the most famous choreographer in the world. He is the father of modern ballet and only 36 years old." Mai sang out.

They all looked at each other confused, but then showed enthusiasm and congratulated Mai.

Ok so this is the third story. there will be two more. I had been working on this during the summer and here and there because i wanted to get the first few chapters done before uploading it. Also I have been kind of busy and so I hope to get some of this done on over thanksgiving, but theres no I hope you all like this story. I had to work on the title. I'm still not happy with it, but its much better than before. :)