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The Dom next door


I was six years old when I met the boy I would fall in love with.

Edward Cullen.

He was my brother Jasper's best friend. They were twelve.

We had just moved to the little town of Forks with our dad Charlie after our parents' divorce. Mom had stayed back in Phoenix with her new boyfriend, Phil.

Edward and his family lived next door to our little house. Theirs was a lot bigger, but the houses co-existed peacefully as did our two very different families. His family consisted of his father Carlisle who was the chief of the Forks Hospital, his mother Esme who was a stay-at-home mom, and a little sister Alice.

Alice was nine.

I idolized Edward like he was my very own personal superstar and I was his shadow. I followed him everywhere, tried to show him my new books and get him to notice me. He in turn did his best to stay away from me and then ignore me when that wasn't possible. Jasper teased me mercilessly and called me a stupid little girl who couldn't figure out where she wasn't wanted. I hung around their house, using Alice as a silly excuse until Alice made it clear I was too young to play with her and her friend Rosalie. I didn't mind much as she wasn't the one whose company I was interested in the first place.

This would probably have gone on forever, unless something very embarrassing hadn't happened. One day my dad took me aside to the kitchen table and told me that Edward's dad had talked to him about me, and how I was distracting Edward from his schoolwork and hobbies. Charlie was very understanding and explained to me how he understood how I felt about Edward, but that I shouldn't make myself a nuisance. Maybe Edward would return my feelings someday, but if not, I shouldn't keep pushing it. I would meet some other boy some day.

I was almost seven when I gave up on Edward, but I still watched him from afar. In a couple of years I even befriended Alice and Rosalie, and was once again welcome to the Cullen house. I cried when he started going steady with his first girlfriend. I high-fived the air when he broke up with her. I cried again when he left for college and finally he faded into a memory of something dazzling I could never have.

Of course I never knew what he was, or how he felt about me.