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Haruhi sat in her bedroom and looked at herself in her floor length mirror.

Today was her first day at Ouran Academy and she was only there on scholarship.

At least it'll look great on my transcript.

Oh mother in heaven, will you bless me on a good first day?

She smoothed out an invisible wrinkle on her black pleated skirt and checked for runs in her tights. Her white shirt was tucked in and her baby blue blazer fit snugly over it. She loosened up her tie a bit to give herself some more air.

Her hair was tied up high in a ribbon and her bangs kept falling in her face.

Suddenly, her father busted through her door.

"Haru-chan! You look so adorable in your school uniform!"

"Thanks dad. Have you seen my shoes?"

"Oh I wish we were the same size, I could use that uniform to-"

"Don't even finish that sentence!"

"Oh dear, I didn't mean to upset you. Are you okay with walking there?"

"Yeah dad of course! Don't be late for work; I'll see you after school!"

She closed the door behind her and started her way towards the academy.

Finally, a break before we leave.

She left to go find a quiet place to study.

An abandoned music room? Well, I'm not picky.

She opened the door to see a tropical paradise.

What is this? Where am I?

"Hello princess! Welcome to the Ouran High School Host Club!"

"The what?"

The blonde man who spoke wrapped his left arm around her waist.

"Are you new here love? I've never seen you before!"

"Well, yeah I came here on scholarship."

"No way!"

This time a pair of identical voices spoke. She turned at saw the twins in her first period look at her.

She looked to their left to see a very tall man, a business looking man, and a third year she saw in the hallway that was adorably short.

"So, you couldn't pay for an appointment anyway. Well, why are you here?"

"I was looking for a quiet place to study-"

"Well you can study here!"

"Uh, no way-"

"Nonsense dear princess! If it means seeing your pretty face I'd love to see you here."

"I'm sorry but-"


The business student spoke.

He let her go and turned towards him.

"I've been meaning to tell you that we can't keep this club if you don't get your grades up. How about, Haruhi can study during hosting hours and after she can help with yours."

"Sounds good!"

"Well, I don't-"

"The club can pay for your schooling until you graduate."

"And what would you get out of it?"

"This club counts as an extracurricular activity. It looks good on a transcript."

"Well, okay I guess."


Suddenly she was hugged by the third year.

"Yay! Haru-chan can stay!"

Haruhi barely listened as the 'hosts' entertained their customers around her. Instead she was getting her homework done so she had time to do the chores at home.

She was gripping her pencil so hard as she heard the girls giggle nonsense about Tamaki that it had snapped in half. She dug around in her book bag for a new one and noted that at this small little table at least she wasn't the center of attention,

Looking around the room she saw Kyouya entertain just one client, Hikaru and Kaoru entertaining three clients, Honey and Mori entertaining two clients, and Tamaki entertaining three.

She rolled her eyes at the pathetic girls that needed a guy to tell them they looked good.

I could never stoop that low. I mean, back at middle school everyone wanted to date me anyways. Not that I've ever show boat that around or anything.

With a sigh she got up and stretched to pour herself a cup of tea.

The final bell rang and the hosts said their byes to the ladies.

As the last of them cleared out Tamaki sat in the opposite side of the table with a sigh.

Oh honestly, it can't be hard to sit there and tell someone their pretty.

"So where do we get started princess?"

"You tell me. You're the one who's behind."

"Just at math!"

"Either way, show me your book and I'll see where your at."

"Haru-chan, my teacher was talking about you. Your scores topped most of the people in my classes!"

Haruhi blushed before scanning Tamaki's book.

"It's no big deal Honey, math just comes naturally to me."

"Wow you're really smart and pretty Haru-chan, you don't see that around here to much."



Soon everyone had left and it was just Tamaki and Haruhi.

"Tamaki-senpai, are you getting it now?"

He ran his long fingers through his hair. His blonde eye brows were drawn together in deep concentration.

He looks-


With a sigh she slumped in her chair.

"Why don't we pick this up tomorrow? I have to head home anyways."

"No, I'll understand it soon! I just need to try it a few more times!"

She heard a different tone in his voice that wasn't like his goofy self.

"Well, I guess you can come over while I do laundry."

"Sounds great! I'll have my driver take us there!"

Haruhi sat only a few inches from Tamaki as they quietly sat in the limo.

"Tamaki, I have to warn you about my father-"

"Don't worry Haruhi, Kyouya looked up everything about you while you were studing."

"He did what!"

Tamaki grinned at her and just shrugged his shoulders.

They arrived at Haruhi's apartment no sooner.

They left their shoes at the door and Tamaki sat in her living room while she prepared tea.

"Go ahead and do the problem on your own Tamaki, that way I can see what you're having trouble with."


Haruhi smiled.

In less than one day I've became friends with a ton of guys and now I'm tutoring one of them. Oh, when my father hears about this. Mother in heaven, please don't let him freak out.

Haruhi went into her room to hang up her blazer and un tuck her white button down shirt.

She loosened her tie as she sat down next to him.


She scanned the equation and found his problem easily.

"Tamaki, you're forgetting that you do the opposite when you're multiplying."

His fingers found his hair again as he took the note pad away from her and looked to where she pointed out.

"Try again Tamaki."

He sighed and looked at a different problem in his book.

She left to do a load of laundry and as soon as she started it, her dad came home.

"Haruhi my love! Daddy's home!"

"Welcome home dad!"

"Haruhi, who's this boy in my living room?"

"Oh Dad, this is Tamaki. I'm tutoring him in math."

"Oh, I see."

Tamaki stood up and bowed to her dad.

"Sir, Haruhi has spoken so well of you."

"Oh Haru-chan he's so incredibly handsome!"


"Tell me boy, what are your intentions with my daughter?"


"Sir I would never do a thing to make Haruhi feel uncomfortable. She's my new friend."

"Dad, what are you doing home so early?"

"Oh, well I was allowed the opportunity to take a break so I decided to come home!"

Tamaki had sat down again to finish his problem and when he did, she checked it again.

"Great job Tamaki! Good luck on your homework tonight."

"Thanks Haruhi,"

He leaned down to her ear.

"I'll text you tonight."

"But how do you-"

He winked at her before leaving.

Oh mother in heaven, are you watching? This is my new life.

Haruhi plopped down on her bed and looked down at her self.

Okay, so being told you were beautiful once and a while wouldn't be too bad.

She didn't have a flat chest, but at a C cup, she felt average. She wasn't fat or anything. So why was she feeling bad about herself?

Suddenly, her phone vibrated on her comforter.

'Hey Princess!'

'Hey Tamaki. How's homework?'

'Just got done. Mind checking it before school?'

'Sure, if you want me to.'

'How do you get to school?'

'I walk, duh.'

'How about I pick you up?'

'Can you not take the limo?'

'Why not?'

'It brings a lot of attention to the neighborhood.'

'Well, okay. For you princess.'

'Haha okay.'

'So, what are you doing?'

'Sitting on my bed talking to some creep.'

'Who's that?'



'Just kidding!'

'You're mean!'

'Am not, I'm playful!'


"Tamaki :('

'Just kidding!'



'Yeah, yeah. So what are you doing?'

'Studying my music sheets'

'What do you play?'


'Will you play for me sometime?'

When Tamaki didn't reply at first Haruhi wondered why she made such a bold move on him.

'Of course princess.'

'Tamaki, I'm not a client. You don't need to talk to me like that.'

'I'm not treating you like a client.'

'Oh, okay.'

'Shouldn't we go to bed?'

Haruhi looked at the clock.

'Yeah, but I'm not tired.'

'Me either.'

'But we should.'


'Sweet dreams princess.'

'Sweet dreams Tamaki.'

She closed her phone and turned on her side.

Her dreams were filled with a blonde haired pianist.

"Haru-chan that sexy man's waiting outside for you!"


She blushed as she adjusted her knee high socks.

After grabbing her boxed lunch she slipped on her Mary Janes and waved 'bye' to her dad.

"Hey princess."

"Hey Tamaki. Homework please."

He handed it over and she quickly scanned over it.

"Well, I can't see any problems. Except, this isn't your handwriting Tamaki."

He stared at her wide eyed and she smiled at him.

"You can't fool me senpai, I can just tell. I'll let it go this time but you better do it by yourself tonight."

"Well, okay."

He slumped down into the seat father and crossed his arms.

"Don't pout Tamaki that's not like you."

"Hai Haruhi-hime."

His phone vibrated and he started texting so she looked out the window instead. They weren't in a limo, no it was more of a town car. But it still had a sunroof.

Throughout the day Haruhi had only one thing on her mind.

And that was seeing Tamaki again.

For them both being first years, it was weird she only had him in two classes.

But now it was time to head for the host club.

When she made her way in there they were dressed in a royal Arabian theme.

"Haruhi, there's been something I've been meaning to ask you."

"What's that Kyouya?"

"We ask in favor that you dress with our themes to promote you as a part of the club."

"But I'm not-"

"Actually, you are. We've voted to have you as a part time hostess."

"But what about my studies?"

"We've hired a maid to do your chores while you're at school so you can be with us."


Tamaki interrupted her.

"But nothing Haruhi, you don't owe us anything."

He threw a costume at her and tossed her into a changing room.

Isn't this supposed to be a music room?

She dressed in an off the shoulder tight red midriff top and pants that flowed about her and hung low on her hips.

"This outfit is ridiculous."

"It doesn't matter, you're loosing homework time."

"But what if I don't-"

"Haruhi-hime we can do our homework together at my house!"

The twins each rapped an arm around her.

"Whoah, Haruhi, you've picked your favorite already?"

"Favorite what?"


"You guys aren't my hosts, you're my friends."

Soon she had more numbers in her cell phone's contact list.

Haruhi's first day as a hostess went well. All she had to do was talk about everyone's problems. It wasn't hard or anything, and even if it was to her it'd be worth it.

She called her dad as the guests started to leave.

"Hey Dad I'm going over to Tamaki's after school to do homework okay?"

"No Dad, you can't flirt with our new maid."

"That'd be wrong!"


"Fine, I'll call you when I get home."

"No I am not spending the night!"

She blushed and turned her back on the group.

"I love you too. Bye dad."

She hung up her phone and went to put it in her pocket before realizing she was still in the get up.

After quickly changing she carried her blazer on her arm and held her briefcase in both hands.

"Tamaki! Can we go yet?"

She noted in the back of her mind how sexy he looked with his tie loosened and his blazer being carried over his shoulder with his briefcase.

Mother in heaven, why must my hormones get away from me.

It was five in the morning that Saturday and her phone was vibrating loudly on her end table.


"Morning princess!"

"Is it even possible for you to be this cheery in the morning?"

"Possibly, I just drank some coffee though! Listen, Kyouya has planned a weekend trip to the beach. We know you don't have a passport yet so we're going to Okinawa. Please say you'll come!"

"Well, I'm sure Dad wouldn't mind since he's working this weekend but where will we be staying? I don't even have proper beach wear."

"Kyouya's private beach house of course! And we packed a suitcase already for you."

"Okay, what time are you going to be here?"

"I'm here now."


She hung up her phone and saw him in her living room grinning at her.

"Tamaki, who let you in?"

"Haru-chan, shouldn't you be getting ready?"


She left to her room to brush out her long hair and change into a pair of white shorts and a pink tank top.

She had changed into a two piece before heading out to the beach.

Her bikini was a pale pink and had a halter top that tied between her breasts in a bow.

She walked out onto the beach to see the usual girls with their respective hosts.

Haruhi herself had two regulars that she sat on the beach with their feet in the sand.

"This feels like a pedicure!"

Haruhi smiled and made small talk while watching Tamaki flirt out onto a rock near the shore line.

"Hey Haruhi, why don't we go cool off. I can feel my tan already!"

Haruhi smiled and walked up with the girls into the water until it reached mid thigh.

She tackled one girl, Sara, first and she went into the water.

But no sooner later the other, Mara, tackled her too.

They splashed around and soon the sun was setting.

They walked out of the water and lay on beach towels they had brought out.

This feels so relaxing.

She met up with Mara and Sara and soon they were bothered by a few creeps.

"Hey, why don't you quit bothering us?"

They grabbed her shoulders and started pushing her back. She felt her feet hit almost nothing and he pushed her with all the force he had.

The impact alone stung into almost knocking her out.

The next thing she knew, the was being carried out of the ocean by Tamaki.

"I'm fine Tama, you can put me down."

"What were you doing? There were two boys who could've done worse!"

"I've done nothing wrong! Someone had to do something!"


Haruhi dressed in a pale blue night gown and tied her hair up.

The girls were staying in a hotel while they were at Kyouya's.

They sat at a table full of seafood and Haruhi had to sit by Tamaki.

Since no one was going to make the first move, she decided to start eating first.

Soon she was running down the hall and went to the door that she thought was her own and hurled into the toilet.

Oh mother in heaven, why did I eat so much crab?

After she flushed the toilet she wiped her mouth and washed her hands.

Soon the bedroom door opened and she saw Tamaki.

"I'm sorry; I thought this was my room."

He didn't talk to her, just moved aside to let her leave.

So she did, apparently her room was right next door.

'Are you feeling better?'

She stared at this text for a while before answering him.

'Yeah, oddly enough I'm hungry.'

'Lol. Do you have any lotion? I think I'm sunburned.'

'Yeah, come on over.'

A knock on her door came soon and he let himself in.

"Do you think you can help with my back?"

She nodded and he removed his shirt.

She rubbed the aloe on his back and he sighed in a relief.

"I'm sorry Tamaki."

"I know."

As soon as she put the cap on the bottle thunder clashed at the window.

She squeaked and hid under the covers.

"Haruhi, are you scared?"

"No, just tired. Good night."

Another crack of thunder went through the night and she squeaked again.


"Just leave!"


That night he sat up on her bed and she slept with her head on his shoulder. His arm was around her and his headphones were on her ears.

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