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"Haruhi Fujioka"

She walked up in her blue graduation gown and cap, her high heels clicking in the quiet opera hall as she received her diploma and shook hands with Tamaki's father.

Once she sat down again she looked into the crowd to see her father crying and snapping pictures with Mori and Honey.

Soon, it was time to stand up to the applauding audience and bow.

Her heart fluttered as she stepped off the stage and was soon wrapped into a group hug with Tamaki, Hikaru, and Kaoru.

Tamaki gave her a kiss and her dad chose that moment to snap a picture.

"So what are you two fiancé's going to do now?"

Haruhi smiled as Tamaki kissed her neck affectionately.

"Well I'm doing independent study and Tamaki's heading into business school."

"That's my boy!"

His father was there too and embraced Haruhi in a hug.

Haruhi and Tamaki were laying down on his bed when Haruhi turned to her side.


"Yes princess?"

"I have something very important to tell you."

"What's that?"

"I'm pregnant."

A/N : So how was it? Sorry it was short but so was the series. I'm totally thinking of a sequel. One that consisted of grandmother's interference, Tamaki's mother, a baby, a wedding, and a whole new life for Haruhi. How will she handle the pressures of a higher class society?