Title- A Particular Tang
Based on spoilers for Series 6. "It's easy to recognize someone who has held the Key to Time. There's a particular tang to their personal time field."

A/N- Written because I read a spoiler that Romana may be coming back in Ep. 3 of the upcoming series, and my brain went ( ( BOOM ) ). I'm the biggest Romana fangirl in the Whoniverse, and this might-be-news made my life complete. Romana MUST become part of New Who canon! Even if it turns out not to be true... well, it wouldn't be the first time that Moffat destroyed my hopes and dreams, would it?

As they step out of the TARDIS doors and onto a planet picked at random, Amy is still asking why they can't go back to help River out of that unfortunate jam with the FBI, but he's stopped listening awhile ago. River will be fine. He's long since learned that she's more than capable of handling herself.

It's then that he feels it.

The Doctor is very sensitive to fluctuations in Time. It was his one saving grace at the Academy: his Time sense was unusually well-developed, despite his failings in such areas as work ethic and actual attendance. That high degree of skill at feeling the most minute alterations in Time has only grown greater with age.

So when he gets that taste in his mouth, he knows what it means almost instantly. It's easy to recognize someone who has held the Key to Time. There's a particular tang to their personal time field, a little tiny bit of eternity-but-not in the way their lives twine into the universal fabric. He senses this, and knows it instantly, because he has felt it in himself for the past... oh, say, three hundred and eight years.

The person emitting the strange feeling is a petit woman about his (outward) age, with blonde hair and steely gray eyes. Though the crowd in the market they've landed in is flowing and shifting all the time, people bustling past and knocking into her, she stands stock-still, staring.

Staring at the TARDIS.

As if the perception filter didn't work on her.

And then he feels her mind.

Time Lord mind.

She gapes.

He gapes.

Amy pokes him in the side.

The blonde marches up. "Hello, Doctor," she says, and there's a bite in her words.

Romanadvoratrelundar, the apprentice who stole his hearts and grew up to be Lady President, is glaring at the Doctor with a proud, icy glint in her gaze.

The Doctor has never been so terrified.