Ok so Hardygirl15 asked me to write a story about a girl named Melissa who's a little bit of a slut and in love with Lucius (but who isn't) and she calls him daddy in bed. I loved this idea and almost immediately began writing down things in my little note book of mainly crack head ideas that pop into my head when I try to go to sleep. Let me know what you think and if anyone wants me to write something for them do not be afraid to ask. Again this will be short no more than ten chapters.

Lucius sat in his study trying to do some work which was quickly becoming frustrating. All his work had been frustrating lately since his mistress had been transferred to Russia for work two months ago and he had yet to find another woman that fit his standards. The elegant blonde man looked at the clock and stood up his son and his fiancée, who he had yet to meet, were going to come and stay till their wedding. He found it a little agitating that he knew nothing about this woman yet Narcissa had been planning the wedding with her. He went to the sitting room and at one o'clock the door was opened by the house elf and Draco walked in with his arm around the lovely woman's waist when he realized he'd met her before.

"Father this is Melissa," Draco said. "Melissa darling this is my father Lucius,"

"Lucius," She said flashing him a seductive smile. "I've been dying to meet you but Draco has been avoiding it for some reason."

"Draco you didn't tell me your fiancée was Miss. DeLaurentis," He said looking the young woman up and down. She was wearing a tight black tank top that hugged her perfectly shaped breasts and light jeans that hugged her hips. Her dark brown hair was pulled into messy braided pigtails. She had bright blue eyes and luscious lips. Lucius could feel himself get aroused at the sight of her. "Her family is very well known,"

"That we are Mr. Malfoy, now Draco you want to show me your room?" She asked the younger Malfoy.

"Actually I think its bad luck for the bride and groom to stay in the same room until after the wedding." Lucius drawled.

"You know I rather like that idea it's traditional," Melissa said with a smile. "Now which room will I be staying in?"

"Follow me," Lucius said before walking up the stairs she followed. "Draco give me a few minutes to talk to her."

'Obedient good,' He thought smirking as he led her up the stairs to a room that was close to his own. He opened the door and

"So tell me why you're marring my son,"

"He's handsome, smart, and I liked him when we were in school."

"So what house were you in?"

"Slytherin of course," Melissa said with pride. "And I think you know my parents and that I'm a pure blood." She said putting her bag down. "Now tell me about you like my father I expect you have a number of mistresses and I expect your wife to have her affairs as well."

"Actually my mistress has moved for work a few months ago, and stopped our affair a week before that."

"Well I guess we'll have to fix that," She said with a wink before sauntering out of the room and down the stairs. Draco looked at her as she walked over to him.

"What did he want to talk to you about?"

"He just wanted to see if I was worthy of marring you," She said.

"His opinion doesn't matter, I think your worthy," He said before pulling her into a kiss. She kissed him back wishing it was someone else but that can wait till later.

Lucius stood in the room wondering what she meant by that but she was beautiful and her body was very sexy he couldn't help but think she had an alternative motives and he was determined to find out what they were.

Later that night, while they were eating dinner Melissa couldn't take her eyes off Lucius he was the perfect man yes she cared about Draco but she had deeper feelings for his father. The two men chatted idly occasionally asking her a few questions or what her thoughts were about whatever topic.

"I think I'm going to go to bed I'll see you two tomorrow," She said politely before standing up and giving Draco a kiss goodnight. Melissa walked up to her room with no intentions of going to bed.

Lucius asked his son about the wedding and his thoughts; he also gave him some fatherly advice about marriage before they went their separate ways for the night. He walked to his room and opened his door shocked at the sight he saw on his bed. Melissa was sitting on his bed wearing emerald lingerie her long hair around her shoulders; he could feel himself get hard instantly.

"What are you doing here?" He asked closing the door before saying something under his breath.

"What's it look like I'm doing here?"

"Well you're in my private quarters in lingerie, if you're trying to tell me something I think you should just say it instead of wasting my time." He said coldly not that he was complaining at having this beautiful woman trying to seduce him but it was his son's fiancée there was a moral code he wanted to abide by. She stood up and walked towards him.

"I'll make this short then, I want you to throw me on that bed, rip off my clothes, and fuck me properly no strings attached."

He liked this woman.

"Well excuse me but if you want to have sex my son is right down the hall and I'm sure he'd enjoy your presence."

"Draco is good but he's the son," She said as she ground her perfectly shaped ass against his rigid cock. "I want the dad, and it doesn't seem like your objecting much. You can do whatever you want to me,"

Lucius heard all he needed to hear and could take no more of her teasing; he had already silenced the room he didn't need to lock the door Draco knew better than to walk into his room. He turned her around forcibly before his mouth met hers in a heated kiss, she kissed him back as made quick work of his vest and shirt. He gripped the top of her lingerie top and pulled it down exposing her breast. His hands came up and cupped them they fit perfectly in his hands he started to pinch and pull at her nipples making her moan into the kiss. Melissa arched her chest towards his hands as her head fell back.

"Oh daddy that feels so good." She moaned lowly as he started suck and bite on her throat. Lucius found what she said a bit odd what he found even odder that it turned him on. She pulled away from him and got on her knees. The watched as she sexy brunette undid his pants and gripped his fully erect cock as she slowly stroked it. "Mmm daddy your cock is so big,"

Before he could respond she took his cock deep into her mouth and in her throat earning a loud groan from the man above her. She bobbed her head on his cock deep throating him before pulling away. He let out a frustrated growl as he grabbed her hair and jerked the woman to her feet. Lucius gripped the emerald g-string and ripped it off her body before tossing her on the bed. He forcibly moved her so that she was on her hands and knees. The blonde man couldn't help but admire her bare ass his hand caressing it before sliding to her dripping folds. He slipped two into her making her let out a low moan as his thumb rubbed her clit. She was already wet for him he wanted to taste her but she was staying here for a while and he was sure he'd get to do everything he wanted and more.

"You're a bad girl for teasing me like you just did, I think you need to be punished like the bad slut you are." He said removing his fingers as he sat on the bed. Lucius pulled her so that she was lying on his lap. Melissa could feel his cock pressing into her stomach, she wanted it so bad. "You said I could do whatever I wanted to you correct?" He said as his hand caressed her ass.

"Yes daddy anything you want," She whimpered wriggling her body on his lap. His hand continued to caress her firm ass as he grazed over her wet pussy once more before he pulled his hand away before letting it connect with her ass making her cry out in pain and pleasure. Lucius' hand connected with her ass again he repeated this until tears streamed down her face and her ass was red. She knew she probably wouldn't sit right for a week but the burning pain only turned her on.

"I think you've been punished enough," He said making her stand in front of him. Melissa stood before him in the emerald lingerie top that was pulled down to expose her breasts which were moving rapidly up and down, her hair was a mess, her usually pale cheeks were flushed as a few tears dripped down her face. Lucius had never seen a more beautiful sight. "Come here and lay on the bed,"

"Yes daddy," She said doing what he asked of her. He looked at her ass as she laid down and smirked.

"Perfect," He said before getting on his knees behind her. Lucius rubbed his cock against her entrance. "Do you want me to fuck you?" All Melissa could do was nod. "You have to ask for it,"

"P-please daddy w-will you fuck me?" She mumbled gripping the sheets as the head of his cock rubbed against her entrance. The blonde man smirked his cock throbbing.

"As you wish my darling," He thrust all the way into her making her cry out in pleasure. Lucius groaned her pussy was so wet and tight he didn't know how long he could hold out but he wanted- no needed her to cum before he did. He had to see what she looked like in complete abandon.

"Please," She moaned. "Move I need you to move," Lucius began a slow rhythm which soon turned into a faster one. Melissa cried out in pleasure before Lucius gripped her throat as he continued to pound into her. "Oh gods yes, just like that." She cried. "Fuck daddy that feels so good. Yes, yes daddy I'm coming, I'm coming!"

Lucius opened his eyes watching as she closed hers, her mouth was open in an 'O' he felt her pussy convulse around his cock as she dug her nails into his toned back. Melissa had never felt so much pleasure in her life, as she came wave after wave of indescribable pleasure flowed through her body.

Lucius came soon after with an animalistic growl as he thrust deeply into her before his seed spurt into her. After his last spurt of cum was in her pussy he rolled off of her both were panting a thin layer of sweat on both of their bodies.

"That was great," She said after a few minutes. "Men are usually too afraid to throw me around a bit."

"Most women usually don't let me throw them around a bit," She rolled over to him and gave him a passionate kiss.

"Well I think you'll find Mr. Malfoy that I'm not most women," She said before getting up and walking out of his room.

Well that's it for now let me know what you think. There will be more to smutty fun to come.