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Pairing: Lucius Malfoy/Severus Snape/Harry Potter

Title Fascination

Summary: Harry had always been fascinated by Slytherins but he couldn't suspect that they would teach him about caring on Christmas Eve.

Warning: slash.

"Mr. Potter, it seems to me that the Ministry should have sent you home instead of sending you out here on whatever it is you came to do on Christmas Eve." The drawling voice of the handsome blond wizard who opened the door cut through Harry's aching head like an arrow finding its target.

He shivered, pulling his cloak further around him as he stared up into the cold grey eyes of Lucius Malfoy.

"The Ministry wanted to wish you a happy Christmas, sir." He stuttered, teeth chattering.

Lucius snorted before he said. "I do not believe that for a moment. But do come in, I don't want to be accused of letting the Chosen One freeze to death on my doorstep."

Harry forced himself not to rush into the beautiful home and the warmth. He told himself to walk with dignity. It wouldn't befit an employee of the Ministry for Magic to rush in like a teenager, even when Harry was barely 18, and walked in slowly.

He shivered when the warmth washed over him. His head was spinning as he looked around the beautiful home. Grand staircases, marble floors and subtle lightening were the Malfoys' forte and Harry allowed it to overwhelm him.

Gone were the rembrances of the time Voldemort had dwelt here but then again six months was a long time to restore a home. Especially one who had the infinite wealth Lucius Malfoy had.

The man was watching him, one eyebrow raised as he asked. "And what brings you here, Mr. Potter on this evening of all evenings? I thought you would be at home celebrating."

Yeah, with nobody but Kreacher to keep me company.

It was the reason why Harry had volunteered to bring the Orders of Merlin that had awarded Post Mortem to Narcissa Malfoy to Malfoy Manor. Narcissa had died in a violent outbreak of the Dragon Pox three months after the war.

"I came to bring you this." Harry reached into his bag to draw out the velvet box. One finely golden eyebrow rose but Lucius accepted the box.

The wizard exhaled sharply as he opened the box before his grey eyes shot back up to meet Harry's green ones. "Are you certain of this, Mr. Potter?"

Harry stood his ground, even when he fought the stomach churning dizziness that was threatening to overwhelm him and said. "Yes, Mr. Malfoy, I am certain. Narcissa saved my life and for that she should be awarded an Order of Merlin. Even if it is a second class…. She was a brave woman to lie to Voldemort to save my life."

"Yes, Mr. Potter, she was." Lucius glanced away for a moment and Harry thought he saw the brightness of tears in the grey eyes.

He looked away at once, wrapping his arms around himself as chills erupted over his flesh. Merlin, he was cold. The ache in his chest and head wasn't dying down at all and being warm didn't help. The cold numbed the pain.

"Perhaps I can tempt you with a drink. This is a night best shared."

He must be lonely to ask me to stay with Draco being away and all…

Draco had accepted an apprenticeship with a Transfigure Master in Germany and since then Harry hadn't seen nor heard from it. Not that he minded. Who would have thought he would be having drinks with Lucius on Christmas Eve of all eves?

Harry certainly hadn't and the only thing he wanted to do was to crawl into bed and take comfort in his dreams. It didn't make him feel better in the slightest that the man standing near him had begun to take a part in those dreams together with a certain dark haired Professor.

As if… Harry thought ruefully.

"No, it is fine; I just came to deliver…."

"Do not tell me that Potter is afraid of spending Christmas Eve with two Slytherins." The deep voice wasn't the role reason that shivers shot down Harry's spine. He closed his eyes tightly against the stomach turning sensations that threatened to overwhelm him. He couldn't show weakness, no matter how sick he may be. They would prey upon it like a vampire on blood.

"Come now, Severus, taunting him will not make him feel more welcome."

Lucius' voice was filled with amusement as Harry opened his eyes again.

"I suppose because it 'tis the season I shall try to be nice."

Dimly aware that his head was still spinning like mad and he really needed to get out of here and find his bed, Harry turned towards Snape's voice. The older wizard was dressed in his customary black but not in his robes. He had chosen to wear dark slacks and a dark blue jumper instead.

The dark eyes were glittering oddly as they fixed upon Harry but then Snape smirked and asked. "So are you going to join us, Mr. Potter? It is one drink after all and Lucius' honor would suffer dreadfully if you were to leave us without at least sharing one drink for the road."

Harry glanced over his shoulder at the wizard in questions who did a fairly good impression of suffering with a touch of amusement. "What can go wrong with one drink, Mr. Potter? The weather outside is ghastly and I cannot on good conscious allow you to leave with the heavy snowfall without at least one drink."

Harry sighed and then said, announcing defeat. "Very well, one drink but that's all."

"That a boy, Potter. I knew that we could count on your courage to rear its head without us having to resort to bribery." Snape smirked at him but Harry got the feeling that the Potions Master was not laughing at him but was genuinely pleased that Harry was joined them.

He took a step forward when suddenly his head began to spin worse than it had ever done before. He closed his mouth hurriedly as he could feel his stomach rolling around unpleasantly.

"Mr. Potter?" The soft call of his name had him glancing up when a cool hand on the back of his neck steadied him and another hand came to rest upon his shoulder. He nearly groaned aloud and before he could gather his wits he blurted out.

"I'm fine, really. It is just a silly cold."

"It hardly looks like a cold to me, Potter. You look like death warmed over." Snape was as blunt as ever and Harry could feel himself coloring as the dark eyes searching his face.

"Severus, leave the boy alone. He obviously feels fine." Harry held his head high even when it nearly brought tears to his eyes because of his headache.

He was such a fool to think that Snape wouldn't notice he was ill. Snape had always been perceptive, in a very eerie way. Sometimes Harry wished that Snape would look at him like that but he kept telling himself that it wasn't to be.

It was the only way to guard his heart.

"I should get going…" He wanted nothing more than to Apparate back home to his bed and be properly ill. He was afraid that he wouldn't make it home if he stayed for that one drink.

Snape was watching him and if Harry had cared to look over his shoulder he would have seen the look of determination on Lucius' face that told him that Harry wouldn't just be staying for that one drink.

"You are always welcome to stay the night, Harry. I managed to convince Severus to stay as well. I will make sure that the master bedroom is warm enough for the three of us." Harry was sure he was imagining things but he turned so quickly on unsteady legs that he threw himself off balance completely.

A quick arm around his waist saved him from an ungraceful fall and Harry was brought into contact with a warm body. He tried to relax but the very knowledge that the two men he desired were in fact lovers was like an ice cold dagger to his heart. He wouldn't stand a chance with either of them now, despite Lucius' jokes.

If he knew one thing about Slytherins it was that they didn't share, period.

His head was still spinning and it felt like his brain was trying to pound air holes in his skull but Harry tried to pull away. He convinced himself that he could stand on his own legs and after a moment Snape snarled.

"Fine, you stubborn boy, if you think you can stand then so be it."

Harry was released roughly and while the world was still reeling, it also narrowed dangerously and the last thing Harry saw before he lost conscious was the alarmed expression on Lucius' face.


Harry struggled to wake up but his pounding headache was enough to convince him that he needed more sleep. Yet he did open his eyes. What he saw surprised him.

He half expected to be back at his old room in Grimmauld Place or even to be at the Burrows, or if he was really honest even the Infirmary but the ceiling looked too nice for any of those. So that must mean that he was…

He tried to sit up but a hand in the middle of his chest pressed him back down. "Lie down before you take another tumble out of the bed this time. You scared us witless, Potter."

Harry turned his head, blinking sluggardly at Snape's voice. He couldn't see Snape clearly and then gentle fingers set his glasses back onto his nose, carefully tucking the ear pieces over his ears. Harry blinked up at Snape.

The older wizard was sitting on the edge of whatever bed Harry was lying in.

"How are you feeling?"

"Like hell." Harry couldn't suppress a shiver, not entirely because of his illness but also because of the fact that Snape was so near. The potion stained hand came to rest upon his forehead, pushing his fringe away from his forehead.

"You have a fever, Potter. How long have you been feeling ill?"

"Since this afternoon. I thought it would pass." His stomach rolled unpleasantly and Harry pressed his lips together, determined not allow his lunch to resurface. He hadn't eaten dinner out of fear that it would reappear.

"Eventually it will pass but it might take a while. Especially when one goes travelling through the snow with only an old cloak covering him. Do you have any sore muscles or nausea?"

His stomach chose that moment to cramp painfully and Harry tried to swallow the bile down but whatever he was doing was to no avail. Snape's eyes widen and then the older wizard pulled the blankets away. Harry was out of the bed in an instance and sparing a hopeful thought that Lucius wasn't in the bathroom he barely made it to the toilet in time.

Throwing up what little he had eaten was not the way Harry had envisioned as spending his first time in Lucius' private bathroom. He had hoped it would involve a bath and lots of fun.

This wasn't either of those. No, this was bloody embarrassing.

Yet no matter how Harry felt, he couldn't help but lean into the hand that rubbed his back soothingly.


"Yeah, a little bit." Harry hadn't even suspected that Severus could be so kind and gentle but there were no other words for it because at the moment the Potions Master was. He carefully wiped Harry's face with a wet cloth and helped him stand.

Together they made their way back to the bed. Harry didn't spare a glance for the no doubt beautiful room because all he had eyes for was the bed.

"I had hoped to get you into bed at some point but I didn't imagine it was going to be like this." Harry assumed that he was imagining things because of his fever but the lips that pressed a light kiss against his hot forehead felt too real to belong to his imagination.

He blinked up at Severus, at a loss for words what to say. He had wanted to hear those words for a long time, a very long time if he was really honest with himself but he had never allowed himself to act on those feelings.

It was hard enough to know what he liked men but to know that he liked older men and not just a bit older but two men who were old enough to be his father was even further unsettling. His fascination with Severus had started a lot longer then his fascination with Lucius.

But seeing both Slytherins in public after Narcissa's death, Harry realized that he wasn't fascinated, he was in love with them.

He had worked closely with both Lucius and Severus during the summer when their trials commenced and while Severus was exonerated, Lucius lost his social standing and even now, while the Wizengamot didn't judge him, Wizarding Britain certainly did.

But Lucius Malfoy wouldn't be Lucius Malfoy if he let it bother him. Harry was simply amazed at how easily Lucius handled the press and still managed to keep his private affairs as private as he did.

"You wanted to sleep with me?"

It wasn't a great responds he knew but he had to ask.

"I want to do a lot more with you then to sleep with you but I think at the moment that is neither here nor there. You are too ill to do anything more then to lie in bed."

Harry wanted to argue but he merely smiled and then said. "I didn't take you to be the caring type."

"You simply do not know me very well. I can adjust too many types that is the way of being a spy."

"Are you the sharing type? I thought that Slytherins didn't share." Sure hands pulled the blankets over Harry but Severus didn't move his perch on the bed. He glanced up to see the smirk on the Potions Master's face.

"We share when we want to. But we are very possessive when it comes to our lovers so you are very lucky that we see eye to see on things."

"But I thought you and Lucius…"

"You thought correctly."

"And he doesn't mind….?" Harry shivered at the heat in those dark eyes. Severus' gaze softened and then he said.

"As I said before, we see eye to eye on these things."

"So you're just looking for a lover for one night." Harry knew that he wasn't in any shape to walk but he couldn't stay here if all they wanted was a one night stand. He wasn't the kind of person do that sort of thing.

He had see and done too much to sacrifice his heart like that. It would be like offered a glimpse of heaven and then the gates would shut on him, he couldn't stand that. He owned it to himself to try and find out what this could turn into.

"Hardly, if we wanted you for one night we wouldn't go to such lengths. We would simply nurse you back to health and then ravish you in the morning before sending you on your merry way back to your house."

"And to what lengths are you going to now? You're nursing me back to health now, aren't you?" Harry was a bit skeptical, but he couldn't help himself.

Severus laughed softly and said. "Lucius is preparing tea as we speak. Do not laugh when he turns up with only hot water, it is the thought that counts."

"Lucius is in the kitchen by himself and you trust him not to burn down the house?"

Tea would be nice, Harry decided. If he could keep it down of course. He needed something to wash the taste in his mouth away.

"So do you still think that we only want you for one night? Lucius never prepares tea for anybody, not even himself." Severus stroked his hair away from his forehead.

"And I did a rather fine job if I may say so myself." Lucius sat the tray with three mugs, a plate of biscuits, milk and sugar on the bed. He smiled sweetly before he smirked and said. "I must say that I like the look of you in bed, Mr. Potter, with rumpled sheets though as far as I am concerned, you wear far too much clothing."

Harry blushed and Severus wrapped an arm around him. "He is ill, Lucius and not used to such talk. We shall educate him when he is well again."

"Oh so he does not wish to go home all of a sudden?"

"Perhaps if you had simply said what you had planned all along then I wouldn't have tried to leave." Harry sneezed loudly and shivered, despite the warmth of Severus' body.

"Perhaps you care for some tea. I heard that it works best when one is ill." Lucius tried to adopt a tone of one who was used to dealing with people who were ill but Harry knew better.

"Tea would be nice." He said and Severus reached forward to take a cup. Instead of handing the cup to Harry, the Potions Master held it to his lips instead and tilted it. Carefully blowing, Harry took a cautionious sip.

When it didn't taste to bitter, or salty and that he was sure he could keep it down, he took another sip. After a moment Severus took the cup away. He glanced up to see Lucius sitting beside him, holding a biscuit.

"The best Cauldron Cakes in the world. From my personal supplier, you will love them, I'm sure."

To humor Lucius, Harry allowed Lucius to feed him. It was one bite but already his stomach was protesting and he pulled away. He sighed wearily.

It was Christmas Eve and he was ill. Though he was in bed with Lucius and Severus but not in the way he had imagined it.

"Shall we leave you be so that you can get some sleep? We shall wake you on the stroke of midnight to celebrate you a merry Christmas. I do not mind spending Christmas in bed but I would rather not have you feeling miserable."

Harry managed a weary smile before Lucius leaned in to kiss him gently. "Mmm, the tea does taste fine."

One elegant hand caressed his cheek and Harry grinned. He yawned before snuggling down into the blankets. He was feeling too sleepy all of a sudden to even think of protesting when they both left the bed. No doubt Lucius had added something to the tea.

One hand tousled his hair before drawing the blankets around him and tucking him in but Harry was already too far gone to say anything. The only thing he knew as he drifted off was that he liked being taken care of.


Harry stretched when he woke up. His hand connected with a soft body and somebody grunted and Harry's eyes snapped open. His vision was blurry but he didn't need his eyes to feel the tight arm around his waist. Another arm was thrown over his chest and finally Harry glanced sideways.

Lucius was lying on one side of him and Severus on the other. Severus was eying him sleepily but the thin lips stretched into a smile as the Potions Master whispered. "Merry Christmas, how are you feeling?"

"Mentally I feel fine but physically I think I could do with some more time in this bed and some more tea…and some more care…."

He was careful to try not to be too coy but by the look Severus was sending him, he wasn't succeeding.

"Well, I do not see the harm in spending the day in bed and I think with the right persuasion we can be bothered to make you tea and some breakfast, lunch and dinner as well."

Turning on his side, Harry stroked light fingertips down the front of Severus' chest. The dark eyes locked onto his face as Harry snuggled up to Severus. He stopped short of the older man's tented boxers and then said.

"I pictured you for a nude sleeper. When I saw that gray nightshirt of yours that you wore at Hogwarts I just knew that you had to be one of those people who wore nothing underneath."

The dark eyes widen and then Severus said. "So it was you that night with Moody and that bloody egg. I knew it! And to answer your question, we normally do but I did not wish to scare you away. Under that Gryffindor bravery you could be hiding a scared eighteen year old virgin."

"Scared no but I'm hiding a virgin….does that bother you?"

"To know that Slytherins will claim your innocence? You should know that we take advantage of any situation so why should this bother us? It is much more fun because we have a lot we can teach you."

"Oh, as the most pleasurable way to wake somebody up?" Harry turned back on his back to look at the still sleeping Lucius.

"I'll tell you the way to wake Lucius up so that he is in such a good mood, it will make for a very memorable Christmas. Lucius has a terrible temper in the morning but this ensures that he may even smile in the mornings. Lucius values his sleep above all other things."

"And here I thought he was the type of man who would enjoy being awakened by a lover. Though I can imagine the older one gets the harder it is to maintain a morning erection."

Slow but sure hands turned Harry around so he lay on his side facing Lucius. Severus' sizable healthy morning erection dug into his arse and Harry groaned softly. Lips nuzzled his neck and Harry turned his head sideways to allow better access.

"Now don't go calling him old now, both of us have seen and done things beyond your wildest imagination. You can't possibly imagine how rewarding it is to sleep, safe in the comfort that nothing bad is going to wake you or that you can be awakened at any moment by either a pesky Dark Lord or a hoard of Aurors coming to arrest you. To know that each meal can be your last and to wonder when he is finally going to realize that you're a traitor. To walk away from a meeting and knowing that you have fooled him again and that it isn't you he is punishing. And then to think you are going to die but instead to wake up and knowing that he has been defeated and that you never have to look at the Mark again because it is finally gone. And then now….six months later, I'm in bed with a very delectable imp and a handsome man who I never believed could be mine."

Severus took a deep breath before he continued.

"The very man who told me so many years ago that he fell in love with the woman he had been arranged to marry. To see such happiness in everybody and never be a part of it. To see you every day, Harry, suffering and knowing I could ease it but at the same thing not being able to because it would give my position away and forfeit my life. To walk free after so many years of serving masters. To truly being free for the first time in my life. I never expected to live when Nagini bit me and now here I am, celebrating Christmas with you both in bed, a luxury I never allowed myself."

Harry couldn't help himself, he sneezed loudly. The very moment he moved his headache flared right back up and he groaned.

A gentle hand carded through his hair as Harry tried to recapture the mood but his wandering hand was caught and the blankets pulled over him.

"You are ill. Do not overextend yourself."

"I won't…." Harry fought his yawn. He hated being ill. He hated feeling like his head was filled with cotton or sludge hammers, depending on how he moved. Or how his muscles ached.

The warmth that Severus provided was relaxing and Harry laid his head on the arm that was placed beneath it.

"Nap, we won't go anywhere." Satisfied with the arm around his waist Harry allowed himself to sleep again.


He woke up to soft murmurs and the delicious smell of fresh bread and morning coffee. Opening his eyes, he stretched and then reached for his glasses. They were pressed into his hand and a soft voice murmured.

"You were sleeping so peacefully, did we wake you up?"

Harry shook his head, stomach rumbling as he sat up carefully. His headache was nearly gone and he was even feeling a little bit peckish. That bread simply smelled divine.

Lucius was sitting on the edge of the bed; a cup of what Harry could only assume coffee in hand. Despite the regal posture, the older wizard's blond hair was mused and his shirt was partly unbuttoned. To Harry, he had never looked more delicious.

"How are you feeling, love?"

"Better than this morning. I guess sleep agrees with me…."

"I can think of a few other things that agree with you as well as far as I am concerned. Such as the fresh out of bed look. I like your tousled hair and the flush that stains your cheeks. It brings to mind other things that we could have been doing instead of sleeping." The grey eyes were as sharp as ever and Harry found himself blushing.

"I like your fresh out of bed look as well." He confessed. He moved forward to snag a piece of toast away.

"You can at least try to steal the buttered ones so I feel better in knowing that you have something nutritious in your stomach."

"How about that I see how much of this I can keep down and next time I'll go for the buttered ones?" It was endearing really to see Lucius worried. A cup of tea was passed alongside the toast Harry managed to snag away and Harry took a grateful sip as he settled back against the headboard.

It really is a nice bed. I could get used to this and I don't only mean the bed.

He peered at Lucius from underneath his lashes before he said. "I haven't wished you a Merry Christmas yet."

One fine eyebrow rose as Harry placed his tea back on the tray before crawling over and into Lucius' lap. He took Lucius' cup and put it away.

"I need my coffee, Harry. I thought that dreamed that Severus told you about my terrible temper in the morning?" The grey eyes were as hard as steel but Harry didn't care. He merely smiled sweetly and said, fastening his arms around Lucius' neck.

"Yeah but I know what will sweeten your temper." Lightly pressing a kiss against Lucius' lips, Harry wasn't prepared for the hand that tightened in his hair immediately and pressed him forward. Soon it was Harry who was kissed thoroughly and instead of hoping to coax Lucius in a better, Harry was being coaxed onto his back.

Only when he lay panting, lips swollen from kisses and eyes not only aglow with fever but with passion as well did Lucius roll off of him and lay down next to him to gather him in his arms. "If you were to do this more regularly I am sure that my mood would improve drastically…"

"I think that you just improved my morning as well. Perhaps we should keep him around as a safeguard against your temper." The possessive arm that wrapped around his waist and the familiar body warmth that came to lay behind him made Harry smile.

He glanced up at Lucius as the older wizard gazed down at him. "I suppose if we wrap him up in blankets he can be our Christmas present. You know that I always like to give and to unwrap…."

"But whatever shall we gift Harry with?" Sure lips nuzzled at his throat and Harry glanced over his shoulder at the dark eyes. Severus wasn't looking at him but at Lucius, awaiting his answer.

"I think that we can gift him with our love if he will have us."

He was rolled onto his back and two pairs of eyes looked down at him. Both faces were blank but Harry could tell they were awaiting his decision. He stretched, hands reaching out for other hands and holding them tightly as he said with a grin.

"I suppose I can be bothered to put up with you."



Harry laughed and then pulled his two Slytherins down so he could snuggle up to them.

"Well, will you put up with me?"

"Gladly if we can see out that Slytherin side that you are rumored to posses."

"I think we may have to insert something Slytherin within him in order to draw it out and nurture it."

"But be prepared that nothing else will enter you except something Slytherin since we are not in the habit of sharing."

And as Harry shivered with anticipation because of the heat in the eyes of his lovers, he knew that he wouldn't mind being at the mercy of these Slytherins because he also knew they took excellent care of their own and that was all he ever wanted in his life, to be loved and owned by two Slytherins and as long as they did that, he was happy.

The end.

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