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Harry tapped his knees and glanced at his watch. He was early for his appointment but that should not matter. He, believed that it was better to be early then tob e late. He tapped his foot on the ground and glanced around the corridor.

There were a few chairs in an area that was clearly a waiting area. There was a small table and Harry glanced at the magazines lying there. He was too nervous to truly look through them and enjoy them. It could wait. He glanced around the rest of the corridor to pass the time.

"Mr. Potter?"

Harry glanced up as the door opened. He rose to his fee tand wiped his sweaty hands on his trousers before he walked towards the young man who had opened the door. He extended his hand and the man ismiled as he introduced himself. "My name is Professor Jonathan Parker."

"It is a pleasure to meet you. I'm Harry Potter." Harry smiled to try and not show that he was nervous. The young man was older than he had at first though. There were faint lines around his eyes and mouth that indicated he had laughed a lot. His hair was black and spiky and his grey eyes were kind and sharp. He stepped away to allow Harry to enter.

The room Harry entered was massive. It was easily as big as the Gryffindor common room and Harry had always thought that one had been big. Large bookshelves made up the walls and there was a large fireplace in the middle. For some reason Harry was a bit disapointed. He had been expecting this. But when Professor Parker had introduced himself, Harry had assumed it would have been different.

There were several people seated at a large table. They rose when Harry and Professor Parker came closer. In total there were five people. Three of them were men and two were females. But what struck him as odd was that most of them were young. Harry would have put all of them below the age of 40, which surprised him.

"Harry, may I introduce you to Professor Sydney Simson, Professor Jack Dutch, Professor Joyce Hale, Professor Mike Smith and Professor Carolyn Timson. We are part of the faculity of vetrinary science. The course you are applying for, magical animal managment is part of this."

"Please do sit down, Mr Potter." The woman that had been introduced as Professor Hale had short blond hair and a bright smile. She winked at him and Harry grinned back.

"Would you care for some tea?" Proffessor Simson held up a teapot and Harry gave a relieved nod. He sat down and crossed his legs at the ankles. He was feeling slightly nervous. But that was to be expected.

He liked the fact that he had to proof himself, instead of getting into the course based on his name and things he had achieved. This was something he had to work for and he needed that.

"We are glad that you could meet with us on such a short time." Professor Simson said as he poured the tea. He held up sugar and milk and Harry nodded. He accepted the tea with a muttered "thanks" before taking a sip. It always relaxed him.

"I want to thank you for inviting me to an interview. I know I was late with applying for the course and I did not expect you to accomodate me." Harry awaited their answer. If they said that they were accomodating him because he was their Saviour then he was out of here within a second.

"I have to say that your marks were impressive and we always invite everyone for an interview that applies for this course. So what made you decide to apply for this course, Mr Potter?" Professor Timson crossed her own legs as she met Harry's stare. Her eyes were dark brown and her long dark hair was straight. She didn't smile but Harry met her gaze head on.

"I was always interested in magical animals. I know I have only done one year of care of magical creatures at Hogwarts but I could not fit i tinto my schedule with the classes I was applying for. I always wanted to became an auror."

"What changed your mind?" Professor Timson appeared ruthless but Harry wasn't going to back down.

"I think that the war did. I found that while I do find it interesting to fight of Dark Wizards, I have had enough of saving the world. I think that instead of being an asset to the Ministry I would become a liability. My fame is my downfall here and people would like to challange me to see if they can best Harry Potter. I do not want to do that as my life's work. I have had enough of Dark Lord and everything assocation with them. I chose it because it was the only thing I knew and my family had consisted of Aurors as well. I did not think it through at all because in all honesty, I did not expect to survive this long to make this choice."

Harry took another sip of tea. The Professors exchanged looks and then Professor Smith said. "That does seem like a good enough reason to change your mind. Especially about something as important as concerning what you want to become. It is not a choice made lightly and many people do change their mind. We are here to gauge if you are really interested in this course and willing to invest in this course. It will not be easy, especially for one who has not had any expirience with animals beyond one year of care of magic creatures. Do you have any expectations of this course?"

"I have done my research of course before I applied here. I like the fact that unlike in other university you can start in a broader field and actually have a medical degree concerning animals. My expectations is that I will not only learn a lot about magical animals but also about normal animals. I have not yet decided if I want to work in the wizarding world or in the muggle world." Harry finished his tea and set the cup down.

"I suppose that you would like us to tell you something about the set up of the course." Professor Timson took over again.

"Yes, I would like some more information. But there is one question that has been playing through my mind since I walked into this room. All of the Professors are very young. Is that the case for the whole of the faculity or is it just to impress me?"

Professor Timson finally laughed and shook her head. "They said that you would be charming, Mr Potter. Our faculity is young. Here at Cambridge students often become Professors for a few years after working in the field for a few years. Our Professors are given teaching contracts of 3 years maximum so that new developments in the field can be taught to our students. We believe that it is important that students are taught the latest devlopemts in the field instead of old techniques that can become outdated. Therefore our Professors are young and still work in the field while teaching at Cambridge. I myself have a clinic that treats magical and other animals. Professor Parker works as a dragon trainer during the summer break. He is employed in Hungary as a surgeon. He is one of the few people that works in the field that has this much expirience with dragons and knows so much about them, except perhaps for the dragon handlers themselves."

Harry glanced up at Professor Parker. The man met his eyes and winked, smiling slightly. Harry looked away, flustered. He cleared his throat and then glanced back at the Professors.

"How is the course set up?"

He played with his cup. He refused to meet Professor Parker's eyes again. It had been a while since he had found somebody attractive except for his lovers.

"It is a five year course. The first year is a basic year in which there are vetrinary courses, courses that cover genetics and courses that cover behaviour. In your second year in the final semester you can pick your own courses and start your specialisme. The third year you will do an intership and begin the courses for your specialisme and the same in the fourth year. In the final term of the fourth year and the first term of the fifth year you shall do another intership and after that you shall begin your research project or thesis. It is a lot of practical work and hours in the field. Our students are some of the highest sought after in the field once they graduate." Professor Parker was the one who answered.

"It sounds interesting, I have to admit. But I also have to admit that I have been to Oxford today as well. Their course is interesting. How are things arranged in regards to dorms and studybooks? Would I be responsible for finding my own internship or will that be done for me?"

"Ah, I figured that you would have visited another university. Give Amelia my regard when you see her next." Professor Parker smiled and then continued. "We have dorms available on campus or you can decide to live off campus in a private house. Of course we are connected to the floo network and there are Appration points on campus. Studybooks are included in the tuition and will be rented. You can decide to buy them later but I would suggest that you wait with that until you have decided what you want to specialize in. Internships are partly provided through the university because we have a lot of connections in the work field but students are encouraged to seek their own internships. Students have to apply and we cannot guarantee spots. It depends on the grades and the work the student provides. Letters of reccomendations are written by Professors and each Professors oversees a number of possible internship places, according to the specialisme of the Professor. Does that answer your question?'

"Yes, it does. How high is the chance that I will be accepted into the course?" Harry had to know i fit was worth his time.

The Professors exchanged looks and Professor Timson leaned forward to refill Harry's cup. He shook his head. He didn't need too much tea. They were going to a portkey ride soon enough and he had never been thaat far with a portkey. He was nervous and excited enough about the vacation without adding the need to run to the bathroom every twenty minutes because he had drunk too much tea.

"No thank you, Professor Timson. I have had enough tea for today." The Professor nodded and poured the others tea. She took a sip before she said.

"To be honest, Mr Potter, your grades are exceptional. But we do not only look at grades. We look at motivation and expirience as well. There are students who have more expirience than you. But on the other hand, our classes are small and since the war started we have noticed a lack in applications for this course. People do not see the necesacity of helping animals when they can help people and fight off dark wizards. We do not expect it to pick up anytime soon. Not when our world still needs rebuilding. However we are aware, unlike some people, that not only the human or magical world needs rebuilding but also animals have been wounded in the Final Battle. Our field is depleted and in dire need of fresh blood and expertise. Our course is in dire need of people passionate about animals and we do believe that you do have that. Though we have yet to see it."

"You do not believe me passionate enough?"

Professor Parker leaned forward slightly and said. "Harry, you have been in this room fora bout 30 minutes. You are nervous about meeting with Professors that are only a decade your seniors. This determins your future. There are people walking in through these doors that bubbled over with enthousiasme. We have had people that only said a few words. It is hard to show the passion fort his field through a thirty minute meeting. At this moment I think that all of us are in favor of accepting you into this course. However we cannot give you an unconditional offer. If we were to give you an offer it would have conditions that you would have to meet."

"And what would those conditions be?" Harry leaned forward.

Professor Simson smiled and answered. "You would have to take some extra classes in the practical expirience of the course. These are being given by Professor Parker. After these classes you would have to sit an exam."

"And how many of these classes would I have to take?"

"Two weeks full time should do it. It is short time, I know but we do expect that you will do well." Professor Parker smiled at him and winked.

"Would I be required to say yes right away or can I think about it?"

"We would encourage you to take the time tot hink about this, Mr Potter. I would be severly disapointed would you make a decision right now." Professor Timson inclinded her head. Harry grinned.

"I would not want that." He glanced towards Professor Dutch and Hale. Both Professors had been silent throughout the interview and Harry wondered what kind of impression he had made to those Professors. It was on the tip of his tongue to ask them for their opinion but he held his tongue. Instead he smiled and nodded his head at them. There must be a reason why they were here and why they hadn't said anything.

"Is there anything else you would like to know?" Harry crossed his legs at the ankles again.

"No, I think that we are done here. Thank you so much for coming here. Do you have any questions for us?"

"No, I think all of my questions have been answered. I have some thinking I need to do. Thank you for having me." Harry rose to his feet and shook the hand of each Professor. The last Professor was Professor Parker who walked him to the door. The Professor extended his hand and said.

"It was an absolute pleasure to meet you, Harry and I look forward to seeing more of you in the future, in my class or in the field as a co worker or perhaps more." The Professor winked as he closed the door, leaving a flustered Harry to make his way home.


Harry came home to find the whole house nearly upsidedown. There were suitcases in the hallway, large trunks that had him frowning. Surely they were not going away that long. He called out but heard nothing.

His stomach chose that moment to rumble and Harry decided to take a small detour towards the kitchen. He needed something to snack upon. They had not made any plans for dinner and Harry suspected that they would eat their dinner on the beach, something he was looking forward to but in the mean time he needed something to tie him over.

He entered the kitchen to find Severus nursing a cup of coffee at the small table in the corner. The other man glanced up when Harry entered and Harry grinned as he walked over to greet Severus properly.

He could taste the coffee on Severus' lips as he kissed his lover deeply.

"So was your day?" He murmured, breaking away to take a sip of Severus' coffee. A hand settled on his hip as Severus pulled him against his side. Harry could feel the hot breath against his neck as Severus murmured.

"Entirely unsatisfactionary. Lucius is packing and he does not want help. I have finished all my work and I am waiting until he's done with unpacking so I can unpack the items we do not need a holliday. So here I am, unable to find anything to occupy my time."

The tongue that licked at his neck said enough and Harry shrugged. "That must have been though. Was there really nothing that required your attention?"

"No, sadly not. I have grown bored. But you are home now…"

"So I shall wait with telling you how the interview went until you are done with satisfying yourself?"

"I can multitask. I can listen and suck you off if you insist on talking. If you do not, I do have other plans for that mouth."

"No, I'll talk. I happen to like the sucking off part that you mentioned." Harry felt his mouth grow dry. He didn;t think he ever had a blowjob before. He had given them but he had never received them. But there was a first time for everything.

"Then perhaps you can begin." Kisses were pressed against his neck and Harry shivered. He took a deep breath and forced himself to start talking.

"The interview at Oxford went well. I met with one Professor and she showed me around. She was the head of the faculity. I would not need to take any extra classess except for biology…."

Severus hummed for Harry to continue as he undid his belt and fly. Long slender fingers dipped into his jeans and stroked his hips. Harry lost his story for a moment. He forced himself to go back to it when Severus paused. He closed his eyes, determined not to get sidetracked again.

"It was very interesting and the course does appeal to me. It is a very broad course and it deals with animal behaviour and other things. But it isn't a specialist course…."

The hand that touched his prick paused and Harry glanced down to see Severus sitting on his knees. His lover was regarding him patiently and Harry took another deep breath before he said. "Right, where was I? Oh yeah, they also offer courses in animal healing and vetrinarian courses but this is a four year course. However at Cambridge they offer a five year course that does have a base with vetrinarian science. They have young Professors. I met with six of them…Ah…."

As that warm mouth closed around his prick, Harry bit back a moan. His breathing had suddenly left him and he groaned. When Severus stopped sucking, Harry hastily continued.

"So yeah…six Professors at Cambridge. Their Professors are no older than forty and all have expirience working in the field. They….oh Merlin, Severus, don't stop…..They were very friendly but they thought I lacked practical expirience. I would have to take extra classes with Professor Parker. He's….ah right there that spot…. Very attractive…."

Harry's eyes snapped open when Severus stopped. "What did you say?" The other wizard demanded.

His hand was a band around the base of Harry's cock, starving off his orgasm. "I said that he's very attractive. He could have been flirting with me…"

"And are you imagining him doing this to you?"

Harry shook his head. "No, cause this is a fantasy of mine."

"To see me on my knees?"

"I like your mouth on my cock. Remember our deal!I still have a lot I need to tell you."

Severus' stare was hard but Harry didn't look away once. His lover was dominant and this was the first time that Harry had ever looked at another man. He had not flirted back but he wasn't going to start keeping secrets from his lovers. He wasn't going to do anything with Professor Parker and he was entitled to look at other men.

"Then proceed." Severus made it sound as though they had been discussing the weather and he wasn't going to go back to sucking Harry. Harry allowed himself a moment to enjoy the sensations before he had to force himself to remember the interview.

"So yeah….ah… at Cambridge it is a five year course. They have two periods of internships where I will be working in the field and gaining expirience….once in my second year and once in my fourth year….Merlin, Severus…"

It was harder and harder to remember the fine details about the interview as Severus licked at his shaft. The hot mouth made him groan before he came with a rush and the call of Severus' name. His knees threatened to buckle but he leaned against the counter behind him and forced himself to stay upright. He stood there panting, all memories of any interviews erased from his mind. At this moment he had trouble recalling his own name.

Severus straightened before catching Harry in a kiss. Harry could taste himself on his lover's lips. He fumbled for Severus' trousers but the older wizard shook his head and said. "No, I have plans for us tonight. Plans that involve a beach and possible a hangmat."

Harry nodded. "Fair enough,I have similiar I even pack any clothes?"

"Cheeky brat.I suggest packing clothes that come off easily. But I would not adversed to the idea if you only packed enough clothes for the journey. I'm sure that Lucius could see the benefit of that as well."

"Speaking of Lucius. Perhaps we should go and see if he is handling everything. It is suspiciously quiet upstairs." Harry leaned in to give Severus another kiss before he made sure that he was decent. Lucius could problably guess what they had been upto but he couldn't walk around the house with his cock hanging out.

And as Harry walked away,he glanced back at Severus,smiling at his lover. Severus' eyes were practically on fire as he watched Harry walk away and Harry knew that the promise about sex on the beach was kept. He was looking forward to it.


At first Harry was sure that the room they had entered was not his bedroom. The room was a mess and there were clothes everywhere.

"What the hell happened here?"

"Lucius happened." Severus answered,who stepped into the room behind him and closed the door. The other man glanced around."Though I have to say that last time the room was slightly less chaotic."

"How long are we going for again?"

"A week."

"Boy,I'm glad that we have got magic. Otherwise I don't see how we could carry all this luggage."

" I have a plan to make certain that we do not take more than we need." Severus' smirk turned dangerous and sexy as hell.

"Do I want to know what this plan of yours is?"

"Of course you do. You get to have the fun parts in this." Severus' hand brushed his shoulde rbefore he leaned down to brush his lips against Harry's. Pulling away Harry shrugged.

"Let me guess you want me to distract him so you can unpack all the clothes and only pack what we need." Harry crossed his arms over his chest and continued. "Though I honestly do not see why we bother packing clothes. We may as well just let Lucius knock himself out with packing and we just forget the clothes.I don't imagine that we need them anyway."

"Perhaps for the trip there."

"Oh pfff, we can just Glamour our clothes on."

"Cheeky minx." Severus had to laugh and Harry grinned. It was always good to hear his lover laugh. Severus had become less stern but he still didn't laugh would be nice to see him carefree and without worry for the future.

"So shall we start a search for Lucius? I fear he may be lost."

" I am quite sure that he is around."Severus sounded walked intp the bathroom. He frowned when there was no walked back to the bedroom and said.

"He's not in the bathroom. I fear that he may be lost in the darkest of lands,that of the closet."

"Oh I can assure you that he's out of the closet." Harry turned to stick his tongue out at Severus as he opened the a normal closet would hardly have enough room to have somebody stand the closet at the Malfoy house. The closet was nearly as big as the bedroom and there were huge racks and drawers that Harry assumed Lucius kept his must have shared it with Narcissa unless she had her own closet. Harry wouldn't have known what to do with the room and all this space.

As he stepped further into the room he frowned when he realized that there was one wall where he found his own clothes. He could have sworn that he had left them in histrunks when he brought most of his clothes over.

"The house elves unpacked your trunk at some point. They get nervous when they have unnecessary clutter." Harry turned around to see Lucius emerge from another part of the closet, carrying even more clothes.

"I could have put my own clothes I should have realized that they would have cleaned them up when my clothes would appear fresh and clear each morning."

"Yes,because you must be able to tell the difference between this jeans you wear and the other ones."

"Just as you are able to tell the difference between a set of robes. And Severus can tell the difference between this black set of trousers and the other ones he has. Jeans are my trademark. It is easier to fight a Dark Lord in jeans then it is in robes. Easier to run in and you don't trip over things when you're jumping down stairs or over banisters."

"You jumped banisters during the Final Battle?"

"No, well not really though I jumped over other things. But that isn't the point. I like trousers more than robes."

"Robes can have their appeal." The look Lucius gave him drove that point home and Harry grinned.

"I think that jeans have a higher appeal. You never complained about seeing my butt when I wear jeans. If I wore robes you would not get te same view."

"That is one downside. But on the other hand, I suppose that we would have to use our hands more often than our eyes. And I have never heard you complain when we use our hands." Harry had to agree. He never minded when they use their hands.

"I'll show you the benefit of trousers when we get to the beach."

"No, you will not. You will not be wearing any trousers at all actually." Severus said from the doorway to the bedroom. Harry grinned and shook his head.

"No, I will be wearing shorts. Trust me, you have never seen me in shorts before and you will want to."

"Then why am I packing so much stuff if you plan to only wear shorts?" Lucius glanced down at the clothes in his arms.

"We were wondering the same thing. Because I do not expect to do much else but have sex, eat, go swimming and sleep. And then do it all over again."

"i second that decision." Severus answered and appearently it was that easy to get Lucius to stop packing.


Harry fell in love with the island the moment his feet touched the sand. The beach was gorgous, sandy and blue waves that crashed gently on the shore. The palmtrees were waving in the breeze and Harry squinted at the sun. He knew one thing for sure, they weren't in Europe any more.

"I don't care where we are and I'm not sure I even want to know but I think I'll be extremely content to spend a long time here."

"I imagine that it is to your liking then."

"Liking? I love it! Do you own it?"

"No,I do not. This is not mine. I did not even pick it. Severus did." Harry turned back to Severus and grinned as he said.

"So you picked this spot as a little hiding hole for when your retirement kicks in? I didn't picture you as the kind of person to lie on a beach. Unless you really had this other identiy thing figured out." Harry pulled his shirt up and over his head.

"Yes, I figured that I might as well enjoy being away from Brittain and the English weather and develop a you not notice me coming here every summer and being forced to apply a Glamour to hide my tan lines?" Severus' voice was heavy with sarcasme and Harry rolled his eyes.

He was walking backwards, kicking off his shoes and balacing on one foot to try and get his socks off. The sea was begging for a swim and Harry found he didn't want to wait. He undid his belt and jeans and began to lower them past his hips.

"You do no tintend to unpack first?"Lucius' voice was amused.

"Nope, going for a swim first. We can unpack later.I sugges that you join me." Harry shot a look behind him.

"He does have a point." Severus was unbuttoning his robes and one whispered command Vanished them.

"You know how I hate to leave things unattended." Lucius seemed distracted enough, especially when Harry dropped his boxers and Severus Vanished his trousers.

"There are other more important things you are neglecting and missing out on when you are unpacking." Harry turned around and flashed more than just a grin. That seemed to distract Lucius enough because the older wizard took out his wand and Vanished the miniature trunk that they had packed.

"Your idea has merits. I believe that I have been swayed."

A quick wave of Severus' wand and half of Lucius' clothes disapeared as well. Harry licked his lips and wolf whistled at the view. He walked into the sea. The water was cold and immediatly his skin broke out into goosebumps. It robbed him off his breath for a second before he gasped and dove forward into the water.

He came up sputtering, pushing his wet hair back. He blinked owlishly through his glasses. His lovers were nowhere in sight and Harry frowned. He took his glasses off and squinted at the sunlight. He put them back on and looked about.

Hands grabbed his hips and he was pulled against a broad chest. He glanced back and grinned at Lucius. "So we convinced you to join us."

"Who could resist the picture you made all wet and eager for me." Lucius mouthed the words against Harry's neck as he siucked and nipped. The thick cock that pushed against his buttocks told Harry exactly how appealing Lucius found him.

Long fingers curled around his cock and Harry moaned as he allowed his head to fall back against Lucius' shoulder. Lucius' mouth sought his and Harry kissed him back hungrily. He could taste the salt on the full lips but it didn't bother him. He thrust into the hand on his cocks that squeezed and tugged.

"Not so quickly."A voice whispered and Harry proested with a sharp"hey" as the fingers withdrew. He needed those fingers on him. No,he needed them in him. Whoever was doing this to him seemed to understand because hands pulled his cheeks apart carefully and fingers crept down.

Harry gasped and his mouth was caught in a hungry kiss.A kiss he returned. He opened his eyes and mapped out the broad chest before him. Fingers circled his hole and gently pushed in. He pulled Severus to him as he licked at the dark nipples. The other man shivered against him and whispered. "Brat."

Harry grinned up. He engaged Severus in a kiss as Lucius began pushing his fingers in and began stretching Harry. The burn was familiar and Harry loved it. Though he was going to love what was coming even more, he knew that.

He slid his hands down Severus' belly and towards his cock. He palmed it, making Severus moan. He loved the sound his lover made. Actually he loved the sounds both his lovers made. He curled his fingers around the thick cock as Lucius finished stretched him.

"Brace yourself." It was the only warning he needed as Lucius withdrew his fingers and then slowly pushed in. Harry rode out the burn as he turned his attention to the closest object at hand, Severus' nipple. He licked at them at the same moment he tugged on that thick delicious cock. Severus gasped and fisted a hand in Harry's hair.

Feeling that fullness that only came with having a cock up his arse, Harry asked. "Kiss me?"

He knew that Severus could not resist and soon his Potions Master kissed him as Lucius began to move. Harry met him thrust for thurst as he kissed Severus hungrily and began setting a rythem of his own. Severus' hand was still on his cock, starving off his orgasm but Harry didn't mind. The release was always intenser when this happened.

Lucius pulled his head back so he could kiss Harry. Harry bit down lightly on his lip and the other man gasped. "Minx."

"He's learning. I like this new part of him…ahhhh…."Harry grinned as both Severus and Lucius attention was diverted as he stroked Severus' cock and pushed back against Lucius at the same time. He clenched his muscles and then Lucius whispered. "Severus…"

Severus released him and Harry's released slammed into him, nearly forcing him to his knees if strongs hands hadn't caught him. Lucius held him up and increased his own pace, soon Harry could feel him stiffening as he climaxed. Increasing his pace, Harry made certain that Severus wasn't far behind and the Potions Master came with a soft call as well.

Lucius pulled out carefully and asked. "Still have some energy for swimming so we can get clean before we ravage you on the beach?"

Harry nodded. His legs were trembling but he thought that he was more than capable of floating. "I think I need a nap before any further ravaging is to take place."

Severus laughed, the sound deep. "That is alright. You can do whatever or whoever you want. You are on vacation." And Harry grinned, indeed he was.

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