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Patience had never been Harry's virtue. He knew it was considered good manners to wait until opening his letter or rushing off to find his letter until the guests had left but Harry was ready for Draco to leave. It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Severus' fingers were doing things that they should not be doing. Especially since his lover was giving him that look that promised consequences later and not of the good kind.

Harry winced when Severus' fingers brushed his ribs. Draco gave him a smile and a wink before he said. "I suppose I better be off. The Portkey is leaving within a few minutes and I'm quite sure that you have things that you would rather be doing. Or should I say somebody?"

If his ribs hadn't been so sore Harry would have been sure that he would have coughed. Lucius instead rolled his eyes and said. "And here I thought that you would look after Harry…"

"Oh we did. But Charlie just happened to glance the other way when that dragon attacked. You just have to be a bit more careful with him, father. At least for the next few days. Now, I'll be off. Take care, Harry!"

"See you later, Draco. Please do keep in touch."

"I'll make sure to check upon you in a few days. When father decides to forgive me and for Severus to let you out of his sights again." Draco winked at him and then walked out of the door. Harry hoped that him getting home injured would not have any negative impact on any relationship between Lucius and Draco, or between Severus and Draco.

"Now that we have got you to yourselves I think that you need to get undressed…" Harry turned around on his way to the kitchen. He frowned at Lucius and smirked before he said.

"Isn't it a bit early to try and get me naked? I've only been home for maybe 10 minutes." His smile faltered when he saw that neither of his lovers seemed to be amused. He sighed again and crossed his arms over his chest, leaning against the doorframe. "Look, I get that you're worried and yeah it could have been a lot worse but I'm fine, honestly. I'm just a bit sore but no worse than I would have been had I been playing Quidditch. And besides, it is supposed to be a hazzard of the job if you want."

"Is this your subtle way of telling us that you're going to take up a job as a dragon keeper in Romania?" Severus sneered at him. It was only because Harry knew his lover so well was that he could see the well hidden concern that Severus managed to mask.

"Oh Merlin no, I have no desire to move that far away from you both. I'm more then content to stay here and be spoiled rotten. Now, if you'll both excuse me I would very much like to read my letter from the Ministry. After that I'll happily crawl into bed or on the couch and let you both take care of me. You can play healer all you want, just let me get the damn letter." Harry rarely got frustrated but he did really want to know his NEWT results.

"How about you get on that couch now, strip and cast an Accio? I believe that is one spell that you have mastered reasonably well." Severus pointed to the couch and Harry sighed. He really had no desire to do either of those things.

He used to just ignore his injuries until either the point of collapse or until they had gone away on their own. He had never had somebody take care of him before. He glanced up at Severus but the man's eyes were hard. He heaved another deep sigh and winced. He rubbed at his chest and then shook his head. He doubted that this was a battle he could win because he knew Severus.

"If I strip, does that get me extra points?" Severus' eyes remained hard but Lucius smiled as he said.

"If you behave, I could be persuaded to prepare dinner for you."

"You know where to find the phone numbers for the take out places? Or perhaps I should have to teach you how to teach the phone first. Look, can we do this in like 10 minutes? Cause there is no reason for you to ask me to strip when I'm wounded! You don't even ask for how the weekend was without giving me a fucking order!" Anger that Harry had not even realized he was feeling, was pushing to the surface, coming out in a shout. Perhaps it was his frustration or his impatience but he just wanted to see the damn letter and nothing more.

He balled his first, staring at both Severus and Lucius hard. He was quite sure that he would have exploded with rage if they had shared a look. Lucius's eyes hardened slightly and Severus' lips thinned but both of them remained silent.

Harry waited, sure that either one of them would have something to say. If he knew Severus' temper he was quite sure that the Potions Master would retaliate in kind. Part of Harry wanted to fight. Things had been going so well between Lucius, Severus and himself that in the end it would only go wrong. Another part of him wondered if this was it, would they break up with him now and send him on his way?

The moment seemed to stretch forever, almost like the final battle when Harry had been waiting for the Voldemort to strike. Only this seemed more important. This was part of his future.

"You are right, brat. Go and get your letter. We will wait here until you get back and then we shall discuss what transpired this weekend." This was hardly an apology but to Harry it meant as much. He knew Severus and it was enough that his lover had said what he had said.


His hands were shaking and Harry tried to get them to stop. He didn't want to accidentally rip the letter in pieces. He put it down again before picking it back up. But still he couldn't open it. He put it down again and picked it up again.

Come on, it is just a letter. You can open it, easily. You have done this so many times, opening letter. You can do the same now. I just don't get why the Ministry doesn't just make a talking letter. It would be so much easier…

Slender hands took the letter out of his hands, careful not to pry it too much and rip it open. Harry glanced up, straight into Severus' dark eyes. The Potions Master sat down next to Harry at the table, shuffling his chair closer until their legs were touching.

Harry didn't know what to say. There was a sudden lump in his throat and he swallowed thickly. He was so nervous that he was sure he could blurt out anything. He glanced down at the table, feeling Severus' eyes on him.

The scraping sound of another chair being pulled away from the table didn't even make him glance up. Severus put the letter back on the table, pushing it towards Harry. Harry looked up at Lucius as the other man rested a hand on his shoulder.

"Would you like one of us to open the letter?"

Harry wanted to shake his head but he betrayed himself and nodded. He was quite sure that his Slytherins would see this as a weakness. But they continued to surprise him as Severus rested a hand on Harry's arm.

His lover's expression was kind, kinder then Harry had ever seen him, even when he had been sick. He glanced back up at Lucius and then suddenly pushed his chair back. He felt the need to walk around and do something with his hands, other than just sitting here and staring at the letter.

"I'm going to make tea, does anybody want some?" Even his voice sounded a bit higher. Damn, when had this become so important to him? Lucius looked a bit surprised at the sudden change in behaviour. Severus merely pulled the letter forward to open it and said.

"Yes, I would like a cup."

Grateful, Harry nodded and busied himself. He decided to prepare the tea the Muggles way, by running the tap loudly so he wouldn't hear any sounds of a letter being opened. He focussed on his task at hand, making sure to fill up the kettle before he put it on the stove. He used his wand to light the fire and making the kettle boil.

He glanced over briefly to see that Severus had opened the letter before he glared at the kettle again. He didn't want to know. He hadn't been able to read Severus' face but that didn't matter. He really didn't want to know if he had passed or failed. He had probably failed anyway. It wasn't as if he was particular good at anything besides Defence and getting in the way. His eyes narrowed at the kettle, making the thing whistle even louder.

Who am I kidding? Why did I even think that I could do this and apply to a university? I'm no Hermione. I'm not smart. Hell, even in the Final Battle it was luck that saved me and not any particular skill? I'm not good at anything; I probably failed half of the subjects and….

Dimly Harry became aware that his name was being called and he glanced up. He forced a smile to his face and said. "It's fine. No need to sugar coat it, I suppose. We all know that I'm not really good at any theoretical stuff anyway. I'll just redo and study even harder next time. Perhaps I'm just going to take a year off instead and just focus on getting over my issues before I attempt to take them again…"

He was babbling but he didn't care. It was better to allow any silence to fall between them. It was better to being told that he had actually failed. Because a part of him was still hoping that he had passed. Though that hope was dwindling by the second as Harry kept talking. He couldn't read Lucius or Severus' expressions. He didn't know what the letter actually said. Perhaps he had done so bad that the Ministry didn't even want to give out his grades.

"I doubt the Ministry will allow you to retake the NEWTS when you passed them. But perhaps they will make an exception for their saviour." Severus smirked as he pushed the letter across the table for Lucius to read.

Harry could only stare at the Potions Master while Lucius let out a whistle. "Those are some impressive marks, Harry. I think that this calls for a celebration."

"And something stronger then tea." Severus waved his wand at the kettle to shut the thing up and then rose to his feet. He rounded the stove and pulled Harry into an embrace. Harry was still staring at the letter in shock. He had actually passed?

He couldn't believe it, not until Severus softly said. "I'm proud of you, Harry. You did very well. Congratulations."

"I passed? I actually passed? You're not just lying to me to make me feel better." Harry would have pinched himself but Severus' embrace was too tight and instead he pulled his lover's head down for a deep kiss. It was rare to be praised by Severus and that and above anything made him realize he had in fact passed.

His head was pulled away and Lucius' mouth replaced Severus, kissing him just as deeply. Harry moaned into the kiss, struggling a little so he could embrace both his men. The movement made his ribs hurt and he hissed out a breath in pain. Severus eased away, making certain to still hold Harry but just not his tight. Harry groaned in disappoint, even when Lucius broke the kiss.

"I think that we may have to hold onto that celebration." Lucius finally decided, pulling away.

"Now wait a minute. I'm sure that there are other things we can do, right? Perhaps play around with some of those lovely presents that you gave me." He smiled innocently. There were plenty of things that they could do. He could think of a few things he would like to try.

Lucius' eyes darkened with arousal and Harry was quite sure that he could almost feel Severus hardening just because of the sheer suggestion. He moved his hand, slowly trailing it down Severus' chest and towards his cock. With his other hand he reached behind him, pulling Lucius flush against him by pinching his butt. It startled him and made him bump into Harry. Harry pushed back his arse back against his lover's, slowly moving his hips.

A groan sounded somewhere but then hands clammed down on his arms, holding him in place as Severus hissed. "Stop it this instance!"

"Why should I? I thought you two didn't mind while I…."

"You're wounded and we really shouldn't….Ah…" Severus let out a strangled gasp as Harry made us of the distraction to lick at Severus' throat. He knew it was sensitive, especially the area where the deep scars were. He however had every intention of abusing that information if it got him what he wanted. And that was sex on the kitchen table, or against the counter, or the stove, he wasn't really picky.

He sucked lightly on the skin, knowing full well what he doing. He was also fully prepared to see this through to the end, whatever end that may be, as long as either one of his lovers was buried inside of him. He trailed his other hand past Lucius' hip and towards his groin, making sure to keep his touch light. He knew that was a sure way to drive him insane.

Perhaps even to the point where they would forget their little rule. But if there was one thing that Harry hadn't counted on, was Severus' absolute stubborn mindedness. The man could out stubborn Voldemort or Dumbledore if he put his mind to it. And at this moment what was on Severus' mind was Harry and not in the way Harry intended. Despite being completely hard, Severus still managed to push Harry away, keeping him at arm's length.

"No more." He gasped. Lucius followed his example, both of them crowding Harry back against the stove where he stood panting. Lucius removed himself from them both to stand a little ways beyond. He crossed his arms over his heaving chest, looking deliciously dishevelled. His long hair was mused and Lucius pushed it back with one hand before he focussed on Harry.

"Severus is right. While a celebration is in order, something slightly less strenuous will do as well. Perhaps a nice dinner?"

"Or we could take a bath. A bath is relaxing. And you could give me a massage. Or I could take the bath and you both have sex in the shower while I watch, how about that?" Merlin, just the mental imagines were nearly enough to make him come.

Severus fixed him with a glare. "Why do I have a feeling, Mr Potter that you will find other things to do with your hands? No, I think it is better if your hands remain where we can see them. Perhaps tying you to the bedposts is an option."

Harry could have sworn that Severus did it on purpose to make his voice extra silky. He must have known what it was doing to Harry. He swallowed thickly and actually had to close his eyes. All he needed was just one touch to set him off. His hand was already drifting down when….

"I believe that we told you not to do that. Do you really want to know what the consequences are going to be?" Harry opened his eyes and he raised an eyebrow.

"Well, if you won't lay a hand on me, what do I have to do to get off around here? Would you rather I humped the table?"

"I would rather that you sat down at the table while we cater to your every wish."

"Not my every wish if you refuse to lay a hand on me." Harry grumbled. He pushed himself away from the stove, turning around to cast a reheating spell at the kettle. He feared he was going to need that cup of tea after all.


There must be different laws concerning time that depend on one's mood.

Harry was sure of it. How else could you explain that time flew past when you had fun and completely slowed down when you had no idea what to do with yourself?

He had spent some time catching up on some reading and had on one point even thought of writing letters to his friends. But in the end, yeah, he was still bored. Severus and Lucius had installed him in the library, saying that since it was nearly in the middle of the house; Harry would have no reason to be bored. Oh, how wrong they were. Harry had moved past the old regular boredom and was now completely in the going out of my mind territory.

He sighed and glanced around. He considered calling out but that had grown old when both his lovers had refused to come in after the past five times Harry had done this. Apparently he was only allowed to call out when he needed something urgent.

Well I do need something but they refuse to give it to me. I mean, how strenuous can it be when I'm just sitting here and not doing anything. Dammit, they even refused to take a shower together while I'm taking a bath. They don't like it when I touch myself so I think it's only fair when they touch me instead but they refuse that as well. Bloody Slytherins, surely there has to be a way around this.

He wasn't even allowed to play with the toys they had given him. Like he could even do everything on his own. He sighed again. He eyed the door. He wouldn't put it beyond either of them to put a monitoring spell on the room to warn them when Harry left the room for anything other than the bathroom. This was ridiculous. It wasn't as though Harry was seriously injured and besides, he had something to celebrate. He at least deserved something.

Fed up, he took up his wand and whispered. "Accio Harry's toys." He had no idea if it was going to work but come on; surely his luck hadn't all dried up in the Final Battle?

He closed his eyes and grinned when something hit his palm. He glanced down and his eyes widened. Well, apparently they hadn't locked all of his toys away. He held up the small vibrator. He was going to have fun with this, he just knew it.

Moving carefully, Harry sat up. He undid his jeans slowly, making sure not to make too much noise. He had to bit his lip when some of the moves he made jarred his ribs slightly. He kicked his shoes off when he pushed his jeans down. He wiggled around on the couch before managing to drop his jeans on the other end of the couch. His boxers soon followed.

Harry wasn't taking any chances so he made sure to stay on the couch. He glanced at his wand. Would it be too suspicious if he Summoned lube as well? It was worth a shot.

He raised his wand and whispered the incantation again. He frowned when one of the closed drawers in the library began to rattle. He put more power behind the Summoning spell and the rattling became louder. It was almost as though there was something desperately trying to get out of the drawer. Focusing Harry threw even more power behind the spell and suddenly the drawer shot open and a bottle of lube came to float in front of Harry. He smirked.

Well, well, apparently he wasn't the only one hiding things. I wonder what else Lucius had hidden around here.

But that was a question for another time because at the moment he had other things to occupy him. Moving carefully he crouched down on the couch. He undid the lid on the bottle and coated his fingers in the thick liquid. It was better to move too much then not enough, especially with things like this. Wandless, he cast a general cleaning spell on himself before he reached backwards.

He circles his hole gently before carefully pushing a finger in. He hissed out a breath between clenched teeth as he pushed in deeper. He stretched himself carefully, trying to make it feel good. It didn't feel as good as when either of his lovers did it but it still felt pretty amazing. He added another finger, making it feel even better. He stretched himself slowly, enjoying the burn.

When he was sure that he had stretched himself enough he pulled his fingers out and took the vibrator. He made sure to coat it in as much lube as he could, just to be sure.

It burned even more but Harry was sure to go slow. He pushed the vibrator in with caution. It took his body a moment to adjust but seeing as it was actually smaller then both his lovers in size and Harry had stretched before it didn't take him as long as he thought it would. No, the device was slender and longer so it didn't take too long until it was nestled securely. Harry sighed in relief before reaching for his wand to turn the vibrator on.

He let out a strangled moan as the vibrator started vibrator immediately. It made him feel so good and so naughty all at the same time. His cock had been half heart the entire time he had been preparing himself but as the vibrating picked up speed it hardened immediately.

He glanced down at himself and grinned. Come on, they couldn't expect him to behave himself now. Sometimes you had to make due with the resources you had and Harry decided to do exactly that.

He grasped his cock firmly with one hand. There was still some of the lube on his hands and it felt amazing to touch himself like this. It had been far too long in his opinion. He closed his eyes as he moved his hand faster and faster, slicking himself up. He increased his rhythm, biting his lip as the vibrator against his prostate was enough to send him over the edge. His hand almost flew over his cock, the lube causing enough delicious friction to almost make him come.

He threw his head back, preparing to come when suddenly…. A constrictive band appeared around the base of his cock, starving off his orgasm. Harry looked up, startled. He opened his mouth to say something when Severus said.

"You honestly think that anything you can say is going to convince us that you were not doing what it looked like you were doing." The Potions Master raised an eyebrow. Harry smirked at his lover and asked.

"What did it look like?"

"Like you were pleasuring yourself with a vibrator up your arse." Lucius answered. Harry merely shrugged and winked. He changed positions, groaning slightly at the vibrator still happily vibrating away.

"What can I say, I was bored and this certainly took the edge of things..." He was quite pleased to notice that both Lucius and Severus seemed as aroused as he was. Well, maybe not as aroused but that was beside the point.

"You look like you are tethering on the edge to be honest." Severus' fingers were almost twitching and Harry grinned. He stroked his cock again, enjoying what he was doing to his lovers. Just the very sight of him doing this made them aroused and causing them to have trouble keeping their hands to himself.

"You want a taste?" He asked, lifting his hand and licking at it. Lucius swallowed almost audibly. Harry kept his eyes on his men as he stroked his cock with his other hand. He closed his eyes. He wondered how long it would take before they came forward and…

It didn't even take five seconds before another hand replaced his own. They set the rhythm he liked and with a whispered spell later both the vibrator disappeared and the constricting band around his cock. The sudden rush had Harry coming with a loud shout. He didn't even know which name he called because his mind went completely blank with the orgasm that seemed to short circuited his brain.

He slumbered forward and hands caught him. His eyes flew open and he grinned while gasping for breath. "Knew you wouldn't be able to keep your hands off of me."

"You do make it very difficult for us, Mr Potter." Lips pressed a kiss against his forehead and Harry allowed his head to fall back against Lucius' shoulder. Both of his men were seated beside him. His legs were resting in Severus' lap and he was lying with his head against Lucius' chest. Severus' fingers were stroking his ankle, just lighting up and down and Lucius' hand was buried in Harry's hair, tousling it just slightly.

"See, that wasn't too strenuous?" He grinned up at them. Lucius' sigh ruffled his hair and Harry tilted his head back slightly.

"I suppose that it is true. But we are not going to have sex with you, at least not now. No, what you need is a shower because you have an appointment in an hour."

"No, I don't. I'm quite sure that I have the whole day off." Harry was sure of it.

"Actually, a letter arrived for you an hour ago. It was an urgent one. Two letters actually. Both Oxford and Cambridge send an owl to invite you for an interview today. If you are really inclined then you can tell them that you are busy if you are so inclined but I suggest that…."

Severus stopped talking because Harry was already rising to his feet. He turned around, picking up his wand as he said. "Well come on, we have to hurry up."


Harry had always thought he would enjoy travelling and visiting other places. But then that year he had spent moving around with Hermione and Ron had almost convinced him off the opposite. But that had never really been travelling. It had been more survival. No, this time it was different. This time it wasn't really visiting either, especially when Severus Apparate him directly to Oxford. Harry took a deep breath. Now he felt nervous for a whole other reason.

"Now you know where you have to be? I shall be waiting for you at the pub." Severus' face betrayed nothing but his hand lingered just a moment longer on Harry's shoulder. Harry turned to face the Potions Master. It was on the tip of his tongue to ask Severus to accompany him but he knew better. No, he was an adult and he needed to be seen like an adult.

He steeled himself and stepped away. "Yes, thank you."

Severus' expression softened slightly he lowered his voice and said. "You will do very well, Harry. Just be yourself and we shall take it from there. They will love you, as all people seem to do."

Harry smiled and nodded. He was still feeling nervous. He had used his own name but he hoped that they would have asked him to come for an interview because of his NEWT scores and not because of his fame.

He began walking, turning around to send Severus one last wave before he took a deep breath. He had faced off against a Dark Lord. He could do an interview.

The walk was beautiful, filled with old buildings and grasslands. There didn't seem to be many students about but seeing as it was mid-afternoon Harry wasn't too worried. He took his time to try and get his bearings. He could feel the magic coming from some of the buildings, surprising him. It was an old magic, not as old as Hogwarts but still older than some of the buildings in London. He finally came upon what would have to be the reception.

A witch was waiting for him. She was dressed in maroon robes and had a kind smile. "Mr Potter?" She asked. When Harry nodded, she stepped forward and continued. "My name is Professor Amelia Smith. I'm from the faculty of science and in particular life science, something which the magical animal degree is part of. Your interview will be with me. I am so glad that you were able to come at such short notice."

"I was surprised to receive the invitation actually." Harry smiled at her. She put him at ease and she didn't glance up at his scar once.

"Well, we had to move fast because the admissions are almost closing and we only have several spaces left. The course only has some select spaces even though it is not very popular. It seems that curse breaking or a flashing career as an Auror is far more popular these days."

"Well, I've been there and done that so I am looking for something new." Harry followed her to a small office. The desk took up most of the room but all the walls were filled with bookcases and stuffed to the ceiling with books. Harry grinned as he glanced around. It almost looked as he would have imagined Severus' office to look like if the man had to give up his beloved Potions.

"Would you care for some coffee or tea?" Amelia was very kind and Harry accepted the tea she gave him. He felt at ease immediately. He took a sip and Amelia turned back to him.

"Perhaps we can start with you telling me why you want to go into this field?" She smiled politely as Harry put his tea cup down. He mulled over his answer for a moment before he said.

"I want to help people. That was actually the first thing I wanted to do but then I took it further and I realized it isn't really people I want to help but animals. This war has not only hurt and killed people but it harmed nature as well. I have been fascinated by magical creatures even when the subject at Hogwarts wasn't all that I wanted from it."

"You didn't elect the subject to take a NEWT in?" Apparently Amelia had glanced at his records and for that Harry was glad. He grinned at her and said.

"I could give you a whole speech about that it was a mistake I made when I was young but to be honest I never really thought about what I wanted to become when I was done with Hogwarts. Part of it was that I would never expect to survive Hogwarts to be honest. I picked a career as an Auror because my dad and my godfather had been Aurors and it seemed like a good career at the time, especially with a Dark Lord on my tail. It also had to do with the fact that my best friend picked the same classes as I did. I have been interested in animals and it is something I can see myself doing. However which direction I want to go in, that I don't know." Harry decided to be honest. There was no sugar-coating it.

Much to his surprise Amelia smiled at him. "It is quite refreshing to hear an honest answer. I'll be honest with you; magical zoology isn't an easy course. It will take lots of hard work. Not only for the theoretically part but also for the practical part. We shall have to basically take you on a crash course through biology, especially since you missed it in the NEWT care of magical creatures' course. Seeing as this is a science based subject Potions is involved but I do not foresee any problems with that subject. Your mark was very high for your NEWTS so you should be fine. Would it help you if I explained about the course?"

It made Harry curious to what his actual mark for Potions had been. He hadn't even checked out his grades yet because he had refused to open or see the letter. It was enough to know that he passed. He nodded at Amelia and reclaimed his cup of tea.

"Well as you know it is a four year course. The first year is a foundation year which is the same for the entire life science course within Oxford. This is to make it easier to switch courses without switching Universities. Of course there will be some courses that are typical for this course and very important but that speaks for itself. During the second and fourth year you are required to do a work placement. This will be 5 months and is mandatory. In your third year you can pick a major or a direction you want to go in. There will be lab hours scheduled which will be spend taking care of various animals. There are plenty of hands on project to keep you busy. Teamwork will be required in some of the subjects but there are also individual projects. That is the basic outline of the course. Would it be something you are interested in?"

Harry mulled his over as he finished his tea. "It does sound very interested. How does it work out with housing and things like that?"

"You can choice to stay at your own house and Apparate in or you can live on campus. We have selected dorm rooms available." Amelia took out several pieces of parchment and gave them to Harry before she continued.

"You may be interested to know that we also offer courses in animal healing and veterinary work. These can be easily combined. We also offer courses in combination with subjects that relate to ecology and the Muggles world. You will be required to not only learn to do things with magic but also the muggle way. I hope that it is okay with you?"

Harry shrugged. "My mother was a muggle born and I do believe that it is part of our future. I mean there may be a time when we can't live in secret any longer and we would have to blend in. It would only improve my chances for a job if I learned the muggle techniques as well."

Amelia positively glowed as she said. "I think that you will fit in very well here, Mr Potter."

And Harry grinned as well. "Yeah, if you could do me one favour. Could you perhaps tell me what my Potions mark was?"

And as Harry's eyes widened in surprise he just knew that Severus had to be impressed because nobody would have believed he had gotten that mark in Potions. And Amelia had to laugh as she saw his shocked expression.


Harry was sure that he was still shocked as he slipped into the pub where he had promised to meet Severus. He nodded at the people that passed him and approached the table in the corner. Trust in Severus to pick the one table where he could view the entire the pub. He nodded at his lover as he sat down.

Severus put down his paper and even before the Potions Master could open his mouth Harry blurted out. "Why didn't you tell me I got an Outstanding for my Potions NEWT?"

Severus' lips evened out in a smirk and he said. "Would you have believed me if I had told you?"

"Of course…"

One jet black eyebrow rose and Harry sighed before he shook his head. "No, I suppose not." He deflated with a big sigh. "I was not expecting this grade though. I mean, I thought I would pass with an Acceptable but…"

Severus reached out with one hand to lay it on Harry's arm. "Harry, you have studied extremely hard and you did extremely well. I would not have expected anything less from you then an Outstanding. Though I would have been only a little less proud had you achieved an Exceeds Expectations."

Harry couldn't contain the grin on his face. "You mean it?"

"Have you ever known me to lie to you, Mr Potter? Now as we order lunch, perhaps you would be so kind to share on how your interview went?"

Lunch was ordered quickly and despite the rumbling of his stomach, Harry told Severus about the oxford interview. He only paused to take the occasional sip of his ale and stopped when the food came. Too hungry to talk any further he dug into his food. Finally taking the edge of his hunger he asked.

"Isn't Lucius going to join us?" Harry reached out to steal some fries from Severus. He pulled his hand back just in time to prevent the sting hex from being shot his way. Severus put his wand back and said.

"He's arranging some things..."

"Such as?"

"Can nothing be a surprise for you, Mr Potter?"

"I don't like surprises." Harry shrugged.

"I suppose it is a good thing that I'm here then so we can tell you what is going on." Lucius pressed a quick kiss to the top of Harry's head before sitting down. The blond wizard did manage to quickly grab some fries of Severus' plate, despite the stinging hex. "Shall I share the good news then?"

Severus nodded as he finished his coffee.

"We're taking you on a vacation to Mallorca."

Harry's mouth fell open and he stammered. "But…when….and why?"

"We are leaving tonight and as for the why, you worked hard and you deserve a break. And besides, I think that both of us would like to see you in just your swimming trousers for a week."

And with that mental picture in mind of his men in swimming trousers he just knew that this was going to be a great vacation.

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