Of Orphans and Freaks and Potentially Dinosaurs
Deanie McQueen

Chapter Two - Rest

Resting up was a good plan. Resting up is an excellent plan, Dean decides, as it gives him the opportunity to stand in a grocery aisle full of candy with an antichrist. Sam's off looking at whatever Sammy Approved food Sams look at, and Jesse's facing a moral dilemma between Three Musketeers and Twix.

"I mean, I know I want chocolate, but do I want soft or crunchy chocolate?"

Dean gives this question serious thought. "It's a tough choice," he confirms, happy that he'd already found his Starbursts. "That whipped stuff is pretty good."

"It is pretty good," Jesse sighs a little with the weight of the choice before him, eyes darting back and forth between the candy bars in each hand. His sneakers squeak loudly in the quiet of the store; at 3 AM, they're practically the only ones wandering around. "But crunchy is good, too."

Dean opens his arms when he shrugs a what can I say. Kid's making an excellent point.

He leaves Jesse to his choice, decides he should try to find Sam something boring and possibly sugar free. Bending down to inspect various candy, Dean knows it was a good idea to come. After they'd made it to the car, it'd been all silence and heaviness. Their motel was at least an hour away, which left plenty of time for Sam to start worrying about their current cash situation and for Dean to wonder if Jesse was hungry.

It didn't matter if they were broke: food came first. Dean made the executive decision that Jesse needed a candy bar, and pulled into the first grocery store he found. Fuck knows what the kid had been through in the past 24 hours, and candy bars cured most ills. Sam grumbled, of course, but kept mostly silent and stalked off to find breakfast type things for the morning.


Sugar-free gumdrops in hand, Dean looks over to Jesse. "Yeah, dude?"

"I'm thinking Twix," Jesse says, and nods once to affirm. "Tonight is a crunchy night."

"It totally is," Dean agrees, eyes darting up for a moment to spy Sam at the end of the aisle, walking closer with green things in hand.

They walk to the check-out together, handing their items to the heavily bejeweled woman working the register. "All this candy's not for him, I hope," she says, looking pointedly at Jesse. "My husband's a dentist."

Jesse narrows his eyes a little and Dean has a sudden and vivid worry that Register Lady will soon have horns or a third boob, so he checks out her nametag – Dolores – and leans forward quickly, flashing a smile. "Nah, Dolores. It's all for me. I've got a weakness for sweet things," he says, and winks.

It's a shitty line as far as pick-ups go, but Dolores blushes like she hasn't heard such a thing in years and thankfully, shuts up.

The checkout's over in minutes, Sam handing over the bills like they're pieces of his soul. Dean makes a mental note to find a motel near some kind of bar, and fishes the Twix out of the bag as they walk to the car. He tosses it to Jesse, whose smile is already dimming a little without the distraction of shopping.

The little boy catches it, reflexes sharp, and smiles. Dean feels a kind of warmness in his chest when he sees it, happy because kids should smile. Kids should almost always be smiling, and the small one on Jesse's face is something the world should see more often.

"Thanks," Jesse says, and hesitates for a moment before walking up to Dean. He stands without moving for short second before reaching out and awkwardly patting Dean on the forearm, but when he looks up again, the smile's back. "Candy's awesome."

Dean smiles back, because it's true.