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Pairings: The majority of the story will focus on Ciel/Sebastian, other pairings also mentioned (like Claude/Alois, Soma/Agni, and Claude/Ciel/Sebastian, etc)

Note I: This is an AU Kuroshitsuji story, where Ciel is attending a prestigious all-boys private school in England.

There will be some smut/drama/romance/some fluff/shota/noncon/etc. Don't like? Don't read.

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Ciel stood with a sullen, sour expression on his face as his family butler placed his suitcases down in his dormitory room.

It was his first day at the Blackthorne Acadamy for Boys. It was a prestigious, exclusive school that resided outside of London, amidst its beautiful, picturesque countryside. The school had an outstanding reputation, and its graduates often went on to do great things. Ciel's own father, Vincent Phantomhive, was an alumnus of the school. Naturally, the Phantomhive family decided it was only fitting that Ciel attend when he came of age.

He was just a young boy of 14, but the school started its grade level at the ninth – and after completing two masters' courses after twelfth year, the students could graduate. That meant the more senior students were in their twenties, and just getting ready to wrap up their time in Blackthorne. While it shouldn't have been a big deal, Ciel didn't like the age difference. He hated being in a confined institution with older boys; most of his experiences with them so far in his life were unpleasant. They were uncomfortable around him, and either hated Ciel's money, his attitude, his pride, or his reputation.

Adjusting the large glasses that covered his face (which almost looked too big for him), Ciel looked around the room distastefully. The school was massive in it's scope, and it's architecture was stunning; it held a Victorian, almost gothic quality which really spoke to Ciel – despite his initial protests to come here. But upon seeing it, the boy could already imagine all the nooks and crannies he could find to 'escape' to. He enjoyed being alone, and often preferred reading books to interacting with his classmates.

"Do you have everything, young master?" Tanaka asked, wiping a thin layer of sweat from his aged brow.

Ciel nodded and sat on the edge of his new bed. "Yes." He answered dully.

"I know this is a big change, young master… but I think you'll grow to like Blackthorne, just as your father did." His family butler encouraged.

The boy scoffed, "Oh yes? He couldn't have liked it that much… considering he can't even take time off work to move his son into the dormitory."

"He did apologize several times, my lord." Tanaka frowned with a sigh. "And your mother was just as upset. You know if they could have come back from America, they would have."

Ciel lowered his large, cerulean blue eyes to the ground. "That is all, Tanaka. You can go. I wish to settle in alone." The melancholy boy instructed.

"Very well." The older man nodded. "Good luck, young master. I'm sure you will succeed in your academics, and bring further pride and respect to your family name." He smiled. Turning slowly on his heel, Tanaka left his young master's dorm room, and closed the door behind him.

Finally alone, Ciel breathed a sigh of temporary relief. Flopping back on his bed in a rare, childish display – Ciel took a few minutes to just enjoy the rare silence. He couldn't help but notice another bed in the room, which meant he had a roommate. The young boy remembered specifically requesting a single room, but apparently, first year freshmen didn't get much choice in the matter.

Sitting up, Ciel glanced over toward the side of his bed, where Tanaka had laid out his new school uniform. Figuring he might as well start off on the right foot – and put it on for the orientation ceremony – Ciel began to get changed. He put on a new, crisp cream-beige button up first, and then his tie. After that was done, he slipped on a pair of gray slacks, which were styled in a 'shorter' length, and only reached his shins – before he put on his socks and shoes.

Looking at himself in the mirror, Ciel felt a little vulnerable just standing there with nothing but a button-up shirt on his upper half. Grabbing a school cardigan – Ciel slipped it on. He did up the large buttons down the front, and made sure his tie was properly tucked into it. His eye lifted again, and he examined himself. His glasses still looked a little too large for him, but Ciel wasn't going to give them up. They had once been his father's, and the boy had kind of adopted them for himself once Vincent got a new pair.

One might think it a little strange, but Ciel had his reasons. He'd had a terrible accident when he was a couple years younger. He'd been kidnapped and held for ransom by some men who wished to exploit the Phantomhive family wealth. They got their money, and held their end of the bargain to release Ciel, but the boy wasn't without injury. He'd spent the past few years in counseling, and the abuse he'd suffered through had left him with one GOOD eye. The other could still open and close, but was not a brilliant blue color like it's twin. Instead, it was dark and discolored - almost dark navy blue. Ciel could only partially see out of the orb.

Ciel hated it. It made him look like a freak, and it was a twenty-four hour reminder of what had happened: how weak he'd felt. So, the boy started wearing the comforting, oversized glasses to hide behind – and styled his velvety, gray-black hair over to one side in the hopes of keeping it out of sight. As infantile as it might seem, it actually worked, and most people didn't even notice or think twice about his conveniently positioned hairstyle.

Satisfied with his attire, Ciel slung his messenger-style bag over his small shoulder, and left his dorm room. He had a couple hours to kill before the orientation began. All students were required to meet in the Great Hall; it was there they would be assigned their senior academic advisors. Ciel could only hope he didn't wind up with some sports-playing jock who wanted to do nothing but party, and give him a hard time. He was a proud and pretentious young man, and despite being a freshman in this new school – Ciel walked it's halls like he already owned it… like he'd done so a hundred times before.

As he passed each room, he noticed other new boys settling in, who were all about his age. Some appeared to be rather excited, while others seemed unhappy, and some were just plain reluctant as they cried and clutched onto their parents. He rolled his eyes. Sentiment and fear were useless. The only way to survive in this world was to be strong, and his father had reminded Ciel of that many times.

Thinking about not being able to say goodbye to his parents, however, did make Ciel feel a bit abandoned on the inside. But as soon as that sense of 'self pity' began to well up inside him, Ciel pushed it back with a small, distasteful growl, and continued to walk in search of a quiet place to read. He wasn't a baby anymore. It's not like he'd never see his parents again.

Unfortunately, speeding up in a hall cluttered with new students in the hopes of getting outside wasn't the best move, and within a few seconds, Ciel found himself colliding with someone else.

"Woah, hey!" The other boy greeted, grasping Ciel's arm in his own to stop them from tumbling to the ground. "Sorry! I didn't see you." The blond boy apologized with a friendly smile.

Ciel winced and looked down, "It was my fault." He muttered in his naturally smoky voice.

"Finny, what's taking you so long?" An older, more matronly woman scolded as she came into the hall. She stopped when she saw her son (who was evidently named 'Finny', Ciel thought) speaking to him. She stared at the boy for a few seconds, before a wide smile broke across her face. "I-I know you! You're one of the Phantomhives; Rachel and Vincent's son, yes?" She cooed adoringly.

The young male nodded, "Uh, yes. I am." He responded stiffly. While he wasn't surprised someone had recognized him, that didn't mean he liked it. Their family was well known, and both his parents were wealthy, respected socialites in London's upper class.

"Well it's just a pleasure to meet you. Seeing you here makes me even more proud of my Finny for getting in." She exclaimed, pinching her blond son's cheeks. "I hope you boys have some classes together."

Ciel cleared his throat, "P-Perhaps." He answered as he began to inch away. "I'm sorry, I have to get going…" The boy knew his excuse was almost non-existent and incredibly vague, but thankfully, the plump woman didn't think anything of it.

"Oh of course dear! Well, best of luck to you!" She called as Ciel hastily began to make his way down the hall again.

Emerging out of the lavish, stone dormitory – Ciel took a deep breath as the outside air filled his lungs. It was far more peaceful out here, away from the bustling noise and drama happening within its walls.

'It's only my first day, and I loathe this place.' Ciel cursed in his head. There were already too many students in his dormitory alone – he could only imagine what a nightmare it would be to navigate between his classes across campus.

More anxious now about finding some 'lonely' spots that he could claim for himself, Ciel ventured onto the campus grounds. There were multiple trees and groves around the area, which beautifully shrouded some more older buildings and lecture halls. It was truly a striking campus, and Ciel felt more comforted by the sight of the looming, gothic buildings and winding paths amidst the trees.

It was a rather dull, overcast day – and the gray skies above foretold rain in the near future. But Ciel was perfectly content; he disliked too much sun anyway. Spotting a rather secluded, large tree just off one of the main paths, Ciel veered off toward it. It looked like a perfect place to find some solitude. The Great Hall was located at the end of the path anyway… so he knew it was a reasonable distance to be able to make the orientation ceremony in plenty of time.

Plopping down beneath the tree, the boy immediately took out his book and began to read.

It seemed like no time at all had passed when Ciel suddenly heard a smooth, dark voice address him:

"My, my…" It purred. Snapping his head up, Ciel found himself looking up to a tall, raven-haired student. He looked a fair bit older than Ciel, but given his uniform, the boy knew he was at least a student. In terms of age, Ciel concluded he was definitely a senior, and probably around twenty.

He wore a black school-crested blazer, complete with a cream-beige sweater vest; button up shirt and maroon tie beneath it. His slacks were also gray, but long and complete in their tailoring. He also had glasses on his face, but they were small and stylish, as opposed to Ciel's large ones. His black hair looked incredibly soft, and framed his raven-like features perfectly. What was odd was the color of his eyes; they were a beautiful, deep crimson color… and while it was rare, it was still alluring.

Simply put, the guy was beautiful. That was not a word that popped into Ciel mind often, and he was even more mortified that he was applying it to a MALE. But this strange student was unnaturally good-looking; almost other worldly and 'wise' in his demeanor.

"What do you want?" Ciel asked lazily, ignoring the brief fluttering in his stomach as he turned back to his book.

The male chuckled, "You are a freshman, are you not? Your young, fragile appearance is a dead giveaway." He mused, almost arrogantly. "The orientation ceremony is about to begin. I decided to escort you."

"Are you daft?" Ciel snapped uncomfortably. "I just got here. There's at least two hours before the ceremony is supposed to begin."

Again, the older boy smirked, "Ah, but you've been sitting here reading for nearly two hours. I've been watching you."

"…Watching me?" Ciel repeated distastefully – looking back up. "What do you mean you were watching me?"

Instead of answering him, the male reached down, and grasped Ciel's hand – hoisting him to his feet. "Come, bocchan. We don't want to be late, do we?" He smiled.

"Release me." Ciel hissed, trying to tug his frail hand out of the boy's grip. But it was of no use.

"My name is Sebastian Michaelis." The noirette introduced, still ignoring Ciel's futile resistance. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Ciel Phantomhive."

The younger boy froze, tensing as he was pulled along the path toward the Great Hall on the campus grounds. "I didn't tell you my name." Ciel growled oddly as he eyed this 'Sebastian' student.

"There was no need to." He nodded politely. "Any intelligent student that's worth his salt knows who you are." Sebastian grinned. "There were quite a lot of rumors floating around last year about your admittance and arrival."

Ciel pouted angrily, and left the matter to rest. He didn't know what to think of this guy; rumors or not, how would he know specifically WHO he was? And what the hell did he mean when he said he'd been watching Ciel read for two hours? He had to be kidding.

When they approached the large, wooden doors of the Great Hall – Ciel became painfully aware that Sebastian was still holding his hand. "I-I said release me!" He ordered in a harsher tone.

Sebastian slowly let go of Ciel's hand with a wicked smirk, and bowed to him. "Forgive me, bocchan." Why did everything that oozed from Sebastian's mouth feel like a tease?

"Don't call me that." The fourteen-year old grumbled, stomping into the Great Hall.

Almost instantly, he found himself surrounded by people. Most were his age, while a few were older – and congregating off to the side. He carefully began to weave his way through the crowds in the massive and lavishly designed Great Hall. It almost felt like he was back in his own mansion with all this architecture. Coming to a sudden halt, Ciel winced when he felt someone bump against his back. Looking backward with a furious gaze, he saw Sebastian was still lingering behind him.

"Apologies, bocchan. I wasn't expecting you to stop so suddenly." He said bemusedly.

Ciel grit his teeth together, "Stop following me!" He demanded, before storming off. To his relief, Sebastian stopped following him, and settled for keeping his crimson colored eyes focused on Ciel's retreating form. Feeling a bit flustered now, Ciel could only focus on a brief feeling of relief when he spotted Finny – standing near a long, impeccably decorated table.

"Finny." Ciel greeted in a dull voice.

The blond boy brightened upon seeing another familiar face, "H-Hey Ciel! Isn't this exciting?" He gushed. "I've met so many great people already," Finny turned then, and grabbed the arm of another boy, "Soma! This is Ciel." He introduced.

Ciel found himself face to face with a tall, tan teenager. He had his own unique style and 'twist' on the school uniform. Needless to say, he didn't look as well groomed as Ciel, but more 'edgy' almost?

"You are just adorable!" Soma exclaimed, wrapping his arms around Ciel. "A picture-perfect student with your big glasses and cardigan!"

The young boy growled, "D-Don't hug me." He spat, shoving Soma away from him. "You look too old to be a freshman." Ciel pointed out, straightening his cardigan and tie.

"I'm not. I'm a sophomore." Soma explained proudly. "I'm actually your floor captain. It's my job to make sure you cute little freshman are settled in, and adjusting ok." He smiled.

Ciel frowned and took a seat at the table, "Well you don't need to concern yourself with me. I can take care of myself." He said, slouching a bit in his seat.

Despite his internal wish to be left alone, Ciel found himself wedged between Finny and Soma, who were chatting happily. They tried to include him several times, but Ciel was able to avoid such conversation by giving short, one-word answers. When the orientation ceremony began, Ciel was struggling to pay attention.

This was all so tedious and boring to him. He didn't want or need a 'welcome speech' from the Dean, and he didn't need a history of the school. He just wanted to go through his schooling, graduate, and get out. He was already quite the little entrepreneur, thanks to his father. Despite his young age, Ciel had participated in the family business, and even pitched his own Fantom Toy ideas.

He was incredibly intuitive and mature, even for fourteen. So it was not a surprise that the normal excitement and fear that struck most freshman wasn't present in Ciel.

"…So I hope you all enjoy your journey here at Blackthorne Acadamy," The Dean announced, signaling the end of his speech. "Please meet up with your dormitory floor captains to receive the name of your academic advisors." He instructed. "Your advisor will then show you around campus, and assist you in purchasing your required books."

Ciel huffed out a quick, irritated breath and crossed his arms. Great. Now he had to endure MORE of this crap? He just wanted to retreat back to his room and read in peace. He didn't need help buying his books, or finding his classrooms. Sure, he had grown up being pampered and waited on, but when push came to shove, Ciel had a striking independence about him. He could survive if he needed to.

When everyone began to shuffle around, Ciel stood and joined a small group that was organized by Soma. Finny was there, as well as about twelve other boys his age. Adjusting his messenger bag over his shoulder, he half-heartedly listened as Soma began to tell people who their advisors were.

"And, Ciel? … Your advisor is Sebastian Michaelis." Soma beamed.

Ciel snapped his head around, "W-What?" He gaped. Turning his head back to scan the room, he spotted Sebastian standing across the room… but his unique, intense eyes were focused right on Ciel with a small smirk. The boy shuddered, and turned his lip up into a snarl. Him? Of all people, his academic advisor had to be HIM? Turning on his heel, the young Phantomhive boy stormed out of the Great Hall, much to the protest of Soma, who tried to call after him.

It took him about ten minutes to finally get back to his dormitory. The sky had continued to cloud over, and Ciel could almost smell the musty air and approaching rain. He was looking forward to hiding out in his room, and reading out the storm.

Unfortunately when he opened the door – he saw someone else was already in his room; two people, to be exact. One was a small blond boy with light, blue-gray eyes, who looked about the same age as Ciel. The other was tall, dark haired, and had a certain 'air' of confidence about him. For whatever reason, he instantly reminded Ciel of Sebastian. He was a senior by the look of his clothing, and he held himself rigidly upright.

"Oooh you must be Ciel," The blond purred seductively. "I'm Alois Trancy. And this is Claaaaaude," He laughed, wrapping his arms around the senior student as he leaned his weight against him. The one called Claude didn't seem to really falter, but Ciel couldn't help but notice his golden-amber colored eyes flicker down to Alois, before moving back to Ciel. "He's my new advisor…"

The small, dark-haired boy nodded, adjusting his large classes on his small nose. "Nice to meet you." He grumbled. It was obvious his response to the introduction wasn't a genuine one. Ciel preferred formalities.

Sitting down on his bed, he began to route through his bag, hoping to ignore the presence of his new roommate and his advisor. But that dream was shattered when Alois took a seat beside him.

"I get the feeling that you and I will get along swimmingly, Ciel…" Alois giggled, sitting far too close to the boy for having just met him. He was about to comment on it, when he felt the wet tongue of his 'new' friend slip out and run across his ear.

Jumping up, Ciel pushed Alois away, "What the hell?" He snapped, furiously wiping at his ear.

"Aw, no need to be hostile," He sighed. "You'll feel more comfortable when the lights are out, and we're sleeping side by side." He laughed, standing up and prancing back over to where Claude was. Oddly enough, the senior student hadn't really moved or said anything. "Isn't Claude a magnificent specimen?" Alois cooed, once more draping against the senior's strong torso. "Who's your advisor?" He asked.

Speaking of the devil himself,

"Ah, there you are, bocchan." Sebastian smirked, calmly striding into the room like he already owned it. Ciel tensed up, and immediately crossed his arms and looked away defiantly. Sebastian's crimson eyes shifted toward the other two people in the room. "And this must be your roommate. Claude, of course, needs no introduction." He mused.

Claude's eye twitched, before he glared at Sebastian. "Michaelis." He grumbled. "So this is the poor soul who must endure your twisted games this year?" The raven-haired young man commented, shifting his amber eyes back toward Ciel.

"And what makes you think he has no twisted games of his own to play?" Sebastian countered, tilting his head. "Perhaps my bocchan will be the one manipulating me. Your words are rather hurtful, Claude. I am not as much of a deviant as you are suggesting."

The other senior scoffed, "Uh huh."

"You call him bocchan?" Alois pouted, focusing on THAT point more than anything else. Reaching up, he gripped the fabric of Claude's blazer in his small hands and tugged, "I love it. It has such a beautiful ring to it. From now on Claude, refer to me as your bocchan." He purred.

Claude adjusted his glasses, "I don't believe that's appropriate, Mr. Trancy."

"I agree." Ciel chirped in uncomfortably glaring toward his tall academic advisor. "It is NOT appropriate."

Sebastian smiled, "For them." He argued. "But I think it's rather befitting of our relationship, my little lord."

"We don't have a relationship." The child stomped, throwing a brief tantrum.

The noirette simply chuckled, "My, my, bocchan, we really must work on your manners. The venom in your words may offend or hurt some people." He mocked casually. "Come. Let us leave Claude and his charge in peace."

"Yes!" Alois squealed in delight. "Be a good roommate, Ciel, and make yourself scarce for a few hours while Claude and I get acquainted." He smiled, wrapping his arms around the senior again.

Sebastian chuckled, "Come, bocchan." He whispered, ushering the boy out the door, while he took his bag for him. "Claude, enjoy your handful." He called before disappearing out the door.

Silence filled the dorm room as soon as the door shut.

"Oooh, Claude… Sebastian is… so deliciously… alluring," The blond moaned, draping himself around Claude's waist. "You'll have to make sure you keep my interest so I don't stray from you." He laughed gleefully; his little mind already cooking up romantic scenarios in which Claude and Sebastian might fight for his undivided attention.

Claude didn't answer; his eyes lingered on the closed door with an slightly calculated glare.

"I can carry my own bag." Ciel muttered beneath his breath.

He was walking across the campus with Sebastian by his side. They had just come back from the campus bookstore, where they had purchased the books Ciel would need for his classes.

Sebastian walked close, and peered down at the young boy, "It is my duty to make sure you settle into your new surroundings, bocchan." He purred gently. "I am here to make your life easier."

For some reason, that comment caused Ciel to blush. Why? He didn't like this little feeling fluttering in his stomach whenever Sebastian came around him. He thought it was just anger, but every so often, Ciel was left questioning these strange feelings.

"So you're playing the part of my butler now?" Ciel smirked, wondering if he could use his own arrogance to irritate Sebastian like he had done to him all day. "You do have the air of a dog around you. I suppose it could be worse. I had a beast named Sebastian once, too. He was loyal, and lived to please me… just as you, apparently, do." He scoffed in his usual, taunting, smoky voice.

Sebastian flicked his eyes down toward Ciel, "I don't much care for dogs." He commented flatly. "I prefer cats."

"Like I care what you prefer." Ciel muttered haughtily, lifting his chin a bit as they continued to walk.

The noirette's mouth turned up a bit at the corner, "Such pride and arrogance for someone so small and weak." He commented gently, flicking his tongue over his lower lip. "Does this sense of entitlement come only from your family name? Or do you consider yourself a little prince… above everyone else?" He mused, almost to himself. Stopping suddenly, Sebastian's free hand gripped Ciel's chin, and forced the small boy to look up at him. "Believe me, bocchan. You are far from being the queen on the chessboard. At the moment, you are just a pawn. Like everyone else."

"Insolent cur." Ciel snarled, tugging his chin out of Sebastian's grip as a blush touched his cheeks. "If I am a pawn, then what does that make you?"

Sebastian smiled wickedly. "A king." He purred. "It's my job to help guide and protect the pawns as they move across the board… in the hopes of becoming queens themselves, should I ever be without one.."

"That's a lot of pawns to look after." Ciel grumbled.

The senior student quirked one of his perfectly shaped brows, "Ah, I only guard pawns that have the potential to become queens. The rest are dispensable." He sighed. "I suppose only time will tell if you are one of those lucky pawns."

"Fool." Ciel muttered beneath his breath. Turning away from Sebastian, he began to walk away with his head held high. "I am already a king. I have no desire to be someone's queen."

For some reason, those calm, confident words from the boy sent a jolt of electricity up Sebastian's back; his eyes widened and instantly honed in on Ciel as he walked away. Slowly, Sebastian released a breath, which almost sounded like a groan. "Indeed you are." He breathed out huskily.

Ciel heard Sebastian say something, but he was too far away to hear WHAT exactly he'd said in response to his comment. Not that it mattered. Ciel was determined to let this smug asshole know who was boss. Sebastian's age and experience had no bearing on the spoiled young boy; his father was a legendary graduate, and Ciel had every intention of meeting, if not surpassing, that status.

But a couple of large water droplets broke Ciel's concentration. Looking up, he saw that the gray sky from earlier was even darker – and it was beginning to rain. It wasn't so much a gradual build up, as it was a sudden downpour. Before he could even utter his displeasure about the situation, Ciel felt himself scooped up in Sebastian's arms, and whisked over to a large, overhanging tree for shelter.

"P-Put me down." Ciel demanded, pounding on Sebastian's chest with his small fist.

Sebastian gently placed the boy back onto his feet. Both were rather wet. "Apologies, bocchan. I didn't want you to get soaked through to the bone." He smiled. "Perhaps you should make yourself comfortable while we wait for the rain to subside?"

"I can think for myself." Ciel growled. "I do not need you to suggest what you think I 'should' do."

The noirette didn't seem offended, but rather, smiled like he always did – before sitting on the damp grass beneath the large tree. Even sitting down, Sebastian seemed to rival Ciel's height when the boy was standing. He cursed being so small, and longed for the day when his growth spurt would hit. According to his mother, it should be within the next couple of years, if not sooner.

As a particularly chilled wind blew past the pair, Ciel shivered and crossed his arms in front of him. Occasionally, a water droplet would fall gracefully from his wet hair. He silently swore at himself for wearing a cardigan today; if he'd chosen a jacket, he might not be so damp. Instead, the cashmere cardigan seemed to be weighing him down with damp weight.

"Sebastian. We shou—" Ciel began, but was cut off when he felt two long arms wrap around him, and pull him down. The young teen suddenly found himself in Sebastian's lap; the older student was sitting cross-legged, and Ciel was now perched in the middle and trapped in his arms. "W-What are you doing!" The child blushed deeply.

Sebastian tilted his head, "I took the liberty of interpreting your next request, bocchan. Were you not going to say: Sebastian, we should sit together to keep warm?" He purred huskily into Ciel's ear.

"N-No! That is not even close!" Ciel hissed, struggling to free himself from Sebastian's strong arms. But the student didn't budge. "I was going to say we should make a break for my dormitory!"

The older student smiled, and rested his head alongside Ciel's, "Ah, but that wouldn't do any good. I am almost positive that Alois and Claude will still be occupying your room. I can only imagine how embarrassing it might be if we were to walk in on them." He smiled.

Ciel wanted to protest, but knew that Sebastian was right. Seeing Alois throwing himself at Claude wasn't something he wished to witness.

"Then what do you suggest?" Ciel snapped. He'd unconsciously settled in Sebastian's warm lap, and stopped resisting the senior's hold. "We can't stay out here. I'm cold." He complained.

Sebastian tilted his head a bit, burying his nose into Ciel's damp, velvet black-gray hair. His arms gently tightened around the boy, "The senior's dormitory is closer than your own. The most convenient option would be to seek refuge in my room until the rain subsides."

"Tch." Ciel exhaled a quick, unimpressed breath at the idea. But truth be told, he was feeling chillier due to the damp weather and pouring rain; he was already wet, and frankly, being perched in Sebastian's lap – encircled by his warm arms - was a bit unnerving. "Fine." He agreed reluctantly. "But only so I can call that blond fool and tell him I'm coming back to our room – so he best be decent."

Sebastian smiled, "Of course, bocchan."

Lifting the smaller student out of his lap, Sebastian stood and shrugged off his school blazer. Moving to stand in front of Ciel, he draped the jacket over his head like a shroud. "This should keep you sheltered from the rain." He said warmly. The jacket was ridiculously large on Ciel, even just over his head; it fell down to his backside. Bending down, Sebastian scooped Ciel up in his arms.

"I-I don't need to be carried." Ciel protested. It was bad enough he was now draped in the older student's jacket – his warm scent and fabric surrounding him and engulfing his small body.

The noirette only smiled again, holding Ciel closer, "But my legs are longer. We will reach my dormitory faster if I am permitted to walk at speed… without being hindered by a younger boy with short legs."

"Asshole." Ciel hissed, pouting as Sebastian briskly walked back into the rain. The small teen winced when they were exposed again, but to his relief, Sebastian's coat really did cover him well… and he didn't find himself getting any wetter. Sebastian, on the other hand, was getting soaked as he carried Ciel down another path, toward his building.

While the senior student didn't seem bothered by the rain, Ciel felt a small twinge of guilt that he was being carried – and covered – while Sebastian was left unsheltered. Gritting his teeth together with an annoyed sigh, Ciel lifted the side of Sebastian's jacket, and draped it over Sebastian's head. The majority of the jacket was still covering Ciel, but he could spare another shoulder for Sebastian.

"Bocchan?" Sebastian spoke curiously, seemingly just as surprised at the gesture.

Ciel stared ahead, ignoring the blush touching his cheeks. He would just blame it on the cold. "Don't read too much into it. I just don't want you getting sick and infecting me." He growled.

"I am flattered to have bocchan's concern." He purred, tilting his head slightly so his warm breath touched Ciel's cheek. The boy became instantly aware of how close they were holding one another. He felt himself beginning to panic and feel a bit more flustered; normally, Ciel didn't let anyone touch him so intimately. He even sometimes shied away from his parents since his kidnapping.

Ciel trembled again, "Just hurry up." He complained irritably.

"Don't worry," He soothed. "We're here."

Looking up, Ciel saw they were in fact standing on the doorstep of yet another magnificent, stone building. As they entered, Ciel saw it had a similar layout to his own dormitory, though much 'richer' in its color tone. The wood was beautifully polished and each piece of furniture looked pristine and expertly placed. There was a fireplace already lit in the senior's common room; it's heat washed over Ciel's damp, small figure, and he found himself relaxing – now that they were inside.

A few other seniors who were chatting looked up at their arrival, and Sebastian gently set Ciel on his feet. "Come, bocchan." He lulled, placing a hand on the boy's small shoulder. He led Ciel down a few halls, before they reached a locked door. Sebastian unlocked it, and led his charge inside.

Ciel was impressed with the cleanliness and order of the room. "You have your own room." He noted jealously. He still wished HE had his own room.

"Are you really so unhappy with your roommate?" Sebastian smirked. "If so, bocchan is welcome to seek refuge here any time he wants."

The boy rolled his eyes as he examined Sebastian's room. He had a lot of books – many of which appealed to Ciel by title alone. He made a mental note to ask Sebastian if he could borrow some at a later time. He anticipated that he would fly through the required reading for his own classes rather quickly; Ciel always was ahead of his class in maturity and intelligence. He wanted to get something out of this experience, and didn't want to be held back by any bumbling classmates.

Turning around, Ciel noticed for the first time that Sebastian had begun to change. His visible, large blue eye widened as he took in the appearance of the senior student's toned, well-defined chest and shoulders. He was muscular, but not in a bulky sense. No, Sebastian was toned with lithe muscle that screamed precision and physical perfection. His jet-black hair was still dripping a bit, and hanging jaggedly around his attractive face. Thankfully, he still had his gray pants on.

"Do you like what you see, bocchan?"

The warm, mocking voice of Sebastian pulled Ciel out of his daze, and he flushed to notice the senior student smiling at him. "Cover yourself up, you indecent hussy." The boy snapped, turning his head away as he plopped himself down on the corner of Sebastian's bed.

He could still hear the older student chuckling to himself. When he dared to glance over to Sebastian again, he saw that thankfully he had covered himself up. He was wearing a simple black, long-sleeved shirt that clung to his form attractively.

"Now then, bocchan," Sebastian began, walking over to the bed with a towel in hand. "Perhaps we should get you out of those damp clothes. I wouldn't want you to catch a cold."

Ciel shifted back away from Sebastian as best he could. "I'm fine."

"At least allow me to dry your hair." He purred, plopping the towel atop Ciel's small head. Using his hands, he gently ruffled and patted the freshman's soft hair.

He wanted to protest, but figured it was out of his hands at this point. Besides, the towel was warm and dry, and it felt nice having someone take care of him. If he'd been at home, Tanaka would have been doing something similar, though perhaps, included him tea to help warm him up quicker. "Do you have any tea, Sebastian?" Ciel asked.

When he didn't get an answer, Ciel furrowed his brow, and turned his eye to the older boy in front of him. He seemed to be staring at Ciel in a somewhat shocked, but more curious, gaze.

"Sebastian?" Ciel repeated.

It was then that he realized he couldn't feel the usual tuff of hair covering his eye. While Sebastian had been drying his hair, he'd pushed most of it away from Ciel's face… thus, exposing his damaged, dark-discolored eye that lay behind his large glasses.

A sense of panic, fear and embarrassment welled up in Ciel quickly – and he instinctively slapped Sebastian across the face before scrambling further back on the bed. "D-Don't look at that!" He ordered in as big a voice as he could. Reaching up, Ciel combed his hair back down to cover his unsightly left eye.

"I'm sorry, bocchan." Sebastian spoke calmly. "I didn't mean to stare. I was just surprised you would hide your eye. A mark of survival and strength should be displayed proudly… not hidden behind your hair, or oversized glasses."

Ciel snapped his head back up to Sebastian, "I didn't ask for your opinion!" He yelled.

To his surprise, Sebastian shifted further onto the bed and crawled toward him like some kind of black, predatory jungle cat.

"Don't shy away from it, bocchan. You have no reason to be embarrassed." He purred. Lifting a large hand, he gently brushed his fingers against Ciel's cheek. "It's a beautiful color. Darker than it's twin… like… a midnight blue…" He smiled.

Ciel flushed deeply, and pushed his smaller hands against Sebastian's chest. "S-Sebastian," He protested. But the senior's arms simply wrapped around his waist and drew him closer.

"There's no need to resist me." He smiled mischievously. "I will not hurt you, or inflict any pain on you. Rather, nothing you can't handle." The younger boy growled, and tried to pull away from Sebastian again – but instead, found himself flat on his back on the older student's bed, with the noirette looming over him.

"You should feel honored, bocchan." He breathed huskily, as his face leaned closer to Ciel – who was blushing more and more with their proximity. "You don't understand what it means yet to have Sebastian Michaelis fall for you."

The child's eyes widened, "I don't WANT you to fall for me!" He yelled, releasing his frustration over the situation.

"Bocchan…" He purred, leaning his face down closer so his lips brushed Ciel's small, peach-petal ones.

But before Sebastian could completely close the distance between him and the unwilling (at least, temporarily unwilling) boy beneath him – his door burst open.

"SEBAS-CHAN!" A familiar, overly dramatic voice exclaimed. Ciel couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief… while Sebastian seemed to growl threateningly from the back of his throat. Turning his head to the side, Ciel saw a flamboyantly dressed redhead. He was still wearing the school uniform, but it looked significantly tighter, like he purchased clothing two sizes too small. "It's pouring rain out, and the fireplaces are lit! Come CUDDLE with me in the common room! Let us warm each other up on his cold, drab afternoon!"

Sebastian didn't move from his position pinning Ciel beneath him on the bed. "Grell… can you not see that I am otherwise occupied?" He snarled.

"WHA?" He exclaimed, furiously pointing at Ciel. "W-Who the hell are you?"

Ciel swallowed uncomfortably, "Ciel Phantomhive. I'm new." He responded in his naturally smoky-toned voice.

"Ugh. ANOTHER stupid brat added to this damned school!" Grell whined, stomping his foot. "Sebas-chan, you don't need to go dumpster-diving for companionship! Stop wasting your time with these inexperienced kittens and get yourself a virile bitch!" He posed in a way he thought was sexy. "I'm right here! TAKE ME!" The redhead gushed.

Grumbling curse words beneath his breath, Sebastian reluctantly lifted himself off of Ciel and stood in front of Grell. Much to the redhead's dismay, Sebastian didn't embrace him, but instead, grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and pulled him outside.

Seeing his chance to escape this uncomfortable and confusing situation, Ciel grabbed his bag and slipped out the door behind Sebastian and Grell. "Just because you're my neighbor, doesn't mean you can come barging into my room when you feel like it." Sebastian reminded him distastefully.

"Awwww don't be so cold, Sebas-chan!" Grell pouted. "Your brat is leaving anyway! There's no need to keep up this ridiculous act; stop pretending you hate me!" He feigned dramatically pressing the back of his hand to his head.

At hearing the redhead's first comment while ignoring the second, Sebastian snapped his head around to see that Ciel was indeed slipping out of his room with his bag to make an escape. "Bocchan," He called, immediately abandoning Grell to stop Ciel from leaving.

The boy looked back when he heard his name called, but only narrowed his eyes in response and quickened his pace. Sadly, looking back at Sebastian had distracted Ciel long enough that when he turned back around, he collided with someone. He winced and stumbled back from the force – and almost tumbled to the ground…

But a pair of strong arms wrapped around him, and prevented him from falling.

Lifting his head, Ciel looked up into vaguely familiar, amber colored eyes. Claude. "Are you alright?" He asked in a low, monotone voice.

"I'm… fine." The young boy frowned, securing his footing before he pulled himself out of Claude's arms. "Is Alois with you?"

The dark-haired male stiffened slightly at the name, and Ciel could have worn he saw the senior's mouth turn up into a brief snarl, before it disappeared. "No. He's back in your room. He was asleep when I took my leave."

"Oh." Ciel responded.

Another arm wrapped around his shoulders, and tugged Ciel backwards a step. His back was soon pressed against Sebastian's tall form. "Claude, I'm surprised to see you here." He mocked smoothly. "Where is your charming little charge?" He asked.

"He's not charming, he's a fool." Ciel snapped; his dislike of Alois returning as the topic continued.

Something about his arrogant little statement caused Claude to turn his eyes back toward Ciel… and a small, lustful smile to appear on his lips. "Don't you think that opinion is a bit presumptuous? You only just met him today." Claude baited.

"I've seen my fair share of fools in the short span of my life. I can spot one immediately." Ciel brushed off smugly, lifting his chin a bit higher. "Alois is as confused as they come. His foolhardy, emotional, and outlandish behavior is a tell-tale sign."

Claude instinctively licked his lips as he stared down at Ciel.

'Such cruel words from someone so small…' He thought. 'He oozes pride and maturity.'

Their conversation was unable to continue when Sebastian suddenly bent down, and hoisted Ciel over his shoulder. "If you'll excuse us," He smiled snidely at his classmate. "Ciel and I have to get further acquainted."

"Put me down! I want to go back to my room!" He demanded, pounding on Sebastian's broad back with his hands.

The noirette simply chuckled, "So full of defiant energy, my bocchan." He purred – making sure to emphasize the 'my' in his sentence as he stared at Claude. "Have a pleasant evening, Claude." He nodded, before turning and heading back to his own room. Once inside, Sebastian locked the heavy wood door behind him – to ensure he had no further interruptions.

"Sebastian!" Ciel cursed.

Lifting the lightweight boy off his shoulder, Sebastian set him on the edge of the bed, and knelt down in front of him. Ciel opened his mouth to reprimand the older student for his behavior – but immediately felt his words lodge in his throat when he saw the look on Sebastian's face.

He looked much more threatening; the mirth and playfulness normally lingering in his crimson eyes was replaced by something darker and more possessive. He wasn't smiling.

"You need to stay away from Claude." He explained in a heavy tone.

Ciel furrowed his brow, "What?" He snapped - feeling his anger return. "You have no right to tell me who, and who I may not, interact with."

"Ciel," Sebastian growled, grasping the child's chin in his hand. The young boy's exposed eye widened slightly. It was the first time that Sebastian had used his name. "I want you to stay away from him."

While there seemed to be a definite tone of anger in Sebastian's voice, there was a small, underlying plea? Like, staying away from Claude was for his own good? Pouting his lower lip out angrily, Ciel tore his eyes away from Sebastian's intense ones. "You're overreacting." He muttered.

"Perhaps." Sebastian purred, easing his grip on Ciel's chin to brush his thumb gently along his skin. "Would you like a shirt to sleep in, bocchan?"

Ciel raised a brow. "To… sleep in? I'm not staying here, you cur. I demand you to escort me back to my room." He instructed in a stiff tone.

"I'm afraid bocchan is stranded with me this evening." He smiled slyly. "The weather outside has only gotten worse. And since it is so close to the school's curfew… staying here is your only option."

He wanted to protest so vehemently against that logic, but frankly, Ciel was exhausted trying to win with Sebastian. Regardless of what Ciel did, said, or even commanded… the noirette just did what he wanted anyway; what he thought was best. There was no point.

He'd lost their little game… for today.

"I'm sleeping on the floor." The boy grumbled as Sebastian began to fetch him a shirt he could use for the night.

Sebastian smiled, "Ah, but you are the guest. I cannot possibly ask you to endure a hardwood floor. You shall sleep in my bed." He said decidedly.

"But it's YOUR room." Ciel insisted with a huff. "Why should you have to endure the floor if it's so bad?"

His academic advisor chuckled, before leaning in as he slid off Ciel's shirt and cardigan, and pulled one of his large t-shirts over his head. "Ah, bocchan… that is why we are sharing the bed." He purred huskily into Ciel's ear. Before the boy could protest, Sebastian continued, "That way, we are both comfortable. The exchange of body heat will be quite beneficial as well, since the heater in my room has malfunctioned." He finished.

"If your room is not EQUIPPED to have a guest, then don't force me to stay over!" Ciel complained, turning his head to the side as Sebastian tugged off his damp gray pants. "I don't want to freeze to death."

Neatly folding Ciel's clothing aside, Sebastian smirked and undid his own pants. Realizing he was watching the senior student change – Ciel's cheeks flushed, and he turned to face the wall. He could hear the rustling of Sebastian's clothes, before a new weight was added to the bed. It dipped down, and the boy couldn't help but inhale a quick breath when he felt Sebastian's arm wrap around him, and pull his back against his broad chest.

"I won't let you freeze to death, bocchan." He whispered intimately in the freshman's ear.

Ciel could almost feel Sebastian's heart and warmth pulsing toward his body; he was holding him so close, like he was a little doll or some kind of security blanket. "Sebastian. Why aren't you wearing a shirt?" Ciel asked awkwardly blushing when he noticed that his bedmate had pajama pants, but no shirt.

"Because you are wearing the shirt I normally wear to bed." He smirked against Ciel's neck; his lips brushing his skin with each word he spoke. The boy was incredibly embarrassed, but somehow… disgustingly turned on by Sebastian's body shrouding his own.

Sebastian Michaelis: 1 - Ciel Phantomhive: 0 - Ciel thought bitterly.

He sighed in defeat, "Creep." He muttered.

"Sweet dreams, bocchan," Sebastian answered, wrapping his arm more tightly around Ciel.

AN: Just a fun little story I had to get out of my mind. It will probably be multi-chapter, since I have a few more ideas I want to play with in this setting. But really, it's nothing special or spectacular lol, I just had a desire to write some fun BB.