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"Despite your obvious discomfort, you do look ravishing, Ciel."

His large, doe-like cerulean eye shifted to look up at Claude, who stood in front of him on the stage. He had finally been released from that blasted cage. "Don't be disgusting." Ciel grumbled. "Untie me, already." He demanded.

Claude nodded with a small smirk, and gently unbound Ciel's hands. When they were undone, the boy rubbed his gloved wrists to ease some of the blood-loss tension he'd caused himself by tugging on the rope.

"Shall we?" Claude asked, gesturing toward the stairs leading off the stage.

They stopped in front of the bidding table, where Soma and Agni were looking a bit uncomfortable as they finalized the transaction with Claude; Ciel wasn't entirely sure why… until he turned, and saw Sebastian staring down the table with a menacing aura. But Claude failed to notice (or rather, seemed to completely ignore Sebastian's mood) – and instead, led Ciel toward the group table they had claimed. William and Grell were already seated there, though Ciel didn't think he cared much for either of them. Grell was always babbling dramatically about this-or-that, and tonight, his focus was on William, who seemed more or less indifferent about the *jagged-haired redhead. William, on the other hand, Ciel had no 'real' problem with... except for the fact that he was straight-as-an-arrow and oh-so-perfect all of the time.

For some reason it reminded Ciel of Alois and Claude; one of the parties always seemed more invested than the other. Indeed, one-sided loves were foolish.

Sebastian and Alois also joined the table, and sat directly across from Ciel and Claude. The blonde looked as smug and mischievous as always, while Sebastian's claret gaze was intense, and serious… and focused squarely on Ciel. The slate-haired boy flushed and turned away, staring down at the table as he clenched his fists on his lap, bunching some of the fabric of his gown. He wanted to ask Sebastian WHY he bid on Alois instead of him. Wasn't he good enough anymore? Was Sebastian just eager to sleep with a freshman?

Pursing his lips, Ciel tried to unclench his fists. "Why did you spend such an obscene amount of money on me?" He asked Claude.

"Purchasing you was a strategic move." Claude answered truthfully.

Ciel had to smirk at his honesty, and huff a small laugh shortly thereafter. "Tch. You hate Sebastian so much?"

"I don't enjoy these events any more than you do. So if I'm accompanied by someone else, who also has no desire to be here, I have a better chance at slipping out early." The senior student explained, pushing his glasses up a bit on the ridge of his nose. "I believe, if anything… you owe me, Ciel Phantomhive." He smirked. "If you were purchased by anyone else, including Sebastian Michaelis, you would be paraded around this party like a prize winning puppy. Your evening would undoubtedly be filled with mindless dancing, inane conversation, and countless sexual advances."

Ciel stared at Claude stubbornly as he continued; "Now if that is the evening you want, by all means, I will make it so. Otherwise, I believe the phrase you're searching for is: Thank you."

As much as he hated to admit it, the senior student was right (at least, regarding most of the outlined rationale in his speech).

"Sooo~ Ciel!" Alois' chirping voice came from across the table, successfully recapturing the attention of his roommate and academic advisor. "Were you shocked that Sebastian bid on me?"

Ciel's large, exposed blue eye flicked toward his own noirette advisor, before he scoffed and crossed his arms. "What Sebastian chooses to waste his money on is no concern of mine." Ciel intended to leave it at that, but his bitter, annoyed inner-child egged him on, "…But I think he overpaid." He tossed in.

Alois' icy-blue eyes flared for a moment, before he giggled.

"I understand this must be a shock to you. It's sad, really. Your academic advisor bidding on ME instead of you…" Alois countered dreamily.

The Phantomhive boy kept his eyes on Alois, and his arms crossed firmly across his chest. "So? Yours bid on me."

"Only because he had no other option. I was already taken." The blond shot back childishly.

Ciel could only roll his eyes. He was really losing patience for this pointless charade. And his tolerance was almost at an end, when he heard a beautiful, classical orchestra piece flow through the great hall. He caught sight of the schools' string quartet on the very stage he'd been auctioned off on.

"Perhaps you could favor me with a dance, Ciel." Claude suggested in a smooth voice next to his ear.

The dark-haired boy scoffed, "I thought you said that after being purchased by you, I wouldn't have to partake in this nonsense." The haughty fourteen-year old reminded him.

"I did make such a promise, that's true," The spectacled advisor admitted. "But since I was the one to purchase you, am I not entitled to a small reward?" He questioned. "Besides… I would like to revel in a rare chance to further frustrate and annoy Sebastian Michaelis."

Ciel had to inwardly applaud the advisor's continued (and blatant) honesty. But the mention of Sebastian's name caused the boy's eyes to instinctively drift up to look at him once more. Alois was sticking close to his side; jabbering on about something. Sebastian, however, was still staring darkly at Ciel… like he was prepared to jump across the table at the first sign of foul play from Ciel's unexpected benefactor that evening.


Claude tilted his head for a moment, unsure of whether he'd heard Ciel correctly. But when the young teen stood, Claude followed, and took the cross-dressing boys' small, gloved hand in his own.

Sebastian visibly tensed as he watched Claude escort his Ciel toward the center of the great hall, where other students were also dancing bemusedly with their first-year purchases.

"What on earth are you staring at?" Alois whined, following Sebastian's claret-colored gaze when he realized his 'date' wasn't listening to him. Spotting the dancing couples, the blond smiled obliviously. "Oooh, dancing. No need to hold back, Sebastian. We can show these armatures how it's done, hm?" He coaxed.

To Alois' surprise, Sebastian didn't need much coaxing. With a fierce, determined aura surrounding him, the raven-haired senior student snatched the small arm next to him, and dragged Alois toward the center of the room.

Ciel, on the other hand, was remembering just why he hated these events. He detested dancing. It was certainly not his strong suit, and had proved to be the bane of his existence, even when he was small.

"Relax, Ciel. You're performing beautifully." Claude encouraged gently as they side-stepped, and move fluidly around the great hall in sync with the others. "With my guidance, you appear just as capable as your fellow Freshmen."

The dark, slate-haired boy glared up at him, "That nonsensical dribble coming from your mouth in the form of a 'compliment' is useless. Don't patronize me." He huffed.

Claude tried to suppress a delightful shiver that threatened to trail up his back at the sound of Ciel's haughty voice. He was so very different from Alois; he was confident, but not in a melodramatic way like his golden-haired counterpart. Ciel's confidence and airs were real, and if required, Claude had no doubt that the boy could command an army of men in a time of need. Many of whom, would gladly fall under his rule. It was certainly becoming harder and harder to resist the Phantomhive descendant; Claude wanted nothing more than to lure the boy into his web, and never relinquish him.

'Think of what we could accomplish...' Claude mulled in his mind, 'Think of his wits... my cunning... our intelligence...'

"Claude," Ciel winced. "Don't hold me so tightly." He reprimanded.

Back to the moment at hand, Claude released a slow, almost non-existent breath, and eased his arms a little. "My apologies, Ciel." He nodded.

But as the classical waltz took a different turn, the couples on the floor shifted, and after a series of bows and a side-step – each person found themselves with a new partner.

And this, as fate would have it, sent Ciel turning right into the waiting arms of Sebastian Michaelis. The Freshman student was obviously a bit shocked, but Sebastian wasted no time in wrapping his arms around Ciel, and continuing the dance without breaking step. Claude glared at the pairing, now that he was back with Alois.

"Fancy meeting you here!" Alois giggled, pressing himself against Claude as they caught their rhythm again. "Did you miss me?"

Claude tensed and upheld his frigid demeanor. "Of course." He answered.

Meanwhile, Sebastian was attempting to dance he and Ciel further into the crowd, and away from his rival.

"What has he been saying to you?" Sebastian demanded in a low tone.

Ciel's exposed eye blazed defensively, "What concern of it is yours?" He hissed. "You should be concentrating on Alois, considering you spent two thousand dollars on him."

"This is a misunderstanding." Sebastian answered, gripping Ciel more possessively. "I purchased Alois on the behalf of Claude. That snake decieved me... I wasn't aware that it would put me out of the running to be your benefactor. I tried to bid on you, but it was too late. Not one penny of the money used for Alois was my own, I assure you." He explained.

Ciel kept his gaze away from Sebastian. He couldn't look at him; not now. Their bodies were pressed so close together as he led them in this dance... it was becoming so familiar.

"Well," The boy stiffened. "If Claude Faustus can so easily trick you... then what good are you to me?" Ciel asked coldly. He had to distance himself from Sebastian. His academic advisor was raising such confusing, conflicting emotions within him. It had to stop.

Unfortunately, that hadn't been the response Sebastian was hoping for. Snarling, he pulled Ciel even tighter against him with one arm, while his other hand grasped the boy's jaw, and forced him to look into his wine-colored orbs. "Don't speak to me that way." He growled huskily. "If you need further proof of my devotion, I will give it to you," Sebastian swore. "But this is no joke, bocchan."

Before Ciel could answer, he felt a second, large hand wrap around his thin arm, and tug him back out of Sebastian's grip.

"I would appreciate it if you would stop harassing my charge." Claude reprimanded his peer snidely. "You've lost for tonight, Sebastian." He restated, "Accept it."

Turning on his heel, Claude led Ciel away – and with only a brief glance back toward Sebastian – the boy willingly followed. Alois huffed a slightly disappointed sigh as he watched the two go, before he remembered Sebastian was still with him. At least someone was there to entertain him.

"Do you want to find a dark corner somewhere Sebastian?" Alois asked in a sultry tone. "We should really get to know each other better. I'm Ciel's roommate, after all." He smiled.

Sebastian didn't answer. His eyes simply stared after Ciel and Claude as they slipped through the crowd, and finally out of sight...

"I don't need you to accompany me."

Ciel had already had enough of this evening. He'd been dressed up, humiliated, pushed around, harassed and 'sold'... and his ego had been a bit more hurt by Sebastian's foolish bidding than he would like to admit.

All in all, it had been a terrible night.

"I've told you before, Ciel," Claude reminded the boy, "This campus is not as safe as you might believe. It's just good form to make sure you get back to your dormitory safely."

The slate-haired boy fell silent for a few minutes while they walked. But one question had been nagging at the back of his mind ever since Claude purchased him. "Claude," Ciel began in his smoky-toned voice. "Why did you go to such lengths to purchase me?" He asked. "I know you said that it was a strategic move against Sebastian, but... that can't be it. You somehow tricked him into bidding on Alois, and told me it was so you could 'leave' early, but you know as well as I do that if you had told Alois you wanted to leave, he would do so in a heartbeat."

The spectacled advisor was silent for a few minutes; in fact, Ciel began to wonder whether he'd actually asked that question out LOUD, since Claude was taking so long to answer.

Finally, the elder spoke, "What is it you see in Sebastian Michaelis?" He asked back.

"What?" Ciel frowned; not only had Claude avoided his question, but he'd asked a completely irrelevant one back at him. "W-What do you mean? He's just my academic advisor." He snapped uncomfortably. Why was he suddenly blushing?

In one smooth motion, Claude grasped Ciel's wrist, and led him off an adjacent path, away from the route to the dorm. "Come with me." Claude said firmly. "I will show you what kind of man Sebastian Michaelis is."

"Release me!" Ciel hissed, trying to tug his fragile, thin wrist out of the senior student's large hand. But it was a fruitless struggle, and soon, Ciel had no choice but to cease his fight, and follow Claude.

They passed through the dark, silent campus, and into the Health and Science building. It was designed like the others; aged, stone, and with it's own, unique Gothic charm. It was dark and empty now, appearing almost as if it were abandoned. Claude led Ciel inside, and down a series of halls, before stopping in the Health Wing.

"Do you remember the incident shortly after your arrival, when you were attacked outside your lecture hall?" Claude asked.

Ciel frowned. He did remember; he had been leaving his lecture hall with Alois when he'd been harassed by some jealous Junior students. Alois had left him to his own devices, and as a result, Ciel had gotten beaten up. He remembered Sebastian being angry, but since Ciel didn't know WHO those boys were, he couldn't provide answers – and thus, considered the matter forgotten.

'It's not like I've seen any of those guys since anyw-'

Ciel's mind stopped that thought midway through as the revelation struck him.

Slowly, he turned his cerulean blue eye up toward Claude, who was staring back down at him calmly. Opening one particular door, he held it open, and allowed Ciel to step inside.

What he saw was a sick ward. There were several hospital beds lined up in rows down either side of the room. Various pieces of medical equipment were also scattered about the room, and the shelves contained multiple books and supplies. Ciel remembered hearing that the school had it's own Health ward for ailing or injured students. The campus was located in the vast, English countryside, and kind of far from any neighboring town or city. So naturally, they had to be well-staffed, and able to care for their students if injury or illness occurred.

For the most part, the dark room was empty. But squinting into the darkness, Ciel saw that three people actually occupied three of the beds.

"Go on." Claude nudged, moving in behind Ciel and letting the door close behind them. Placing his large hands on the boy's small shoulders, Claude steered a semi-reluctant Ciel into the room, and over to the beds.

Tilting his head, Ciel looked at the students; out cold, or probably sleeping after their medication. One had two broken legs, and several bandages on his arms and face from what looked like a beating. Another had a cast on his arm, and one on his leg, with similar bandages around his face. And the last student seemed to have a severe head trauma, a cast on his arm, and several other bandages. Taking another tentative step forward... all the dots seemed to immediately connect for Ciel.

These were the three boys who had ambushed him; they were the ones who had beaten him up unfairly, and spoken down to him.

"...You didn't think Sebastian would let something like this slide, did you?" Claude mused calmly.

Ciel shook his head, taking steps away from the beds, "I... he... he didn't say anything about this." The boy quickly scanned his mind back to the moment where Sebastian discovered his injuries, and asked him WHO had done it. Since Ciel didn't know, and couldn't give an answer, Sebastian had smiled and dropped the issue.

At least, Ciel had thought that Sebastian had dropped it.

"W-Why would he-"

"Because he thinks you're his, Ciel." Claude interrupted.

The boy snapped his exposed eye toward the senior student, "That's ridiculous. I don't belong to anyone!"

"So I'll ask you again," The spectacled advisor repeated, "What is it you see in Sebastian Michaelis?" He asked. "You're a strong boy. So it's hard to understand why you allow him to get so close to you, to possess and stake his claim on you." While Ciel was distracted by his words, and the healing, unconscious students before him – Claude took a few steps toward him. "If a protector, an advisor and accomplice is what you want... I can do that too, Ciel." He continued. "If you stay by Sebastian's side, you'll lose not only your independent voice, but your freedom and spirit as well. He'll make a pet out of you – just like his other conquests. You forget that I've known him for the entirety of my time here at Blackthorne. I know him better than you."

Ciel was listening, but only halfheartedly. He still couldn't believe that Sebastian had severely injured the boys who had attacked him, to the point of this hospitalization in the Medical ward. When had he done this? Why hadn't he told him? When and how had he figured out who had attacked him? How had Sebastian avoided being ratted out? How badly did he threaten them?

His thoughts were interrupted when he felt Claude's tall form press against his small back, while his hand slid up to cup the bottom of Ciel's chin and tilt it up. "Think about all you've seen, and consider what I've said." He purred into Ciel's ear. "Perhaps next year, you can put in a request to have a new academic advisor."

With that, Ciel felt Claude slip away from him.

"I assume you know your way back to the dormitory from here." Claude muttered as he headed back out the door. "Goodnight, Ciel."

The boy stood there, still decked out in his dress and feminine attire, staring at the injured bullies. After a few minutes, he slowly backed out of the room – and walked back down the halls, and out of the Health and Science building. It was still quiet around the campus; most of the school was still at the Winter formal. It was rather chilly out, and it only seemed to be getting colder as Ciel walked back toward his dorm; holding the front of his rose-pink ballgown up as he walked through the snow laden paths in his heeled boots.

He seemed to be in a bit of a daze. His mind was racing with the information Claude had thrown at him, and the possibilities and theories behind Sebastian's behavior...

When he reached his dorm, he headed up the grand wood staircase to his floor and room. Shivering a bit, Ciel cursed the flimsy, and exposed design of the gown he was wearing – before heading into his room.

Much to his surprise, Sebastian was already in his room waiting. The tall, noirette stood quickly upon Ciel's entrance. He didn't have his usual, cocky smirk on his lips... but instead, had a stoic stare; a mixture of concern, suspicion, and intensity lingering in his claret orbs.

Ciel didn't say anything; not even asking how Sebastian managed to pry himself away from Alois. He closed the door behind him and walked over to sit on the edge of his bed. Sebastian shifted in the room, and knelt before the younger boy. "Bocchan..." He began gently.

In lieu of answering, or even looking at Sebastian – Ciel kept his eyes down, and instead, raised his booted foot, and pressed it against Sebastian's strong shoulder; silently indicating he wanted them removed. Sebastian stared at his beautifully cross-dressed charge, before he gently began to unlace Ciel's boots, and slip them off his feet. Once the high-heeled boots were removed, Ciel stood, and allowed Sebastian to untie his corset, and tenderly remove the dress. A few times, he felt Sebastian's hands linger a little longer on patches of his exposed skin, or trail down the smooth plain of his back... but he ignored them.

When Sebastian was finished, and Ciel was left in nothing but his underwear, he moved away from his academic advisor – and over to his closet. The noirette watched as the boy removed a t-shirt and slipped it on, followed by some flannel pajama pants. Taking the dress in his hands, Sebastian carefully folded it, and gathered the other pieces of Ciel's effeminate attire silently. As he moved back to his bed, Sebastian passed him to store the costume away on the overhead shelf in Ciel's closet. Closing the door, he turned and saw Ciel crawling into his bed.

"The weather seems to be worsening, bocchan." He lulled smoothly, walking back toward Ciel's bed. "Might I take refuge in your room tonight?" He smiled.

Ciel didn't say anything as he sat up in his bed, staring at Sebastian. Slowly, he nodded – but his large doe-like eyes didn't leave the advisor. He seemed to be studying the noirette... and while Sebastian didn't know why, he was somewhat pleased to have Ciel's rapt attention for once. Smirking, he slowly shrugged off his suit jacket, and began to teasingly undo his tie.

This was the 'Sebastian' Ciel knew; confident, mischievous, clever, seemingly highly sexual, attentive, obedient yet dominant at the same time...

The 'Sebastian' at the dance, however, had been aggressive, controlling and possessive... undoubtedly the same side of his personality that had injured those bullies...

When his sculpted torso was exposed; lithe muscles rippling beneath his flawless skin, Sebastian crawled into bed with Ciel. He had left his pants on, but only because he didn't want to make him uncomfortable. The boy laid down; his back to Sebastian, as the elder of the two made himself comfortable. It was only a minute or two before he felt Sebastian's long arms wrap around him; his nose and lips burying themselves into Ciel's velvety soft hair.

"You're rather 'cooperative' tonight, bocchan," He purred quietly. "Might I ask what brought this on?" He was only met by silence from the younger male. He waited a few minutes, before encouraging an answer, "...Did Claude do anything?" He asked; his voice taking on a slightly more serious tone.

Ciel inhaled, and slowly exhaled. "Go to sleep, Sebastian." He whispered.

Sebastian tightened his arms around Ciel and held him close; breathing not another word at his charges' request.

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