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Full Summary: When a dangerous fever causes England to fall ill, America finds himself trapped. The harsh winter has come early and it isn't long before the nations find themselves trapped inside with no way out.

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Weather in North America changes more often than Prussia's current notebook. Basically, it changes a lot. Because America is such a large country, it could be snowing in one state and sunny in another. The North tended to be cooler than the South, especially in the winter. So when it started to snow in mid November, no one thought much of it.

A World Meeting was being held in New York City that month so the countries almost expected snow at this time of year. Sometimes in the East it would snow all the way from Thanksgiving clear until New Years. Thankfully the World Meeting was being held early in the morning so most of the countries could catch a flight back home before the real weather set in and caused a lot of delays. Canada, England, and Sealand were the only exceptions. Canada was taking his younger brother, Sealand, back to his house to see moose as the small micro-nation had never seen moose before. England was staying at America's town house in New York City because he there would be no more flights to England by the time the meeting was over. So, the tiny family had forged together a holiday celebration for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was celebrated at America's house with the meeting the very next day. Then Canada and Sealand would leave and England would spend the night and catch a flight home the day after that. It was the perfect plan... Until things went wrong.

Economies all over the world were suffering, but none as bad as England and France. Both countries owed a lot of money to the other countries in the world. Some of the other countries were nice about it and were in no rush to be payed back. Others wanted their money as soon as possible and threatened to increase interest rates if it wasn't payed off soon. Needless to say, the countries who were demanding the most were the ones who also had large debts to pay.

With all the money problems, the World Meeting turned into a war by the first half hour. Thankfully, Germany got everyone to calm down like he usually had to. The topic of cold hard cash was forgotten and the countries were actually able to move onto other, more important topics. By the end of the meeting much had been accomplished. The countries left the meeting center feeling relieved and fulfilled. This had been one of the most successful meetings and most countries left with a smile on their face. They waved goodbye to their friends and headed off to the airport.

"Good bye Mattie!" America called to his brother, "Be good and hump a moose for me!"
"Ok... Wait... What?" Canada replied.

"... And what have I told you about sneaking into a meeting like that? You were told to stay at America's house. What in the world am I going to do with you?" England was finishing up scolding Sealand for sneaking into yet another World Meeting. "Now be good for your brother, will you? And don't give him nearly as much of a bad time as you do to me." He gave the young nation a pat on the back and sent him over to where Canada had the car waiting.

"Come visit me for Christmas," America told his brother. The next World Meeting wouldn't be until January as December was designated for the holidays and no one wanted to have a boring meeting around the holidays.

"Christmas is at my house, you git!" England yelled at him.

America rolled his eyes, "Ok, fine then. Come visit me two days before Christmas and we can catch a plane together." He turned to the elder nation. "There, happy now?"

"Will do," Canada told his brother, "Don't be afraid to call."

The two got in the car and drove away. America and England stayed put until the car turned the corner and was out of sight. They then turned and continued down the streets of Manhattan as the snow danced and flew around them. England coughed and sneezed as they were walking and America shot worried glances at his friend and elder. England had not been doing too well. He looked hot and feverish throughout the whole meeting. Come to think of it, he didn't look one hundred percent on Thanksgiving either. America hoped that everything was Ok, but knowing England he would rather die then tell anyone that anything was wrong.

It wasn't until they were a block away from America's house that he began to get more and more worried. Suddenly, England keeled over and let loose and hard string of coughs that seemed to shake the very Earth. America ran over to him and held and patted his back as he coughed. He also took the time to feel the elder nation's forehead which was burning at the touch. "My God," America thought, "You could fry and egg! He must be really sick."

When the spasm was over, England pushed America away. "Get off me, you bloody git," England shouted, "I'm fine." The strain on his voice sent him into yet another coughing spasm.

"England, maybe when we get home you should lie down. You're not looking too good. You look super pale. Plus I think you have a fever," America said softly when the second coughing spasm had passed.

"I told you, I'm fine," England insisted. With that he turned around and walked back to America's house leaving America to trail after him.

"I'm going to cook and that is final!"

"Just go lie the hell down so you can get over the cold you obviously have!"

"I do not have a cold you bloody git!"

"What? Do you need a frigging building to fall on you before you realize the fact that you have a cold that's getting worse by the second. Here, let me feel your forehead again!"

"Don't touch me!"

America and England were fighting again, only the words took a more serious turn. England had insisted on cooking one of the days he was here. America refused to allow him to cook for Thanksgiving hoping to have at least one enjoyable meal. So, England decided that he was going to cook for the younger nation the night before he left. And when England wanted to cook, he cooked. But it was also obvious that England had a bad cold and needed to lie down.

"I'll make you some soup, just please lie down," America pleaded with the elder nation.

"I told you, I'm fine! And I don't want nor need your deep friend soup!"England shouted refusing to listen to reason.

America realized that this was a loosing battle and that England would just over exert himself if they continued fighting. Maybe after dinner America could get the old Britt to go to bed early. "Iggy," he said defeated, "Alright. The fish is in the fridge and the potatoes are on the second shelf to the right in the pantry." England had declared that he was going to make fish and chips for America, something that the young nation used to love when he was younger.

"I don't get it Alfred," England sighed, "You used to love my cooking when you were younger. Now you fight me every time I offer to cook."

"England, I want your food it's just that your-" America started but cut himself off knowing that starting the argument would do no one any good. So he just plopped himself on the couch and turned on the America Movie Channel while England bustled into the kitchen to begin to cook the 'meal.'

As England was preparing the meal he began to feel worse and worse. Bouts of dizziness and nausea would overwhelm him every now and then as he would try to cook. 'Maybe Alfred is right,' England thought, 'Maybe I really am sick. No. That's crazy. He's just being a git about me wanting to cook.'

England was doing somewhat Ok until he began to peal the potatoes. The wave of dizziness overtook him quicker than he could have imagined. He gripped the counter being careful not to drop the knife or the potato he had been pealing. He took a deep breath but felt himself overheating. He tried to collect himself but just couldn't as yet another wave of dizziness overpowered him and sent him tumbling to the ground.

America was sitting on the couch pretending to watch the last part of a movie he didn't know the name of. He was really trying to figure out a good way to get England into bed earlier than usual. He heard a crash and then a bang. He jumped up and ran to the kitchen with his heart in his mouth. England was laying face down on the ground with a knife inserted into the palm of his left hand.

"Shit!" America cried as he bent down to gather his friend. He placed the elder nation's head on his lap and tried to rouse him. "England! England! Arthur? Old dude? Limey? Wake up!" But England couldn't be roused. His eyes then shifted to the knife that was sticking out of England's hand. "Double shit," America cursed. He then felt England's forehead and found it to be hotter than before.

Realizing that he didn't have much time, he grabbed the kitchen extension of his house phone. He placed the phone to his ear balancing England with his other hand. Nothing. The phone was dead. He tried dialing 911, but got nothing. No dial tone, no ringing, no nothing. He stood up with England and look out his small kitchen window. All he saw was white. It was a complete whiteout. The blizzard had come quicker than expected and he and England were trapped. Trapped in a small house with a very sick England.

"Triple shit."

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