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It was only a few days later that England was allowed to come home. His arm was wrapped in a cast, but his head no longer needed the bandages and his arms were no longer lined with needles. After a horrific and terrible experience, it was time to go home. Soon it would be all over. The only things that reminded the elder nation of the ordeal was his arm that was in a sling, the band aids on his arms from where the needles had been placed, and of course America.

Yes, America would forever hold the memory of that winter. It was only natural. Like when you listen to a song while doing something, the next time you hear the song you would remember doing that thing. The 'thing' was those past few weeks. America was England's song.

The four nations arrived at America's house early that morning. England was settled onto the couch while Canada cooked up some pancakes and America boiled tea. Sealand went off into the large house in search of something to entertain himself with.

"I wish I could stay a little longer," Canada mumbled to America as they stood in the kitchen. Unfortunately for the two, things had not gone as planned and Canada could not stay the extra week he had wanted to spend. His boss was becoming impatient and had important matters to deal with, so Canada had to go home the next day. Sealand would go with him and then catch a helicopter back to his small nation.

"It's fine," America responded with a shrug, "I wish you could stay a little longer too, but things happen. Iggy and I will be fine. And I'll call you if anything comes up."

Canada nodded and returned to the stove. Suddenly the kettle whistled. America jumped, startled at the sudden and unfamiliar noise, but soon realized what it was a grabbed a mug out of the cabinet. He carefully poured the hot liquid into the cup. He then grabbed a tea bag and placed it in the mug.

"Hey, Iggy!" America hummed as he walked into the living room. England looked up at the younger nation. He mouth was pulled into a tight scowl, but his eyes shone with amusement.

"Don't call me that, you git," he said softly as he accepted the mug that America handed him. America sat himself down on the couch next to England and put his arm around him. England blushed and took a sip of his tea. America smiled, laughing to himself. The older, but shorter nation, could be so cute sometimes!

After a few minutes of sitting together, Canada poked his head into the room. He smiled at the two nations before breaking the calm silence. "Pancakes are done," Canada told them.

"Bring them in here," America said with a smile to his brother, "It'd just seem more relaxed than eating in the stuffy dining room." Canada nodded and brought the plates into the room. He set two plates down in front of England and America on the coffee table.

"Peter," Canada called out," Come on! Time to eat!" It didn't take long for the small, but hungry nation to come running down the stairs. He skidded into the living room, grabbed a plate, and sat himself down on an armchair all in one swift motion.

"What?" the boy asked the three nations who were staring at him, "I'm hungry." All four laughed as they settled down to enjoy their homemade pancakes.

The day went by quickly although the nations hardly left the living room. They were just happy to be together. Movies came and went on the AMC channel. Games were played and even a few songs were song. Walking in on the scene, you would have thought that the four had invented their own holiday. But knowing what had taken place that past week, you could appreciate the small familial gestures the four displayed throughout the day.

England remained somewhat silent throughout the day. He was tired, but did not want to admit it. Instead, he took comfort in the strong arm that remained draped around him for the bulk of the day. Canada and America did most of the talking in between commercials or during a boring movie. So it was no surprise when England fell asleep on the younger nation's shoulder at about nine that evening as America and Canada chatted on.

"Hmm?" America asked feeling England's steady unconscious breathing for the first time. He looked down at the older nation as a small smile spread across his face. "He's asleep," he said to Canada not looking up.

Canada nodded. "It's been a long day." He said with a small smile.

"It's been a long week," America corrected. He looked at his brother who smiled and nodded. "Well, I'm going to bring him to bed and then turn in myself. You or Peter need anything before I go up?"

Canada and Sealand shook their heads. "We're fine," Canada said, "Good night."

"Good night!" Sealand exclaimed.

America smiled at his brothers. "Good night," he said as he gently picked England up. The older nation did not wake as America began to walk to the stairs. He took the steps slowly and carefully, enjoying the feeling of England being in his arms. When he entered the room and reached the bed, he placed England lovingly on the bed.

The small nation looked content and peaceful for the first time America could remember that week. His breathing was even, there was no sweat, and there was no fever. Everything was right with England's world.

America found himself just staring at the sleeping nation. He didn't touch him or speak. All he did was stand their and watch his chest rise up and down in a safe, healthy rhythm. It wasn't long before he realized that there was no way he would be able to bring himself to leave the room. All he wanted was to be by England's side. Unfortunately, the bed was only a twin bed-not to mention England would probably murder him if he tried to get into the bed with him. The cot America had set up was still next to the bed. So America grabbed some clean sheets and settled himself onto the cot.

With the lights out and not a sound in the house, the younger nation felt fully content. He laid there for a while just listening. The only thing he could hear was the gentle breathing that came from England. Eventually, that quiet sound lulled him to sleep. It was a dreamless sleep, but it was also a happy and content sleep.

Canada and Sealand left early that morning in order to make it back to Canada at a reasonable hour. America had to admit that he was sad to see his brothers leave, but knew that they would see each other before the year was over. It was already decided that the four would spend Christmas at England's house that year. America and England would fly to the elder nation's house a week before Christmas to prepare.

"I miss them," America said later that day. The two were back on the couch and America, as usual, had his arm around England. England was resting his head on America's firm shoulder.

"We'll see them soon," England said after a moment.

"At least we have the house to ourselves." The younger nation shot a mischievous smirk at England who frowned.

"I'm tired," he said simply.

"Those painkillers suck, don't they?" America pouted knowing that the only reason England was tired were those damn painkillers the doctor had prescribed to the older nation.

"Yeah," England mumbled his eyes closing.

America paused for a moment before placing a loving kiss on England's forehead. This startled the older nation who opened his eyes and looked up at America. Without saying anything, America placed his lips on England's. Startled again for just a moment, England returned the kiss. They stayed that way for as long as they could hold their breath. They broke apart, but quickly went back for more.

"I love you," America mumbled into England's ear as he pulled away.

"I... Love you too."

A few minutes later, England fell asleep. America, admittedly, followed suit just a few minutes after that. The two slept peacefully, England in America's comforting arms, America resting on England's soft golden head. Gentle snow danced outside the window. A fire burned in the fireplace. And two lovers slept peacefully on the couch, never forgetting the past, but eagerly ready for the future.

The End~!

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