bBlackmail is not just for Slytherins/b

In the two years since the war, Harry, Ron and Hermione had gone somewhat of their separate ways; Harry was in Auror training he spent most of his time in and out of the Ministry and the Auror School.

Ron was playing Quidditch for the Wimbourne Wasps, he was still not all that great a player, but being one of the 'Golden Trio' he was taken on as a chaser merely to raise the profile of the team, although Ron of course was so conceited he thought he was the best player in the entire History of Quidditch.

Hermione finished her exams and graduated Hogwarts with the highest grades for a century, she was however still living at Hogwarts as she had decided to embark upon a teaching career and was currently attending University and teaching at Hogwarts to fulfil her 'work experience' portion of her training.

Unfortunately for Hermione she was not alone in this chosen career path, she was living in the teachers' wing of Hogwarts and so was Draco Malfoy. She found she was hardly able to avoid the guy, he was in her classes at Uni, he was in the halls at Hogwarts and then when she retired at night to the tower her room was in, there he was again! He would be in the teachers common room too, so she ended up spending a lot of time in her room, it was the one place she knew he would not be.

Draco was not quite the bad guy he had been in school; his whole family had come through the end of the war on the side of the light but Hermione still thought of him as being the annoying brat he had been back then. Even though he had gone out of his way to speak to or be nice to Hermione, she could not put aside the names he had called her back in school, and she found although he was forgiven most things, this she could not bring herself to forget.

Poor Draco on the other hand had really tried, but nothing he did or said would make Hermione warm to him, she had changed and grown a lot since the old days; her body had filled out into that of a woman and she seemed to have even grown into her teeth and hair. The latter of which was no longer a bushy nightmare, she tended to straighten it these days and it didn't look frizzy and fried anymore, it looked sleek and glossy.

Of course he had changed too, he was tall, he had the build of his father; strong and broad but without an inch of excess flesh, his hair was longer, not as long as his father wore his, Draco wore his in more of a 'floppy surfer' look, which funnily was how he would spend his downtime from teacher training, he would apparate to Cornwall and spend the time out on the ocean with his board.

He found he had been nurturing a burgeoning crush on Hermione, he never told anyone, but even back in school he had somewhat admired her, the day she had stood up to his father in Flourish & Blott's he had been impressed. She had stood up to him face to face in many an argument and then she had even planted him with a bloody good facer that many guys would have been proud to have landed.

Never would he have thought he would be looking at the fuzzy haired, know it all, bossy, mudblood termagant and wondering what her lips tasted like, what her breasts would feel like as he caressed them, but he did. It was made all the worse by the knowledge that she would never ever consider him, not if he was the last man on the whole damn planet, and that just fired his blood all the more.

Then there was the fact she disagreed with him all the time, most women fell over themselves to be with him, even Pansy Parkinson who he had treated terribly through their courtship, he had dumped her and then taken her back so many times most women would have given up, Pansy had even met and married someone else, but if Draco so much as looked her way she was there falling in to his arms. It was not an affair as such, as it was not emotional, he merely used her body when he was horny and could not be arsed to go out and find a woman.

Truth was no woman ever really managed to scratch that particular itch, he was sure that if he ever got Hermione in his bed he would exorcise this 'crush' and he could go back to wanting nothing to do with the damn woman. But it was not going to happen, unless he… no it would be terrible, at the upcoming Ball at Hogwarts, could he slip her a potion that would make her less disagreeable? Even he would never stoop that low, would he?

Two weeks later it was the night of the ball and the excitement amongst the students was palpable, the boys were worrying about their dancing, and the girls were chatting incessantly about their gowns, hair and makeup.

Finally on the night Draco wore his best dress robes and he was standing at the bottom of the main staircase as the students in a rainbow of robes and gowns were drifting down the stairs. His eyes then fell upon a vision in bronze silk, the woman shimmered as she walked gracefully down the stairs, and Draco found he was holding his breath as she watched Hermione almost float down the ancient stone stairs.

Hermione saw Draco standing at the bottom of the stairs, why did the snarky git have to look so damn sexy? Especially in his dress robes, he looked more and more like his father who had always been a sexy bastard, evil and rude most of the time, but undeniably sexy, and Draco was an apple who most certainly did not fall far from the Malfoy Family Tree.

She was surprised to see however the undeniably hungry expression on his face as he watched her descend the stairs. There was a fire of lust burning behind his pale blue eyes as he ran them over her body. A sudden vision filled Hermione's mind as she looked down at Draco, she could see him on his knees before her making amends for all the rude things he said during their school days. She found herself imagining bringing a proud Malfoy to his knees and using him for her pleasure, of course her naturally bossy nature found this idea as appealing as her body.

The dress she had bought for this ball seemed to have been a very good decision. It was a simple sheath dress of bronze silk, which had been entirely encrusted with bronze, amber and golden beads, with her hair wound up on top of her head with strings of matching beads wound through the delicate confection of hair, she had left a few tendrils loose around her long slender neck and around her face to soften the look, these she had curled and brushed until they became tamed silky spirals. She had finished the outfit with bronze glass and amber earrings, a matching collar and bracelet of beads, bronze shoes and a small reticule which was created from the same silk and beads as the dress was looped over her wrist.

Admiring the look in her bedroom mirror she had been very happy with the look, seeing the look on Draco's face however had been priceless. Tonight she decided would be the night she seduced Draco Malfoy.

As Hermione reached the bottom of the stairs Draco held out one hand to guide her down the final step. "Ms Granger, might I just say how delightful you look this evening…"

"Thank you Mr Malfoy, coming from you that is indeed a compliment"

Draco was not totally sure whether this was a snide insult or a compliment, so he chose to take it as the latter "Thank you, might I escort you into the main hall?" he added with a charming smile.

"That would be lovely, thank you"

Once inside the hall Draco procured them both a glass of champagne from a tray carried by a passing house elf. Back in their school days he had once tried to take a glass of Champagne rather than the fruit punch from a house elf and received a severe telling off, this time of course the elf merely nodded and moved on around the room carrying his tray which was now full once more.

Handing a glass of the cool bubbly drink to Hermione "Champagne my dear?" he offered.

Hermione took the glass with a smile "thank you" under her breath she added 'you smarmy little git'

For a while after this they went their separate ways, mixing and speaking with the other teachers and the students, both of them however kept watching for the other and it seemed that every time one of them spotted the other, they would also be looking, so their eyes would meet and hold for a couple of seconds before they broke the gaze and looked away.

Hermione was talking with Professor McGonagall as Draco walked up behind her "excuse me ladies, Ms Granger, would you care to join me for this dance?" he enquired.

Hermione was about to tell him where to stick his dance when a tug deep inside her made her pause, she looked at him for a moment and had an argument with her own inner dialogue before she heard a voice that sounded amazingly like her own responding "thank you, I would be delighted"

As they danced closely together Draco tried to be on his best behaviour whilst Hermione waited with baited breath for him to start grinding against her like a horny teenager, she was amazed when it did not happen, and even more amazed that they were able to hold an adult conversation which did not end in her punching him in the face again. When she smiled to herself Draco noticed this "what you thinking?" he asked her.

"Just remembering something"

"Like what?"

"I, umm well I can't really say" she replied avoiding looking at him.

As they music ended Draco was leading Hermione from the dance floor toward a table "would it be the time you punched me in the face?" he asked her.

"How…. How did you know?" she spluttered and tried not to laugh.

"You were with me and you smiled, the only time that you ever smiled with me was when you punched me …"

Hermione expected him to be angry, but he was actually laughing. "You know that was one hell of a punch, I was pretty impressed, in a lot of pain, but impressed nonetheless"

Biting her lip Hermione was holding back a giggle "you did ask for it you know"

"I know, I know I was a total twat back then Hermione"

It was the first time he had ever called her by her first name and she found it was not all that offensive, in fact coming from him it was one of the nicest things he had ever called her. "I felt guilty after that Draco, I was angry with myself for letting you push my button"

"What if I said I would like to push your button?" Draco grinned cheekily.

"Draco, are you flirting with me?" she laughed expecting him to deny it…

"What if I was? Would that be a terrible thing?" Draco drawled.

Hermione was taking a sip of her drink and she choked on it, coughing while Draco patted her on the back.

"You cannot be serious" she gasped, her voice raspy from the coughing fit.

"Maybe I am"

"Draco, you don't even like me!"

"I have always admired you; I was just too big a twat to admit it"

"Bullshit!" Hermione spat out.

"No, I am serious, even in the first year, everyone was terrified of my father, hell I was terrified of my father and you; you stood up to him!"

"Draco I almost crapped my pants that day, but your father did fuck me off"

"Yeah, he has that effect on lots of people"

Hermione found herself laughing; Draco was surprisingly easy to get along with.

They stayed chatting and joking for a long while, both of them having more champagne.

Hermione found herself pondering whether she had actually been way off the mark with her thoughts about Draco Malfoy, that was until she excused herself to visit the bathroom, on her way back she spotted Draco take two more glasses of champagne from a passing elf, nothing strange about that, until she saw him take a vial out of his robes and pour a potion into one of the glasses.

She thought for a moment or two that it could possibly be his own medication, but she kept her eye on the glasses and as she approached the table again he held out a glass to her with a smile. Hermione took the glass from him with a smile; she now knew the potion was not for him, he had definitely given her the glass containing the drugged champagne.

"It's much cooler out in the hallway, would you like to take a short walk?" she asked him, fanning her face as though she was too hot.

"Certainly" he smiled and he threw back his head and downed his own champagne.

Hermione carried her glass with her as she walked out into the hallway and led the way out to the front courtyard, sitting on one of the benches she gestured for Draco to sit down next to her. When he sat Hermione noticed that Draco was staring at her glass, obviously waiting for her to drink it.

Leaning closer to Draco, Hermione motioned for him to come closer too, she then whispered in his ear …

"I know what you just did you little fucking pervert!"

Draco looked stunned; she could not have seen the potion surely? "I don't know what you mean Hermione"

Hermione took out her wand and cast a sealing and protection spell on the champagne glass. "You know that the Ministry would not look at a guy who drugs women as suitable teaching material; you would lose your job, your reputation and what oh what would daddy dearest say to the destruction of the Malfoy name?"

"Hermione, I was just…" Draco faltered.

"You were what? What excuse could you possibly have for slipping a potion into a woman's drink Draco? Am I missing a perfectly innocent explanation here?"

"Well no, but, ohh god" he put his head into his hands "you are going to ruin me aren't you; I cannot say that I blame you – I was just an idiot, I wanted, but I thought…"

Hermione looked sternly "you wanted what exactly Draco?"

Without looking up Draco whispered "you, I wanted you Hermione"

"You wanted me? Well why did you not just ask me out, or try to seduce me?"

"Oh come on, like you would have gone out with me"

"Well now we will never know will we… but there could be a way out of this for you Draco, but it all depends on how far you will be prepared to go to save your career, reputation and family name"

"What do you have in mind?" he asked her nervously.

"You will become mine Draco, you will give yourself to me entirely, you will come to me when I say and you will do what I say, you will accept me as your Mistress and you will obey me!"

"That is blackmail! You would not blackmail someone it's just not you; it's more of a Slytherin trait Hermione"

"Like rape is you mean? Drugging and raping women? If you wish to keep your life the way it is you will comply to me Draco or I will ruin you – if you wish to call this blackmail then so be it… but you must choose now" She stood up and walked to the main doors "I will be in my rooms, if you are not there in 30 minutes I will take your response as being no, and I will contact the potions master – your mentor – and take it from there"

"Hermione please, don't do this…." Draco begged.

Hermione merely turned to him and replied "you have 30 minutes Draco, I suggest that you choose wisely" with that she walked into the building, once out of sight she paused and took a deep breath, 'fucking hell' she whispered to herself as she shook nervously 'well Hermione, there is no turning back now'

Inside her room she locked away the glass with the potion in it and sat on her bed wondering whether he would come or whether she would have to carry out her threat, more to the point would she do that to him? Could she ruin another person?

She didn't have to wait long as a mere 15 minutes later there was a knock on the door. "Come in Draco" she called.

Once Draco stepped into the room he was a little shocked by her room, although still inside the ancient castle, her rooms looked like a modern loft apartment, she had evidently put her own stamp on her rooms.

"Lock the door Draco and come over here" Hermione ordered.

Draco moved over to the bed and moved to sit down "no Draco, stand, firstly there are some rules you must agree to before you agree to this" Hermione started to count off on her fingers as she listed some rules for him:

You will in public call me Ms Granger, but when we are alone you will refer to me only as Mistress.

You will do everything I ask of you, without question, no matter how much you wish to say no.

You will speak only when spoken to.

You will answer when I ask you a question.

You will always kneel in front of me with your eyes cast down until I tell you to move – and you will not make eye contact with me unless I order it.

When you are with me, if you are truly in pain and can go no further you will say the word 'amber' – nothing else will make me stop, but if you use the word be sure you mean it, as the play will halt there.

You will come to me when I call you, with no question, no excuses – I will never call you during school hours, you need not worry there, but during downtime and holidays I could call you at anytime and you will drop everything and come to me.

You will be released from this contract in six months, I will then give you back the glass and this is over between us, you will be free, but you will also never be with me again.

You will be only with me during this time; you will sleep with no other witch, or wizard, unless it is by my say so.

If at any point during the six months if you break my rules then you break the contract and I will pass on the glass and you will be ruined.

"So Draco those are my terms, do you accept these?"

Draco looked shocked "I have no choice do I?" he hissed.

"Of course you have a choice Draco, your choice is to be mine or be ruined – just because you do not like the choices; does not mean you have no choices"

"I agree" he whispered.

"I'm sorry Draco what was that?"

"I agree!" he snapped.

Hermione looked impatient, "need I go over the rules again Draco? Are you so stupid you cannot remember 10 rules?"

A mutinous look passed over Draco's face as he dropped to his knees and he replied again "I agree… Mistress"

Reaching out Hermione ran her fingers through his hair and ruffled it like you would a child "see Draco, was that so difficult?"

Hermione had to hold her breath so as not to laugh when she heard Draco growl under his breath – she supposed she could have chastised him for this but she thought she would let that one go for today.

"So Draco, I think it is time that I saw the goods don't you?" she gestured for him to stand.

When he stood he looked puzzled she added "well… undress for me please, and nice and slowly…"

"Undress?" he hissed.

"Draco you agreed to my terms, now it is not too late to back out…"

"I just didn't realise you meant"

"Oh come now Draco, you knew what I wanted you for, you don't think I wanted you for your witty conversation did you?" she smiled "women have the same drives as men you know; now I will not ask again…"

Draco blushed and wondered what in the hell he had actually agreed to, and for the next fucking six months!

Slowly he started to remove his robes and threw them onto a nearby chair as Hermione sat back against her pillows and watched him. Once his robes were off he unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it down his arms and then threw it onto the chair with his robes. Glancing over at her as she sat there, he could see fire behind her amber eyes, the kind of fire he only ever saw there right before she had punched him and he knew it was passion, sure it could go both ways, she could be about to punch him again, or he was going to have a very good night.

Hermione watched Draco, she had imagined for a long time what his body would look like and she was so far not disappointed.

Draco sat on the edge of the chair to remove his shoes and socks before standing before Hermione again, this time wearing only his trousers; he slowly unfastened the button and lowered the zipper. Sliding his fingers beneath the waist he slipped them slowly down his legs and he glanced briefly at Hermione, he saw her bite her lower lip and he held in a wry smile. Stepping out of his trousers he kicked them aside and stood wearing his undershorts.

Hermione looked him over and noted that he wore the jockey kind; they were more fitting than boxers and clung in all the right places. 'My gods' she thought, he was fucking hot.

Watching her as she watched him was actually highly erotic and Draco felt his cock throbbing into life, maybe being blackmailed by this hot witch would not be so bad for him. He was about to lower his shorts when Hermione held up her hand to stop him, she then crooked a finger and gestured for him to come closer.

She sat up on the bed, swinging her legs off the edge as Draco stood next to her, she could smell his cologne and something deeper that was obviously all him, running a finger down the front of his shorts she heard him take a sharp breath in and smiled. Gesturing for him to turn around, as he did she was able to check out his arse, he obviously knew which underwear would be best for his 'assets' and he was not wrong, the soft fabric was moulded to his firm arse and Hermione felt the urge to sink her nails into his taught flesh and leave her mark there.

Giving him a light swat on each cheek she motioned again for him to turn again, hooking her fingers into his shorts she began to slide them down his hips, her eyes following the line of hair that ran from his navel all the way down to …. 'ohh heaven' she thought as his cock sprang free, he was almost fully erect and his length was, well 'mouth watering' was the first thing that sprang to mind, but she was amazed by the girth, she was no blushing virgin, but this was by far the thickest cock she had ever seen 'who would have thought on someone so slender…' she pulled herself out of that reverie, it made about as much sense as the shoe size comparison.

"Put your hands on your head" she ordered Draco.

He was puzzled but complied.

"Do not move them, whatever…"

"Ok" he replied.

"Ahem … "

"Sorry, Mistress" Draco replied trying not to sound too sarcastic.

Hermione reached out and ran a finger down the length of his cock from tip to base, and then back up, she felt him twitch beneath her touch and she saw a bead of juice well up from the tip and without thought she leant forward and ran her tip over the swollen head so that she could taste him. Running her tongue along the length of him, hearing him hiss above her as his hips jerked. Placing her lips against the tip of his cock she swirled her tongue around the head of his shaft before taking him into her mouth, it was not so easy because of the sheer thickness of his cock, but she loved the feel of him against her tongue and she felt him twitch in her mouth.

Reaching up she took his balls into her palm and gently massaged them, scraping their silky purse gently with her nails. She carried on stroking him with one hand as she wrapped her other hand around the base of his cock as she feasted on his throbbing meat. When she heard his breathing pattern changing she knew he was close and she did not want him to cum just yet, so she released him and smiled as she heard him groan.

Pushing him away slightly she stood and turned her back on him "unzip me please" once unzipped she motioned for Draco to kneel and she stood in front of him and shimmied out of the dress, letting it slip down to the floor, pulled down by the weight of the bead work, stepping out of it she pushed it out of the way with her foot and she reached back to unclasp her bra. Pulling the straps down her arms, covering the cups of the bra with her palms she held it in place for a moment or two before dropping that also.

Draco took in a deep breath as he saw her breasts bared for the first time and she moved her hands over the soft flesh, pinching and rolling her nipples as she stood there wearing just bronze lace panties and hold up stockings. His mind was reeling with thoughts of how hot she looked and how erotic it was being ordered around by this bossy woman, his cock was so impossibly hard, it was almost painful.

Hermione leant down and took Draco's hand and motioned for him to stay on his knees, before leading him to the chair he had thrown his clothes onto, she slide down into the chair in front of him and opened her legs "eat me Draco" she ordered.

With a smile Draco replied "my pleasure Mistress" he bent forward and nuzzled into her crotch, running his teeth and tongue over the silk and lace. After a minute or so Draco reached up for the top of her panties and then paused "may I Mistress?" Hermione smiled and nodded.

After he pulled down her panties he raised Hermione's legs over the arms of the chair to open her up for him. Nibbling along her thigh until he reached his goal, he could already see that her pussy was swollen and wet, leaning in he placed his mouth against her, running his tongue between her lips and suckling gently on each before dipping his tongue into the well. Above him Hermione moaned as he ran his tongue along the length of her pussy again before moving his mouth slightly and blowing gently across her clit. Moving back in; he lathed his tongue over her stiff little clit before running his teeth over the top of it and nipping it gently.

Hermione grabbed hold of Draco's head and ran her fingers through his hair and pulled his head harder against her pussy as she panted and felt the familiar pulsing heat growing in her abdomen and her mind was clouding over.

As he continued to alternate between licking her sopping slit and swollen clit she felt the aching growing out of control until she came hard, bucking against Draco's face and screaming out his name.

It was one of the hottest things Draco had ever done; his cock was aching so much now, hearing her screaming his name as she came hard against his face and he lapped up the juices that flowed like a hot river from deep inside her.

Hermione was dazed following her orgasm, but she needed more, she wanted to feel his thick cock stretching her pussy. Standing on wobbly legs she almost dragged Draco to the bed, this time she didn't care if he walked, crawled or freaking flew, she just wanted him there as fast as he could.

Throwing herself onto the bed she pulled Draco with her and hissed "fuck me!"

Draco dived onto the bed and grinned, he placed his cock at the soaking entrance to her pussy and said "your wish is my command Mistress" and he pushed his hips forward, pressing deep into Hermione's pussy and she screamed, Draco grabbed his wand and cast a fast silencing charm on the room before the other teachers came running.

After letting her become accustomed to his cock buried inside her Draco began to fuck her slowly, making sure she felt every inch as it slipped in and out and he gasped "you are so fucking…. Tight" Hermione wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into her deeper.

She had never felt so full in her life, she felt like her pussy was being torn apart and yet it felt so good. "Fuck" she hissed "fuck me hard Draco" and she dug her nails into his arse.

He gasped at the sudden pain as she dug in her nails so he started to thrust harder and faster the room was filled with the sounds of them crying out and fucking as they both spiralled towards orgasm.

Draco's cock was pounding harder in and out of Hermione's pussy as he leant forward teasing her nipples with his tongue and teeth. He would alternate between just thrusting straight in and out of her like a piston to rotating his hips as he thrust in and out and very soon Hermione felt her orgasm hit harder and faster than her first, she was soon crying out and bucking beneath him.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck …. " Draco chanted as he felt her pussy spasm against his cock, he felt like her pussy would break off his cock if it got any tighter and then he lost all thought as his balls throbbed and he emptied his load deep inside her with a roar.

After he rolled off Hermione he was not sure if she would let him, but he wrapped his arms around her anyway and kissed her neck, moving across her cheek and then taking her mouth with his lips.

Hermione could taste her own pussy juices on his lips and smell the scent of her own arousal on his cheeks, she had never noticed before how a person could literally smell like sex.

Curling up into Draco's arms she felt the warm glow throughout her body and her pussy twitching with the aftershocks of her orgasm. She heard the faint sound of snoring and realised he was asleep and she kissed his cheek and soon joined him in slumber.

The next morning Hermione woke as usual as soon as the sun was up, she made herself a coffee and sat in the chair opposite the bed. As she sipped her coffee she called for Draco to wake up, as he struggled out of slumber he didn't recognise the room he was in at first and then he remembered the night before. Sitting up he saw Hermione curled up in the chair; she was wearing pyjamas and holding a huge steaming mug in her hands.

"Come here Draco" she ordered as she put down her cup and picked up a pouch and opened it.

Draco was about to tell her where to go when he remembered the rules and he went to his knees in front of her – feeling self conscious as he was still naked.

Hermione held out her hand and opened it, laying in her palm was a gold coin, "Draco, carry this coin with you at all times, when I want you I will use my coin" she opened up her other hand and there was a matching coin "when I call you your coin will get hot and it will glow, when you take hold of it say the words 'yes Mistress' and the coin will act as a portkey and bring you to me, wherever I am"

She passed the coin to Draco and then said "do not forgot to come when I call – I will wait no longer than 10 minutes so that you can make your excuses – but you will on NO account tell anyone about this arrangement … is this clear?"

Draco turned the coin over in his hand, it would obviously work similar to the dark mark Voldemort had used, but it was not marked on his skin.

Without looking up he replied "yes Mistress"

"Ok Draco you are now dismissed, you will go back to your own rooms now and ensure no-one sees you leaving here" Hermione picked up her coffee again and a book and left Draco to gather his clothing and leave.

The End…?