They always picked on Peter. No matter what. It wasn't even that he was different, they just picked on him. We never got why, not even when we all went through our theories. I thought about it a lot actually, but it's not like I ever did anything about it. I even joined in sometimes. It could have been the fact he never openly liked someone. Or the fact that because of that he was still a virgin. It could have been the fact he was smart and did good in school. Or it could have been just because of how he looked. He was pretty tall. Taller than Rian, but shorter than Tyler. He had blond-brown hair that he wore a little long, not hippie-long or skater-long, just not a buzz cut. Then he wore glasses. Black framed glasses, because the wire ones made him look little and I think he just liked them. He didn't look five, but the glasses at least helped him look about ten. He dressed like the other boys. Jeans and t-shirts and he wore plain sweatshirts a lot with white ties. The boys all said he was gay, but he wasn't. You could just tell.

I never got to know Peter until I broke up with Bryce and we all stopped hanging out with Bryce and his friends. It all started one Saturday night when we first went into Marcus' new car. It was small, so there wasn't room for anyone. It was the night Alyssa and Rian had sex for the first time. Marcus and Tyler sat in front. In the back there were only two seats because it was a minivan and Marcus broke the way-back seat. Marcus' stuff was everywhere and he had a lawnmower in back, so it wasn't like someone could sit in the floor. So Alyssa, in her drunken excitement, said she could just sit on Rian's lap.

Tyler, who started liking me, was suddenly pissed he had decided not to sit in back, because now I had to sit on someone's lap. That someone was Peter. I never spoke to Peter before, other than casual hellos and sometimes he'll ask me a question about a story if we're in a small group. Other than that, we were complete strangers. He sat down on the seat. Marcus moved forward so I had leg room. Rian got in putting on a seat belt and then Alyssa jumped in. He held her around the waist and she giggled. Peter looked over at them. He probably didn't want to hold me around the waist because he was shy. I sat on his lap and we tried to maneuver a seat belt around us, but it didn't work.

"Get comfy, Petey boy." Rian said. I had to get out and Peter put on the seatbelt. He looked embarrassed because we were taking so long. I felt bad for him, as I always do. So I climbed in and sat on his lap. I shut the door and locked it, and then leaned against him. "You better hold onto me tight," I said laughing a little. "If we crash, and I break anything you're going to get it."

He smiled a little blushing. I moved his arms around my waist and he held onto me, tight to heed my joke, and then his grip loosened. It was nice actually. He was comfortable, and he smelled nice. But Tyler jumped in. "Kayla, let me know if you feel like he's holding the flashlight in between his legs." And he ruined it.

Everyone laughed, except for me and Peter. Tyler always told stupid jokes like that, it wasn't even a mildly intelligent one. I was tired and I didn't like Tyler so much, so I stuck up for Peter for the first time. "Shut up," I said. And he did.

Marcus turned on the radio and I swear I heard it. A quiet "Thanks" from Peter.

It took forever to drive everyone home, because Alyssa was talking to Marcus and insisted that she needed something to eat. So we went to McDonald's and Alyssa and Rian and Tyler and Marcus got food. I turned a little to look at Peter. "Are you hungry?" I asked.

"No," He said shaking his head a little. "I'm fine."

"Petey boy," Rian said. "You going to spot some cash for Kayla out of apology, so she can at least get something?"

"No," I said. "I'm not hungry."

We parked somewhere and they ate. There wasn't room for me to get off of Peter, so I turned and we sat like that. He stopped holding me and it was normal. Alyssa passed me her soda spiked with something. I took a few sips and then offered some to Peter. He took some too. We were all kind of drunk, except for Marcus, so maybe that's why me and Peter weren't that awkward.

Peter went home next. I kind of missed him when we started driving. I leaned against him a little, and his arms looped around me loosely. He held his wrists and it was comfortable. His house was pretty and white with green shutters. I got out and he unbuckled. Rian told him to make sure he wasn't too hard when he got out, but nobody said goodbye to him. "Thanks for giving me somewhere to sit," I said. "You were pretty comfortable."

He smiled a little. "No problem," He said. I didn't see what was so wrong with him- I never did. "Good night."

"You too," I got into the car and he turned walking up to his house. I shut the door and nobody said anything to me. They only made fun of Peter, not anyone else.

I think that's how it all started. But maybe not. Maybe it started before then, but it started then for me. I didn't magically fall in love with Peter. Because all the guys teased him, no girl ever liked him. I don't even know what really changed. We didn't talk to each other again until a little while later, we stayed awkward and dissociated. I would say hi to him every once in a while, but I didn't think of him as anything. I just spent my time avoiding Tyler, and giving him hints that I despised him.

Peter slipped into the background and I barely noticed him after that, but I know that first time was when it all started somehow.

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