04 March 2010

Dear Esther,

Well, it's settled. Sherlock and his friend are taking 221B. This morning he showed up with another young man, called John Watson, a very nice-looking young fellow, shorttish, with a sort of sad, sweet, curious face and a bad limp. It turns out he was shot in Afghanistan, poor boy. Ooh, it makes my hip ache just to watch him go up the stairs. You know, at my age you expect that sort of thing, not when you're just over thirty and haven't been a doctor or a military man for all that long. But he seems a bit touchy about it. On the whole, though, he seems like a very nice, quiet, intelligent, sensible sort of man, just what Sherlock needs in a flatmate. If there's anything Sherlock isn't, it's sensible.

Of course, Sherlock had made a thorough wreck of the place, just overnight, and he had his friend the skull on the mantelpiece, and the kitchen was all full of glass stuff, chemistry-looking things, and then whilst we were discussing the rent and some frightful local news, the police showed up. They just wanted his help, though. A lot of people have been killing themselves lately, so sad, and all in the same way, and of course they can't figure it out without Sherlock's help. I think he likes being needed. He was so happy about it. And he made poor John go with him, though I can't imagine a young man who's just been shot in Afghanistan wanting to see more dead people, but it made John perk right up, too. Young men and their excitement. Always have to have something going on.

Well, there we are, Esther. I was just having a strange desire for some excitement in my life again, and I have a feeling that life is going to be very interesting with those two boys living in 221B.



Author's note: Thus ends "Not Your Housekeeper." The story will continue with "Conscience" (http:/www . fanfiction . net/s/6489370/1/Conscience) and end with "Vulcan."

Here is the remainder of the Holmes timeline I have put together:

1969: Mycroft born

1976: Sherlock born

1983: Dad dies

1984: Mycroft tells Sherlock he's a sociopath

1985: Mycroft goes to Oxford

1992: Sherlock goes to Cambridge

1993: Mummy dies

1994: The Gloria Scott Affair

1995: Sherlock graduates from Cambridge

1995-1998: Lestrade gives Sherlock cases to work on

1998-1999: Work falls off

1999-2000: Sherlock goes back on cocaine, Mycroft gets him off it, they become enemies

2000: Sherlock goes to Florida, helps Mrs. Hudson's husband get arrested, convicted

2001: Sherlock starts at Oxford, reads urban anthropology, anatomy, and geology

2004: Sherlock graduates from Oxford

2006: Mrs Hudson returns to London

2008: Sherlock returns to Florida to help Mrs. Hudson keep Mr. Hudson in jail

2009: Mr. Hudson executed

2010: Sherlock meets Watson