Equivalent Exchange

- By PandoraHeartsAngel

Chapter Summary: Intro; How Edward gets turned.

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Vampire: So in this story, the vampires are pretty average, but there is so many stories with vampires now-a-days, I don't what know average is anymore... These vampires are beautiful, pale, have fangs, burn in the sunlight, are sensitive to light, holy water burns, every vampire can change/turn someone, they dislike garlic, they're immortal, heal fast, super strength & speed, heightened sense, when feeding they can paralyze their prey, some have one extra ability, and when hungry, their eyes glow blood red with cat-like slits... I think that is it! They're monsters. Blood lusting and evil monsters, so beware, could be Evil!Ed.. But they do have a soul, so not completely heartless.

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Chapter 1 - What the hell


New Year's Eve, Outside in Central City, 9:59pm

Edward Elric, The Fullmetal Alchemist, and Alphonse Elric, Edward's little brother, were walking down the streets of central.

They were just coming from dinner at Maes Hughes's house. It was 10:00pm and cold and dark outside, they were about 5 blocks from their dorm room in the military. Al was leading the way, it was a 20-30 minute walk. Hughes offered to drive them home or call a cab, but Edward declined his offers, saying he liked the walk.

Although from his slow pace it made it easy for Al to tell his brother was tired. Ed was the reason Al chose not to stay for the "Happy New Year" celebration. To say the least, he was worried for his big brother. Ed was unusually quiet that night and Al could tell he wasn't well.


'Jeezz, brother ate almost everything at dinner tonight! He has to take better care of himself. We'll never get are bodies back to normal if he doesn't take proper care of himself, I couldn't manage alone... Nii-san is so immature and stupid sometimes though! He starved himself for days because we any never get food. Just cause I don't eat does not mean food isn't necessary, it takes just a few minutes to get food. But somehow, to Ed, those minutes are a waste!'

Al stopped suddenly once he saw just what he needed.

'I'll only be a second, and brother really needs it.'

Al smiled and stood a few seconds, by the time he moved, Ed was past him,

"Wait nii-san!"


Ed turned around to see his little brother turn into the little grocery shop beside them.

"What are you doing, Al? I'm tired, I want to just go home-" Ed whined,

"We have no food!" Al shouted as he ran into the shop. "I'll get some for tomorrow, brother! I'll be quick! Stay here!"

With that, Edward was alone in the cold air, and darkness of the night. He leaned against a streetlight next to the sidewalk.

'Stupid Al! Why does he need to get food right now. He is always worrying about me. I mean, we have enough food for tomorrow... Well maybe not, but I'll live... Ugh, Al, it's so damn cold, I'll freeze if he doesn't hurry up! Maybe I'll just go in and help him...'

Ed was about to head towards the shop, when he noticed someone walking towards him. It was too dark to see who the person was, and he was walking to fast, he was already crossing the street towards Ed. Ed stood still, waiting for the person to pass him. But he never did, instead he walked right up to Ed and stopped in front of him.

"Hello Fullmetal."

Ed heard the familiar nickname, the person was now in the range of the streetlight light, and Ed could see his boss's black locks. He smirked and Edward spotted the face of Colonel Mustang.

"...Colonel Mustang?" Ed said slightly startled,

"What are you doing out here Colonel?"

"Well, I came here to see you, Fullmetal." Roy Mustang replied watching Ed with an unblinking gaze.

"Why? Did I do something?"

"You're not in trouble..." Roy smirked again, "well not yet."

Ed didn't hear the last part. Mustang was now in reaching distance, Ed noticed, if he were to raise his arm straight forward it would probably hit Mustang's chest...

'He's too close for comfort... Mustang's acting real weird...'

"Fullmetal..." Roy stated pulling Ed from his thoughts, "you got something on your neck."


Mustang smiled when Edward stupidly tried to look at the left side of his neck. Mustang took the chance to change back into his normal form. When Ed looked back up, it wasn't Mustang standing in front of him.

"What? Wh-who are you?! What happened to Mustang?"

Ed was so confused, a second ago Mustang stood in there, now someone completely different did, 'What the hell'.

"Where did Mustang go!?" The stranger smiled at Ed's lost face. He let his fangs grow long, and eyes glow bloody red. Ed's eyes widened in horror. He had to run but couldn't move. The stranger laughed at Edward.

'What the hell is happening? Why can't I move? I need to run, or use alchemy, or call Al, or just do something! Anything fuck!'

The stranger's hands pinned Edward against the streetlight, with swift, quick and strong movements. He leaned his head towards Ed's neck. Grazing his fangs along it.

'He smells SO good!' The stranger thought, breathing in Ed's delicious scent. He was grinning; lost his own world. The stranger could feel the warm heat off Edward's body, and could feel his muscles tense as he tried to move, he could picture Ed's terrified eyes. The blood made his mouth water, and he couldn't stop himself.

"I'm Envy by the way. It's nice to meet you shrimp."

Envy licked Ed's neck, and then, without hesitation, bit into his neck. He drank the blood happily. But then suddenly stopped,

'NO! I'll get killed by father if I suck Ed dry.'

With difficulty, he turned his head away from the boy's neck, blood covered Edward's neck and Envy's fangs. Envy licked his lips clean and then bit into his own wrist. Envy's other hand held Ed against the lamp. Once his mouth was full of his own blood, his fangs left his wrist, and he placed his hand on Ed's shoulder. Envy's lips slammed into Ed's, while kissing him some of Envy's blood escaped his mouth and went into Edward's mouth. Ed couldn't spit it out and had no choice but to swallow it.

Envy left the kiss and smiled again.

"You got cute lips shrimp! Sorry I had to make this so fast... We'll meet again though. You ARE a sacrifice after all!"

Envy laughed and ran off without another word. He was gone in a minute. Ed could finally move and slid to the ground.

'What was that!?'

Ed held his neck, he was bleeding like crazy, and started to feel light-headed.


Ed screamed out, he couldn't even stand up now. 'Where was his brother when he needed him?' Ed was just about to call out for Al again. When a burning pain shot through him. It felt like an awful fire burning inside of him.


'Brother is going to be mad at me, I'm taking SO long. But now brother will have something to eat. He'll probably yell at me once I'm done even so... But that won't matter, as long as he isn't starving anymore.'

The line to the cashier was taking forever. Just two more people. 'Why is everyone shopping now anyways?' Al wondered.

"AL!" Al hears a call from outside, 'Was-s-was that brother?!- No. It's just in my head... Yeah, or he's probably just annoyed I'm taking forever to get him food.'

-ed screaming-

'What was that? Was it Ed again? That's definitely Ed's voice... Oh no.'

Al turned and ran outside, dropping all the food he just got on the way out. Once Al got into the parking lot, he sees Ed on his hands and knees, screaming.


Al runs to Ed, and sees blood, blood every where. Blood, all around his neck and all down his left side. Not only that but Ed was covered in sweat and his skin was paper white.

"BROTHER! ED! What happened! What's wrong brother!" Al cried out.

"Al? It hurts- It- It's on fire, make it stop! Al it hurts SO much."


Ed was crying from the pain now. He didn't really know what was happening. Or what happened before. All he knew was that he was in pain, unbearable pain.

Everything was becoming blurred and all he felt was cold cement and hot blood.

Right before Ed blacked out, he heard Al screaming his name.


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