This story takes place very shortly after the final episode of the series. A month at the latest, we'll say. All ages are the same. Aang thinks that he has finally become a fully realized Avatar. Little does he know that there is a final test every Avatar must take. This test is so secretive that only few know of it. It is quite possibly the toughest challenge he has ever faced. Even worse than Ozai. Is he up to it? Will he finally earn the title of fully realized Avatar? Read to find out!

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The Challenge

All was well in the world. Aang had defeated the Ozai and ended the 100 year war. The world was at peace and starting to rebuild itself. The Fire Nation colonies were being ordered to return home one at a time and all prisoners or slaves were released to be reunited with their family. The world of politics wasn't as tedious as everyone predicted. Most meetings went smoothly and they were only required every few weeks. Aang was now also a fully realized Avatar; master of all four elements and the Avatar state.

And he had the girl of his dreams: Katara.

Speaking of which, the two of them were on the couch in Iroh's Jasmine Dragon tea shop engaging it there favorite activity as of late: making out.

Aang lay on the couch as Katara straddled his waist, and they kissed passionately. Aang was running his hands over Katara's waist while she ran her hands around his back, careful to avoid his scar. There weren't enough times that they would be able to do it. Being with each other was the best thing that ever happened to them.

Katara pulled away from Aang for a second and stared at him dreamily. "My Avatar. All mine."

"That's right, baby. All yours, because you're my forever girl." This made Katara blush.

"Cheesy!" a voice suddenly caught the two lovebirds off guard and they both fell off the couch and onto the floor. Laughter ensued.

"Not funny, people!" Katara helped her boyfriend up and then they realized who the voice belonged to.

"Bumi, what are you doing here?" Aang asked with a little agitation.

"Is that a way to greet an old friend?" Bumi asked in return.

"Well I'm a little mad at you now because you spoiled my alone time with Katara," Aang replied firmly.

"Don't worry; there will be plenty of time for you to make out. You have your whole lives ahead of you," another voice came from behind Bumi.

"Master Pakku!" Katara exclaimed. "What brings you here all the way from South Pole?"

At that moment before Katara received her answer Iroh suddenly joined them, along with Master Piandao. Aang instantly realized what this was.

"To what do I owe the pleasure of the White Lotus?" Aang asked.

"This is a very important matter concerning your state as the Avatar, Aang," Iroh answered. "Please have a seat at the table. I will make us some tea before we discuss this matter."

Aang, Katara, Bumi, Pakku, and Piandao all sat at the dining dining while Iroh went to brew some tea. Aang reminisced with Bumi about the old days while Katara and Pakku talked about the rebuilding of the South Pole, as well as Gran Gran. Piandao merely sat down quietly, as he didn't have any personal discussion to partake in. After about ten minutes Iroh came back with a fresh pot of tea. He poured a cup for everyone and then sat down.

"So, what is this important issue concerning Aang's position as the Avatar?" Katara started the discussion.

"It's time for Aang to become a fully realized Avatar," Iroh simply answered.

Aang cocked his eyebrows in confusion. "Become? I already am a fully realized Avatar."

"Yes," Katara defended him. "He's mastered all four elements, and has gained control of the Avatar state. Not to mention he's done it in record time."

"Yes, and that is quite the impressive feat for a twelve year old boy," Bumi chimed in. "But that is not all that is required for the spirits to acknowledge you as a fully realized Avatar."

"What more could possibly be required of me?"Aang asked with slight irritation in his voice. He glanced at Katara and then back to the order. "If it involves giving up Katara, you can forget it right now."

"No, that's not it, Avatar Aang," Pakku joined in. "You've done well in your training and your quest to bring balance back to the world. Now, you have to face the final test."

Aang and Katara glanced at each other and then back to the order.

Iroh clarified. "It is time that you face the final challenge of your training. After you pass, then the spirits will bless you as a fully realized Avatar, and your powers will be fully unlocked."

"And what is this final challenge that I must do?"

Piandao finally decided to speak up.

"You must… defeat the White Lotus in combat."

"WHAT?" Aang and Katara exclaimed together.

Iroh summarized it all. "The White Lotus is as old as the Avatar itself. Every Avatar must prove himself by overcoming the best of the order. It is a traditon required by the spirits to prove your competence as a warrior, and to prove your supreme knowledge of the elements. You will face the top master of every element that is in the order. Since you are the last airbender, you will not have to face an airbending opponent. But you must face all other elements in a duel that involves only the use of that master's element."

Pakku chimed in again. "You will face me in a waterbending duel, King Bumi in an earthbending duel, and Grandmaster Iroh in a firebnding duel. Only your closest friends and your teachers may be in attendance"

Bumi added more. "The final challenge will begin in 3 days, and will take place outside Bah Sing Se to prevent fans from observing. I hope you have been training well, Aang. This time I won't go easy on you."

Iroh took the closing statement. "3 days until you face Master Pakku. Train well and train hard, for in these duels we shall give no quarters."

With that, The White Lotus left, except for Iroh, who want back to run his shop. Aang and Katara sat there for a good ten minutes, completely dumbfounded, trying to process the major challenge that had just been issued. 3 days to prepare for battle against the world's toughest waterbender, followed by the toughest earthbender and the toughest firebender. What a treat. Aang finally regained some sense and turned to face his girlfriend.

"Katara, could you stick me back in that iceburg for another hundred years?"

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