Daphne stared at herself in the mirror and shuddered, she was wearing a pair of Velma's old glasses with the lenses removed, fake freckles adorned her face, on her head was an auburn wig styled to match Velma's hair and she was wearing set of clothes identical to those Velma wore. Daphne could feel the panic rise within her; she'd had nightmares like this where Dinkleyism became the must-have fashion style. The catwalks of Paris and Milan were full of models wearing orange turtle-neck sweaters, short red pleated skirts and thick rectangular glasses, DKNY became DKNLEY, the little black dress became little orange dress, all shoes were sensible, there was no more make-up... Daphne held onto the wall, took some deep breaths and tried to calm herself, now wasn't the time for another Dinkleyism induced panic-attack. Someone is going to pay for this she thought as she looked at herself in the mirror again and applied the last fake freckle.

Gibby walked into the bar and saw Velma sitting alone a little distance from Fred, Shaggy and Scooby

"You OK there Velma?" said Fred

"Oh I'm just a bit fed-up right now. I've been thinking, I guess Gibby was right; I have been pretty much left to fend for myself on this mystery. I feel really bad about being so mean to him."

Gibby moved closer to listen.

"Look Velma, it wasn't deliberate. We always came to get you. You know we wouldn't leave you behind. Like we just got distracted this time" said Shaggy

"I know Shag. But it feels like it at times especially being chained to that rock for hours on end… I was so cold and so alone; I wish Gibby had been there to save me. I think I'll take a walk down the south woodland path. Just to clear my head, I've, I've got some decision to make. I've been very rude to Gibby when all along I should have been more grateful."

"Well, do you want any company?" said Shaggy

"Not just now, I need time to think... meet me at the end of the path in about a hour, how's that?"

"Whatever, just stay safe Velma, see you then" and with that Velma got up and headed out of the bar limping slightly. Gibby followed a few seconds later as nonchalantly as he could.

When they had left another Velma, on a pair of crutches this time, hobbled out of the ladies toilet and gave the boys the thumbs up "nice work Daph" she spoke into a walkie-talkie.

"Could either of you hear what I was saying?" she asked turning to the boys

"No just what Daph said" replied Fred, he picked up his phone and called Vicky to tell them that the plan was in motion and they were on their way "Vicky's ready out back. One of her rangers will keep an eye on Daph just in case anything happens before we're ready."

"You know Daphne looked kinda cute in that outfit" said Fred.

"I wouldn't say that to her face, you'll be in enough trouble when she finds out about Shaggy and I and that you didn't tell her" said Velma

"All the best people wear orange and have freckles" said Shaggy taking her by the arm

"You smooth talker you" smiled Velma

At the appointed time Daphne started walking towards the woodland path "Oh, err Jinkies" she said loudly "Look at the time. I'd better get going down this badly lit and secluded part of woodland path so get to where Fre... I mean Shaggy is."

Jeepers this is so scary thought Daphne as she walked along, she was walking as fast as she could, menacing shadows surrounded her, she thought she could hear something behind her next time I want two tubs of ice-cream, no three. Wait what am I thinking! There it was again, something was following her. She risked a peek behind her and caught a glimpse of a horribly familiar shape moving behind her.

"I'm sure I'll be safe when I get into Shaggy's strong muscular arms" said Daphne as she heard the sounds of whatever was following her get closer.

"Oh good grief" muttered Velma holding her head in her hands. She could hear Vicky and the other rangers sniggering nearby.

"That's our signal" whispered Fred

"That code-phrase was Daphne's idea wasn't it?" replied Velma holding onto Fred as he started the snowmobile

"Yeah, how did you know?" asked Fred in surprise

"Just a lucky guess" replied Velma with a resigned sighed

Fred nodded to Vicky and they all set off

"Like Scooby, don't bump into me" whispered Shaggy waving his arms about trying to stay upright.

"Ri ran't relp rit" said Scooby

Both were tottering around in the clearing on concealed stilts so they would appear the same height when they were standing next to Daphne as they would when standing next to Velma.

"Guys, she's coming in hot" Velma's voice came over the radio. Shaggy and Scooby looked in the direction Daphne was coming from. A few minutes later she appeared and went straight to Shaggy.

"Jeep... Jinkies there you are Shaggy"

"Hi Velma" he waved and unsteadily made his way towards Daphne. When they were together Daphne pulled him down to her.

"Listen Shag, Velma really fancies…" she whispered in his ear

"Fancies me and you want me to do something about it?

"Yes, but how did you…?"

"Already done Daph. Our second date is right after this" Shaggy stopped and looked down the path "Like Daph..." he whispered

Daphne looked stunned "Second Date? Second Date! This is so unfair. I wanted to set you two up."

"Well, you could try setting him up with a date" said Shaggy pointing behind her as a big-foot appeared from the path she had just come down.

"Like see ya Velma!" shouted Shaggy and he and Scooby ran off. As he ran he pulled a rope to arm the trap. Daphne gave what she hope sounded like a Velma-ish 'jinkies' scream and ran off after Shaggy, at the appropriate spot she pretended to trip up and called out for her glasses. The creature roared and ran for her and straight into the trap. It was hoisted up into the air by a net but before anyone could rejoice there was a metallic flash from within the net and the creature was free. Daphne scrambled to her feet and ran, straight into a sheer rock face. Daphne tuned around and flattened herself against the rock. The creature was just about to take hold of her when she pulled off her disguise to reveal herself; this caused it to pause in confusion. The next second a snowmobile sailed through the air and a crutch swung down from it connecting with the monster's groin lifting it off its feet. It crumpled to the ground a second later.

"Oh, oh" it moaned

The snowmobile swung round and sped towards the monster, Velma pinned it to the ground with a slightly dented crutch while Vicky and the other rangers converged on the location.

"Let's see who this monster is" said Fred pulling the mask off

"Gibby Norton!" exclaimed Vicky

"Just as we expected" said Velma sitting back on the snowmobile with a satisfied smile on her face.

"So how did you all know Velma?" asked Vicky.

"Well Vicky, Gibby's been stalking me on and off for years, he's obsessed and infatuated with me but I've always rejected his advances. He had hoped by saving me and bad-mouthing Shaggy that I would fall for him."

"Why's that" asked Vicky

"It started time I was thrown off the cliff and rescued by Gibby and his friends. I was, and am, genuinely grateful to them for the help he and his friends me. But my reaction to his help got him thinking so he performed a series of copycat incidents on me which he would then save me from. In all the other cases I appeared to be in some kind of danger, but Fred and Daphne found a quick-stop device at the sawmill and a carbon dioxide scrubber at the geothermal plant while Shaggy and Scooby found a safety harness and steel wire at the lake. Also I was tied-up in the pit and the first thing Gibby said was that he was glad I had freed myself, but how would he have known that I had been tied-up, unless he had been the one that had done it in the first place? Every time I was knocked out with sleeping mist, that never happened to anyone else" Vicky pulled off the gloves on Gibby's costume, inside each was a canister of sleeping mist set to discharge thought the palms.

"He wanted to make himself appear the hero and discredit Shaggy so he could win Velma over" said Fred

"What also made me suspicious was that Gibby sought to… exploit what he had just done, Shaggy has never done that. He claimed he would protect me yet when I was really hurt, in real danger, and there was real danger to the person doing the rescuing, he was nowhere to be seen."

"What real danger?" asked Gibby incredulously "You just sprained you ankle"

"Dislocated hip, ankle and damaged ligaments in my ankle and knee actually Gibby" replied Velma coldly, holding out her crutches by way of evidence "I need these to walk on that's why I went easy on you."

"While you were off spreading lies and about Shaggy he was saving Velma from wolves" replied Daphne

"Well Velma each of the times he grabbed you constitutes a kidnapping add to that unlawful imprisonment, reckless endangerment, trespassing and slander of Mr Rogers character it's safe to say that the only stalking Mr Norton will be doing for the next few years will be round a prison exercise yard" said Vicky and with that she and the other rangers lead Gibby away.

When the rangers had gone Shaggy helped Velma onto a snowmobile. She sat on his lap as she could ride side saddle; Velma took hold of Shaggy "I don't need a knight in shining armour when I've got one in a old green t-shirt" she declared.

"Hot-tub for two, with dinner, awaits us" said Shaggy

"Jinkies that sounds nice. I could get used to this" said Velma, her eyes twinkling. Daphne gave her a thumbs-up and the pair headed off to the hotel she then gave a happy sigh then turned and began to stalk towards Fred and Scooby who both tried to hide behind each other "So, their second date hmmmmm? I want a word with you."

In the hotel a fax was placed in Velma's mail box. It was from her parent's lab. It simply said Fur/Skin Sample SL-1 initial results. Cells collected mDNA extracted and analysed, results: Genus: Homo, Species: Unknown.