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Its been years since they last had sex.

Stuart looks at the pinpricks on his arm where the hair rises, hears the not so distant sound of the whale and shudders.

Every time. Every single fucking time, he swears he wont, he wont do it again.

He remembers their last full conversation.

After Demon Days everything was good again, the tour, interviews, Dare and Kids with Guns, they were happy for a while, kissing in the studio, going out drinking together.
And then a groupie launched herself at Murdoc, in a moment of drunkeness he gave in. They argued again.

The sex got rougher, harder and the nights spent together were few and far between.

They stopped speaking, stopped fighting and just fucked. No more make outs and make ups. In showers, messy hotel rooms, in the toilets of restaurants and behind the curtains of concerts. It was dark and damp and they stopped caring who heard. Stuart started drinking.
Murdoc watched him slink into the studio to sing "We Are Happy Landfill", watched him scream the lyrics, still half pissed.

He felt the mismatched glare watching him and the moment Russell and Noodle left the room it was on again. Knocking over keyboards, amps.
The bites on his neck lasted weeks.

They'd lay there afterwards, Stuart would put his hand out to try and touch him and he'd roll over, leave him in the darkness.

So he put it in the songs, tried to get him to speak.

When youre keeping everything inside you. Its gonna be a cold day.
The sun will shine again, you hold it in your hand.

But it didn't work. Murdoc still doesn't talk,Stuart watches him, waiting.

El manana struck a hard blow, Murdoc kept quiet, didn't breathe a word whether or not Noodle was safe. Stuart punched him harder than he ever had and he didn't even react.

Three months later he woke up in hospital with stitches on his abdomen, missing a kidney. Stuart cried into his hospital gown.
Murdoc turned it into a game for the website for a laugh, exaggerated it.
Tried to joke about it as Stuart packed everything he owned into suitcases.

"Oh come on its not like I took all your organs! Its just a kidney!"
Stuart stopped packing. Hands shaking. "Ya don't get it. Yew never will! Ya know whats the fucking worst of it mate?" He whispered, trying to stop himself from screaming.
"If you told me your liver was fucking up I would have given it to you willingly. . . . "

Murdoc stared at him, momentarily stunned. "Alright, fine I should have asked. Look, D, come on, lets forget about this alright, come back to bed the stitches are healing fine, you'll feel better in a bit."

Stuart shook his head, "I just. I cant deal with this anymore Murdoc, cant you see what you've done?! Noodles gone, Russell's left, its like your actually living in the wreckage of us for fucks sake. Kong is falling to pieces!"

"It's not that bad!" Murdoc laughed, a piece of rubble fell near his shoulder, he narrowly avoided it.
"Ok maybe it needs a little work! Come on 2dents I've got new material to work on! It'll all be good!"

"huh. Good luck" Stuart laughed and put the rest of his suitcases in the trunk, leaving Murdoc swearing at him in the falling carpark.

Months turned into years, he spent some time with his Mum, even traveled a little. He sat on the plane to Beirut grimacing as he read articles in NME. Murdoc swearing and claiming Damon Albarn was at fault for everything as per usual.
He got a flat, started DJing a little and relaxed a little, it was all good.
Till the phone calls started happening.

At 3 AM he heard it, clicks, the distant sound of ocean waves.
"Look who the fuck is dis? Im trynna sleep here! This is the fifth time tonight! If thats you Murdoc I am NOT coming back alright? Youd have to fuckin kidnap me to im not fuckin doing it!"
More silence.
"Alright fuck it, send me the tunes and I'll see what I think alrigh just QUIT CALLING ME IN THE MORNIN!"
He slammed the phone down and tried to get back to sleep.

And now in the dark of plastic murmers to himself rubbing the goosebumps down on his arm.
"Fucking kidnap me, smart idea 2d well fuckin done brainaic. WHy the shit did I say that! I should know by now not to give MURDOC FUCKING NICCALS IDEAS"
In the distance he could hear the sound of someone coming down steps.
He grabbed the nearest thing to him ready to attack. Only to see a faint red light and the dim shape of a razor cut fringe.